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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Ways of Light and Darkness - Chapter Twenty-Two

Ways of Light and Darkness - Chapter Twenty-Two
Author: Milady Dragon
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Rhys; one-sided Lisa/Ianto; past Master John (Doctor)/Rose; other canon pairings.
Warning: Fantasy Violence, horror, angst
Spoilers:  Some could be for Torchwood S1 "Cyberwoman"; "Countrycide", "They Keep Killing Suzie"; Doctor Who S1 "Bad Wolf" and "Parting of the Ways", S2 "Army of Darkness" and "Doomsday"; and S3 "Utopia";"Sound of Drums", "Last of the Time Lords" and possibly other episodes, although they have been warped into a fantasy setting.
Disclaimer: I don't own either Torchwood or Doctor Who, although I wish I did....
Author's note:  This is the sequel to The Immortality of the Deathless, the chapter list to be found here.   It's Torchwood and Doctor Who twisted into a fantasy setting, where everything that could be considered alien is actually magical.

Summary:  When mercenary Captain Jack Harkness vanishes while on a mission, Wizard Ianto Jones has to choose between his lover, his duty...and quite possibly his destiny.

Chapter Twenty-Two


He did what he always had done: took care of his family. Only now, circumstances were so very different.

For almost eight hundred years, he'd been in service to the Lords of Torchwood Castle, when he'd finally managed to track down Lady Rose's descendants to Cardiff. When he'd explained who he was, and that he'd known the first Lady Torchwood, he'd been accepted into the family wholeheartedly, and he'd vowed to protect them until such time as he was no longer needed. It wasn't as if he could die in his duty; being Deathless made certain of that. But he'd always taken his duty seriously, and he was proud of what he'd done in the time he'd been sworn to the family.

Certainly, there had been times when his service had been more than difficult. There had also been times when his family had been persecuted because of his presence, especially by the Great Wizards, who were never quiet about calling him wrong and an abomination. However, even when the Lord of the Castle had been one of that order, the Deathless had always been a valued retainer, someone they could trust implicitly to watch after the family and to do what was needed to protect them.

He'd given up his name to do so, when he'd made his vow to the family. It had been that important to him. It had also given him a level of protection against those who would have tried to destroy him…or worse.

All that had changed, the first time he'd held the current Lord of Torchwood in his arms, twenty-six years ago.

He could still hear Lady Carys Jones' voice as she'd said, "It's time you chose a new name for yourself."

From that moment on, he'd been Jack.

It had been the Magic. He'd known that from the moment the infant Ianto had been placed in his arms, as he'd made to renew his vow to the newest Lord. The tingle that had traveled through his hands had warned him that this was no ordinary child. It had been Lady Carys though, who'd announced that the baby was more, that he would be a Cardinal Wizard, the first in their family for three generations. And, with a knowing look, she'd calmly said that the Deathless would have a larger role to play in the child's life than anyone who'd come before.

Their personal magicks were, from that first moment of contact, forever intertwined. He'd been able to learn much about the Deep Magic that had made him Deathless, and also under the tutelage of several of the family throughout the centuries he'd been taught how to use some of that Magic to sense things, and he'd known at once that he and the young Lord shared a bond that he'd never experienced before.

They'd been inseparable, up until the time that Lord Ianto had gone to apprentice with Lady Sarah Jane Smith, when he'd turned eleven.

They'd written to each other, their connection never wavering. But Jack hadn't seen Ianto again until his parents had been killed while defending Cardiff from raiders, when the boy had been sixteen.

Jack could still remember that day vividly. The boy who'd left had returned a young man, handsome in his grief. He'd stood by his parents' funeral pyre stoically, as if nothing could touch him. But Jack could see; he could see the pain and the loneliness eating away at Ianto, and the weight of his new responsibilities bowing his shoulders under the unrelieved black of his mourning tunic.

He'd fallen in love with Ianto that day, at the pyreside as the flames carried the former Lord and Lady of Torchwood toward Heaven, the tragic beauty of his new Lord tearing his heart into pieces.

Afterward, Ianto had accepted the keys to the Archives from then-Steward Geraint Cooper. He'd then turned and given them to Jack, naming him as Keeper of the Archives until his Wizard's training had been complete.

