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Myfanwy 2

September 2019



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The Legacy of Canary Wharf - Chapter One

The Legacy of Canary Wharf - Chapter One
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto (implied)
Warning(s): Angst, language, violence, implied torture
Spoilers: Up through Torchwood S1, E4, "Cyberwoman" and DW S2, E12-13, "Army of Ghosts" and "Doomsday"
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or Doctor Who, I would have treated either of them better.
Author's note: This takes place in the Dragon-Verse and replaces "Cyberwoman" in that continuity.  Since Ianto never worked at Torchwood Tower, events will be quite a bit different.  Chronology was taken from several fan-made timelines and the TARDIS Index File website.

Summary:  Ianto Jones is determined to fight the destiny the Tarot girl set out for him.  Is he willing to betray Jack to do it?

25 September 2007


Ianto Jones dreamed.

In his dreams, his family was still alive.  He saw them vividly: his father, a fiercely protective blue dragon; his mother, her scales as green as emeralds; and his sister, who’d taken the best features of both their parents, her coloring almost the same shade as the still, clear lake at the base of a snow-capped mountain.   They were happy, living in Ddraig Llyn’s valley, surrounded by friendly ephemerals and at peace with their neighbors.  His sister had been courted by a fiery-tempered red dragon from the southern lands, and their father had approved of their mating.  He dreamed of his family, and those dreams were good ones.

He would awaken from those, smiling.

But, more often than not, there would be nightmares.  Visions of blood, and screaming, and of awakening among the butchered corpses of his family, while the so-called Christian knights who’d slaughtered them celebrated around a great bonfire, the flames crackling and popping as the once-glittering scales of his mother blackened within the heat in the way that the living bodies of their people did not.  He dreamed of roaring in rage and pain, his own inner fire taking the knights by surprise, and how his sister’s mate had found him, curled up among the cold ashes of the murderers, surrounded by the remains of his family, lost in the great song of mourning. 

Those nightmares would fling him from the darkness of sleep, and he’d always awaken alone, his heart screaming in loss.

There were other dreams as well. 

Dreams of him, in the mating flight with a beautiful blue-gray dragon, his mate’s laughing blue eyes urging him higher and higher until the sky turned indigo and the stars were as hard as diamonds above them.  They’d come together in the sensual dance of their people, wings and claws and the singing of the eternal song of two who were destined to be together forever.

Those were the dreams he’d awaken from with tears glistening on his snout, as the agony of what would never be ripped open yet one more wound in his already shredded soul.

It was on those days that he wondered why he was still even alive.  Why the pain and grief and loneliness hadn’t gotten the better of him by now, and he’d used one of the very few ways to kill dragonkind to join his long-lost family.  He’d think back on everything that had happened, and would realize that the kind people of Ddraig Llyn had been the ones to care for him, to heal him and to give him a purpose.  And he’d betrayed their kindnesses and their acceptance to follow an immortal man into the ephemeral world, where he’d thought he’d be able to make a difference.  But all that had happened was that the larger world had tainted and spoiled him, and had hardened his heart.

He was having one of those type of nights now.

Ianto lay curled on his bed of pillows, head up and looking out of the large skylight he’d had installed in the house he’d purchased upon moving to Cardiff.   He couldn’t really see a lot of the stars, as he could back home; the light pollution of the larger city made the sky an odd orange color and overwhelmed everything but the brightest stars. 

Still, he stared out into what passed for darkness in this age, his thoughts harsh and sharp in his mind.  Ianto wished he’d never left his home, that he was still keeping his inn for the very few people who came through town.  That he could live among the very few ephemerals who’d become his friends, and be at peace.

But no…he’d had to follow Jack Harkness.  He’d had to believe in his heart, as his mother had once told him to.  She’d said Ianto had a great capacity for love, and that his heart would always lead him in the right direction.  That had proven true, but then he’d met the immortal captain and had followed his heart once more…to its ruin.  Ianto had believed in Jack, had believed in that prophecy that had led the man to Ianto’s valley, and had followed without considering the consequences. 

What had it gotten him?  He’d fallen for the one person who should have been able to understand just how the long years could weigh on a lonely soul, but who didn’t feel the same way about the dragon at all. 

And he’d gained an anger toward humans that warmed him almost as much as his own internal flame did.

Ianto sighed.  Certainly, there were good people out there: Tosh, and Kathy Swanson, Estelle Cole, and even Owen Harper although he liked to play the sarcastic prat.  He could count them as friends. 

But they were far outweighed by the small-minded, petty individuals that the dragon had far more experience with. 

Then there was Canary Wharf.

