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Myfanwy 2

November 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Harkness' Eleven - Chapter Fourteen

Harkness' Eleven - Chapter Fourteen
Author: Milady Dragon
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jack Harkness is released from prison, and gathers together a crew to pull the job of his conman career.  Based on the movie "Ocean's Eleven"
Pairing(s): Past Jack/Ianto; past Jack/John; Harold Saxon/Ianto Jones
Warning: Language
Spoilers: None for Torchwood or Doctor Who, follows situations from the movie "Ocean's' Eleven"
Author's note:  I originally started writing this for</span>, but the plot bunnies absconded before I could finish.
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, Doctor Who, or Ocean's Eleven

New Vegas City

It was all Harold Saxon could do not to throw the comm. against the wall, he was so angry.

He absolutely hated being dictated to, and yet he had to put up with the cheerful voice on the other end of the communicator as he happily explained the terms of the robbery that was currently going on in his damned casino!

"Five minutes from now," that hated voice was saying, "the men in the vault are going to deposit six bags in the vault lift…"

Saxon turned his eyes to the camera feeds. He could see the men working, loading credits into the bags they'd brought with them.

He ground his teeth, then wondered if whoever was on the comm. could hear it.

"If they meet anyone," the voice went on, "we'll blow the credits in the bags and the credits in the vault."

Saxon relayed everything to Copley, who was his usual efficient self.

"One minute after that, the lift will rise to the cage level. Six of your guards will pick up the bags and carry them out into the casino. If they take more than twenty seconds to reach the casino floor or if there's any indication of a switch, we'll blow the money in the vault and in the bags."

He had to grudgingly admit that, whoever was doing this, they certainly had this timed out perfectly. Then he cursed himself for even thinking about being impressed by the arseholes stealing from him!

Over the comm., he heard the rather loud noise of a slot machine ringing. He smirked, leaning over toward Copley. "He's in the casino."

"Of course I'm in the casino," the voice laughed. "In fact, I've been staying in your hotel. And I have two words for you: mini bar." Then he was back to business. "Now, as soon as your guards hit the casino floor, a white unmarked hovervan is going to pull up to your valet station. Your guards will load the bags into the van's rear. If anyone so much as approaches the driver's door, we blow everything."

Saxon kept his eye on the monitors; everything was going according to the thief's instructions. He found himself grinding his teeth again, while visions of vengeance danced in his head. It suddenly occurred to him that Jack Harkness had to be involved somehow, and vowed once he'd gotten all his money back where it belonged that he and Mr. Harkness were going to have words.

He watched as the money was finally loaded into the white hovervan, and true to instructions none of the guards even tried to get a glimpse into the darkened driver's cab. Once the rear van doors were closed, the vehicle took off, and Saxon nodded to Copley, who relayed quiet instructions into his own comm.

There was no way Saxon was letting his money out of his sight.

On the periphery of the monitor showing the hovervan, he could just make out the shadowy forms of several dark filtters ghosting in around the departing vehicle. His men were professionals; they would keep the van under surveillance.

The van had barely pulled away, when a dark SecGov Enforcement vehicle pulled up in the place where the thieves' van had been parked. Figures in black uniforms with face-obscuring helmets climbed out, weapons slung over their shoulders and equipment bags in hand.

Saxon smiled at the professionalism of it all. Even on a monitor the cops looked damned good. He certainly paid them enough.

"Now what?" he asked into the comm. as the enforcement detail filed into the casino.

"Now," the voice answered, "when I get word that the van hasn't been followed, and that the money is secure, my men will exit the building. Once their safety is confirmed, you'll get your vault back."

Copley was still on his communicator, but his interest was focused on the SecGov team making their way toward the cages. It wouldn't be long now, and Saxon was looking forward to all the excitement.

"I've complied with you every request, have I not?" he asked the thief on the comm.

"Yes, you have. I'm quite impressed."

"Good. Now I have one of my own."


Saxon let every bit of anger and venom within him show in his voice. "Run and hide. If you get picked up next week for buying an expensive flitter on New Earth, I'll be very disappointed. Because I want my people to find you. And rest assured…when they do, they won't be handing you over to the police." He paused for dramatic effect. "Run and hide. That's all I ask."

There was no answer; only the sounds of the casino echoed through the connection, and Saxon knew that whoever had been speaking with him had set the comm. down and left. It irritated Saxon, because he'd really wanted the man to listen to his rant and to take it to heart.


Saxon tossed the now useless comm. down onto the security desk. "Yes?"

