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Myfanwy 2

September 2019



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The Legacy of Canary Wharf - Chapter Three

The Legacy of Canary Wharf - Chapter Three
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto (implied)
Warning(s): Angst, language, violence, implied torture
Spoilers: Up through Torchwood S1, E4, "Cyberwoman" and DW S2, E12-13, "Army of Ghosts" and "Doomsday"
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or Doctor Who, I would have treated either of them better.
Author's note: This takes place in the Dragon-Verse and replaces "Cyberwoman" in that continuity.  Since Ianto never worked at Torchwood Tower, events will be quite a bit different.  Chronology was taken from several fan-made timelines and the TARDIS Index File website.

This is also dedicated to cjharknessgirl . I hope you're back with us soon!   

Summary:  Ianto Jones is determined to fight the destiny the Tarot girl set out for him.  Is he willing to betray Jack to do it?

25 September 2007


Ianto stood in the shadows, watching as the team left to go to the pub.  He’d been observing them as they played, seeing the camaraderie between them and feeling as if he were standing on the outside, looking in.   It was disconcerting, because up until that point he’d felt he’d belonged, even if he didn’t seem to be getting along with two of those team members at the moment.  It strengthened his resolve to get Lisa the help she needed and then return to Ddraig Llyn.  He didn’t want to spend any more time in the human world than he needed to.

He realized that he’d miss them.  A part of him didn’t want to leave, wanted to stay and try to work things out with Jack and to go to the pub with Owen and to sit around his house and watch movies with Toshiko…and maybe even get to know Gwen better.  He wanted to have tea with Estelle, and to swap barbs with Kathy Swanson. 

It struck him just what he was giving up.  He may not much like humanity, but he did have friends that he’d be leaving if – no, when – Dr. Tanizaki helped Lisa.  He had to weigh the ephemeral against the eternal.  All his planning, against confessing all and hoping his friends could help.  

The dragon shook himself.  No, he couldn’t do that.  Torchwood was responsible for what had happened to Lisa, and while he knew Three was so much different than One, there was still that part of him that didn’t trust Jack to do the right thing. 

Ianto felt his eyes begin to burn with unshed tears.  He’d once trusted Jack with everything, including at least one way to kill dragon-kind.  He’d even given Jack the sword that had killed his mother, and shown the captain how to use it against him. 

But now…after everything, that trust was gone.  Only Ianto’s loyalty was keeping him in Cardiff, and he was about to betray that loyalty.  He could so easily blame it on so many things, but in the end Ianto knew this was as much his fault as it was anyone else’s. 

It was time to forget and start over, with one of his own kind and not an immortal captain who didn’t hold the dragon in the same esteem that Ianto held him.

Ianto turned and headed back down into the Archives.  He’d managed to get Lisa into his hoard room early that morning, through a tunnel from the sewers that only he and Jack had known about.  It was a dangerous way to go, with Weevils and all, but not for a dragon.  Ianto could take it easily, and he had.

He reached into his pocket for his mobile, texting Dr. Tanizaki to meet him on the Plass.  They’d arranged the place when Ianto had gone to pick the scientist up earlier in the afternoon, also using the sewer tunnel to get out of the Hub without anyone seeing.  No one had noticed, which suited Ianto just fine.  They didn’t seem to notice him much when they thought he was working in the Archives.

He would have just enough time to check on Lisa before the doctor arrived.

She was just where he’d left her, curled up on the pillows he’d set up ages ago in the large room he’d designated as his hoard.  Most people seeing it would assume some sort of greed on Ianto’s part, but that wasn’t the case; hoarding for dragons was in their nature.  Ianto had used a part of his hoard to buy his house in Cardiff, and the rest that he’d brought with him from Ddraig Llyn had been set up in this room, away from prying eyes. 

Lisa raised her head at his approach.  Her dusky skin had a grayish sheen, and her dark eyes were dull the pain.  She tried to smile, but it was a weak effort. 

