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Myfanwy 2

September 2019



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The Legacy of Canary Wharf - Chapter Five

The Legacy of Canary Wharf - Chapter Five
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto (implied)
Warning(s): Angst, language, violence, implied torture
Spoilers: Up through Torchwood S1, E4, "Cyberwoman" and DW S2, E12-13, "Army of Ghosts" and "Doomsday"
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or Doctor Who, I would have treated either of them better.
Author's note: This takes place in the Dragon-Verse and replaces "Cyberwoman" in that continuity.  Since Ianto never worked at Torchwood Tower, events will be quite a bit different.  Chronology was taken from several fan-made timelines and the TARDIS Index File website. 
**I'm putting a tissue warning on this chapter*

This is also dedicated to </a></b></a>cjharknessgirl . I hope you're back with us soon!   

Summary:  Ianto Jones is determined to fight the destiny the Tarot girl set out for him.  Is he willing to betray Jack to do it?

25 September 2007


One moment, Ianto was facing Lisa, asking her why she’d killed Tanizaki.

The next, she’d given him a shove that surprised him with its strength, and the heavy metal door was being shut, the lock clicking closed.

He slammed himself bodily into the door, and if he’d been any normal human he would have damaged his shoulder.  “Lisa!’ he shouted through the small window.  “What are you doing?”

He could see her moving beyond the door, and then her mouth was up against the opening.  “You want to know why I killed him?” she asked, almost in a sing-song tone.  “I’ll tell you…because he was one of the ephemerals who created that thing they put on me.  No, he was never actually present when they tested it, but I heard them mention his name in between screaming for mercy, and they gave him credit for the original idea.”

Ianto stopped breathing in shock.  No…

“It wasn’t easy to find him,” she went on, “but I did.  You left me with the computer, remember?  You thought I might be bored on my own during the day, and I used that time well.  He was mine the moment he answered our email.  He was the only one I could make pay for what they did to me.”

“You’ve had your revenge,” Ianto said, desperately.  “Let us out, and we can still leave.  We can still go home!”

“But I’m not done yet,” she answered, the pout in her voice evident.  “There’s a whole world full of ephemerals out there who don’t deserve to live.”  She paused, and Ianto could hear her breathing against the door.  “Come with me,” she whispered.  “We can each have our vengeance on the humans who’ve hurt us.”

“Any humans who might’ve done us harm in the past are all dead,” Ianto replied, his heart in his throat.  “Those out there are innocent.  They haven’t done anything to us!” 

He was well aware of the irony of his words.  He’d spent so much time blaming ephemerals for the hurts done to him that he’d grown to hate them all, even including his own teammates in a way.  And now, he was trying to convince another dragon that they were worth saving.  

Lisa laughed.  “I’ve heard you disparaging human-kind, Ianto.  You know you don’t believe that.” 

“Yes, I have.  But I’m not about to kill them.   I only wanted us to go home.”  He leaned his face against the cold metal, needing to get through to her.

“It’s your home, Ianto. Not mine.  Now, I’m going to leave this place.  You have a choice: come with me, or stay with the humans who don’t understand you, and the one who’s rejected you.  I would never do that; you know that, don’t you?  I’d stay with you for eternity, willingly mate myself to you.  I know you want that,” she broke off, and suddenly the first dragon-tongue he’d heard in a millennium whispered from her parted lips…it was his name, his true name, one he’d never told anyone else but her. 

Oh, he did.  He wanted that more than anything, to be able to share his long life with a mate and children and to finally be understood.  He could imagine a family, living at peace in the mountains around Ddraig Llyn…


The familiar voice broke into his reverie, and he turned to face Jack, who stood just behind him.  Jack’s hands were in his pockets, and he was looking at Ianto so poignantly that it nearly brought tears to Ianto’s eyes.  Why couldn’t Jack have looked at him like that before they’d found themselves in this situation?  Why had he waited so long?

“Don’t go,” Jack murmured.  “You’re not a bloodthirsty killer.  You might not like us, but you respect us.  You respect what we do, to help this planet.  And you know everyone deserves to live.  You’ve seen far too much death not to.”

This was his choice: Lisa, who was like him and yet obviously damaged by her experiences; or Jack, the man he loved and yet couldn’t have.  He’d thought he’d already done just this, by helping Lisa out of the wreckage of Canary Wharf and by keeping her very presence secret from Jack.    He’d thought that he’d been completely rejected by Jack, that he’d chosen an ephemeral woman over an eternal dragon, the one being who could understand what living forever really meant.  The man steadfastly remained alone even when he didn’t need to, and he hurt all those around him by doing so.

And then there was Lisa; the last of dragon-kind save himself, who’d been through so much, had seen so much hell, and who he’d believed had come through unscathed…only he’d been wrong.  Now, she wanted revenge against people who were long dead, and was willing to take it out on anyone who got in her way.  She was willing to turn her back on her own peaceful upbringing in order to destroy those she thought had done wrong by her, and thought that he felt the same as she did.