"The guys tailing the hovervan say it's approaching the spaceport."

"Get everyone into position. I want my vault back before that van hits the tarmac."

The monitors followed the SecGov team as they made their way through the cage corridors. Saxon watched in satisfaction as the men moved gracefully even under all that body armor. They'd be able to get those bastards who were currently pacing in his vault, waiting for their signal to leave.

A signal that they would never get, if Saxon had his way.

No one stole from Harold Saxon and got away with it.

Wait a second…

Someone was missing.

"Where's Parker?" he asked, turning to his manager.

Copley was liaising with the SecGov team, and he looked surprised – and strangely guilty. "Um…he's…he died."

Saxon shot him a disbelieving look. Another piece of the puzzle snapped into place, and he suddenly realized that, whoever Henry Parker had been, that he'd been somehow involved in the robbery. And he seriously doubted the man was actually dead.

This whole thing had been a lot more complicated than Saxon had first believed, and he had to wonder just how many were in on the theft. The three in the vault…the one on the phone…the ersatz Henry Parker…that was five. How many more? Perhaps Jack Harkness?

Copley apparently didn't notice his boss' distraction, and he ordered the man on the desk to deactivate the motion sensors in the lift shaft. In the gloom of the shaft Saxon could see them moving into position, using antigravs to make their way down the shaft so as not to alert the men in the vault by using the actual lift car.

Copley leaned over the desk, and turned up the sound on the monitors in the vault area. They could hear the SecGov troop leader giving orders. "Security office, prepare to cut power."

"Ready when you are," Copley answered the request.

Saxon bounced on the balls of his feet. Why weren't that getting on with it? "Do it," he whispered, urging them on.

"Cut it," the squad leader ordered, almost at the same time.

The vault monitors went black.

Shouting started up; panicked cries merged with calm orders. There was a brief spurt of gunfire…

And then the one sound Saxon hadn't wanted to hear….an explosion.

"We need lights!" the leader shouted. "NOW!"

Destruction greeted the watchers as the monitors came back online. Smoke filled the vault as two of the troops pushed into the area, while two more help the fallen guards. Paper floated through the air, and chips rained down like hail.

Saxon growled. He grabbed the comm. from Copley. "What the hells' going on down there?"

"They blew it!" The man's voice was disbelieving. "They blew the…Goddess, if there was anyone in there, they're not in one piece anymore…"

Saxon felt cheated. Yes, the credits had been the most important thing, but he'd really wanted to hurt the people who'd dared to break into his vault. And now, he was out half of what was inside. Well, he wasn't going to lose the other half.

He turned to Copley, handing the comm. back. "Tell them to take the van. I'm going down there. Oh, and find out how they fiddled with our cameras."


The vault lift door opened, and Saxon found himself surrounded by thick smoke and the SecGov team. He ignored the guards who'd been overpowered, walking almost hesitantly into what was left of his vault.

The room was practically decimated.

Nothing could have survived that explosion. Nothing…and no one.

Not only was his money gone, but so was his chance for vengeance.

"Mr. Saxon…"

He turned to glare at the SecGov cop who'd approached him; he couldn't make out the man's features under the helmet, but he really didn't want to know the face of the man who'd so completely fucked up and cost him credits and prisoners. He'd be able to find out who he was later, when he was calmer and wanted to deal with the screw-up.

"We couldn't find any survivors," the man said, a tinge of fear in his voice. "Or, I'm afraid, any of the credits. I'm sorry, sir."

It took all of Saxon's self-control not to strangle the man. "Get out. Take your men out now,"

The man stepped away, calling the troops out of the vault and gathering them in the hallway. Saxon completely disregarded them, reaching into his pocket for another comm. that he'd picked up on his way out of the security suite. "Copley…how are we with the van?"

There was silence over the connection, and that concerned Saxon. Usually Copley would report right away…he knew, even before his manager's voice finally answered, that he wasn't going to like what the man was going to say.

"They…took the van," came the reply.

"And?" Saxon prompted, knowing he was going to hear the worst.

"They blew up the bags, sir."

"Shit!" Saxon wanted more than anything to rant and rave and kill someone. Anyone would do. He kicked some of the wreckage of one of the chip racks and just ended up hurting his foot…again.

"Mr. Saxon!"

Copley's voice penetrated the red haze that had fallen over the casino owner, and he put the comm. back up to his ear. "What?" he ground out.

"They say it doesn't look like there were any credits in the bags, sir."

"What?" No, he wasn't going to admit that was a screech.

