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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Harkness' Eleven - Chapter Twelve

Harkness' Eleven - Chapter Twelve
Author: Milady Dragon
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jack Harkness is released from prison, and gathers together a crew to pull the job of his conman career.  Based on the movie "Ocean's Eleven"
Pairing(s): Past Jack/Ianto; past Jack/John; Harold Saxon/Ianto Jones
Warning: Language
Spoilers: None for Torchwood or Doctor Who, follows situations from the movie "Ocean's' Eleven"
Author's note:  I originally started writing this for reel_torchwood , but the plot bunnies absconded before I could finish.
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, Doctor Who, or Ocean's Eleven

New Vegas City

Jack found himself in a room bare of pretty much everything, except for a metal table and a couple of chairs. It reminded him forcibly of the interrogation rooms he'd seen before and after his arrest, and it made him vaguely unsettled.

The two bulky security men who'd "escorted" him to this room stood on either side of the closed door, arms crossed and looking menacing. Jack leaned back against the table, examining them closely. "How much longer do you think Mr. Saxon will be?" he asked, just to make conversation.

No answer.

Big surprise.

Jack took a look around. "No cameras in this room, huh? I guess he doesn't want anyone seeing what happens here, does he?"

Still no answer.

Not like Jack was expecting an intelligent dissertation on the metaphors inherent in Shakespeare's Hamlet

He barely stifled a sigh, taking a look at his chronometer. He'd been there for quite a while now. Which meant…"He's not coming, is he." Jack didn't even bother making it a question.

Both goons glanced at each other. That certainly got a reaction, which meant Jack was right on the money. "So…who is?" he asked.

As if on cue, there was a knock on the door. The right side goon pulled the door open, revealing a creature that would have given most people nightmares.

Of course, Jack recognized it.

A Weevil.

Jack breathed out a laugh. "Guess Mr. Saxon really didn't want me talking to his guy."

That made one of the security men smile as they stepped from the room, leaving Jack alone with the slavering Weevil.

Jack opened his mouth to say something, but the Weevil backhanded him across the room. He hit the wall with a thump, the breath knocked out of him.

"Damnit, Janet!" he snapped, pulling himself painfully to his feet. "Save it for later, okay?"

The Weevil managed to look contrite…well, as contrite as an alien with huge teeth could look. "Sorry, Jack," she answered, a surprisingly delicate voice coming from such a toothy mouth. "I just got carried away."

"Not a problem." He shook himself, then went back to the table, taking one side and starting to drag it across the room. "How's the family?"

Janet moved to help him. "My wife's pregnant…again." If a Weevil could roll her eyes, Janet would have been doing that very thing.

Jack felt a bit bad for her. It seemed every time he managed to see the Weevil family, another kid had been added to the rather large clan. "Then we better get things started."

They maneuvered the table under a strategically placed air vent, and Jack hopped up onto it as soon as it was in position. He popped the grate, wriggled inside, then replaced it.

As he crawled away, he could hear noises coming from the room. Janet was making sure anyone believed he was getting the crap beat out of him.


Owen watched on the security monitors as both the fake cash cart and his briefcase are stored in the vault…but with the case set right on top of the Jenny's transport.

He barely managed to stifle his reaction. Oh, that was so not good…

"Does that satisfy you, Mr. Parker?" Copley asked.

"Yes," Owen said, wiping his sweating brow with his handkerchief. "I'm very satisfied." He felt literally like shit, and it wasn't going to get any better.

Copley gave the word for the guard to leave the vault, but Owen didn't pay any attention. His mouth was so dry he felt like he'd swallowed an entire desert, and his hands were shaking.

And then, despite his obvious distress, he caught a glimpse of Andy in one of the security cameras as he approached the vault lift.

Owen Harper crashed to the carpet, eyes rolled up in his head, successfully distracting everyone in the room away from the cameras.


Toshiko watched on her own monitors as Andy used the codes he'd gotten from Saxon to open the lift doors and enter the car. As the doors closed after him, he glanced up at the camera, giving Toshiko a small wave. She smirked, then typed in some commands on her computer. "Going to recording…now," she spoke into the mic connected to Andy's earpiece. There was a slight flicker on the monitor showing Andy; and then he was gone, the lift car appearing empty.