Such a show of trust hadn't been lost on Jack; nor had it been lost on the Great Wizards who had attended the funeral. The uproar had been loud and outraged, until Ianto had used a simple flick of his power to cast a Silence spell over the entire gathering. He'd then accused them all of being disrespectful to his parents and to his own loss. He'd reminded them all of the many centuries of loyal service Jack had given his family, and that there was no one else he would trust with the keys of the Archives.

That hadn't gone over well, but it had quieted his detractors for a while.

The next several years had been difficult. Their letters became more personal…and more intimate. They'd given Jack hope that Ianto had felt the same way that he did…and he'd received confirmation of that, when the young man had finally returned home from his training, at twenty-one. That was when Ianto had confessed his feelings, and had told Jack that he would be with him for as long as Jack wanted…which, as far as the immortal was concerned, would be forever.

They'd been together ever since.

And so Jack, Lord Deathless, found himself in a position that was oh-so familiar to him: supporting his lover as Lady Donna explained her daft scheme to get evidence against Harold Saxon.

"No way," Jack exclaimed. "He's not just walking into that madman's home!"

Ianto glanced at him; Jack could see the gratitude there, as well as the affection. "I have to agree with Jack. Just walking in without any sort of back-up plan would be suicide. Besides, what possible excuse would I have to go to Argentyn Devastal that wouldn't sound contrived? Lord Harold and I have never gotten along."

"But you're the logical choice!" Donna averred. "You'll be able to sense the door, since it was sealed with Cardinal Magic."

"If that would be the case," Ianto answered, "then why haven't past Cardinal Wizards been able to do the same?"

Jack thought that Omega would have rolled his eyes…if he'd had any within those empty sockets. "I do believe we've already pointed out that you're the most powerful Cardinal Wizard of our age."

Ianto did what the Void Wizard couldn't, and Jack almost laughed at the rather expressive eye roll. "While I appreciate the pandering to my vanity, your argument doesn't hold water, Omega. Just because I may be the most powerful Wizard currently to be had, that doesn't mean that I'm not the most powerful Wizard ever. We're all familiar with the myths surrounding K'anpo Rimpoche and how he managed to imprison the Devastation; the problem is, the events were so long ago that any record of what actually happened has been lost. We have no idea how he did it, or even if he did it alone."

"We don't even know how Lord Harold thinks he can open the door himself," Jack put in. He agreed with everything Ianto had said; there just wasn't enough intelligence to come up with any sort of picture of what might be happening on Argentyn Devastal. "If a Cardinal Wizard sealed the door, can a Void Wizard even hope to open it?"

"Jack has a valid point," Ianto went on. "While I do know there are certain magicks that can't be cast without help from one of the other orders, I have yet to hear of one that can be cancelled out by its diametric opposite. In fact, I wouldn't hesitate to say that most Cardinal Magic is proof against Void Magic, and vice versa."

"But to continue your previous argument," the Lich commented, "we don't know what sort of magic was available almost two thousand years ago. I'm certain even Jack here will tell you how much magic has changed just in his lifetime."

Jack raised an eyebrow at that. "Just in my lifetime?"

"You know what I mean, Lord Deathless." Omega's grave-deep voice had the faint tinge of laughter in it. "After all, you're so much older than I am."

"But I look so much better!" Jack teased. He couldn't help it; Omega was the one person who truly knew what it was like to be unable to die, although he'd gone about doing it in the worst way possible. At least the Void Wizard had destroyed his research into immortality, when he'd realized just what a curse it was.

He glanced at Ianto…the man who wanted to spend eternity with him. Jack was just a bit too selfish to even try to talk him out of it. He didn't want to spend all the long millennia of his life alone.

"Boys," Donna sighed. "Look, if you can come up with a valid reason to go to Argentyn Devastal, I'd go along with it."

"I don't see why we can't simply call a Quorum, get Lord Harold off his island that way, and then get someone in there while he's gone," Ianto suggested. "They can snoop around all they want, while the Quorum keeps him occupied."

