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On-Verse Story List

Here is a list of the stories that are in my continuing "On-Verse" Universe...

Warning:  It's quite cracky!

On Proper Uses for Alien Tech
       First in the series.  Written for the Non-Anniversary Challenge for thelongliveianto Community on Livejournal.   When Ianto Jones awoke, when he'd been convinced he was going to die from an alien virus, say he was shocked would have been a total understatement...Winner in Round Six of the Children of Time Awards.

On Crayons and Paperwork
       Second in the series (so far).  Written for 1900_crayons   and dedicated to teachwriteslash for all the great work she does.  Ianto has to have a talk with Jack about how to fill out his paperwork.

On Care and Feeding of Not-So-Fluffy Bunnies
       A routine Rift alert changes Jack in ways that Ianto doesn't like...

On How to Spend New Years' Eve
         Gwen and Rhys throw a New Years' party...Ianto gets groupies...Jack gets jealous.   Written for the LongliveIanto New Years Challenge

On Jealousy and Fanfic
           Jack is up to something, Rhys finds out, and Ianto has to do damage sequel to On How to Spend New Years' Eve and written as companion to xrai_namere 's Captain Jack Commits Fanfic and More Fanfic is Committed.

On Nominations and Consolation Prizes
             Jack is acting all smug, and Ianto wants to know why.

On the Art of Purple Prose
          Jack teaches Ianto a new appreciation of purple prose.  Written for the Valentines crack!fic challenge for longliveianto

On Being the Lord of all You Survey
           Ianto is kidnapped by several naked people in ties just as he was about to ravage Jack on the invisible lift.  Who are they, and how dare they interrupt Ianto's sexy times with Jack?  Another in the Ianto Jones Society storyline.

On Christmas and Singing Rodents
           The Rift drops a trio of musical Chipmunks in Cardiff for Christmas  Written for jantocam Challenge #30.

On What to do With a Drunken TARDIS
           When the TARDIS appears in the Archives and kidnaps Jack and Ianto, little do they know what sort of mischief she wants to get up to.

On Raising a Child the Torchwood Way
           It had been a quiet two weeks for Torchwood, which was why Ianto should have expected the weird shit to start happening at any time.

On Sex and the Art of Arse-Dialing
            The TARDIS is getting some very strange phone calls...Written for the longliveianto Bingo Round Two.

On Bananas and the Bitchiness of Karma
             Jack and Ianto have to get the Doctor out of jail, and there's a bit of karma involved...

On Shotgun Weddings and Buns in the Oven
        When Ianto accidentally causes Jack to become engaged to an alien princess, it's up to him and the Tenth Doctor to go to the rescue.

On Lessons for Playing High-Stakes Poker
       Written for the Happy Millennium Birthday Celebration for thelongliveianto Community on Livejournal.  When Ianto Jones thought about how he'd be spending his 1000th birthday, this wasn't it...
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