The metallic abomination that had been implanted in her head was visible through her shorn hair.

It made Ianto sick to see it, but he tried to hide it by returning her smile.  The ephemerals had done this to her; it would have been different if she’d been taken by the Cybermen, because they at least were programmed to do what they did.  Humans though…humans chose to perpetuate their horrors on others.   It wasn’t something they were controlled into doing.  No, it was of their own free will that humanity performed their atrocities on their fellows.

“How are you feeling?” he asked gently.

“Tired,” she answered.  “Is it almost time?”

“Dr. Tanizaki is on his way.  As soon as he’s here, I’ll come and get you.  I’m sure he’ll want to use the medical facilities for his initial examination.”

“Good.”  She lay back down.  “I’ll be glad when this is all over.”

He would be, too.  This had gone on too long, and his betrayal was weighing heavily on him.  The sooner they were away, the better.

Ianto left her, in order to meet Tanizaki and to bring him down into the Hub.


“Thank you for coming, doctor,” Ianto said as he ushered the Japanese scientist into the Hub.  “Are they looking after you at the hotel?”

“Passably,” the man answered, looking around the Hub in surprise.  “This is fantastic!”

Ianto took the case that the man was carrying.  There was something about Tanizaki that, upon meeting him for the second time, made him uneasy.  He pushed down the feeling, knowing he was here to help Lisa, and that they needed him to release her if he could.

It occurred to him that he wasn’t trusting his heart as his mother had often told him to do, but he’d done that before and where had it gotten him?

The walk down to the hoard room was done in silence.  Ianto took a key from his waistcoat pocket – he always locked the door after he left – and turned to the man before inserting it into the lock.  “I’ve done everything I could,” he said, opening the door.  “But I don’t have the technical and medical know-how to do much of anything but keep her company and take care of her bodily needs.”

Tanizaki walked into the hoard room, and Ianto heard the soft gasp as the ephemeral took in the riches that lined shelves against every wall.  He knew what it looked like to humans: a treasure cave, glittering with gold and precious stones and other such priceless items.   Ianto knew the hoarding instinct didn’t exist within the ephemerals, and would only see wealth beyond imagining.

Lisa had sat up among the pillows and quilts in the middle of the room; her dark eyes were watching Tanizaki closely, distrust evident in them.  Ianto knew how she felt; having him here wasn’t right, and yet they had no choice.

“This is Lisa,” Ianto introduced, motioning toward the woman.  “She’s the one we’ve asked you here to see.”

Tanizaki moved forward, seeing the ugly metal thing attached to Lisa’s skull.  His eyes widened, and he turned back to Ianto.  “You were correct, Mr. Jones,” he said.  “This looks like a control device.  How did it come to be attached to her?”

Ianto’s eyes met Lisa’s, and he knew they’d have to be as honest as possible if they expected the man to help them.  “She was…a prisoner,” Ianto answered slowly.  “The people who held her attached that to her as an experiment.”

The scientist sat down on the floor next to her.  He removed a penlight from his pocket, flashing it into her eyes.  “I’d like to ask you some questions.  I am Dr. Tanizaki.  I specialize in the Neurological Sciences.  Your friend, Mr. Jones, asked me to come – “

“We decided together,” Lisa said, her voice as firm as it could be.  “I did the search, and when we found you we talked about it.”

Tanizaki nodded.  “Your name is Lisa?”

She nodded.

“How old are you?”

Her eyes flickered toward Ianto, and he nodded.  If they hoped to get that damned device out of her head, he knew they would have to be honest.  There was always Retcon afterward if needed.

“I’m…one thousand and twenty-six years old,” she said quietly.

Tanizaki froze.  “You’re what?”

“Lisa and I aren’t…human,” Ianto put in.  “We were born on Earth, but of a different race.  I have all the medical information we have on hand for you to look at.”

