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Myfanwy 2

June 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Immortality of the Deathless - Chapter Thirteen

The Immortality of the Deathless - Chapter Thirteen
Author: Milady Dragon
Rating: PG-13, for language and violence
Summary: When Master Archivist Ianto Jones of Torchwood Castle discovers the presence of a powerful magical Artifact, Baroness Gwen Williams hires Captain Jack Harkness and his band of mercenaries to retrieve it.
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones; Gwen Williams/Rhys WIlliams
Warning: Fantasy violence
Spoilers: None really; mostly for Doctor Who S1 episodes "Bad Wolf" and "Parting of the Ways", and Torchwood S1 "Everything Changes" and S2 "Fragments".  Although the stories have been warped to fit into a fantasy setting. 
Author's Note:  This is Torchwood in a fantasy setting.  Everything that could be considered alien in the normal universe is magical here. 
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, if I did I'd have treated it better. It - and Doctor Who - are owned by the BBC, and created by Russell T. Davies.

Chapter Thirteen

Ianto didn't return to the inn right away; he needed some time to himself.

He didn't want to admit how much that "friend" of Captain Jack's had disturbed him. He wondered vaguely if it was some form of jealousy, but then realized that was really stupid because he had absolutely nothing to be jealous of. It wasn't like there was anything between them. Besides, the mercenary frankly confused him, with this cold and hot attitude he had.

Although…hearing him use Ianto's familiar name had felt…nice. The only problem was, it would make it harder for Ianto to keep a distance, because the captain would insist even harder that Ianto call him Jack. He really couldn't say why he felt the need to keep that distance, except for the man's past behavior. He simply couldn't take any sort of friendship at face value, based on Captain Jack's reputation.

But he had enjoyed their day out, up to the appearance of that man at the café.

Ianto wandered, lost in thought, poking his head into random shops along the way. The scent of old paper and leather caught his attention, and he found himself stepping into a book shop. It was almost like being home, back in the Archives at the Castle; surrounded by shelves stuffed with books and scrolls. And, for perhaps the first time since this mission started, Ianto felt totally at peace.

The interior of the shop was brightly lit from large windows facing the street, dust motes swirling as Ianto walked amongst the shelves, taking in the titles on various book spines and scroll tubes. It seemed most of the books were old ones, although nothing that he could tell was especially antique. Also, the majority of the titles were fiction, which pleased Ianto inordinately. He'd always had a secret passion for phantasmagorical fiction, thanks to his Gran. Perhaps he could find something interesting? He'd brought one book with him on the journey, but having a back-up would be ideal.

He was busily searching along one shelf when something got his attention.

It was a book called Fantastical Tales. It was wedged between what looked like a collection of childrens' stories and an historical fiction. Ianto stared at it, a small smile decorating his face, as his mind processed the strange feeling that had suddenly intruded itself into his brain. Needing to confirm, he lifted his hand up, to touch the book's spine.

His fingertips tingled.

The book was magic.

Ianto's smile turned into a grin. He pulled the book from its place, lovingly stroking the cover. It had been a very long time since he'd found something magical outside the Torchwood Archive, and it pleased him that his ability hadn't dulled one bit. He concentrated on the book, the tingling in his hands increasing as he let his personal power work out what he was sensing. Some sort of warding, he realized. He wondered how long the book had sat there, the warding spell within it hiding it from anyone who hadn't had his gift. A perception spell, and something he'd only run into once in his time with Torchwood.

Oh, he wanted to explore this book much more thoroughly. If it was being hidden from non-magicals – which is what the perception spell was primarily used for – then there had to be something in it that whoever had warded the book had wanted to hide. He wondered how it had come to be in a book shop, of all places.

Above everything, Ianto loved a good mystery.

Tucking the book under his arm, the archivist meandered through the rest of the shop, until he felt he'd seen everything the place had to offer. He paid for his book, then left; once outside, Ianto noticed that the sun was considerably lower than it had been when he'd gone inside. He probably should have been back to the inn hours ago. He wondered vaguely if anyone had even noticed that he'd been gone.

He strode down the street, not noticing the little jauntiness in his step. He had a new book, and a new puzzle to solve. Perhaps he'd let Toshiko in on his discovery; she had a fairly good grasp of magical theory, plus she was pleasant to be around. Of course, she'd ask how he'd known the book had been bespelled, which might cause a bit of a problem…no, he'd keep it to himself for now. Working out what the perception spell had been hiding would make things a bit less boring for him during the long days on the road.

"Hey, Ianto!"

