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Myfanwy 2

June 2018



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Myfanwy 2

A Mother's Life - Chapter Thirteen

A Mother's Life - Chapter Thirteen
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Anwyn Harkness-Jones/Gwaine, Phil Coulson/Clint Barton, Arthur/Merlin, Rowena Harkess-Jones/Henry Morgan, Other Pairings
Warnings: Fluff, a little Angst, Reincarnation, Lots of Timey Wimey.
Spoilers:  Small ones for Doctor Who and for Warehouse 13.
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's Note: This is the third story of the Samara Wells trilogy.  It does a little skip in time, taking place immediately after the events of "Lost and Found"

A/N2:  As promised. here are the last two chapters of "The Samara Wells Trilogy".  I'm so glad you've all liked Samara!  Thank you all so much for reading.

Next story is taking a little break from the Future-Verse, to visit the Third Series once more, with a story called "Tony Stark's Scenic Guide to Cardiff", which will start posting tomorrow.

Also, please be aware that these chapters are the last full chapters I post to Livejournal.  I considered also stopping on Dreamwidth, but I've been getting quite a few new friends' requests lately, so I think I'll keep posting there for a while.

Summary:  Someone arrives in Samara's life that turns it upside down, and makes her a part of history she never knew she would be.

20 July 5119 (Earth Standard Date)

Ddraig Llyn


Samara was surprised that the entire family had managed to gather together in such a short period of time, but then it wasn’t every day that eighty-seven new siblings arrive on the scene.

Merlin was understandably upset at having missed seeing his mother, but Samara could also see the relief in him.  She couldn’t imagine how hard it was for him, knowing that River was dead and yet could show up at any time, given time travel.  Arthur made certain to stay near him, and Merlin kept cuddling little Rory, as if comforted by his son’s presence.

Phillip and Clint had managed to get Nathan there, as well.  Apparently, the young dragon had just been cleared to change into his human form again, but he still looked pale and tired.  Lisa hovered around him when neither of his fathers could, fetching him things as he sat on the sofa in the lounge, smiling at her as she hovered.  Rhys was almost as bad, but he seemed content to let Lisa do most of the work. 

Even Cadi had made it.  Samara was aware that her privateering granddaughter was often out of touch, so it was a surprise to see her there.  She was alone, and Samara wondered just when she was going to meet this elusive lover of hers, but from what she’d heard neither Jack nor Ianto would have been pleased to see John Hart.  But then, after all of the history between Hart and her sons, Samara couldn’t blame them for it. 

When she’d arrived for the first time had been the last instance of everyone being in the family home.  To have that happen again warmed her heart.  To have such a large family, and to know it was about to grow larger, was something she’d never dreamed of.  To be surrounded by all of these wonderful people, who had accepted her into their lives, was a miracle.

“Everyone,” Jack called out.  He stepped into the centre of the room, gaining the entire family’s attention.  “By now, you all know what’s happened, and that we now have eighty-seven dragons’ eggs currently in stasis, awaiting to have the children inside them called forth.  Ianto and I,” he favoured his mate with a fond smile, “have decided that it’s too early for us to take on any more kids, and with the nature of the stasis vault the eggs won’t deteriorate for millennia at least.  So, we only thought it was fair that, if any of you wanted to adopt, you would be given the choice.”

That had every single one in the room murmuring.  Samara held her breath, knowing that at least one couple would step up, from discussions she’d overheard or been a part of.

In fact, within a minute Rowena was moving forward, Henry at her side.  “We’ve been wanting children for a little while now,” she said, “and this is the right time.”

“In fact,” Henry added, glancing at his mate and getting a nod in return, “we think we might take two.  After all, there’s a tradition of twins in this family.”

That got a laugh from Ianto.  “Dragons don’t have litters, I seem to recall saying once.”

“You did,” Jack confirmed, the grin lighting up his face.  “Doesn’t make it any less true.”

“One set,” the dragon patriarch moaned dramatically. “One set of twins, and see the teasing I get.”

“Actually,” Clint spoke up, “there’s two in this family.”

“Damn straight,” Nicole piped up from her set on the sofa next to her brother.  Nathan and Nicole might have looked different, but they were very much twins.

“Then you and Henry will get the first choice,” Jack agreed. 

