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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Torchwood Blues - Chapter Two

Torchwood Blues - Chapter Two
Author: Milady Dragon
Beta: kanporinpoche 
Artist: chosenfire28 , whose amazing art is here
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood; it's owned by the BBC.  I also don't own ideas drawn from the movie "Undercover Blues"; that is owned by MGM studios.
Characters/Pairings: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Eleventh Doctor, John Hart, Gwen Williams, Rhys Williams, Kathy Swanson, Andy Davidson, Toshiko Sato, Eugene Jones, OC's, Owen Harper (mentioned), Amy Pond and Rory Williams (mentioned), Alonso Frame (mentioned);  Jack/Ianto, past Jack/John, Gwen/Rhys.
Warnings: Violence, mild sexual situations, language, Mpreg (mentioned), Character Death (temporary)
Spoilers: For all seasons of Torchwood and possibly for Season Five of Doctor Who.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 20,999 (finished)
Summary: In the aftermath of the 456 invasion and the birth of their son, Jack and Ianto retire from Torchwood and decide to travel.  Nearly a year later they end up in New Orleans, where they're dragged back into Torchwood business when an old enemy steals a dangerous piece of alien technology.
Author's notes: This was written for tw_bigbang , and is my first time writing something like this.  This story is based on situations from the movie "Undercover Blues" starring Dennis Quaid and Kathleen Turner.  It's also a fix-it, in that certain events that occurred during the entire run of Torchwood happened quite differently; examples being that Toshiko, Owen, and Ianto never died, Owen is not a zombie, Ianto is immortal, and Gwen didn't break the Retcon she received after her discovery of Torchwood. 



Chapter Two




Jack took a shortcut down the alley, knowing that the store was on the next block and not wanting to take the long way around.

He whistled as he walked, Ianto Gareth’s gurgling a happy counterpoint.  He’d once swore he’d never get pregnant again, but that was before he’d met and fallen for a certain gorgeous Welshman who’d managed to sneak completely under his radar and to take up residence in his life as if he’d always been there.

It hadn’t always been easy – they’d had plenty of fights, and chances were they’d have plenty more in the future – but Jack was quite possibly happier than he’d ever been in his very long life. 

He was so lost in thought that he almost walked right into the pair of muggers who’d stepped in front of him, blocking his way out. 

Oh, lovely.

Jack gave them his patented smile, hoping to charm his way out of this situation.  “Relax boys,” he said, “the baby won’t hurt you.”

One of the muggers stepped forward, opening a switchblade with an audible snick.  Jack stifled a sigh, not really wanting to get into it with these two – and they barely looked like they were out of American high school, let alone on the way to a criminal career.

“This is a real baby,” Jack added, as he pulled the pram back toward him a bit.  Okay, it appeared that levity wasn’t going to solve anything.  He sighed.  “Look, I don’t want any trouble.”

 “Hand over your wallet, and your watch,” the second mugger ordered, brandishing his own knife.

There really wasn’t anything for it.  Jack didn’t want to risk Ianto Gareth getting hurt.

He carefully reached into his back pocket, pulling his wallet out.  He tossed it underhanded, and the one on the right – the one who hadn’t spoken as yet – caught it easily. 

“Come on,” the speaker demanded, waving his knife.  “The watch, too.”

“Look,” Jack said, trying to bargain, “it was an anniversary present.  Can’t you just take the wallet?”  He really didn’t want to give up the watch; it meant a lot to him.

“The watch!” the first assailant barked, taking a menacing step forward.

Jack stifled a sigh.  He knew Ianto would forgive him for losing it, if it meant trouble was averted.  So, he carefully removed it from his right wrist, tossing it over. 

But his jacket sleeve rode up, revealing his Vortex Manipulator.  And the muggers saw it.

 “And the other thing,” the first kid snapped, making a gesture toward Jack’s other wrist.

“Look, we had a deal,” the older man sighed.  “You commit a felony, and I get to go.  You have what you asked for; this is of absolutely no value to you.”  He couldn’t risk them getting their hands on it; although Jack knew they would never get it to work, it was still the idea of that future tech getting into ignorant hands.  He couldn’t allow it.

The boy on the right stepped forward, waving his knife even faster.  “Take it off.”