He stopped in his tracks at the sound of the unfamiliar voice calling his name. Ianto glanced around, trying to figure out who knew him, and saw a blond-haired man approaching. The stranger was smiling as if he'd just discovered a long-lost friend, and the archivist shivered slightly although he didn't know why.

"Have we met?" he asked politely, but with a chill in the words.

"Sure we have," the man answered brightly. "We met at the book shop…remember?"

A hand rested on Ianto's shoulder, and suddenly…

"Are you looking for anything in particular?"

Ianto glanced at the blond man who was attempting to help him. "I'm just looking, but thank you."

"You might be interested in this particular book," the helpful person said, pointing toward a volume called Fantastical Tales. I'm sure you'll find it interesting. I'm Adam, by the way."


Yes, he remembered…

But something still wasn't right.

Adam kept smiling. "You don't look so good. Let's get out of this crowd, shall we?"

Ianto acquiesced, not sure why he was trusting this stranger.

He found himself in an alley, his back against the solid brick and Adam leaning against him, his hand still on Ianto's shoulder, the other coming up to rest on the archivist's forehead. Ianto felt somehow frozen, although he wanted to fight back against the unwanted touch.

Now…what is this contract Harkness has? Remember…

The voice was in his head, he couldn't ignore it. The memory came.

"This scroll describes both the Dagger and the Gauntlet as very powerful," Ianto was speaking, "so powerful that using them could very well addict their user into wielding them all the time."

"What exactly do they do?" The Baroness asked.

Ianto remembered that the Baroness had been standing at the desk, looking down at the scroll he'd laid out.

"The Dagger supposedly steals the souls of its victims, and passes that energy onto its handler," Ianto answered solemnly. "The Gauntlet can bring the dead back to life.".

"Let me guess," Captain Jack finally spoke. "You want me and my people to go after these Artifacts?"

"Yes, we do," the Baroness answered quietly. "You'll be well compensated."

There we are...and what is this Gauntlet and Dagger? Remember…

"Getting back on track," the Ianto in his memory continued," as all of us here are familiar with the legend of the Immortality of the Deathless, I won't go into too much about it. However, this scroll has some other details about the tale that don't appear in current versions."

"And this is important how?" Captain Jack asked.

He recalled how frustrated he'd been, the feeling as strong now as it had been then.

"The first major change comes with the idea that the Deathless could, in fact, die under the right circumstances. This would involve using two items: The Dagger of Darkness and the Gauntlet of Resurrection."

Something was wrong; there was a strange itching in the back of his mind, like something was trying to escape his skull by burrowing its way out. This wasn't right…the voice was making him remember.


Fascinating…and just who are you? Show me…

The brooch lay heavy in his hand, the red dragon of Cardiff and the oak branch of Mastery…

"You're the youngest ever to be promoted to Master Archivist, Ianto," the Baroness said. "Congratulations."

The voice was silent for once. The itch in Ianto's head was growing stronger, and he knew what was causing it but could do nothing about it.

So, you're not one of Harkness' pets…how do you know him then?

No! He wanted to scream, but the voice was in control…No more!


They were dancing so closely it was almost obscene.

Ianto tried to fight back once more, but the memory of that night wouldn't go back into its little box.

"The whole castle knows about those two."

"But she's engaged to Lord Rhys…"

"I forgot you're new here, Ianto," Steven replied. "You don't know all the intrigues yet. Don't worry though; even apprentices like us get to hear all the good gossip."

"So…who is he then?"

Steven laughed. "Captain Jack Harkness, the mercenary. He'll flirt with anything, as long as it's breathing. And you can't blame the Baroness, really. The man is sex on legs, even the ones who aren't inclined to men think so."

What was happening to him, was a violation. Ianto wanted it to stop, in that part of mind that wasn't coughing up memories at him at his attacker's whim. The itching was growing more intense, but then he really didn't need to feel it to know what was occurring was connected to magic in some way.

You can't fight me, Ianto. Your memories are mine, and they're so very delicious.

Ianto remembered, how the fruit punch that night had been sour on his tongue, and how he really hadn't wanted to attend the ball, and how the Baroness putting herself on display like that had disturbed him. And the feeling of a warm body bumping into him as he'd gotten more to drink.

"Pardon me, sir."

"No, it was my fault. Although bumping into you has certainly been the highlight of my evening…"

Captain Jack Harkness was a very attractive man…and Ianto had been saved from saying anything at that point.


"Oh, hello Lisa."

"You still owe me a dance."

And he'd let Lord Sir Hallett's daughter lead him onto the dance floor, because honestly he'd had no idea how to respond to Captain Harkness' blatant flirting…

The voice was laughing at him.

