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Myfanwy 2

March 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Harkness' Eleven - Chapter Fifteen

Harkness' Eleven - Chapter Fifteen
Author: Milady Dragon
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jack Harkness is released from prison, and gathers together a crew to pull the job of his conman career.  Based on the movie "Ocean's Eleven"
Pairing(s): Past Jack/Ianto; past Jack/John; Harold Saxon/Ianto Jones
Warning: Language
Spoilers: None for Torchwood or Doctor Who, follows situations from the movie "Ocean's' Eleven"
Author's note:  I originally started writing this for Reel Torchwood, but the plot bunnies absconded before I could finish.
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, Doctor Who, or Ocean's Eleven

A/N2:  Well, this is done.  Thanks to everyone who has read this, and who will read it in the future.  Love you guys!

The New New York Confederated Prison

Three to Six months later

Jack Harkness once again walked out of prison, wearing the same tuxedo he'd worn the night he'd been arrested outside the Gallifrey casino. He would have had a sense of déjà vu, if the circumstances wouldn't have been a bit different. Last time, he'd come out with a plan. This time…

Well, it wasn't cold this time.

John Hart was waiting for him, leaning against the wall just beyond the gate. He was just finishing off what looked like some sort of burger, crumpling the paper and blatantly littering on prison grounds. Jack smirked, wondering if there was a litter rehab, and if it could survive John's presence in it.

He eyed his friend. "Hotblack Desiato called, and he wants his shirt back." It was the best comeback he had to that monstrosity John was wearing. Then again, it did look like something that eccentric rocker would wear, with its clashing concentric patterns.

John returned the smirk. "I really hope you were the groom, Jack," returning the eye-up and the teasing. "Otherwise I'd lose all respect for you."

Jack shot him a gesture he'd learned from a Patrexian while inside, and the meaning was impossible to misconstrue.

His friend snorted. "In my dreams, lover. Cause you certainly won't in real life."

They fell into step, walking across the flitter lot toward the beat-up piece of crap John had had back on New Cali, when Jack had first gone to him about the Saxon job. "Thirteen million and you have that shipped all the way here just to pick me up?"

"Spent it all on the shirt," John shot back calmly.

"So…how's life?"

"Life…is a roomful of pillows."

Jack rolled his eyes, not about to ask what the hell John meant by that.

"Where do you want to go first?"

"To a vid," Jack answered. "I have a call to make."

"Oh," his partner said, "I stopped and picked up your personal effects. They're in the back seat."

"What?" Jack asked puzzled. He couldn't see into the back of the flitter; the top was up on the convertible, and the sun was in his eyes.

He walked around to the passenger side and opened the door. Taking a glance into the back, Jack smiled slightly. "I'm not sure these belong to me."

Ianto Harkness-Jones rolled his eyes. "Don't be an idiot, Jack," he scolded, pushing the front seat up so Jack could crawl into the back with him. He was dressed casually, in a dark red shirt and jeans. Jack wanted to get him to the nearest available room and not leave it for days.

Instead, he settled for a kiss. Ianto's lips parted for him, and Jack remapped his husband's mouth with his tongue, reveling in the softness and the heat and the intimacy once more. He sent a prayer up to the Goddess, thankful that his plan had worked and that he hadn't lost this man forever.

Jack only pulled away when he heard the flitter's engine start. He glanced forward; he could just see John's eyes in the rearview mirror, and the look in them was both happy and envious.

"We need to get John laid," Ianto said. "All the way here he kept going on about a threesome."

"You're not up to sharing, Eye Candy?" John mock-teased.

"Nope." He popped the "p" in just the way Jack thought was adorable.

"Well, we could always wait around here for a bit, see who comes out next…" Contradicting the words, John put the flitter into gear and drove off.

Jack reached over and took Ianto's hand…and noticed the platinum band on the ring finger. He held it up. "I thought you said you threw this into a black hole."

"That is indeed what I said," Ianto agreed, smirking.

"Liar," Jack accused softly.

"Thief," Ianto returned, layers of meaning in that single word.

Without losing eye contact with his husband, Jack asked John, "We being followed?"

"Yep," he answered. "Dark sedan, coming up on the left."

Jack didn't even bother to look. Instead, he kept his attention fully on the man he'd done all this for. He wrapped his arm around Ianto and pulled him close, claiming his lips once more.