Ianto rested his head on his crossed forelegs as his thoughts became even darker.  That had shown him the height of ephemeral pride and entitlement, in the ruined tower and the bodies of nearly one thousand people.  They’d reached too high, dared to take what should never have been taken.  And it had earned them death or conversion.

Jack had warned him; he had to give the captain credit for that.  When Jack had sent him, and Suzie, and Owen into the hell that had once been Torchwood One, he’s warned them all that it would be bad.  They’d had to go, to make sure what London had been hiding never fell into the wrong hands. 

Ianto wasn’t sure that Torchwood Three was the right hands.

A soft exhalation drew his attention; his slitted eyes flickered toward the human-sized bed that he’d put in his loft – although no one had ever used it before his return from London – and the small lump under the duvet.

It seemed she was having just as bad a night as Ianto was.

The dragon remembered it vividly, making his way down that basement corridor at Torchwood Tower, searching for survivors.  He’d felt the tingle before he’s reached the locked door, his heart thudding painfully as he denied the sensation, knowing that it couldn’t be what he’d thought…


He turned to look at her fully.  “You should be sleeping,” he chastised lightly.

“I…can’t.  Can I…join you?”

He didn’t really want her to.  There was something wrong with feeling her leaning against his scales, knowing that she shouldn’t be wearing that ephemeral form, and that there wasn’t anything they could do about that…yet.

But he couldn’t deny her.  “All right.”

She moved tiredly, pushing the covers away from her thin, frail human body.  Ianto didn’t get up to help her, because she wouldn’t appreciate it. 

That too-cool body curled up against his side, a dainty hand resting on his shoulder.  “I’m sorry,” she whispered. 

“It’s fine,” he replied, shifting his body slightly so she could be more comfortable. 

“I was dreaming…about my family.”

“It’s a night for dreams, it seems.”  He didn’t share what he’d been dreaming of.

“Do you think I’ll ever be free?”

“Dr. Tanizaki is arriving tomorrow…or should I say, tonight, since it’s after midnight,” Ianto answered.  “I think, if anyone can help us, it’s him.”  Ianto wanted to hope, but there was a part of him that was aware that he’d lost most of that particular emotion a long time ago.

She sighed.  “I’m frightened, Ianto.  I don’t want to live like this.  Promise me, if he can’t help – “

“I’ll promise no such thing,” he whispered.  “I don’t think I can.”

He will break your heart four times.

The card has been the Moon: a black dragon in flight, the full moon in the sky behind it.

It really hadn’t occurred to him that he’d found the meaning of that card in the ruins of humanity’s hubris, in a dingy cell in the deepest basement of Torchwood Tower.  It had only been Gwen Cooper’s arrival that had made him realize that he was seeing his Tarot reading coming true, and what that card had meant.

Ianto knew how this would turn out, if the girl had been correct.  That what the dragon wanted so badly would be all in vain. 

Ianto wanted to break this curse.  He wanted Tanizaki to be able to help her, to be able to undo what the ephemerals had done.  To regain the freedom he’d lost the moment he’d chosen to follow Jack Harkness to Cardiff, to become the Second in Command of Torchwood Three.

The dragon wanted to go home. 

He knew that leaving would betray his word to Jack, something he’d never thought he’d do.  In the seven years he’d been with Torchwood, even as bad as things would get between himself and the captain, Ianto had never once considered betraying him.  However, that was before his fateful discovery in London. 

And again, he couldn’t say that Jack hadn’t warned him.  The immortal had told him how bad Yvonne Hartman could be, and what could happen if she’d ever found out about Ianto’s true nature.  There was a difference in being told, and actually seeing it for himself, and it had disgusted him.  Ephemerals were barbarians, and didn’t deserve being protected. 

His mother would have been shocked by this change in her gentle, loving son.

There were times when he could still smell the burning of her once-emerald scales, and pushed down the knowledge that she would have been disappointed in him.

Ianto had to break this curse that was on him.  He’d never thought that destiny could be such a burden.

“You need to sleep,” he admonished.

“I keep thinking about it…”

“I know.  But you need your rest.  It’s going to be a busy day, what with trying to get you into the Hub…” As much as he’d prefer Tanizaki to work there, in his home, he knew that the doctor would need the equipment that Torchwood had available. 

If it could be done, of course.  Ianto wanted to believe, but the despair was too great.  It didn’t stop him from trying, and wishing to succeed.

“Tell me again about home, Ianto.”  The quiet request broke him from his dark thoughts.

“It’s beautiful,” he replied. “Unspoiled, untouched…and the humans there care.”  He continued to talk, knowing his words were soothing her back into sleep.

