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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Torchwood Blues - Chapter Five

Torchwood Blues - Chapter Five
Author: Milady Dragon
Beta: kanporinpoche 
Artist: chosenfire28 , whose amazing art is here
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood; it's owned by the BBC.  I also don't own ideas drawn from the movie "Undercover Blues"; that is owned by MGM studios.
Characters/Pairings: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Eleventh Doctor, John Hart, Gwen Williams, Rhys Williams, Kathy Swanson, Andy Davidson, Toshiko Sato, Eugene Jones, OC's, Owen Harper (mentioned), Amy Pond and Rory Williams (mentioned), Alonso Frame (mentioned);  Jack/Ianto, past Jack/John, Gwen/Rhys.
Warnings: Violence, mild sexual situations, language, Mpreg (mentioned), Character Death (temporary)
Spoilers: For all seasons of Torchwood and possibly for Season Five of Doctor Who.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 20,999 (finished)
Summary: In the aftermath of the 456 invasion and the birth of their son, Jack and Ianto retire from Torchwood and decide to travel.  Nearly a year later they end up in New Orleans, where they're dragged back into Torchwood business when an old enemy steals a dangerous piece of alien technology.
Author's notes: This was written for tw_bigbang , and is my first time writing something like this.  This story is based on situations from the movie "Undercover Blues" starring Dennis Quaid and Kathleen Turner.  It's also a fix-it, in that certain events that occurred during the entire run of Torchwood happened quite differently; examples being that Toshiko, Owen, and Ianto never died, Owen is not a zombie, Ianto is immortal, and Gwen didn't break the Retcon she received after her discovery of Torchwood.



Chapter Five





The police station Ianto found himself it wasn’t half bad, as far as such things went.  It bustled, and from what he could tell the police persons within all seemed to know what they were doing, which was nice when he compared it to some of the idiots who worked at Cardiff CID.  The coffee was fairly dire, but that was to be expected.  And the chair he found himself sitting it wasn’t very comfortable.  Well, at least they’d given him a private place in order to change Gareth Ianto while Lieutenant Swanson had been busily throwing Jack into a cell.

Sometimes he wondered why they bothered with saving the world at all.

Ianto bounced his son on his lap as Swanson ranted.  She was quite good at it, but he was even better at ignoring her.

“Can we stop with the fun and games now?”  She was in full flow, and Ianto was privately quite impressed.  “Just who is your…husband, working for?”

He pretended that little gap wasn’t there.  What was it with people and not accepting that he and Jack were legal partners?  All right, some of Jack’s background was a bit dodgy, but really Ianto could only work with what he’d been given. 

He was also a little bothered by the fact that both Swanson and Davidson seemed to be completely disregarding him as a threat.  Certainly, Jack had all the swish of a hero, but didn’t they know it was usually the quiet ones who worked behind the scenes for world domination?  Not that Ianto would ever dream of taking over the planet…there was just too much work involved.

“I am outraged,” he answered.  “Jack single-handedly foils a bank robbery and you arrest him.  Really, Lieutenant, that doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

Swanson slammed a hand down on her desk, rising out of her chair in a blatant attempt to intimidate Ianto by trying to loom over him.  “You’ve got a lot of gall!  Let me tell you something…we have him behind bars and that’s where he’s going to stay until somebody tells me exactly what he’s doing in my city!”

“I really do think you’re overreacting,” Ianto answered, trying to sound conciliatory.  “We’re just here on vacation.  Honestly, what sort of spy would bring a baby on an assignment?”

That seemed to be straw that broke Swanson’s last hold on calm.  “If you don’t watch it, you’re gonna find yourself in a cell too, baby or no baby!”

Ianto just raised an eyebrow at her.  Legally she couldn’t hold either of them, but the young man knew that wasn’t about to stop her.  She was like a dog with a bone…she wasn’t about to give it up.

He was about to say something, when Davidson’s voice popped up from the desk behind them.  “Phone call, Lieutenant.”

“I’m busy!” she snapped.

“Okay fine,” Davidson said.

“I’m gonna ask you one more time, as politely as I can – “

“Sorry, ma’am,” Davidson interrupted again, “but it’s about Captain Harkness-Jones.”

“Who is it?” she demanded.  There was a blood vessel throbbing in her temple, and Ianto feared for her blood pressure.  “The President?”  The question was just absolutely laced with irony.

“Nope.  The Queen of England.”  Was that a giggle in the policeman’s voice?

Swanson sat down hard, her chair creaking in protest.  Ianto simply smiled.  Yes, Lizzie was such a good person to have in one’s corner…

“Let me ask,” Ianto said, as he and Jack were leaving the police station, “that stunt you pulled with the getaway car…was that part of Chapter Two, where Ianto and Jack lead a normal life?”  He really didn’t want to say just how turned on he’d been at the time, and that Jack had managed to pull off dashing even without the greatcoat, and wearing shorts.   No, he wasn’t about to encourage him…

“That’s not fair!” Jack exclaimed, resting one hand over Ianto’s, where it rested on the handles of the pram.  “Why are you complaining about me having a little fun?  Besides, there was zero risk factor.”