The tech expert quietly patted herself on the back for that simple piece of electrical prestidigitation, then turned back to her screens. The security office was in turmoil, everyone gathering around Owen. Someone was making motions that she interpreted as meaning that someone needed to call a doctor.

She smiled. Maybe after this was all over she'd ask him out for dinner. Yes, that would be nice…


Once he got the all-clear from Toshiko, Andy spun and made for the light fixture he knew hid the lift's trapdoor. He got the light down, and was just going to jump up and push the door open, when it flipped upward…

To reveal a grinning Jack Harkness.

Andy leapt backward, his heart going a mile a minute. The last thing he'd been expecting was someone on the lift roof, and to have the trapdoor spring open like that freaked him out. "Damnit!" he squeaked.

"You didn't really think I'd sit this one out, did you?" Jack asked.

"And you couldn't tell me, instead of giving me a freaking heart attack?"

Jack didn't answer. He reached down for Andy's hand; the younger man glanced at it, as if not sure about it, but accepted it and allowed himself to be pulled upward.

"How'd you get here?" he asked, starting to remove his jacket and shirt, to reveal the black undershirt.

Jack had already stripped down to his own dark shirt. "Crawlspace," he answered, pulling open his belt buckle to reveal the controls of the anti-gravity web that had been sewn into the leather. "Plus I had to give away a couple million."

That really didn't answer Andy's question, but he really didn't have much choice but accept it. "But what about that thing between you and John –"

The older conman simply smiled.

That infuriated Andy. "You could've told me! Didn't you trust me?"

"I do now." The look in Jack's eyes was as serious as Andy had ever seen. "Besides, John and I really didn't discuss it until after that row. And...to be honest, your dad threw me in feet-first; I thought I should do the same for you. There's only one good way to learn."

Andy considered Jack's words. Yes, that sounded very much like his father. Harry Sullivan was a very much 'learn as you go' sort of person, and had trained Andy that way himself. He could very well see him doing the same to someone else. He was still pissed about it, but could accept it.

He followed Jack's example, getting his own anti-gravity belt prepared. Once that was done, he moved behind Jack as the older man climbed around the stopped lift car and into the shaft itself.

Which was a really, really long drop…


John loved playing Doctor, but not in the way he found himself doing now.

Although, getting to give Owen Harper mouth-to-mouth was the highlight of his day so far…

He got a single good look at the monitors; Toshiko had done her job, there was no sign of Andy in the lift. He could just make out the cash cart and Owen's case in the vault, although he didn't like seeing that case on top of the actual cart. Jenny was going to have to do some careful maneuvering to keep it from hitting the floor and triggering the alarm. That was if she even knew it was there…

Sweet Goddess, could there be any more cock-ups?

He kept working on Owen, until he finally pulled back in seeming despair. "It's too late," he announced, in a sad Doctor-y type tone. "He's gone."

Just then the "medics" showed up…looking suspiciously like Rhys and Banana. They'd need to get the grifter out before anyone checked on him too closely.


Jack and Andy hung from the lift's undercarriage, their anti-gravs holding them in place.

He really hadn't worried about pushing Andy into the deep end of the con game pool. Harry had been convinced the boy had the stuff it took, and him being there proved that. He'd just needed that nudge, and Jack had been happy to give it to him.

"So," he said, as they hovered just above the first of the motion sensors, "who do you like tonight?"

"Huh?" Andy asked coherently.

"Lynch or Davis."

"The fight?"

Jack nodded, grinning.


The grin turned into a pout.

"You like Lynch?" the younger man asked incredulously.

Jack nodded again.

Andy got a calculating look on his face. "How strongly do you feel about it?"

"You looking for action?" Oh, he knew then that he was just going to adore Andy Davidson.

Andy shrugged. "I'd go in for ten."

"Ten it is." Jack held out his hand, and Andy shook on it.

Jack then turned to look down the darkened shaft once more. He touched the comm. unit in his ear. "We're in position, Tosh."