Her soft breathing was peaceful, but Ianto still couldn’t sleep.  So much was riding on whether they could help her, on whether this Japanese doctor could free her from what Torchwood had done to her.  Ianto desperately wanted to win out against destiny, to fight the curse that the girl had placed on him.  Then, they could return to his home, and leave the wide-open world of the ephemerals behind.  Let them save themselves.

The one and only hope he had, was that the being disguised as a girl had been wrong about Ianto being the last of his kind.  To him, that meant the future could yet be changed.

A part of the dragon felt guilty at his selfishness, and his betrayal.  Ianto pushed that guilt back down, not wanting it to stop him from what needed to be done.

The dragon closed his eyes, hoping to get a bit more sleep before he’d need to go into the Hub for the day.  Sleep still eluded him; the vision of him and his mate in the mating flight danced in his minds’ eye, and he stifled the song of mourning that rose in his chest, causing his heart to spasm in pain.

That flight would never happen. 

Because Jack wasn’t a dragon.  And he didn’t love Ianto.

He needed her to be well, and whole.  To replace the one person he wanted to mate with more than anything.

It wasn’t fair to think that way.  Ianto knew it wasn’t, but he couldn’t help it.  Between them, they had a chance at family and happiness, even if Ianto’s heart would belong to someone else.

“It will be all right, Lisa,” he murmured into the night.  He pretended that it wasn’t a lie.

Chapter Two



So Lisa was a dragon once? Wow, I can't wait to see how you twist this :D
She was.

And I do hope any further twists are good ones, because there are quite a few!

EDIT! Icon love!!

Edited at 2011-03-05 03:51 am (UTC)
Wow this so good. What a twist. Fascinating to say the least can't wait to see happens next!!!!!

There are a few more twists coming up, so hold on and have the tissues handy...
oooooh, intriguing. Can't wait for more.

More should be up either today or tomorrow. :)
oh you are brilliant. i LOVE what you're doing here. gods, my heart broke for Ianto... but its true. the magic is gone, people are terrible.
gorgeous and heartbreaking. and i really can't wait for more.
You're right, to him most all his sees is the bad stuff. He's going to have to go through a few more things before he comes out the other side.

Thank you! More up either today or tomorrow.
And again, lots of trouble caused because Jack is an idiot. Serves him right if Ianto goes off with Lisa dragon.
Well, Jack doesn't know about what Ianto found, but really...sending him into Canary Wharf..*sigh*
This is excellent, I am enjoying it so much. I hope Dr Tanizaki helps but suspect another plot twist we don't expect!
I can promise another twist coming up. As for Dr. Tanizaki...we'll see. *grins*
Oh God how do you do that to me? That was heart breaking. Lisa as a dragon and Ianto thinking that Jack will never love him. This is such a great idea and we know how things go. Poor Ianto longing to go home with one of his own kind. Shakes Jack a lot - sometimes he doesn't see what he has!!!
Yes, Lisa is a dragon but we'll see just what happened to her at Canary Wharf soon. It won't be pretty...

And by the end Jack will have to take a hard look at a few things he thought he knew...
This is great. Can we hope that Ianto's betrayal of Jack is enough to get Jack to stop being a prat and open his eyes.

More soon?

I can promise that events in this will make Jack see things differently. Now, whether he's going to act on them...we'll see.

More up either today or tomorrow.
No wonder Ianto doesn't really like or trust humans after what they did to his family. You can't blame him for wanting to help Lisa to get well, especially with how Jack has been acting toward him. He must be very lonely.
Yep, he is. And when the one person who should understand isn't being very understanding...

Great start, I'm intrigued already. I'm assuming Lisa is forced to be a human, but I wonder how the cybermen fit in.
Yes, it's not Lisa's choice. But you'll have to wait to see if the Cybermen had anything to do with it our not.

wow...wow...and more wow! This is brilliant and I love the twist... My heart broke for poor Ianto...looking forward to the next one...

[btw, blank t-shirts are on their way so hoping to have finished item en route to you be the end of the coming week]

Thanks! So glad you liked it. Yes, Ianto isn't in a good place, and we'll see what happens between him and Jack. Things will be changing, but I'm saying how.. :)

(Cool! I'm really looking forward to seeing the shirts!)
Have been wondering who or what Ianto was keeping in his house - from the previous stories in this verse. and now it is no more than Lisa, nice twist!
*runs to read chapter 2*
No more than Lisa? *winks*

Lisa as a dragon - I love it.
Thanks! :)
Oh wow, looking forward to finding out the twists and turns this takes!
Glad you liked it. :)