He didn't even notice when John put the flitter's top down. But then, he had other things on his mind.


The End



You really should watch it again sometime, but watching TW is even better!

Thanks a lot. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
It's been so long since I last watched the movie that I wasn't sure if at the end of it they got back together. So I stopped in the middle of this amazing fan fic and asked my mom ^_^ I loved your version of the movie and having Ianto and Jack and John in it, is way better than Julia Roberts, George Clooney and Brad Pitt. You picked a hard movie to turn into a fan fic but you did it amazingly :D I'm so glad I found this fic! Are you going to do "Harkness' Twelve" too? I would surely read it!
Thank you! I do admit, I really hadn't known what I was getting into when I started it, but it really was fun to write.

I might do Harkness' Twelve, but it will be a while yet. Heck just to plan that particular scene where Tess pretends to be Julia Roberts...gee, I wonder who Ianto could pretend to be... :)

YES, he kept the ring! *is full of glee*

I loved every bit of this! You really know how to keep a reader hooked. I didn't know a thing about the story so I sat on the edge of my seat throughout. So much fun. Thanks for a lovely read!

That kiss at the end: Guh. That is all.
Yes, he did. :)

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it!

Oh, and they had to kiss. You have any idea how hard it was to write an entire story without the boys kissing? Probably one of the hardest things I've ever done...!

Thanks again!
I loved it! I was waiting for every single chapter with glee! It was amazing!

Can't wait to see what else you'll write.

Hugs from México City!
Thanks! Glad you liked it! And thanks for hanging around to see what else I have up my sleeve!

*hugs back from Ohio*
This was excellent. Will you be making a PDF of this? I'd like to snag it if you do and add it to my collection.

I hadn't thought about making up a PDF, but I suppose I could... when I get a minute, I'll see what I can come up with.
I just caught this up . really Nicely done!
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!
I can't believe this is all over, i loved every chapter of it ... i hope you do turn Ocean's Twelve into Harkness' Twelve, i know i'd read it :)

I might do Ocean's Twelve, if just for that part where Tess impersonates Julia Roberts...just who would Ianto impersonate, I wonder?? :D

Super rewriting Ocean'sEleveen
The end is magical, especially with Jack and Ianto.

Who can pretend to Ianto?? great question!
If you want to take someone from the world of TW, I don't see - unless you use Adam's ability to believe things
Well, it's more like who can Ianto pretend to be? I have ideas but then it would get dangerously close to RPF and I'm not sure about that...

*lurker chimes in*
Well, he could pretend to be Gareth David-Lloyd...
There wouldn't be more RPF than in Ocean's 12, after all.
That was what I was thinking, and I did think that it wouldn't be technically RPF since it would be a 51st century/mpreg GDL... *grins*
I got so much fun reading this, and did really love it. thanks for sharing this brilliant adaptation.
Thank you! So glad you liked it!
Just read this fic, can't believe I waited until now, because it's one brilliant and gorgeous fic to read.
It's not an easy movie to turn into fanfic, yet u managed it beautifully. I love it, more than the movie actually. thanks for sharing it.

Oh, and you are a tease, u know that, right? What you said above... I just can't stop wondering what would it like to have GDL in Harkness' twelve...
Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it.

The hardest part was coming up with who was who, but once I did that it went fast...well, except for the part where my bunnies decided they wanted me to do something else. LOL!

I do know I'm a tease, and one day I might actually do Twelve, but right now my bunnies are plotting in different directions I'm afraid. Although now I want to watch it again...
This is a very good example of the problem I have with Reel Torchwood. It's very well-written, and you've done a great job of integrating the Torchwood characters' traits and the new setting into the original story, but I've seen the film too many times to be able to stop picturing Clooney & co. I imagine it must be a fun challenge for you as a writer, and it's not in any way your fault that it didn't work for me (for the most part; it did work in some scenes towards the end); it just goes to show how difficult this sort of thing is. Technically, as I said, you've done a great job, and I doubt it could have been done any better, so kudos for that!
Hey, we can't all like everything. Life would be boring! *laughs*

Still, I'm glad you gave it a shot. That makes me smile. It's funny, but every time I see the movie now I can't help but see Jack and Ianto and John and everyone in it, but that's probably the heavy Torchwood bias I have. LOL!

Thanks! :)