There was no choice, really.

“Let me out,” he answered.  “I’m coming with you.”

The shock on Jack’s face was horrible to see.  But Ianto couldn’t let it get to him. 

He knew what he had to do.

“Bloody hell,” Owen swore.  Ianto had almost forgotten he was there.  “You’re gonna betray your friends for a murderous, nutcase dragon?”

Ianto surged forward, grabbing Owen by the throat and throwing him against the wall.  “Shut up,” he growled, letting his eyes change into their slitted dragon form.  “You have no right to talk about her like that!  You have no idea what she’s been through…what we’ve been through!  You have no right to judge!”

Ianto felt hands on his shoulders, pulling him away from the slowly choking medic.  “Stop it!” Jack snarled.  “You’ll kill him!”

He managed to get Ianto off Owen, pushing the dragon away.  The anger and hurt was palpable in every movement Jack made, and all Ianto could think of was how he wished he could somehow make this better. 

Ianto stepped back toward the opening door.  He slipped through, pulling it shut behind him and leaving the two men locked inside.  He looked at Lisa; she was practically radiant, her smile lighting up her beautiful face.

But now, Ianto could see something off about the expression.  He barely managed to suppress the shiver.  “Come on,” he said, taking her now-warm hand.  “I need to get something, then we can go.”

Hand in hand, they walked up toward the main area of the Hub.  Ianto didn’t want to think; didn’t want to even consider what was going to happen now.  It was bad enough that he’d betrayed Jack…

Halfway there, the Hub went into lockdown.

Ianto knew he had Jack to thank for that, certain that the captain had contacted Toshiko through the comm., warning her of their approach.

“What is that?”  Lisa asked worriedly.

“They’ve put the Hub into lockdown,” Ianto explained.  “Don’t worry, I can override it.”

She smiled up at him once more, and Ianto returned it, his heart hammering so hard in his chest he wondered why she couldn’t hear it.

The work area was empty.  Jack would have warned Gwen and Tosh even as he ordered the lockdown, and he was glad they weren’t in sight.  Ianto sat Lisa down on the sofa.  “I’ll be right back,” he said, pressing a kiss to her forehead, his stomach feeling like it was being torn apart by rats.

Without a backward glance, he made his way to Jack’s office, to the Secure Archive.  Jack had trusted him – trusted him! – with the code years ago, and it took only moments to open it and find what he was searching for.

It was a simple-looking blade, perhaps two and a half feet long including the leather-wrapped single-handed hilt.  It was pitted and worm, a well-used yet decently maintained weapon. 

It had been wielded by the so-called knight who had killed his mother.

Ianto stared at the blade.  He couldn’t help it.  The sword might not have looked like much, but it had been bathed in the blood of a dragon, and that tainted the weapon.  A single tear fell onto the metal, and it was only then that Ianto realized he was weeping.

He slid it back into its plain sheath, buckling the ancient leather belt around his waist.  Dashing the tears from his eyes, the dragon turned and rejoined his other, where she waited for him.

Lisa’s eyes narrowed as she took in the sword.  “Why do you want that?” she demanded, standing up, every movement defensive.

Certainly she knew what it was; Ianto had shared with her the gory details of his family’s massacre.  “A memento…nothing more,” he said.  “I couldn’t leave it here.”

“I think it’s a bit gruesome carrying around the sword that killed your mother,” she retorted, taking a step away, out of range.

“It…helps me remember,” he answered.  “My mother always told me I should follow my heart, that I should trust it above anything else.”  He hadn’t been doing that lately, and he was now seeing that his mother may have been right all along.

“You said you can lift the lockdown?” Lisa prompted.

Ianto nodded, stepping toward Toshiko’s computer.  He used his command code to bring up the lockdown program, mentally grinning as he realized just how good Toshiko was; Jack must have given the order that his codes be deactivated.

He felt Lisa come up beside him, watching as he tried to hack the program.  She was so close, he could feel her body heat through the layers of his clothing.   She was now within reach.

 And Ianto spun, grabbing Lisa by the throat, using every bit of his strength to hold her still while he drew the dragon-killer from its sheath.

He caught her by surprise.  Lisa was stunned into immobility long enough for Ianto to arm himself, and to get the sword up and aimed toward the soft spot under her left armpit.

But that was all the advantage she gave him.

In a sudden burst of golden light, Lisa changed into her dragon-form.

Ianto was thrown backward into Tosh’s desk, the impact almost making him lose his grip on the sword.  She loomed over him, her black sinuous body taking up almost all of the space between the desk and the medical bay.  “How dare you,” Lisa hissed.  “How dare you turn against your own!”  Her head darted forward, and it was all Ianto could do to dodge those vicious teeth.