"They say the bags were filled with fliers…for escorts."

"What do you mean, there was no money in the bags?" He went suddenly still…which was when he was at his most dangerous.

"That's what they said, sir. I don't understand it; we both saw them putting the credits inside those bags."

Saxon's mind went into overdrive. Copley was right; they'd seen the thieves stuffing his credits into those bags…

And it suddenly clicked.

He glanced around the vault, his eyes falling onto the large floor tile that said "Gallifrey" like a huge welcome mat into the vault itself.

Saxon couldn't decide if he wanted to laugh, or scream. "Copley, cue up the recording of the robbery."

He waited – patiently for him – until Copley confirmed that he'd done just that.

"Does it say 'Gallifrey' on the floor of the vault?"

There was a pause. "No, it doesn't. I…I don't understand…"

"I just had that flooring installed four days ago. The image we saw of the men robbing us was a recording." Oh, how brilliant. If it hadn't happened to him, Saxon would have been totally impressed.

"What?" The confusion in his manager's voice was palpable.

"Someone built a double of my vault, then made a recording of it being robbed. When we saw them putting the credits into those bags, it wasn't really happening."

"Then sir…what happened to all those credits?"

Everything slotted into place. There was only one way that money had gotten out of the casino…and that phony SecGov team would be long gone by now.

But he still had one ace in the hole…

Saxon growled. "Harkness…"


The two security men he'd put on Harkness earlier in the evening were standing guard outside the storeroom, managing to wipe the bored looks off their faces as their boss approached.

"Harkness in there?" Saxon asked, receiving a pair of nods in return.

Saxon knew he had to be calm for this. There was actually the very slim possibility that Harkness might not have had anything to do with the robbery, although that was getting less and less an option by the minute. Someone had to have put that comm. in Ianto's pocket, and while Saxon knew this lover well enough to trust him not to play around, he simply couldn't trust Harkness not to get up close and personal.

A heavy thud sounded from inside the room, and Saxon took a deep breath, shooting his cuffs. Then he pulled the door open.

He was just in time to see Janet the Weevil haul off and slam Jack Harkness into the wall.

The man was bloody; obviously Janet had been enjoying herself. Harkness must have noticed Saxon enter, because he pulled himself into a sitting position against the wall, holding one arm against his ribs. "Heya, Saxon," the man said, sounding a bit groggy as he spat blood from his mouth, "how's the other fight going?"

Janet turned, and at a nod from Saxon she left the room. Saxon stood over the injured man, trying to use his presence to loom over Harkness. "Did you have a hand in this?" he asked, trying very hard to keep his cool, but he really wanted to take his own shot at the man curled up on the floor.

Harkness' blue eyes were puzzled. "Huh?" he answered intelligibly.

"Did you have a hand in this?" he repeated.

"Did I have a hand in what?" Harkness asked.

Saxon scrutinized Harkness closely; he couldn't tell if the man was lying, but the he'd apparently made a living out of doing just that. But…he'd been in this room with Janet, and two guards just outside. How could he have gotten out of the room without any of them noticing?

The anger didn't leave him, but Saxon knew that, with no proof of Harkness' involvement, he wouldn't get any satisfaction out of killing him. He'd already stolen his husband; he didn't need to do anything else.

"Get him out of here," he snapped, motioning to the security men.


Ianto had gone back up to his and Harry's suite, and had taken up pacing to get his nerves under control. It hadn't worked, but at least the repetitive motion had cleared his head a bit.

He'd decided not to tell Harry about Jack's involvement with the robbery. After tonight, chances were he'd never see Jack again, and all his conflicted feelings would go back into their box where they'd escaped in the first place. He was with Harry, and Harry hadn't betrayed him. He knew exactly where he stood with the man, and that security was just what Ianto craved.

The room's communicator chirped.

It made Ianto jump. He went over and picked it up, thinking it must be Harry…

But it wasn't. It was an unfamiliar female voice. "Turn to channel 500," she said, then hung up.

Ianto put the phone down, absently chewing on his lip. John had said to come back here and watch the vidscreen…this was apparently what he'd meant.

But the request had come from Jack, and anything that had to do with Jack Harkness couldn't be good…

He turned the screen on anyway, to the channel the woman had said.

Ianto knew that corridor. It was one of the hallways in the cage area, and as he watched he saw Harry walking just behind two very large security men…and a bloodied Jack Harkness.

He heart lurched. Had Harry found out about Jack's involvement with the robbery? Or was this something else?