How sweet. Who are you really, Ianto? Show me a memory of who you are…

Despite being trapped in his own head, Ianto could feel his fingertips tingling. They were trying to feel the magic, and for some reason they couldn't. It was all in Ianto's brain, scratching to get out.

He didn't want this person to know about him, but no matter how hard he fought, he couldn't throw him out…

"It's too bright."

"Blink and it'll go away."

"But Gran…why can I see the light?"

"Because you're special. The magic runs in your veins, and it lets you see things others cannot see."

"I don't wanna see it! It's hurts!"

What is this?

It wasn't one of his…was it?

Ianto didn't remember this, and yet it was his Gran, he knew it was her, and she was speaking to him but he didn't understand what she was saying. The memory was like an echo, buried and forgotten.


The voice was almost panicking.

"You're too young to know how to use it, Ianto; but some day you'll come into your own power."

"I don't understand, Gran!"

No, he didn't understand. He'd only discovered his ability a couple of years ago, just before his promotion…how could this have happened when he'd been a child?

The itch was becoming even worse, he could feel it traveling down his arms into his already tingling fingertips and he needed to stop what was happening now!

What are you doing?

The voice was suddenly gone. Ianto snapped out of whatever trance he'd been in, finding himself back in the alley, the stranger who'd called himself Adam standing in front of him. Ianto's hands were somehow clasped around the other man's wrists, pulling his hands away.

Adam's eyes were glowing.

But the man was also panicking, his mouth opened in a wide "o" of shock. "You can't have broken loose!" he gasped, beginning to struggle in Ianto's grasp.

Ianto's fingers were tingling so badly it felt like ants were crawling just under the skin. The accompanying feeling in his head made its way into his eyes, and he could see into Adam and read what it was that the man had been doing to him.

He'd been told his power would only work on objects.

"You had no right!' Ianto growled, tightening his grip.

Adam whimpered. "I'm sorry! Please, just let me go…"

Ianto didn't answer. There was something building up inside him, something that rivaled the way his power felt, a warmth that begged for release. His anger and humiliation fueled it, and the only thought he had was to make Adam suffer for what he'd done…

There was a sudden bright flash, and the man who'd attacked him was flung backward, into the opposite wall, where he slumped to the ground, unconscious.

Ianto's knees turned to jelly, and he almost sank to the ground himself. The only thing keeping him upright was the certain knowledge that he didn't want to stay there, that he'd somehow done something to his attacker and he didn't know what.

Somehow he picked up the discarded book he'd bought; in his new, strange sight it was glittering as if the leather cover had been liberally sprinkled with diamonds. Then he staggered from the alley, and back amid the people moving along Haven's main street.

He had no idea how long he walked, his brain felt like it had turned to mush. The itching was still there, but not as strong, and he could feel the magic in the book he clutched so tightly and it acted like an anchor, keeping him grounded.

The people moved around him, and Ianto couldn't care if they were staring or not. He was completely focused on his task, to get back to the inn and collapse, because at least there he'd be somewhat safe.

Suddenly, there was a strange glow before him, and it made Ianto stop in his tracks as it moved toward him quickly.

It was like watching an angel. The shape was human, but made of golden light; sparkling strands twisted around it, almost like shooting stars, arching away and then settling back into the main body of the being.

His mind registered "Magic" even as the shape was reaching for him.

"Ianto!" the being called, as a strong grip on his shoulders kept Ianto from falling to the ground.

The voice was familiar, and his mind couldn't register it.

Instead, he reached up with one hand, his fingers stroking what should have been a cheek. The magic sang under his touch, and he smiled. "Beautiful," he whispered, sighing.

And, in between one blink and the next, the glow was gone.

Revealing the handsome features of Captain Jack Harkness.

Chapter Fourteen...



I hope thats the last we see of Adam???
He's pretty nasty, isn't he? But yes, he's served his purpose...for now...
whoa, just whoa.
You just hit the chapter I think I put the most work into...
i'm far ahead now and still reading? my bigbang fic will have to wait a little more.
Haha! I might actually finish my tw_bigbang fic, I'm pleasantly surprised by that idea...
I only got one chapter and the epilogue to write, so it's not that bad. But I'd rather like finishing it before Wednesday because after I will be working full time for several weeks.
What an absolutely brilliant chapter. I always like seeing Ianto taking care of himself (even if it's sometimes nice to see Jack come to his rescue, and vice versa), and I love how he handles Adam here.
Thanks! Ianto can take care of himself, even if he doesn't quite know he's doing it!