Donna glanced at Omega; the Void Lich's shoulders rose and fell, almost as if he'd just sighed. "It would need to be a really good reason to call the Quorum," the Great Wizard answered, her hands absently going up to stroke a pair of her Ood dragons that had perched on her head. The others were dispersed about the room; one was on the back of Jack's chair, and he could hear the tiny claws clench in the leather, making it creak slightly.

There were three laying on Myfanwy; the fire dragon was curled up on the hearth, seemingly asleep. But Jack could tell differently; he wasn't as empathic with his lover's familiar as Ianto was, but the immortal could tell her moods by her body language. Myfanwy was like the Deathless himself; keeping an eye on her master while there were visitors in the house.

Harmonia had even picked up one of the little Oods; he was sprawled across the skeletal skull, resembling some sort of strange, dragon-shaped hat. Jack had to wrestle back a snort at the sight, dragging his attention back to the discussion at hand.

"It's a better plan than having Ianto just show up on Lord Harold's doorstep claiming to want to do some sort of genealogical research," the Deathless replied.

"There still has to be a really good reason to call the Wizards' Quorum," Donna insisted.

"There isn't anything juicy in the agenda that can be bumped up to a special meeting?" Ianto asked.

The Head of Great Order shook her head. "Nothing that I've seen. And you have to take into consideration that you'd need a fantastic alibi not to show up."

Ianto quirked an eyebrow at her. "So, it's still up to me?"

"You are still the best option to discover something," Omega answered.

"We could always claim you're finally getting married and the woman is horribly unsuitable or something," Donna joked. "You know most of the Wizards around are either looking at you to get one of your servants pregnant, or to get into a marriage of convenience to make sure there's an heir to the Castle. They totally discount Jack as any sort of Consort material." She grimaced. "Sorry, Jack."

She seemed determined to be inadvertently insulting this visit. Jack hid his grimace. "Well, Ianto and I know the truth." They'd done nothing to hide their relationship, but no one knew that Ianto himself would outlive everyone currently on the Quorum - except for Omega - by millennia.

He could feel Ianto's eyes on him, and Jack turned to look at his lover. There was a question in those blue and gold orbs, and it was one Jack was dreading. He knew what Ianto was asking, but Jack didn't want to share that news with anyone.

But he admitted, it would be the biggest scandal to hit the Wizard community in ages, and it would certainly guarantee that Lord Harold would be at the Quorum to discuss it…

But, damnit…he didn't want anyone discussing their private business as if they had any sort of say in the matter!

Jack slumped down into his chair. He barely noticed Myfanwy sitting up, her head turning between her master and her master's lover, obviously sensing the unease in both men. "I don't…" he shook his head, looking imploringly at Ianto. "I know we meant…" He couldn't get the words out.

Ianto's expression was as distraught as Jack felt. "If Lord Harold thinks he can release the Devastation – "

"I know!" Jack exploded. Just as quickly as his anger erupted, it was gone; replaced by sad acceptance. "You're right. I just don't want what others think to influence our decision…"

Ianto got up from his chair, to kneel in front of Jack, his hands on his lover's knees. "It won't," he swore. "This is what we both want, and no narrow-minded Wizards are going to change my mind."

Jack took Ianto's hands in his. "I believe you," he murmured, kissing the knuckles of those long, graceful fingers. "Maybe you should tell Donna and Omega, before they burst with curiosity."

The Wizard stood to face the other two. It was obvious that both their guests were dying to ask, even if Omega didn't have Donna's mobile features any longer.

Ianto didn't return to his chair; instead, he kept one of Jack's hands in his own, whether for support or reassurance the Deathless couldn't say.

"There is something you can tell the Quorum that would pretty much guarantee all the uproar you'd want, and to explain my absence," Ianto said.

"Why do I think this is gonna be a ball-buster?" Donna asked rhetorically.

Jack tightened his grasp on Ianto's hand in encouragement, even though he sincerely wished this didn't have to be done.

Ianto took a deep breath. "I…found a spell in the Archives. It would allow me to have a child…" there was a pause, then, "…with Jack."

Donna's eyes went as wide as saucers. "Bloody hell!" she shrieked. "I didn't think that spell actually existed! So…who would carry then?"