Using his own wrist strap, Jack entered the code that would open the vault.  With a soft sigh, the door unsealed, and Jack pulled it open, revealing the shelves of eggs within.

Rowena and Henry went into the vault.  All of the eggs looked the same, so there would be no way of telling what sort of dragon would come from what egg, but Samara knew that wouldn’t matter to anyone. 

“Gran.” Rowena called from inside the vault, “which are the two eggs that you got from Helena Wells?  The ones we aren’t sure will even break?”

Suddenly, Samara couldn’t breathe.  They could have easily chosen different eggs, ones that would have a better chance, and not have been exposed to a substance that was detrimental to magic. 

A hand rested at the small of her back, right over the mark that the Water Dragon had given her.  She glanced over, and found Rhys looking at her, understanding in his dark eyes.  He nodded once, and that had Samara walking to the vault, and going to the pair of eggs that she and Rhys had brought back together.  “It’s these.”

Rowena hugged her, while Henry simply touched her on the shoulder in thanks.  As Samara stepped back, her granddaughter and her mate each took one of the eggs, and the left the vault.

Ianto was watching approvingly as the two of them left the vault, clutching their eggs fiercely, as if afraid to let them go.  Samara rejoined Rhys; he hadn’t moved from where she’d left him, and she wondered how he’d managed to sneak up on her like that.

“I think we’re up next,” Clint spoke up.  “But Phillip and I feel only confident to take one, thanks.”  The words were teasing, but the tone was serious, as if he was in awe of them for deciding on a pair.

After he and Phillip had made their choice, Anwyn and Gwaine took their turn.  Samara thought they were both brave for doing it; she knew that Anwyn had also been thinking about children, but the nature of her mating had left them both uncertain if it would ever happen.  Gwaine was a reincarnation, and it would have been difficult having to explain why any child’s dad would die, and then come back looking somewhat different over and over again, but it seemed as if they were willing to accept that. 

As was Emlyn and her mate, Aymara, although there was no guarantee that Aymara would come back after her time had come.  That was always the chance any of them took if they were unlucky enough not to find one of the very few immortals out there in the universe.  And yet, they were both stepping into the vault to make their own choice.

Gareth was next.  Samara had once heard him say he had no interest in ever taking a mate, yet there he was, accepting the responsibility for a child.  Still, he was steady, and could provide for an infant. 

Cadi was chewing her lip.  “I…want to, but I can’t offer any sort of life to a child.  Maybe one day I might decide I want to take the chance on raising one, but not right now.”

“That’s fair,” Ianto assured her.  “You can take as much time as you want.  There’s no rush, now that we can make certain the children will remain viable almost indefinitely.”

“I want to think about it, too,” Alun spoke up.  “Right now, I’m on a different world every standard month as a roaming Adjudicator, and it would be impossible to take care of a baby at this time.”

“Rory is too young for us to take on another child,” Arthur added.  “Perhaps in about a century…”  Merlin nodded his agreement.

“I’m not ready for a child,” Kaitlyn replied.

“Neither am I,” Morgan said.  “And raising a child on tour probably isn’t the best idea.  Besides, I have enough trouble wrangling my band and the crew, who act like children on the best days.”

“Hey!’ Nathan argued.  “We’re not that bad!”

“Yes, you are.”  Morgan reached over and ruffled Nathan’s white hair, and he wasn’t fast enough to keep her from messing it up.

“My job doesn’t allow for children,” Sabrina said.

“You can retire at any time,” Phillip told her calmly.  “I’d be losing one of my best operatives, but you can choose your own life over Torchwood.”

“I know,” she gave him a sad smile.  “But I’m just not ready.”  Samara could understand; Sabrina spent hardly any time with her own mate, who was also a Torchwood operative.  Belen stood next to her, but there seemed a distance between them, and Samara wondered if that space could ever be crossed.

“I don’t know about children,” Pryce admitted.  “I have my businesses and I’m not that much interested.  I might change my mind, but at this time it’s just not something I want to do.  Besides, I think I’m too young.”

“All of those reasons are perfectly acceptable ones,” Ianto reassured them all.  “But if you ever change your minds, you’ll let us know.”

That earned him a round of affirmations.

Jack turned to Merlin.  “So, are you ready to call some baby dragons out of their shells?”

Merlin handed Rory over to Arthur, giving his grandfather a large smile.  “You know it.”