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Myfanwy 2

June 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Children of Time Awards Winners

The winners have been posted here.

Immortality of the Deathless won in the Jack/Ianto category, and On Proper Uses for Alien Tech won the humour category!  I am in such shock right now...

Thanks to everyone who nominated and voted for my stories, I love you all!

And congratulations to all the other winners and runners' up, it is so well deserved.  Everyone nominated truly deserved to be there. 



Whoo!! Congrats hun you deserve them :)
Thanks! And congratulations to you, too!
Really?! *Goes off to see the results*
Thanks :)
Oops! Spilled the beans then??
They were good beans to spill though, who know when I would have found out otherwise :D
Congratulations! Well-deserved! :)
Thanks a lot!
Hey well done and really deserved - you know I love your stories.
Thanks! I was a bit bothered that Torchwood High didn't win anything...
I didn't expect it to as I'm a bit new around here and it was in the romance category which had some wonderful stories. I loved the winner myself.Anyway the way I'm going I'll still be at it next year especially if I can work with TW4 (changed a bit in personnel possibly!)
Yes, well...as long as Ianto is still in it...unless you're going to go canon...
Congrats lady! Your win is well deserved!
Thanks! (although I did answer you on DW!) :)
Congrats, you deserve it! :)
Thank you! And Congratulations on yours, as well!
You're welcome! And thank you. :)