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Myfanwy 2

September 2019



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Myfanwy 2

The Immortality of the Deathless - Chapter Six

The Immortality of the Deathless - Chapter Six
Author: Milady Dragon
Rating: PG-13, for language and violence
Summary: When Master Archivist Ianto Jones of Torchwood Castle discovers the presence of a powerful magical Artifact, Baroness Gwen Williams hires Captain Jack Harkness and his band of mercenaries to retrieve it.
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones; Gwen Williams/Rhys WIlliams
Warning: Fantasy violence
Spoilers: None really; mostly for Doctor Who S1 episodes "Bad Wolf" and "Parting of the Ways", and Torchwood S1 "Everything Changes" and S2 "Fragments".  Although the stories have been warped to fit into a fantasy setting. 
Author's Note:  This is Torchwood in a fantasy setting.  Everything that could be considered alien in the normal universe is magical here. 
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, if I did I'd have treated it better. It - and Doctor Who - are owned by the BBC, and created by Russell T. Davies.

Chapter Six

Jack strode through the corridors of Torchwood Castle, not paying attention to his surroundings. His mind was in far too much turmoil.

This job was already hitting too close to home for him

The Immortality of the Deathless. Gods, he was tired of hearing it put that way. It was almost a redundant title; being Deathless meant you were Immortal, after all. But those damned storytellers had to have their flowery-sounding phrases, did they ever stop to think how embarrassing it was to the one they were telling the story about?

And it wasn't even true deathlessness…they didn't stop to do any sort of basic research when they came up with shit like that. Although he supposed that they really didn't have any way of asking about it, no way of knowing who the subject of their tales was.

No way of going to the proverbial horse's mouth and getting the true facts.

Jack found himself outside the castle, and he took a deep breath before continuing on. It had been a shock, hearing Master Ianto actually talking about it so matter-of-factly. The one thing that Jack had always counted on was the knowledge that everyone thought the story was some sort of tragedy told by troubadours in order to make the ladies weep for the poor, cursed Deathless. Absolutely no one took the thing seriously. It made Jack's existence a lot easier that way.

But now…apparently it was now being taken at face value…or at least the part about the Artifacts was. He should have scoffed at it, but that might have given something away that Jack had done his damnedest to hide. He'd been too surprised to even think of doing that, though. It wasn't often that he was that surprised. Jack had learned to think on his feet, had had plenty of practice with it over his long life….but really, how does one handle something like that?

The servant brought his horse; Jack mounted absently, by habit giving the boy another coin for looking after his steed. He rode out of the courtyard, toward the inn where his people would be waiting.

His mind should have been pleasantly occupied with thoughts of the handsome Master Ianto, yet Jack could only think about what the Archivist had said. Could that scroll be right? That there were Artifacts out there that would end the Deathless? In the beginning, Jack had searched, but to no avail. He'd heard rumors, of course; but none of them had panned out. That had been during his "rant at the world and be all broody" stage, before he'd come to accept what had happened to him. He'd been quite content for a while now.

But this was raking up the old feelings all over again. Even if this was all true…did Jack really want to find those Artifacts? It had been a long existence; he'd outlived everyone he'd ever cared for. Sometimes he just grew tired of it all. Was it really worth a shot?

Or had he doomed the search before it had even begun?

Jack found himself in front of the Pony and Keg before he even realized it. The inn wasn't the best in town, but it was homey and the landlord always made him and his people feel welcome whenever they were in Cardiff.

Once again he turned his horse over to a servant, and then Jack entered the cool interior of the inn. There wasn't much of a crowd yet – it being late afternoon – so that made picking out his people much easier. They were sitting around a table in the corner, already making inroads on the inn's dark ale.

"How'd it go?" Toshiko asked, sliding her chair over to make a little more room.

Jack made a motion toward the bar; within seconds, a pint of ale was sitting in front of him, served by a barmaid who winked at him as she set it on the table. Jack ignored her.

"Must not've been too good," Owen commented, smirking.

"You didn't even flirt with the barmaid," Suzie added.

"Got a lot on my mind, kids," Jack answered slowly.

"Must be a shit job then," Owen said, taking a drink.

"I…wouldn't say that," the captain replied. "Just…improbable."

"Do tell," Toshiko urged.

Jack shook his head. "Not here. In private."

That set his team to looking at each other. "We have rooms upstairs," Suzie said, sliding her chair out and standing.

"Sounds good."

