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Myfanwy 2

November 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Pact - Chapter Two

The Pact - Chapter Two
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto (implied); Past Jack/Estelle; Gwen/Rhys
Warnings: Horror, angst, language, violence
Spoilers: Up through Torchwood S1, E5, "Small Worlds"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note: This is based on the episode "Small Worlds", although adapted to the Dragon-Verse.  Once again, the dating is taken from several fan-made chronologies and from the TARDIS Index File. 

I meant to have this up earlier in the week, but RL didn't much like me this week.  

Summary:  The Fae are ready to take a new Chosen One.  Jack wants to stop them; Estelle wants to understand them.  Only Ianto stands between them and disaster.


27 October 2007


Jack jerked awake, the remnants of nightmare – memory – fading back into the mental box he kept such things in.  He sat up completely, scrubbing his face roughly with both hands, knowing that if he was having that particular dream once more that something bad was about to happen.  He could still remember everything that had happened on that train, still smell the cloying scent of rose petals that overflowed from his mens’ open mouths after their deaths; hear the rustling of wings and the soft music of alien laughter.  He shivered, and it wasn’t the chill of the Hub that had caused it.

He took several deep breaths in an attempt to regain control, and as he focused on his surroundings his heartbeat calmed and the adrenaline rush caused by his sudden catapulting from sleep slowly faded away.  That had been decades ago, he tried to convince himself.  If they were coming back, this time it would be different.

He wasn’t about to get any more sleep, so he got up, showered, and dressed in trousers and t-shirt, not bothering to put on his usual overshirt and braces, knowing he would be alone in the Hub that late…or, according to his watch, that early.  He would have committed gross bodily harm to the closest Weevil for a cup of Ianto’s coffee, but the dragon wouldn’t be back until Monday.  

It would be a long weekend.

Sighing, Jack decided that it would be a good time to get some of the paperwork done that he’d let slide since Ianto had gone on leave, so his Second wouldn’t be quite so put out with him when he returned.  Jack had missed Ianto more than even he’d thought, and couldn’t wait to see him again.  The couple of times they’d talked on the phone had been friendly, with no uncomfortable silences.  Jack had thought about traveling to Ddraig Llyn to visit, but the Rift had kept them all pretty busy, and besides Jack didn’t want to bother Ianto, in case he wasn’t wanted.  He needed to give the dragon space to heal, and not push him. 

Jack was determined to fix things between the two.  He’d taken the dragon’s belief in him for granted, and had ended up losing it.  Jack had quickly realized just how much he needed that belief; the dragon had supported him through so much, and he just couldn’t see himself carrying on without it.

The first thing he was going to do was come clean about the Doctor.

It terrified Jack.  He had no idea how Ianto would react.  But, if he was going to try to salvage whatever he could out of their relationship, then he had to tell Ianto that he was going to leave when he could catch up with the Doctor.  If Ianto knew what to expect, then he could be better prepared for the changeover.

He rounded his desk, meaning to sit down and get to work…and saw the rose petal.

They were back. 

A noise came from outside his office, and Jack turned…to see Ianto standing there, looking as surprised as Jack felt.

“You shouldn’t be here,” Jack blurted.  As soon as the words were out of mouth, he regretted them.  He was almost pitifully glad to see the dragon there, dressed in casual slacks and a dark red jumper, holding a file folder.

“Neither should you,” Ianto returned, sounding just as surprised.  Then his body almost physically jerked.  “I mean, you’re usually off on a rooftop by this time of the morning.”

Of course Ianto would know that.  He simply looked at the dragon in man-form, not sure what the smile on his face said, but it was causing Ianto to blush slightly.

Although, if Ianto knew that Jack was prone to being gone this time of the morning, then that would mean he was in the Hub when he’d expected Jack not to be.  The captain wasn’t sure how to think about that, but it was smothered by the pleasure he was experiencing at being in Ianto’s presence once again.

The dragon jerked again, this time actually moving himself toward one of the empty workstations.  Ianto’s long fingers danced across the keyboard, and he looked puzzled.

Jack joined him, slipping the rose petal into his pocket, and resting a hand on Ianto’s back.  The dragon tensed, then relaxed, glancing at Jack, then down, and then back to Jack again as if he couldn’t make up his mind where he wanted to look.  Then he turned back to the terminal.

Jack thought the whole thing was just cute…except that it bothered him that Ianto didn’t know how to react to a simple touch.

“What have you got?” Jack asked, rubbing Ianto’s back and shoulder, then letting his hand slide down the soft wool of the jumper.

Ianto looked like he didn’t want to answer, but he finally sighed and said, “Funny sort of weather patterns.”