“To you, maybe,” Ianto pointed out.  “But what about to the innocent bystanders?  They were bank robbers, heavily armed and probably wired on some sort of recreational drug.”

Jack brushed the objection off.  “They were only focused on getting away.  Besides, people in a hurry never look at the driver.”

“I’ve never heard that one before,” Ianto frowned.

“Actually, I just made it up.  But it’s true.  And it’s all part of my brilliant plan.”

“Which brilliant plan?”

Jack reached into the back of the pram, where he’d stuffed Eugene Jones’ personal file earlier.  “Take a look at this…this Jones guy is worth a little spooking.  So I was thinking, tomorrow we could…”

Ianto listened to the plan.  He had to admit, it was quite brilliant.

Jack sat, relaxed, in an uncomfortable chair in the lobby at Dynagon Industries, a fancy digital camera – courtesy of Tosh’s technical wizardry – sitting in his lap.  He played a little air drum to a song that had gotten stuck in his head that morning as he’d taken a taxi to Dynagon, all the while watching the security cameras as they rotated to take in every corner of the seating area.  One was just coming around to aim at him, and he gave it his megawatt smile, knowing it would take a perfect picture.

Which was what he was hoping it would do. 

This was part of his plan.  He knew he had to get John’s attention, and what better way than to show up to visit with one of the ex-Time Agent’s minions?  If he played his cards right, it would get back to John that he was in the area, and that was exactly what Jack wanted.   He wanted to throw the man off balance, to get him riled up enough that he might make a mistake and lead them to where he currently was. 

To be honest though, Jack really didn’t want to see John at all. 

He would never have agreed if Ianto hadn’t gone along with it.  Not even for the Doctor would Jack purposely put his family in danger by engaging Captain John Hart.  He’d nearly lost Tosh, Owen, and Ianto the last time Hart had been in Cardiff; even though John had been coerced for the most part, tossing Ianto into the Rift Storm that Gray had created hadn’t been on his brother’s list of “Things to do in Cardiff when you want Revenge”.  John had done that all on his own, because he couldn’t face the fact that Jack had married Ianto and didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. 

Of course, John’s actions had meant that Ianto would be around for as long as Jack would, so maybe he might pass along a bit of thanks as well.  Like…not killing him when he got the chance.

The secretary kept casting looks in his direction, and Jack grinned and winked at her, although it was habit more than anything else.  Ianto was always fine with Jack’s flirting, as long as it didn’t cross the line into something else.  It didn’t matter that his husband wasn’t there.  Jack was committed to Ianto for the long run, which in their case meant forever.

A head popped out from behind the reception desk, where Jack had seen a discrete entrance to the lifts.  The man who followed the head was easily recognizable: it was Eugene Jones, and he looked about as innocuous as his photo in the file had intimated.

“You wanted to see me?” he asked, almost shyly. 

Oh, Jack loved the shy ones.  “Couldn’t wait, handsome,” he answered, standing and shaking the offered hand.  “I’m James Harper, of the Chicago Tribune.  I’m working on a story about possibly stolen UNIT technology.  I was hoping for a comment.”

Jones’ face went ashen.  “I…don’t know what you mean…”

“Sure you do,” Jack dropped his voice down, knowing it drove people nuts when he did…well, it did with Ianto. 

“I…I can’t possibly comment on anything like that!” he stuttered, taking a step back.

“Oh really?  How’d you feel about a big front page photo of yourself then?”  Suiting action to words, he whipped up the camera and began taking pictures of Jones with it.  Not only would it give them an updated photo of the man, but it would also take readings and scan for possible alien technology signatures.   Tosh was such a genius with tech.

If Jack had thought Jones was panicked before, that was nothing compared to the man once that first picture was taken.  He paled even further – something Jack hadn’t thought was possible – and threw up his hands to hide his features. 

Jack ignored the hands and kept snapping.  “Oh now…don’t hide that pretty face!  Let me see some skin!”

“Oh God!” Jones practically squeaked, still trying to duck away from the camera.  “I…I think you should leave now!”

“If you’re sure…” Jack brought the camera down, pouting for Jones’ benefit.

“I’m sure!”  With that, the man darted back behind the reception desk, and was gone from sight.

Jack winked at the woman at the desk as he left, congratulating himself on a job well done.

Everything had been going well for Captain John Hart. 

Too well, in fact. 

He should have known something would happen that would upset the proverbial apple cart.

That ‘something’ was a note that simply said “This man has been asking questions…Jones”…and a grainy security photo taken of a smiling Jack Harkness, wearing casual clothes and looking just as yummy as he had the last time Hart had seen him. 

John broke the fax machine for bringing him such shitty news. 

Then he called on his minions, to get them on Jack’s trail.



Oh dear - I hope Jack knows what he's doing. I haven't seen the film which makes it more exciting really
Actually I used a lot less from the movie than I thought I would. But Jack's a hero, of course he knows what he's doing! :)
Lizzy ? ? ? THE Lizzy ??
Too bad there was not a photo of the head of Swanson's!

and that of Hart when he saw the picture of Jack

wonderful story
Yep, that Lizzie! :D

God bless Herself and all who sail on Her.
The Queen is a Janto fangirl. I know she is!