Tosh didn't blink at hearing Jack's voice; she'd known he'd never be able to walk away from this. She acknowledged him, just as John called in to say his group was set as well.

She leaned over her mic. "Mickey, everything is a go."


Mickey was still working on the pinch as Toshiko's voice tickled his ear. He aimed his sonic screwdriver at it, making a tiny adjustment. "Give me a minute, Tosh."

"I hate to break it to you…but we don't have a minute. Jenny's going to be passing out in about thirteen seconds."

"Then give me thirteen seconds!"

He cursed, grabbing up a wire and sticking his head back into the belly of the beast…


Ianto stifled a sigh as the bell called the fight to begin. He just didn't want to be there; this sort of thing didn't impress him, but he knew Harry had wanted it.

And what Harold Saxon wanted, he got.

Harry leaned over and smiled; Ianto returned it, even as the first blow struck. They were at ringside, and it was all up close and personal. Goddess, he'd much rather have stayed in the penthouse tonight and start on that new James Bond book he'd bought last week…

But he was certainly not missing Jack Harkness. No, not at all.


Mickey realized he was about as done as he could be, in the time allowed. He took a deep breath and signaled Tosh. "Ready."

"Then hit it!"

The Idiot took several steps back, holding the remote activator. He simply looked at the bulky form of the EMP device, a part him totally psyched about setting off that baby in the middle of New Vegas City.

The other part though was scared as hell.

Without thinking about it, his free hand crept around and covered his crotch protectively.

He hit the switch.

The device made a loud whining sound, then it whooshed almost like a giant toilet. Intellectually Mickey knew he wouldn't feel a thing, but that didn't stop his imagination from conjuring up the press of the energy field as it exploded outward.

And the lights of New Vegas City went out.


Jack and Andy were ready.

The second the lights were gone, they activated their anti-gravs, flying down the pitch-black shaft at breakneck speed. Jack counted the seconds as they went, as well as keeping track of their altitude as they plummeted. After all, it wouldn't do to smack into the bottom of the shaft at full speed…

"Cut it!" Jack ordered as they reached eight seconds and twenty feet.

His hand moved on the controls, and the anti-grav snapped him to a halt. He glanced down…and saw the floor just under his feet.

He and Andy were hovering just above the concrete.

As they gently settled, the lights came back on.

Jack let out the breath he hadn't been aware he was holding.


"What the hell was that?" Saxon snapped, as the lights came back up.

Ianto was standing, and Saxon stood up as well. He did a quick survey; the crowd was practically apoplectic with varying degrees of fear, panic, and outrage.

Both fighters were still up, but that wasn't for long. Lynch immediately took advantage of his opponent's confusion, throwing a sucker punch at Davis that sent him to the mat. The referee waved Lynch off, and began counting. When he reached three, he grabbed Lynch's arm and raised it, proclaiming him the victor.

"In the first Goddess-damned round," he muttered, rubbing the bridge of his nose in disgust. He wondered vaguely how many refunds he'd be giving out after this debacle…

Chapter Thirteen


Heh, Janet :)
Great update
I just love Janet... :)

Janet: What a nice surprise!!
I confess that I had forgotten this scene: very nice
So this story of Ianto phone that will decide it later
I'm glad that your story allows me to review this film through our heroes TW - especially with Jack and Ianto
Janet just had to be in it, and in that role. I couldn't help myself...

Just going to give you a huge hug and then I´m going back to bed.
*hugs back*

Sleep well!
Hehehe - she was brilliant. Love this story - the little comments you put into the text are the best parts, like John loving giving the mouth-to-mouth to Owen, and Tosh thinking about asking Owen on a date, and then Mickey covering his crotch before setting off his bomb...it makes it just that much better.
John would use any excuse to lip-lock anyone, it seems!

Glad you're still liking it. I was hoping the things I added would work, so thanks for that. We're almost done though...
"Dammit Janet ... I love you!"

Hee hee, sorry, if someone says dammit in our house either my daughter or i will add Janet, i love you!

Fantastic chapter :)
Thanks! Yes, I had to use that line. It was a moral imperative.. :)