Jack followed Suzie upstairs, his hand firmly clasping his mug. He suddenly needed this drink, more than anything. None of his people knew the truth about him; they just thought he was one of those lucky ones who never seemed to get hurt in the fights they'd ended up in. Owen had even joked about his skills not being needed.

Luck didn't have anything to do with it, of course. He got hurt; he just didn't show it like a normal person.

The second floor of the Pony and Keg were dedicated to lodging, which was another reason Jack and his crew liked staying there. Many of the better places in Cardiff only catered to the "party" crowd, and only had rooms to rent by the hour. This particular inn was for the traveler, and the quarters weren't really all that bad; at least they were pest-free, and when the barmaids did visit someone they were pretty discreet about it.

Suzie led them into one of the rooms. It was fairly basic; with two beds, a dresser and a table. "Your room's next door," Suzie handed Jack the key.

He thanked her absently, which didn't go unnoticed by any of them. "I think this goes beyond a shit mission," Owen replied, taking a seat on one of the beds.

Jack looked at each of them. He played with the idea of being completely honest with them, then discarded it; it wasn't in his nature to be so forthcoming.

Taking a deep breath, he began. He explained about the scroll, and how the Baroness was taking old story seriously…at least where these Artifacts were concerned. He finished with his demand that Master Ianto accompany them, and the Baroness' reaction.

"What do you think?" he asked, once he was done.

Owen was actually laughing. "They're really asking us to find two Artifacts that may – or may not – exist, based on some old wives' tale?"

"If they really exist," Toshiko mused, "they would be extremely powerful."

"And dangerous," Suzie put in. "It would be bad if they fell into the wrong hands."

"If they exist," Owen echoed Toshiko's statement and his own. "And I can't believe you actually tried to chivvy the Baroness' pet Archivist away from her for this."

Jack shrugged. "Made sense at the time."

"You sure it wasn't just to get him to yourself?"

"Owen!" Jack snarled, irritated at the insinuation. It didn't help that, in normal circumstances, he'd be thinking just that…

The battle surgeon raised his hands in surrender. "Just sayin', Jack."

"Well, don't."

"Gods, you're touchy today. Must be your time of the month."

Jack didn't dignify that with a reply.

"It really all comes down to how seriously we take the myth of the Deathless," Suzie said, getting between the two men.

Jack took it very seriously, but wasn't about to admit it. "Actually, I think it all comes down to how seriously we take this addition to the story. I think we can agree that the Deathless doesn't exist."

"I wouldn't be too sure," Toshiko answered slowly. The Elvin woman looked thoughtful. "Many of the myths and legends we have today do have some basis in fact."

"What, Tosh…you're saying there could be some sort of Immortal out there, walking around?" Owen scoffed.

"No, I'm not," she answered. "I'm just saying that there could be a kernel of truth in it. Maybe not in the Deathless part, but…somewhere else. We should take that into consideration when we decide what to do."

Jack looked at Toshiko closely. He should have expected something like this from her; her Elven blood made her a bit more receptive to the idea of myth relating to real life. They were a magical people, rooted deep in the earth like ancient trees. The Elves had forgotten more about magic than humans had ever learned. He'd have to keep an eye on her…

"Sounds like a wild goose chase to me," Suzie opined.

"We could always go off for a couple of months then come back and tell the Baroness we weren't able to find anything," Owen suggested. "We could collect our fee and no one would be the wiser."

"As tempting as that is," Jack answered, "I'd know we didn't do anything to earn our money."

"Honestly Jack, you probably kiboshed any sort of deal when you required the presence of Master Ianto," Toshiko said. "There's no way the Baroness will let him out of her sight."

She was more right than she knew. Jack knew the real truth about the Archivist…not that he was going to share that with his comrades. He could keep that particular secret, as well as his own.

Their conference was interrupted by a soft knock. Toshiko, who was closest to the door, answered it, revealing one of the kitchen servants.

"Hello, m'lady…and lords," he said, ducking his head so quickly Jack was afraid he'd get dizzy and fall down. He handed Toshiko a note, then waited patiently until Jack handed him a coin. Then the boy took off, his footsteps clattering on the stairs as Jack closed the door.

"It's addressed to you, Jack," Toshiko said, handing the note over.

Jack instantly recognized the Baroness' handwriting. "Looks like we might have the answer to my little demand right here…"

Chapter Seven...



reel_tw fic finished finally and with my beta!

I is back to read some more before bed, fab fic.
I am totally hooked!!!!!!