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Myfanwy 2

March 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Pact - Chapter Six

The Pact - Chapter Six
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto (implied); Past Jack/Estelle; Gwen/Rhys
Warnings: Horror, angst, language, violence
Spoilers: Up through Torchwood S1, E5, "Small Worlds"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note: This is based on the episode "Small Worlds", although adapted to the Dragon-Verse.  Once again, the dating is taken from several fan-made chronologies and from the TARDIS Index File. 

Summary:  The Fae are ready to take a new Chosen One.  Jack wants to stop them; Estelle wants to understand them.  Only Ianto stands between them and disaster.


28 October 2007


“Okay,” Owen said, leaning against the doorjamb and giving Jack a frustrated glare, “just what burr’s gotten up Cooper’s arse?”

Jack glanced up from the requisition report that he’d been trying to concentrate on.  “She won’t accept that I closed the fairies case.”  She’d been quiet since they’d gotten back, concentrating on her terminal as if it was her new best friend.

The medic shook his head.  “Wasn’t her tenaciousness one of the reasons you hired her?”

It had been, and Jack didn’t want to admit it, but Owen caught him out.  “Yeah, I just didn’t expect her to be aiming it in my direction.”

“The temperature out in the main Hub has dropped drastically,” Ianto commented, entering the office, bearing Jack’s coffee mug.    “Just from the cold shoulder Gwen is giving everyone.”

Jack took the offered drink, letting his fingers brush against Ianto’s.  The dragon didn’t flinch or pull away, which the captain took as a good sign.  “You are my savior.”

“What about mine?” Owen groused.

“It’s sitting on your desk,” Ianto answered. 

“Did you have another reason for coming in here, besides wanting to know what’s bothering Gwen?” Jack asked the medic.

“Oh yeah.  Finished the autopsy on our lovely pedophile, and you were right…his throat and lungs were stuffed with rose petals.”

Jack shivered.  What a horrible way to die, even if the man may have deserved it.  “Thanks.  Book him a room into the Torchwood Hilton, would you?”  The body wouldn’t be going back to the police, not after a death like that.  It would be going directly into the morgue.

“Already done.  I’ll have the report for you by the morning.”

“Good job, Owen.”

He shrugged.  “Just doing my job.  Now, I’m going to get my coffee, and hopefully if it stays quiet my boss will let us leave soon.”

Jack smirked.  “I’ll think about it.”

Owen left, and Ianto perched himself on the edge of Jack’s desk.  Blue eyes met blue, and Jack could read the gratitude in them.  “Thank you,” Ianto murmured. 

Jack quirked an eyebrow up questioningly.  “What for?”

“For not pursuing this.  I know it was hard for you – “

“I won’t lie, it was.  But I also know that certain decisions have to be made, and I’m the one to make them.  It’s why they pay me the big money.”  It had been difficult to realize that they’d have to let the fairies take their Chosen One, however there’d been no real choice.  Chances were, he’d have a few nightmares about it, but Ianto had assured him that whoever the child was, they’d be treated well.  

Ianto snorted.  “You forget, I know how much you get paid.  And it really is big money.”

Jack smiled up at him.  “Have I told you that I’m really glad you’re back?”

“Not yet,” Ianto replied, “but I’m glad I’m back too.”

“Look, I meant what I said: we really need to talk.  I was thinking – “

And Jack’s phone rang.

He cursed.  “Hold that thought,” he said, reaching for his phone.  “Harkness.”


The immortal sat up, instantly alert at the panicked sound in Estelle’s voice.  He put the phone on speaker, so Ianto could hear as well.  “What’s wrong?”

“You were right…there are bad ones.  They’ve come to me.”

Jack’s heart stopped, then began to practically throb in his chest.  He glanced up at Ianto; the dragon’s blue eyes had changed into their normal aspect, pupils slanted like a cat’s.  “Estelle, we’re on our way.”

“Stay inside,” Ianto commanded.  “Don’t go anywhere near them.  Promise us, Estelle.”

“I promise.   Please hurry.”