“If only Ianto were saying that to me…”  Jack moved around to put himself in front of the stroller, putting himself in front of his son, in order to protect him.  “I can’t give this to you.  Just take my wallet and watch, and go.” 

The mugger who had his watch and wallet got up into Jack’s face.  “Take it off…now!”

These kids were too stupid to recognize the danger Jack presented.  It was a shame; these would-be hoods probably wouldn’t live to see twenty.

Jack sent him to the damp pavement with a single right cross.

A flurry of blows later, and both boys were down.  It had been pitifully easy to take them both out.  Jack sighed, stepping over the inert bodies to get to the carriage, in order to check on Ianto Gareth. 

The baby was fine; in fact, he was giggling up a storm.  “Did you find the silly muggers funny too, big guy?” he cooed, pulling him from the pram and hugging him. 

Jack heard the scuff of shoe on concrete, and without looking he whipped the stroller up and around, catching one of his would-be assailants across the face.  Blood fountained from the kid’s nose, but the idiot kept right on coming, brandishing his switchblade like it was some sort of sword.

The pram took all the knife damage; it made an excellent shield.  The mugger didn’t get close enough to hurt either Jack or Ianto Gareth, and it only took about three good hits with the pram’s frame to put the kid down for the count. 

Jack sighed.  Ianto really was going to kill him…

Ianto had just gotten out of the shower when he heard the door to the suite open.  He slipped on the complimentary robe, and entered the lounge just in time to see Jack prop the pram up against the end of the sofa. 

He raised an eyebrow.  “I thought you were going out for formula?”

“Oh.  Sorry, completely slipped my mind.”   Jack carried their son past, and into the bedroom where the travel cot had been set up.  Ianto watched as his husband placed Gareth Ianto down, then prepared a bottle. 

“Were you daydreaming?” he asked lightly.

“Obviously,” Jack answered.

The slightly sour tone in the older man’s voice had alarm bells ringing in Ianto’s mind.  He glanced back toward where the carriage had been set…and his eyebrows went up.

“Jack?  What happened to the pram?”

He didn’t get an answer. What he did get was the undeniably cute scene of Jack feeding Gareth Ianto his bottle.   He leaned on the door jamb, the better to watch his husband taking care of their son.

“It’s a bad world out there, sweetheart,” he heard Jack whispering to their child.  “But you, me and Tad are gonna make it better.”

Ianto’s heart made a little pleasurable/painful lurch in his chest, and he smiled softly, knowing he’d remember this moment throughout all his long life.

Jack had managed to get away with not telling Ianto what had happened, knowing his husband would get into a right snit if he knew about the attempted mugging.  He took off the jacket he’d been wearing and rolled up his sleeves, as he walked slowly out onto the balcony of their second-floor suite.  Behind him, he could hear Ianto saying goodnight to Ianto Gareth – and they really needed to settle the name thing soon, he just couldn’t understand why Ianto was being so stubborn about it. 

He touched the watch he’d retrieved from the alley.  It had been a gift from Ianto on their first anniversary, and to say he treasured it would have been an understatement.  He was glad he’d been able to get it back as well as his wallet. 

It would have been easy to have just let the pair take both, as long as his son was safe.  He knew Ianto would have understood the loss of the watch if it meant no harm had come to either of them.  But there’d been no way he could have let them take his Vortex Manipulator; even though it was mostly broken, that sort of technology simply couldn’t get into the wrong hands.  Otherwise he would have just walked away.

“Did you see a gentleman with a baby stroller?”

Oh shit…

 Jack looked down toward the street; a woman and a man were talking to one of the hotel employees, who was helpfully pointing out that yes, he’d just seen Captain Harkness-Jones come in…

He headed back into the room, to Ianto’s, “Jack?  What did happen to the pram?”

“Better put something on,” he ducked the subject, walking purposefully past.  “The police are on their way up.”

“The police?”  He could hear the sharpness creep into Ianto’s accent.  “Why?  What have you done?”

Jack didn’t answer, but wondered why it seemed Ianto always was blaming him when something bad happened.  He made it to the door and had it pulled open just as the woman had her hand raised to knock.  She was an attractive, dark-skinned woman of a type Jack might have gone for, before he’d met Ianto of course. 

Captain Harkness-Jones?” she asked, having been caught flat-footed by the door opening so quickly.