The doctor looked from him, to Lisa, and then back again.  “I find this situation very improbable, but I believe you.  After all, I’ve also heard of Torchwood, and I once did some consulting work for them.  As long as I have the records I need.” 

Ianto wasn’t surprised by that; in fact, one of the questions he and Lisa had asked him was about Torchwood.   It still bothered him, but he ignored the niggling doubt.

He turned back to Lisa.  “What is the last thing you remember?”

 “Pain,” she answered quietly.  “I remember…they were trying to get me to do something, and I couldn’t, and the pain in my head…but then, darkness until Ianto saved me.”  She smiled up at him, gratitude in her eyes.

Ianto returned the smile.  “I was just glad I found you.”

“You say there’s a place where I can work?” Tanizaki asked, standing.

Ianto nodded.  He reached down, and picked Lisa up.  She weighed next to nothing, her chill skin clammy under his hands. 

The trip up to the medical bay was done in silence.  Lisa’s soft breath brushed his cheek has Ianto carried her up into the main part of the Hub, her arms draped loosely around him.  He was worried about letting the scientist have access to such high-tech equipment, but it was all to help Lisa, and Ianto was selfish enough not to want to be alone anymore.

He carefully laid her down on the metal examination table, as Tanizaki bustled around the room.  Ianto once again wondered why he hadn’t asked Owen for help, but then the medic wasn’t a specialist, not like Tanizaki.  It wasn’t that he didn’t trust his teammate to do his job, only that Ianto thought this particular job was beyond him, as did Lisa.  And he didn’t want to risk the only other one of his kind left.

Tanizaki began asking for things; Ianto fetched them, knowing where Owen kept everything in the medical bay.  Then he took scans of Lisa’s head, and while Ianto knew quite a bit about technology he wasn’t a scientist, but he could see how the metal box was attached: thin tendrils had been inserted into her brain and were linked to the box itself.

It made him sick to see it.

The dragon had no idea how long Tanizaki’s examination had gone on, but eventually the Japanese man stepped back from the table.  “I’ve…seen this sort of technology before,” he said, “and it’s an elegant piece of work.”

Ianto swallowed against the bile that rose in his throat.  The man was actually praising the criminal who’d made the thing that was keeping Lisa weak and ill?  He barely held down the urge to drag the ephemeral away from her, to kill him and hide his body in the vaults where no one would ever find it.  But Ianto took a deep breath, trying to calm himself.  “Can you remove it?”

Tanizaki nodded.  “It’s surprisingly simple.  I can do it now.  I’ll need my case.”

Ianto fetched it from where the man had left it.  For the first time in the months since Canary Wharf he actually felt hope, and it lightened his steps as he brought the brown attaché case back to the doctor.  He helped Lisa move into the position that made it easier to get to the mechanism that was preventing Lisa from returning to her natural form, as Tanizaki pulled several miniature tools from inside, including what looked like a pair of cuticle scissors. 

“You’re going to feel some tugging,” he said dispassionately.

“All right,” Lisa whispered.  She was shivering, and Ianto wished he’d have brought up one of the quilts from the hoard room.

“All I ask,” Tanizaki said, “is that I get to keep the device when it has been removed.”

Ianto nodded.  He didn’t want that thing around either of them. 

As the ephemeral began to work, he kept nattering on about how he’d always thought that dragons was myths, and how he’d never even considered meeting one, let alone two.  Ianto let him talk, the words washing over him, all his attention was on the woman lying on the table.  Her eyes were tightly closed, and her hand had reached out to him instinctively.  Ianto had taken it, the coolness of the flesh feeling wrong against his palm, but knowing soon her natural body heat would grow once more.  He would help to feed her internal flame when they arrived home. 

A sudden alarm sounded, breaking him from his thoughts.  He let go, ignoring her small whimper, he practically ran to Tosh’s desk.  What he saw made his heart stop.

“Can she be moved?” he demanded. 

Tanizaki didn’t look up.  “I’m nearly done – “

“We need to take her back down to the hoard room,” the dragon ordered.  “My teammates are coming back, and she can’t be found here.”