He landed awkwardly, but managed to keep his grip on the sword.  There was only one thing he could do to counter her, and to protect himself from her claws and flame.

Ianto triggered his own transformation.

The area was a bit cramped for two fully grown dragons, but Ianto was hoping it wouldn’t matter.  He leapt at her, wanting to overpower her quickly.  He managed to pin her to the floor using his rear legs and tail in an attempt to immobilize her, grasping the sword as best he could in his own large, clawed hand, knowing he would have to strike just the right place in order to kill her outright.

Despite everything, he didn’t want her to suffer needlessly.

Lisa hissed and spat under him, desperately trying to wriggle out of his grip.  Ianto pressed his claws into her flanks, needing to hold her down just long enough.

And then, the opportunity presented itself, and his target was clearly visible.

Ianto pushed the sword deeply into the unprotected skin of her underarm, slamming it in as deeply as he could.

Lisa shrieked in agony, a deep shudder nearly knocking Ianto off where her struggles hadn’t.   A quiet “Why?” escaped her lips as Lisa passed on.

Ianto Jones was, once again, the Last.

He rolled away, and then gathered her up into his arms, vaguely aware of her blood on his claws.  He roared his agony to the invisible sky, not noticing when the rest of the team gathered around him.

His song echoed through the Hub, as his heart broke once more




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Beautiful. Poor Ianto. I would like Lisa wouldn't be in her right mind after everything she went through.

As to Jack, did he learn anything?
He'll be okay, eventually. And yes, Lisa had just been through too much to be okay.

We'll see what he learned in the next chapter.
Sorry typing too fast on an iPhone. I meant I would think, not like.
No problem!
nice and hard update but Ianto did what was necessary!
Yes, he did. Thanks!
*Sniffles* I hate Ianto being all hurty, please fix him

I'll fix it, don't worry.
Oh dear - need something fluffy now - but I've got to go to work and that definitely isn't fluffy! What will happen now? Loving this as always.
Sorry you had to go to work all angsty...

We'll see the fallout in the next chapter. But it will start to get better.
Your breaking my heart with every posting of this verse. That was so hard! I'm really hope that Jack notices what an egoistic bastard he is being. But I'm afraid that it hasn't been 4 times yet. *snif*

It had to be bad, before it could get better. Jack had his eyes opened, and we'll see if it hits home in the next chapter.

Yeah, there are two more...
Awww Ianto *sob*

It'll get better.
You just broke my heart. Poor Ianto.

Please make it better!
I'm sorry... *hugs*

It'll get better.
Poor Ianto. I only hope that Jack will understand and help him (it seemed like that was likely... I have my fingers crossed (metaphorically, beacuse I can't type when they're literally crossed))
Jack certainly got a few things to think about, and how that effects him will be in the next chapter.

Things will get better...eventually.
Oh that is so sad. Poor Ianto. And poor Lisa. She'd been through too much to put it behind her and I don't think anyone will be able to blame her. I just hope the team realise and Gwen doesnt do something stupid, because I'm assuming she'll know now. Though I hope not, cos I'd love to see her reaction the first time Ianto transforms. ^_^

This is such a wonderful verse. I can't wait for more, even though I know there are at least two more heartbreaks to go.
Yes, she had been through too much. And yes...Gwen now knows. We'll see in the epilogue how she responds.

Next up: Small Worlds. Another one I've been looking forward to.
too sad, sniff!
Poor Ianto!
Now .... Ianto going to do that? Go? Stay?
How will Jack react?
The response of Ianto going make it clear at Jack's stupidity?

We'll see what Ianto does in the epilogue. We'll also see Jack's reaction...and Gwen's.

Ianto's own response to jack...well, that will come later.
Very exciting and so sad. Want the next part soon! Please. Need to know what happens next.

If Gwen so much as makes a snotty remark... well, it won't be pretty.
Epilogue up next, and it should be either tonight or tomorrow.

As for Gwen...well, I'll say nothing at the moment.
I love that Ianto did the right thing even though it really hurt him to do so. And that he didn't want to cause her any unnecessary additional pain.

Would it be okay if I friended you to see updates? I just caught up on a bunch of your TW stories and really enjoy your writing; especially that you made a believable and likable Gwen in your Armageddon story.
Ianto did, and he tried to make it as painless as he could. Now, the fall-out...

Sure, you can friend me. I'd be honored if you did.
Just goes to show how far out of touch with Ianto Jack has become. He had no idea what Ianto was going to do, but he should have. Even faced with what was happening, he couldn't give Ianto the reassurance and support he needed and deserved. Oh Jack. You are an idiot.
You're right, he was pretty clueless as to what Ianto had planned. But Ianto did give him a bit to think about, and will see what happens.

We'll see if Jack improves.
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