Jack favored her with one of his megawatt smiles.  “That’s me.”

“I’m Lieutenant Kathy Swanson, New Orleans Police Department.”  She held up her badge.  “This is my partner, Sergeant Andy Davidson.” 

A red-haired man popped his head around the door frame, holding his own badge up.  “Good evening, sir.”

“May we come in?” Swanson asked politely.

“Certainly.”  Jack stood aside to let them enter. 

The two policemen glanced around the room as they entered.  Jack did too, hoping there was nothing incriminating…oops.

The damaged pram was still leaning against the side of the couch.


Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Ianto enter the room.  He was now wearing jeans and a button-down shirt, and was managing to show a distracting amount of chest hair.  He was also barefoot, which also did things to Jack’s libido that should be illegal.

“This is my husband.” Jack introduced, “Ianto Harkness-Jones.”

Ianto favored both cops with smiles as Jack introduced them.  “Please excuse my state of undress; I wasn’t expecting the police at this hour.”  He waved them to seats.

They each took one of the chairs, as Jack and Ianto sat on the sofa.  “What can we do for you?” Ianto asked politely.

It always amazed Jack at just how unflappable his husband could be.  Who else would be sitting there, calm as you please, with the police unexpectedly appearing at their door?

“We do hate to bother you both this late,” Swanson began, “we’re undercover on a series of tourist muggings – “

“Undercover?” Ianto interrupted – also politely, Jack noted.  “I would have thought a lieutenant would have more important things to do.” 

Jack almost growled at how the Welshman pronounced the woman’s rank.

Swanson actually preened at the praise.  Good job, Jack thought.

“After Katrina,” Davidson answered, “we’ve been working hard to get tourism back up to the way it was, and folks getting knifed in the French Quarter annoys the hell out of the Tourism Commission.”

Ianto looked as if he wanted to say something, but didn’t.  Jack could take a guess as to what it was, and he realized that he actually missed walking in on Ianto behind the counter of the Tourist Information Center back in Cardiff.  Maybe he had a previously unknown counter kink…

“There was an attempted mugging about a half a block from here, a little over ten minutes ago,” Swanson went on.

“Really?” Jack asked, trying to put on his innocent face…which apparently didn’t fool Ianto, judging from the stare he was currently getting from the younger man.

“The victim got away.”

“That’s good.”

“You wouldn’t know anything about that?” Swanson asked, her dark eyes meeting Jack’s blue ones.

The older immortal held her stare.  “No…should I?”

“You match the description we got of the intended victim…a man with a baby stroller.”

There was a witness?  Jack hadn’t seen…oh shit, there’d been a homeless woman, and in fact he’d given her some money from his recently retrieved wallet.

“And we have another witness saying she saw the man enter this hotel,” Davidson added.

“The desk clerk said it was you,” Swanson put in.

“Well, that certainly narrows it down, doesn’t it?”  Jack didn’t dare look at Ianto; he had this feeling that he’d literally be dead if he did.

The police officers both glanced at each other.  “Were you involved in an attempted mugging this evening, Captain Harkness-Jones?”

Jack wanted to roll his eyes.  These two were amateurs when it came to interrogation.  “No, don’t think so.”

There was silence for a few moments, then Davidson looked at Ianto.  “Excuse me, Mr. Harkness-Jones, but do you care to make any comment?”

Jack did glance at his husband then.  Ianto had turned to regard Jack, and there was something in the younger man’s eyes that spoke of danger…and completely turned Jack on.  He couldn’t wait til these cops were gone, so he could see just what sort of punishment his husband had in mind.

Then Ianto smiled slightly.  “No,” he said, his accent a little thicker than usual, “not at this precise time.”

No, Ianto would wait until they were alone, and then Jack would be in serious trouble. 

Swanson sighed.  “May I see some I.D., please?”

Jack rose.  “Sure.”  He pulled out the Welsh driving license he still carried, even though neither one had set foot in Wales in about seven months.

He handed it to Swanson, and Davidson looked over the woman’s shoulder to see it.  “That’s a good picture.”

“I don’t take any other kind.”  Jack could practically feel Ianto’s eyes rolling at that.

“What do you do for a living?” Swanson asked, as she pulled a PDA from her pocket and began taking down Jack’s license information.  The older man was suddenly very glad for his husband’s superior identification-making skills.