Jack hung up, jumping to his feet and rushing out of his office, Ianto on his heels.  He couldn’t understand why the fairies were going after Estelle, of all people; she’d never done them any harm, and in fact had steadfastly defended them to anyone.  There would be no possible reason for them to do anything to her…

He was headed toward the car park when Ianto’s voice calling his name stopped him in his tracks.  The dragon was heading toward the cog door, Jack’s greatcoat over his arm, their three teammates staring at him in surprise. 

Jack knew immediately what the dragon intended.

“What’s going on?” Gwen demanded, putting herself in Jack’s way.

“If you don’t step aside,” Jack gritted, “I’ll move you myself.”

Gwen didn’t argue.  She let him pass.

The two were up on the Plass in no time, Ianto tossing Jack his coat even as the golden glow that heralded him changing into his true form settled around him.  Absently Jack realized they’d have to Retcon the witnesses, but in that moment it just wasn’t all that important.

Getting to Estelle was all that mattered.

The dragon crouched down, and Jack vaulted onto a muscled forearm, scrambling into place on the broad back, his knees tucked under unfurled wings.  With a mighty heave, Ianto launched himself into the air, and the captain leaned forward and wrapped his arms around the dragon’s neck, keeping himself low in order to create less drag.

The wind was cold, but it didn’t bother Jack at all.  The only thing he could think of was Estelle, and why the fairies would have attacked her.  She hadn’t done anything to warrant such an action.  He really wanted to ask Ianto what would have caused them to do something like this, but there was no way he would have been heard over the rushing wind.

Jack lost track of time as they flew, his thoughts on the woman waiting for them to come to her rescue.  Estelle had meant so much to him for so long, and even though he knew he’d lose her some day, he didn’t want that to happen at the hands of a group of capricious fairies who didn’t have any reason to do what they were doing.  He thought of all the promises he’d broken when he’d left her, once again feeling as if his immortality was the worst curse imaginable.  All he wanted to do was find the Doctor, and get it fixed so he could lead a normal life.

But his mind turned to the great creature he currently flew with, and how Ianto would also live a very long time.  He could hear the unspoken accusation that night with Lisa, that they should be able to understand each other because of their long-livedness.  It was true, but where for the dragon it was natural to be near-immortal, for Jack it was just plain wrong.  He didn’t want to go through life losing everyone he’d ever loved. 

A flush of guilt went through him, as he considered that Ianto would have to suffer that fate once they were all gone and dead.

The dragon banked, and a frisson of fear slid down Jack’s spine as he saw the lone storm cloud dumping its cargo of rain into Estelle’s back garden.  The dragon roared, the leather-like skin of his wings snapping as he braked, his large rear legs taking his weight as he came to a landing in the garden, his bulk crushing many of the plants in his wake. 

Jack slid off as the rain pummeled his exposed skin; within seconds he was soaked even through his greatcoat.  He could see them; the ugly green creatures were perched in the trees, and one large one hunched on the ground, snarling up at the dragon as Ianto did the same down at it.

“Go see to Estelle,” the dragon growled.  “I’ll take care of these.”

“Go away, ancient one,” the fairy hissed as Jack headed toward the back door.

“You are attacking one of mine,” the dragon snapped.  “I protect my own.”

The rest of the conversation was lost as Jack entered Estelle’s home.  He called out her name, and an answering call came from the lounge.  Jack found her, curled up against the end of the sofa, Moses clutched in her arms, he eyes wide with fright. 

He gathered her up in his arms, and she clutched back, unmindful of his wet clothes and the cat in her lap.  “It’s okay,” he murmured, rocking her slightly. 

Estelle was shaking.  “You were right,” she moaned.  “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you…”

He shushed her.  “I think we were both wrong.”  He could tell that the rain outside had stopped, and he pulled away slightly, looking at her closely.  “Are you hurt?”  She didn’t seem to be.

“No, just scared nearly to death!”

“Ianto’s taking care of it now.”  He took Moses out of her grasp, setting the cat down, where he promptly darted under the closest table.  Jack helped Estelle to her feet.  “C’mon, let’s see what’s going on.”  He wasn’t sure he trusted the fairies not to renew their attack once they caught sight of his former lover, but Jack wasn’t about to leave her alone, and he almost desperately wanted to see if Ianto was all right.