Without waiting for approval, he scooped Lisa up into his arms once more.  Trusting that the ephemeral would follow, Ianto practically ran back to the level of his hoard.  Placing her back down amongst the pillows, he headed back out to meet the team.  “I’m going to lock you in,” he said.  “Finish up and I’ll be down in a little while to let you out.”

Tanizaki looked affronted at the idea, but nodded.  “I should be done very shortly.”

“I can already feel it, Ianto,” Lisa murmured, awe in her voice.  She looked better even then; her skin was more of a natural tone, and her eyes sparkled. 

He smiled at her.  “Just rest here, and I’ll be back.  Then we can leave.”

Ianto felt so much better than he had in so long as he made his way back up toward the main area of the Hub.  Soon, they could go home, and together they could make a life for themselves away from Torchwood and the hateful ephemerals.  The mortals of Ddraig Llyn could be trusted to protect them, even from Jack.

There was still that doubt: the one that said he was betraying Jack, and that nothing good could come of it.  But hadn’t Jack betrayed Ianto already?  Why shouldn’t the dragon repay the kindness?

Ianto was just heading up into the main Archives when a horrible scream echoed down the corridor from where he’d just come.

Chapter Four


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NO!!!!!!! You can't leave it there. Please. You're evil. I LOVE it.

This is just too good.

Please more very, very soon?
I really am evil, aren't I? *laughs maniacally*

Next chapter up either tomorrow or Wednesday. I won't leave you hanging too long!
Oops that last line doesn't sound any good! looking forward to reading more soon!
Nope, screaming never is good. But who is screaming...??

More either tomorrow or Wednesday, I promise. :)
A "horrible scream" is not something you want to hear as you are trying to walk a tightrope.

Please more soon. I will have no nails left to bite.

I so love this.
Nope, you're right. And just who screaming, anyway?? *winks*

I'd say please be easy on your nails, but it's a bit too late for that, I guess. :)
Args! You are evil!
Me? Evil? I don't know what you mean...

*whistles innocently*
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo please don't leaves here.

more more MORE
Sorry, I just had to have an evil cliffhanger in this story. If I don't have at least one, I wouldn't be me!

More up either later today or tomorrow. :)

Um, please
Since you asked so nicely...

Next chapter should be up later today or tomorrow. I won't leave you in suspense too long!
Argh...need more. Evil cliffhanger.

That was awesome!
I am evil, sorry about that. More soon!

Oh no more soon please - love this take on the series.
More up either later today or tomorrow. I had to have at least one evil cliffhanger, you know. :)

Thanks, hon!
OMG!!! how... but.... YOU EVIL WRITER!!!

i LOVE where you're going with this... Lisa-dragon and Ianto-dragon and evil scary man gonna hurt em.

....damn. can't wait for more!!
I do apologize for being evil, I just can't help it! *grins*

Tanizaki is a bit creepy, isn't he? We'll see just what happened in the next chapter.
You evil, EVIL woman! To leave us hanging from this cliff.
MORE! Please...???
I am evil, aren't I?

More should up either later today or tomorrow.
What! Huh? No! *shooshes gently back to computer* Need more of this amazing story p-l-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-a-s-e! xxx
Sorry about the evil cliffhanger. *grins*

More up later tonight.
the pain of betrayal and misunderstandings is now bearing an ugly fruit.
It is, you're absolutely right. And someone gets an earful next chapter..
Oh dear. I'm very worried, I was hoping for a happy ending, although I don't quite know why I thought cyberwoman could ever end well.
You're right, this particular story can't end very well...but I think some good comes from it.
It's all Jack's fault.
Pretty much... :)
With the evilness that seemed to surround Dr. Tanizaki, I never even considered before reading your comment that it may not have been who I thought it was screaming. Now I'm worried.
Being worried is a good thing...and I never liked Tanizaki. He really creeped me out.
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