Ianto completely disregarded that. Why would Harry have Jack beaten over anything else? It had to have been the vault robbery.

But that thought was disregarded as he heard Jack say, "You get robbed or something, Saxon? Geez, that's a shame."

"Stop there," Harry ordered the men. They did so, spinning Jack around to face an angry Harold Saxon. "Where is my money?" he snarled.

Even though Ianto couldn't see Jack's face, he knew the patented Harkness grin was in place. "What makes you think I know where it is?"

"Where is it, Harkness? And you might just get out of here alive."

The two men stared at each other for several pregnant moments.

Then Jack spoke. Any hint of good mood was gone, and he sounded as serious as Ianto had ever heard him. "What would you say if I told you you could get your credits back…if you gave up Ianto?"

The young man watching sank onto the couch, hand on his chest. Jack would give up that much money? For him?

"What would you say?" Jack asked.

There was a pause.

Certainly Harry wouldn't …

"I would say yes," Ianto Harkness-Jones' lover answer, with no hesitation in his voice.

It shouldn't surprise Ianto, but in a way it did. He'd thought that he'd meant something to Harold Saxon, perhaps worth a little thought before being traded to another man for fucking credits.

As if Ianto was some sort of slave, to be sold to whoever gave the best price.

And then it hit him: Jack knew that Ianto was watching. He'd wanted to show his former husband just how far Harry was willing to go to get back what he considered his. He'd arranged this entire thing in order to prove that Saxon was as big a liar has Jack Harkness had ever been.

"Well," Jack's easy drawl echoed from the vidscreen, "that's very interesting…" He paused, and Ianto swore it was for his benefit, to give him time to think about what had just been revealed, "but I didn't have anything to do with it."

Harry simply glared at Jack. "Escort Mr. Harkness to the exit. And contact the sector police, I would imagine he's in violation of his parole."

That sentence wasn't even finished before Ianto was out the door.


Harry was outside of the lift door as it opened onto the casino floor.

Ianto looked at him. Finally looked past the façade of businessman and casino owner and lover, and saw Harold Saxon for the first time. He'd gone into the relationship with his eyes open…or so he'd thought. But that little show Jack had arranged had shown Ianto a side to his lover – ex-lover, now – that he should have known was there.

He breezed right out of the lift, past Harry without saying anything.

"Ianto – "

He turned, stared Harry straight in the eye. "You above all people should know Harry…in your hotel there's always someone watching."

He waited a heartbeat, seeing realization flood Harry's features. Then he turned and kept walking.


There were ten of them.

They leaned against the railing overlooking the ornate fountain outside the Gallifrey casino, looking like a group of high-rollers who'd just had a very good night at the tables.

How right that impression was.

One-by-one, the group splintered off, heading in different directions. Until only two remained: a young man who would have passed as a starving student in the right clothes; and an older man, hip cocked insouciantly against the railing and a flirtatious smile on his face.

The two men shook hands, then parted.


Ianto exited the front of the Gallifrey, looking for the one person he really wanted to see.

There was a break in the crowd, and he caught sight of him, being escorted away by two dark-dressed sector police, limping slightly between to the two larger men. A police flitter was parked just at the curb, its light strobing out over the crowd.

He took off after the trio, shouting at them to stop. To his surprise, they didn't, and so Ianto had to catch up to them. He did just as they were getting ready to put Jack in the back of the flitter.

"That's my husband!" Ianto snapped, as he approached.

That got the cops to back off…at least a couple of steps.

Ianto looked at Jack for a long moment. "Jack…"

Jack smiled around his torn lips. "I knew what I was doing."

"I didn't," Ianto confessed. It was true, and not just about the last couple of weeks. He was swiftly coming to realize there was a lot he hadn't known, the most important being just how he felt about Jack Harkness. "How long with you be?"

"Three to six months, I should think," he answered.

That was all they got a chance to say. The police officers pushed Jack into the back of the vehicle, and the last sight of Jack that Ianto had was a brilliant – if bloody – smile.



Awesome!! Only one chapter left.
Yep, only one. it always feels strange when I finish a story... :)
yes it's fantastic !!
Another chapter, and it's over: sniff!

in France, we enjoyed the replay of Ocean's thirtheen
The last album is huge, but I have one regret: Julia Roberts didn't play!
I did not really liked the 2, but I think I'm going to see him again because she plays in this one

thanks for this story

I don't think I'd ever adapt Ocean's Thirteen, but Twelve is a chance. We'll see.

Glad you liked it!