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Myfanwy 2

August 2019



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Myfanwy 2

Upcoming in 2011

Well, I thought I might tease you all a little, and mention some things I've got planned for 2011...


On How to Conduct an Interrogation - What happens when Bella Blue, Jack and Ianto and the TARDIS's daughter, brings home her first boyfriend. 

On How to Have a Domestic - Bella Blue doesn't like her Granddad's new girlfriend...and isn't afraid to tell her Dads about it...

And I'm sure I'll come up with more.  I might even accept prompts for this Universe if anyone wants to prod me along!


The Call of Home - This is my story for the LongLiveIanto "Twelve Days of Ianto" Challenge, which will be posted on December 21st.  I know this isn't technically for next year, but I thought I might mention it...

Dealing with Changes - A coda to the episode "Everything Changes" and how the team deals with Suzie's betrayal and Gwen's hiring. 

I'm also going to do more in this Universe, reworking some of the episodes as well as codas for others.  I'm particularly looking forward to "Cyberwoman" and "Small Worlds".

Wizard and Deathless Universe:

Slavers of the 456 (tentative title) - Slavers are stealing children from the Kingdom's coastal towns.  Certain members of the Royal Court don't want the Wizards to become involved, and will do anything to stop that from happening.  However, when Baroness Alice Carter loses her son to the slavers, Captain Jack Harkness and Wizard-at-Large Ianto Jones are asked to find the 456 and rescue the stolen children.

And other stories:

The Men from TORCHWOOD (tentative title) - This is a prequel to my Big Bang story, Torchwood Blues, and details events leading up to Jack and Ianto's CP.  Since this is written in a universe where Gwen never joined Torchwood, this particular story takes place during what would have been the events of "Something Borrowed" only with different participants.  Oh...and it's also a crossover with "Man from U.N.C.L.E." 

Mighty Morphin Torchwood Rangers - The Face of Boe recruits five seemingly ordinary teenagers to become the Torchwood Rangers.   Yes, like I need to write more crack...

Captain Harkness and the Fabulous Five - An AU where Jack is an adventurer in the 1930's.  Along with his Fabulous Five, he goes up against mad scientists, criminal organizations, and phantasmagorical mysteries with high-tech gadgets and a highly-developed sense of justice.  (Think the pulps of the 30's, like "Doc Savage")

There are also other stories rattling around in my head...which seems to be a very busy place at the moment.  It doesn't help that I get inspired fairly easily. 

You know, having written this all out, I think I might start panicking now...!  :)



If you can write yours, then I can write all of mine. Yes more crack is what we need. I can't wait.
Thanks! Have we set ourselves up for challenges then? :)
Oh yes. Especially since the only time I have to write is at night.
Know that feeling! :)
Crack is very good. *nods*

Love your icon, btw!
only 4 days until december 21st...a good start!
Yep, I'm kinda looking forward to posting, it's all ready to go!
YAY Wizard! and Dragon!Ianto
I'm really looking forward to both, honestly. I think they're my favorite universes.
YAY, more Dragon and Wizard Ianto! *bounces excitedly* I need to read more of Wizard!Ianto once I get some free time. *glares at RL*
*Glares are RL as well*

I won't start posting the next story until the summer, so hopefully you'll have a bit of time. And most of my Dragon stuff will be single chapter or very short, so hopefully it won't be so long to read through!
*Squee!* I am liking this list. It sounds like we'll be having a very, very good year.
I hope it all lives up to expectations! It's going to be busy for me, but I like it that way!

Less than 4 days until more Dragon!Ianto! *does a little dance*
I'm really looking forward to posting it, I just hope it doesn't disappoint! :)