“I’m a Dyson salesman,” Jack lied glibly.  “I don’t know what sort of vacuum you have, but the Dyson is the biggest sucker of them all.”  He added a leer to the end of his spiel, which didn’t seem to make Ianto very happy, judging from the facepalm.

 “Are you here on business?” Davidson asked.  “You’re an awful long way from home if you are.”

“No, we’re on vacation,” he answered, getting a bit tired of the third degree.  He just wanted to get them out of the room so he could see just what sort of trouble he was in.

“How long are you staying?”

He glanced at his husband.  “Oh…about a month.  Maybe a month and a half.”  Ianto nodded his agreement.

“Isn’t that kinda long for a vacation?” the lieutenant inquired.

Jack crossed his arms, stifling his sigh.  “Is it?”

Davidson leaned forward.  “Look, if you know something and are afraid to say anything, we can offer you full protection.”

He felt Ianto stiffen beside him, then start shaking slightly.  It was a sure sign that his husband was trying hard not to laugh.

“Thanks,” Jack said, trying to sound grateful, “but I don’t know anything.”

Both cops stood up, Swanson handing back Jack’s license.  “Thank you, sir.  Here’s my card, in case you change your mind.”

Jack stood to let them out.  “Thanks.”

Davidson was out the door, and Swanson not far behind, when she suddenly turned back around.  “You know, that baby stroller’s taken quite a beating.”  She indicated the poor destroyed pram, and knocked Jack’s hope that it had gone unnoticed.

He grinned.  “Baggage handlers,” he answered.

Swanson favored him with a look that plainly said she knew he was lying, and that he knew she knew.  Then she left, bidding both men a good night.

Jack had barely gotten the door shut when a pillow hit him in the back of the head.  He turned to face a livid Ianto, who was now standing.

“Let me see if I understand this clearly,” the Welshman said softly, which was a sure sign of danger.  “You took our child into a knife fight?”

“It was a fair fight,” Jack protested.  “There were two of them, and two of us.”

“Jack, how could you?”  He stalked toward the older man until he was within touching distance…which also meant punching distance.

“It wasn’t my idea!  Besides, you should have seen them…complete amateurs.  Biggest risk was I’d fall down laughing and hurt myself.”  He explained what happened.  “And I couldn’t let them get my Vortex Manipulator; you know that.”

Once the story was over, his husband simply stood there, not saying anything.  His blue eyes were hard and the disappointment in them almost had Jack on his knees begging for forgiveness.  He’d known Ianto wouldn’t have taken this well, especially where their son was concerned; Ianto Gareth was the number one reason they’d retired from Torchwood in the first place; even though neither man could actually die, they hadn’t wanted to raise their son around that sort of danger.   

Then Ianto turned and headed back toward the bedroom, still silent.  Jack’s heart sank; if his husband was giving him the silent treatment, then chances were he’d be sleeping on the sofa tonight.

He just couldn’t let it lie like that.  He came up behind Ianto, putting his arms around the younger man’s waist.  “I’m sorry,” he whispered.  “I won’t do it again.”

Ianto didn’t say anything, but he didn’t pull away, either…which was a good sign.

“This is Chapter Two,” he went on, “where Jack and Ianto have a child and lead a normal life.”  He really wanted Ianto to forgive him.  There was a lot he could deal with, but his husband being mad at him wasn’t one of them.

Ianto leaned to the side a bit, so he could look Jack in the eye.  “You forgot the formula.”




I can't sleep: I have cramps in my toes! aieee !
So I read your fic as my battery will allow me
- Takisys told me you had to post it.
great start and I'm sure I do not know the movie! So then I totally unknown: super!
Poor attackers: they were suspected nothing.
I wonder if they will not seek revenge .... I'm going to see
Ouch! Your poor toes! Sure, I like that you're reading but not like that..! :(

You don't need to know the movie, I just used certain scenes from it.


Re: :-(


Jack would be preoccupied with things that suck, I should think.. :)
This is my favorite movie of all time and I love what you have done with Jack and Ianto. I was laughing so hard I spit my tea on the keyboard. No harm done, thankfully! You are an amazing writer!
Thank you! I'm glad you like it! *Blushes*