The bottom of his stomach dropped, and Jack’s fingers rubbed the rose petal in his pocket.  He’d been right; the dream had foreshadowed that, and the petal hadn’t been some innocent thing that had accidentally been left behind by one of the girls. 

The fairies were back, and that could mean only one thing.

“You know.” It wasn’t a question.

Ianto nodded, turning in his seat to look up at Jack, his eyes hooded.  “Estelle saw them,” he answered.  “I was…coming in to confirm.”

“You saw Estelle?”  Jack was inexplicably disappointed that Ianto hadn’t come to see him first after he’d gotten back; but then, what did he expect?

Ianto nodded.  “She saw the fairies.  In fact, she’s having a lecture today on them.  I’d have thought she’d have sent you an invitation?”

It was Jack’s turn to nod.  He hadn’t intended on going; it would just be yet one more of Estelle’s attempts to convince him that he was wrong about the fairies.   “Are you?”

“She asked me to help her.  I said I would.”

There was something in the dragon’s voice that told Jack that that wasn’t the only reason he was going.  He wanted to press him for information, but the last thing Jack needed was to alienate Ianto any further.  He’d let the dragon tell him in his own time. 

“Jack,” Ianto went on, “I know none of us agree about the Fae, but I honestly think we should stay out of their business.  It can only end in disaster.”

Jack bristled a bit.  He and Ianto – and Estelle, since they only discussed such things when they were all together – had different opinions when it came to the fairies.  Jack had been on the receiving end of their capricious wrath, losing his men on that train in Lahore.  He’d seen first-hand what they were capable of, and knew they were an implacable enemy. 

Estelle only saw the good in them; saw the glowing and dancing and glittering fairies of children’s stories.   She wouldn’t believe they were able to perform evil, and would argue vociferously when Jack would try to explain to her what he’d seen.  It didn’t help that he couldn’t actually come out and give her examples; that would mean disclosing his immortality to her.  And, while he’d been perfectly able to do just that with his team – and he still chuckled over Gwen’s upset that she no longer had a secret of his to keep to herself – he would never confess it to her.  They’d made promises to each other back during the war; promises that Jack could not keep.  The very last thing he’d ever wanted to do was to hurt and disappoint her.

And then there was Ianto.  The dragon always maintained that he knew more about the fairies than they did, and would often try to get them to see reason.  Jack knew that Ianto was much closer to nature than anyone else, but the immortal also knew that the fairies were beyond even that, and felt that Ianto was being nearly as naïve as Estelle was on the subject.

“You know what they want,” Jack warned.

“Of course I do!” Ianto answered sharply.  “They only become this active when it’s time to find their next Chosen One.”

“Then you’re telling me that I should just let them take some poor kid?”

Ianto’s eyes widened at Jack’s tone.  “You know as well as I that the Fae only take children who want to go with them – “

“They trick them into going with them!”

Ianto stiffened.  “And how do you know that, Jack?  Hm?  How are you so sure that those children don’t want to go of their own free will?”

That was the point; Jack didn’t really know.  But he knew the fairies, knew how powerful they were.  “No one could want to go with them voluntarily.”

Ianto rolled his eyes.  “If that were true, then why aren’t they kidnapping children right and left?  Why aren’t they snatching them off the streets?  Tell me, Jack…the Fae are powerful.  Why aren’t they simply taking what they want?”

“How do we know they aren’t?”

“Because,” the dragon said slowly, “there wouldn’t be a need for a Chosen One.”

Jack opened his mouth to answer, but found he couldn’t.  Ianto was right.  Something was keeping the fairies from just taking children whenever they’d wanted.  “But that doesn’t mean they still aren’t somehow tricking impressionable children into going with them.”

There was a flicker in Ianto’s eyes that Jack didn’t want to interpret as disappointment, but his conscience wouldn’t let him dismiss it.  This wasn’t how he’d hoped their first meeting would go.   He’d planned on taking Ianto out to dinner, and then to someplace quiet where they could talk. 

This wasn’t it.

“Look, Ianto,” he tried to put things back on an even level.  “I know there are things you know that I don’t, but I have first-hand experience with the fairies.  I know what they’re capable of.”

Ianto sighed.  “And what makes you think I don’t?”  With that, he stood up.  “Jack, I’ve lived for over two thousand years.  I’ve seen things you can only imagine.  The dragons have had dealings with the magical folk for so much longer than that.  I just wish you’d trust me when I tell you that I know what I’m talking about.” 

The disappointment was even more obvious now, and Jack would have given anything not to have that look on the dragon’s face.  “Ianto,” he said softly.  “I don’t believe in magic, you know that.”

“I know.”  The dragon looked tired.  “It’s a shame.  You claim to be such an open-minded individual, and yet you can’t accept that there’s such a thing as magic.  I actually pity you, Jack.”