“ – Named her,” the dragon was saying, as Jack and Estelle made their way to the open back door.  “You cannot harm her.”

“Touched her we have not,” the fairy answered, “Only have we frightened her.”

“But why?” Ianto demanded.  “Estelle Cole has always been a friend to the Fae.  She has done everything in her power to defend you, and yet you do this!  Why?”

The fairy turned, spearing Jack with its dark eyes.  “To force the undying one to break the Pact.”

Jack shivered, realizing just what the creature was saying: they’d wanted to get him to break the Pact between human and fairy.  But why would they want him to do that?

Ianto asked that same question.

The fairy smirked.  “Tired we are of only taking one at a time.  We want to take what we want.”

Jack’s eyes widened.   “But if the Pact is broken,” he said, “that would mean the end of the world.  There wouldn’t be any more Chosen Ones if there aren’t any more humans.”

“We can get them from the past,” the fairy said contemptuously.  “Time stops us not.”

Estelle was shivering against him, and Jack tightened his arm around her.  She had to have been confused, and he appreciated her waiting patiently for her explanations.  “I won’t do it,” he snapped.  “I won’t condemn the entire planet like that!”

“Not even for her?” The creature sounded distinctly put out.

“I wouldn’t expect him to,” Estelle said, her voice strong despite her shaking.  “The entire world is more important than me.”

The fairy hissed its displeasure. 

“You’re not welcome here,” the dragon said angrily.  “I have Named both Estelle Cole and Jack Harkness as dragon-friends, and you cannot hurt them.  That would be breaking your Pact with me, and I know you do not want to do that.”

“You are the last,” the fairy bared its teeth.  “You do not matter to us.”

The dragon’s head went up, and he glared down at the creature before him.  He spoke again, but this time it was in a language that Jack didn’t understand.   A scent not unlike ozone filled the air, and the small hairs at the back of Jack’s neck stood on end. 

An invisible power seemed to permeate the garden, and the fairy flinched back, hissing once again as whatever the dragon was doing affected it.  Everything went still; even the wind that had been rustling the trees, and a fog seemed to settle over everything.

In that fog, Jack saw…Time.

He saw the great ages of the world.  From great volcanoes to massive ice sheets, to endless deserts and stormy seas, Jack found himself watching with awe as the progression of time flowed through the small garden.   The flashes of the eons didn’t last long, but they left no doubt in Jack’s mind that somehow Ianto was causing this, that his words had summoned Time to that place, and was using it to face down a fairy who wanted nothing more than to break a Pact that had been in existence for tens of thousands of years. 

It occurred to him that this was the magic that Ianto kept on about.  That this power was of the earth, ancient and immutable, and somehow Ianto was calling it to his aid.  

Just as quickly, things returned to normal.  “You do not want me as an enemy,” the dragon snarled.  “Leave my dragon-friends alone.”

“They can still betray you, ancient one,” the fairy replied, its eyes narrowed.  “Your power will not avail you then.”

“You overestimate yourself.  My friends are true, and will not break the Pact.”

The fairy laughed; it was a horrible sound, like fingernails scraping down a chalkboard.  “You are too sure of yourself.”

“I have faith in them.”

The creature laughed once more, and in the blink of an eye they were gone.  Only the rain-saturated ground gave testament of their presence.



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Woohooo, nick of time for Estelle. But am I hallucinating or do I hear a voice inside my head crying "Gwen! That stupid woman!"
Go back Jack and Ianto and tie her to a chair.
Hon, do you often hear voices calling someone's name like that? *winks*

We'll see what happens...
wow amazing update! I like seeing that Ianto and Jack are slowly coming to terms and how respectful are for each other!
Scary fairies! hope thay have understood the power that Ianto has!
The fairies understand all too well, which is part of the problem...

That was simply amazing...i loved the descriptions of time in the fog in Estelle's garden - I wasn'tjust reading, it was 'there'
I may have mentioned how much I love this [just once or twice!]
Thank you! I'm really glad it came across so well.

You may have, but I never tire of hearing it. :)

giant !