"I would," Jack spoke up, sounding a bit sharper than was strictly necessary. "Being Deathless…if anything goes wrong…"

"Well," Omega said bemusedly, "that would certainly get the attention of the Quorum. I know the two of you have examined all the consequences of such an act – "

"We have," Ianto said. "We'd intended on sharing the news once we were certain it worked, and by then it would be too late for anyone to try to force us to give up on the idea."

"Oh, the Great Wizards are going to go spare!" Donna's eyes were actually sparkling with pure mischief. "You two really know how to rile 'em up!"

"That wasn't our intention – "

"Oh, I know Ianto. Look, I personally think you two will be great fathers. It'll have at least one doting auntie! But any child of yours is going to be scarily powerful. The rest of my order and the Voids will literally freak out at the idea."

"I'm not so certain I'm not already freaking out," Omega said, although there was something akin to awe in his voice. "It makes me wish it would be born with a Void in its lineage."

"Have you two actually used the spell yet?" Donna asked.

"Not yet," Ianto answered. "It will only work at a specific time of the year…the Spring Rites. And I didn't find it early enough to prepare for it this year."

Donna nodded. "That makes sense, with all that fertility energy flying around. I would also assume there's a bit of special circumstances involved."

Ianto nodded. "It's a very complicated magic. But then, it would have to be. It would be embarrassing to accidentally get your partner pregnant."

"Yes, this rumor would definitely be a reason to call a Quorum," Donna said. "I just wish it didn't have to happen. Isn't there something else we can think of? You two are friends, and I don't want to rake you both through the mud like that."

"We'd prefer that too," Jack retorted. "But Ianto's right; if Lord Harold does have some way to release the Devastation, then bringing a child into that sort of situation is something neither one of us want to do. We can work out the fallout later, when it gets closer to us actually trying it." Saying that it was the right thing to do didn't make the immortal feel any better. All he could think of was if someone had enough advanced notice, they might figure out a way to stop them.

But then, there was a distinct possibility that the spell wouldn't work anyway.

Ianto must have sensed his despair, because he clasped Jack's hand a bit tighter. It might have been a bit naïve, but as long as Jack had Ianto, things would work out. He just needed to have faith in his partner.



I feel like such a dim light bulb to not realize how you were manipulating the story, honestly went and checked the title twice making sure it was the same fic. Had to go back and check the comments from the last chapter before the 100 watt kicked in. You clever little minx.

Love the Ood, reminded me of Anne McCaffrey's fire lizards which started my love of reading and fantasy/scifi.

Can't wait to see how you twist this tale further.
Oops! Sorry, I didn't mean to be so trisksy...okay, maybe I did...

Ood is my favorite, I must admit, next to Myfanwy. They can be little troublemakers, too. :)

Thank you so much!
Oooh, loved it!
Thanks! I'm glad you did. :)
This is just so fascinating. I too had to check back but for me that's the sign of really clever writing when you test the reader and intrigue at the same time. I think a pregnant Jack would certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons. Can't wait for more.
Yep, a pregnant Jack - and the father being Ianto - would drive all the Wizards into a right tizzy. I had fun coming up with that little plot point, I must say!

Thank you honey!
Lovely chapter. I adore the idea of Jack holding a newborn Ianto in his arms, and essentially bringing him up. What an amazing bond they have here. I wonder how this new history of theirs will be affected when Saxon finally gets what he deserves (for I have no doubt that he will).
Yes, the boys are very close in this new reality. It's a better world...or is it? We'll see.

Saxon will get what he deserves, I do promise that!

Tired from moving and classes it took me a few reads to make sure I was reading the right story, glad to know that I am.

Yay I want Jack and Ianto to have little Janto babies. Donna in this is pure gold.
I did switch it when Saxon changed time...

Glad you l like Donna in this. I've always liked her, and had to have her in it.

ohh I like this new reality, its really really interesting, and I loved that you showed us how the story with Jack and Ianto began. can`t wait for the next chapter :)
A lot of people like the new reality, but all I can say is...you like it now...

Next chapter up on the weekend. :)
This fic just gets more and more wonderful ... so much detail, i love every chapter :)

I'm glad you're enjoying it!