Jack flinched at that.  He and Ianto had gone round and round about the possibility of magic, which the immortal simply believed belonged in the realm of superstition.  Everything that couldn’t be explained by current science, was simply too advanced to be quantified at this time.  Telepathy, empathy, and other mental abilities were genetic to certain races, and Jack wasn’t unconvinced that dragons and other fantastic creatures weren’t just created by advanced races experimenting with less evolved genoforms.  Those people who believed that aliens had come to Earth in the far distant past weren’t wrong.

The thing was, Ianto thought he was right.  Jack couldn’t argue with the dragon’s personal experiences, only that he was seeing them in a completely different light than what was really true.  It was how Ianto was raised; his parents and other sources of learning had been firmly bent toward the phantasmagorical end of the scale.  And, while Ianto had taken to the modern world quite easily, and now knew his way around the science and technology that they dealt with every day almost on the same level as Toshiko, there was still that bit of naiveté that the dragon stubbornly refused to put away.

“I need to go home,” Ianto went on.  “I’m sure I’ll see you at Estelle’s lecture later.” 

He really wanted to stop the dragon from leaving.  Jack would have given anything to know the right words to smooth things over.

The cog door opened, and Ianto left.  

Jack didn’t call him back.

Instead, he cursed himself at being such an idiot.



Oh, poor Jack. None of that seemed to go right for him.
I'm still glad I stayed up for this ;)
Well, Jack does need to learn to quit dining on his own foot. :)

Good night!
I know, just when Jack thinks he's going to make things right. *sigh*

Thanks, hon. I would cross my fingers about next week, but then I couldn't write anything. *grins*
Jack should be cursing himself - he was an idiot.

Still loving this
He was indeed. He will get better, eventually.

Yes Jack you should curse yourself because you are an idiot. You have stopped listening again.

Why can't he just accept that there are going to be things that a wise old Dragon knows about better then him? Especially if those things come from places that he can't access, and accept, when Ianto can.

Not everything in the world is as it appears to be.

Does Jack need another lesson to be learned here?
Jack has, hadn't he?

Well, this is his chance to learn, isn't it? Especially with the fairies. And yes, I do believe Jack as more to learn before he can fully appreciate his dragon.

Can I slap Jack now- he should understand Ianto knows everything!

Jack slapping queue forms on the left...the one on the right is the Gwen slapping queue, which you might also want to join later... *grins*

With pleasure please lead me to end of line!!!!!!!!
Will Jack learn some time soon to think more before speaking? lovely update!
I don't think Jack ever will truly learn, but he has some lessons going on this story!

Oh dear both a little on edge I see and both need to listen. Looking forward to more as always.
They both do need a smack to the back of the head, don't they? Thanks, hon!
gah! Jack! you stupid boy. *sighs* when will he learn....

can't wait for more. :D
Well, what was that about an old dog and new tricks? You know, that makes me wonder how old Jack would be in dog-years...

Don't worry, he's got some lessons ahead of him.

why is it easy for jack to believe in time lords but finds it hard to deal with the facts that there is magic and that ianto's world view is not the narrow view held by humans even ones from 51st century.
Well, Time Lords are science. Magic isn't, as far as he's concerned. Or else it's science and everyone has the wrong impression of it.

I have to admit, I'm going to have fun giving Jack a few lessons. *grins*
I'm getting a little annoyed here, I'm not getting any livejournal alerts at all here and other people clearly are. Sighs, why does technology hate me! Anyway love the chapter hun, even though JAck's trying he's still a stuborn idiot who doesnt know when a bit of give and take and trust is important.

Can't wait for the next chapter.
I'm not getting them, so it's not just you. It's beginning to irritate the crap out of me, don't feel bad.

Jack thinks he knows better about some things. Boy, does he have a lot to learn!
Oh good at least it's not just me. ^_^ I wish they'd get it sorted out.

Lol he does have a lot to learn. ^_^ so now I'm gonna go and see if he learns anything in the next chapter.
Jack, most people would say that a being that could change form between a human and a dragon was magical. So how come you are having such a hard time with this concept?
Well, Jack knows science. And there are natural shape shifters out there that aren't magical. He's just a bit blinkered by his logical upbringing.

He still has a lot to learn. :)
Jack does not believe in magic and he believed that dragons were created.
In a sense, I understand: Ianto may be very old but it comes from the past.
Jack is from the future; In addition, he has traveled back in time with Nine. So he saw many things, technology. And with Nine, he was a good school for not believing in magic
It is imperative that they discuss all of them!
You're right. Jack comes from a time of technology, so he says magic doesn't exist because he was taught that. Ianto comes from a time where magic did exist.

They have more to talk about. :)
Jack the Idiot! *swats him*
Jack did deserve that swat, I swear... *laughs*