Lovely - Ianto fly with Jack on his back
I have the same reaction : and Gwen?
Why does he has appointed Gwen! damn!
It was on :Jack, Estelle, Tosh and Owen does not break apart the pact.
I say let that Ianto tells Jack what he did.
And they watch Gwen!

The power of the dragon: brrrr: I'm glad that Jack have a glimpse!

Re: giant !

I would love a picture of Jack and Ianto flying. Wish I could do arts like that...

Well, he thought he was doing the right thing. Next chapter Jack finds out, don't worry on that score. But as for Gwen...we'll see.

WOW!! Way to go Ianto!!

So happy Estelle is alright and Jack has finally seen what Ianto has been trying to tell him. But my spidery sense is going when it comes to the breaking of Ianto's Pact and Gwen. Can't the team just lock her in the cell with Janet? Pretty Please!!!
I had to save Estelle, she's just so good a character. She might make an appearance in another story later on.

Spidey sense, huh? It might be right...but then, maybe not. :)
Thanks so much! :)
Crap. The fairies know that Gwen is the weak link, I just know it. They are going to use her against Ianto and Jack. But the boys will prevail - I have high expectations in their abilities!

That woman, though... she makes my teeth itch.
Well, the fairies can go anywhere. That's all I'm saying.

I know how you feel, I really do. :)
Wow that was intense. Love the idea of Jack flying with Ianto. Glad Estelle and Moses are safe and adore the majesty of dragonIanto so perhaps Jack can finally understand. Oh how I love this.
I really would do anything to have fanarts of them flying. It would be amazing to see.

And I had to save Estelle, because she's awesome. I think I'm going to use her again later. She's just too good a character.

I loved the part of Ianto changing and carrying Jack, what a breathtaking sight that would be.

'I can't help but think it will be that woman some of us have particular feelings toward is going to do something rather rash.

Looking forward to the next update.
It really would be amazing to see, that transformation and flight.

Woman? I wonder which one you mean. *whistles innocently*

Next one up Saturday most likely. :)
I'm glad Estelle is ok and I'm really really hoping that Ianto's faith is not misplaced.
I hope so too! :)
as much as it broke estelle's heart to learn there true nature i am glad they saved her from the fae. gwen will be the deal breaker i feel it in my tired bones.
powerful magic of time at ianto's call. on a lighter note, jack had a ride with dragon ianto, woohoo!
Yeah, I do feel bad for Estelle, but at least she's okay. And everyone seems to think it's Gwen who's going to get them all into trouble...I wonder why. *whistles innocently*
INNOCENTLY whistles???!!!!! HA!!!!
What...you didn't buy it? Darn! *grins*
i have only just come across your dragon-verse universe, and i must say, it is brilliant. i love it, although jack can be a bit dense sometimes- but you have to love him. but gwen - well she speaks for herself really, doesn't she.

another fantastic chapter. is there any chance that ianto can perhaps eat gwen at all, turn her into a bbq, or maybe tail slap her. she just gets at my goat really.

love tosh, owen and ianto. cannot wait for the next chapter
Thank you! I'm so glad you're liking it.

I don't think of Jack as dense...more like stubborn and hating to be wrong. As for Gwen, well...Ianto won't eat her,she'd most likely give him food poisoning or something like that. *laughs*

I'm so glad you're reading. I do hope you enjoy the rest of my stories.
Gwen's gonna be the one to screw this up, isn't she? I have this awful feeling that she is. Because her flat was ransacked by the fairies in the episode, wasn't it? So she'll want to do something about the fairies and then KABOOM world ends.
Great chapter, by the way. Love how they get to Estelle on time.
Yes, we haven't gotten to Gwen's flat being demolished yet, but that's coming up. And you know she won't want to sit still for it.

But hey...the world can't completely end! Where would be the fun in that? *winks*

Ooh that was bloody brilliant, very very tense. Poor Estelle and those Faeries are tricky little bastards aren't they. Perfect. I can't wait for the next chapter.
They really are tricky, knowing they can't technically touch Estelle, but then they didn't need to.

Thank you! Next chapter should be up tomorrow.
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