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Myfanwy 2

May 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Pact - Chapter Seven

The Pact - Chapter Seven
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto (implied); Past Jack/Estelle; Gwen/Rhys
Warnings: Horror, angst, language, violence
Spoilers: Up through Torchwood S1, E5, "Small Worlds"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note: This is based on the episode "Small Worlds", although adapted to the Dragon-Verse.  Once again, the dating is taken from several fan-made chronologies and from the TARDIS Index File. 

A/N2: I'm not sure when the next chapter will be up, my mother has to have a heart catheterization on Tuesday, and will be in the hospital until Wednesday.  I'll try to get something posted Monday, but if not it most likely won't be until Friday.

Summary:  The Fae are ready to take a new Chosen One.  Jack wants to stop them; Estelle wants to understand them.  Only Ianto stands between them and disaster.


28 October 2007


They didn’t have any trouble convincing Estelle to stay at Ianto’s for the time being.

The dragon kept watch as his friend and Jack gathered things together for herself and Moses.  He was certain that the Fae wouldn’t return, but he was still cautious enough to leave at least one eye open to any possible danger.

Once Estelle had enough to get by for a couple of days, Jack called a cab and the three of them left, Ianto giving the driver his address.  He was quiet, thinking over everything he’d found from out from questioning the Fae. 

He couldn’t believe they were looking to break the long-standing Pact between them and human-kind, let alone that they were hoping to use one of his Named dragon-friends to do it.  A shiver went down his spine at the thought; he knew what was at stake if it happened, and while he was worried about what might happen to him, he was more concerned with the world at large.  It was ironic that, just about a month ago, Ianto had been angry at the human race; now, he wanted to save it.

The trip was quiet, and it allowed Ianto to examine everything he knew about the various Pacts involved; which, to be honest, wasn’t all that much.  He found himself missing his father’s calm advice, knowing that he was stepping through this situation nearly blind.  Of course, he knew the histories, but the actual wordings Ianto was unfamiliar with.  The easiest thing to do would be to keep everything on the right side of any and all agreements, until the Fae got tired and retrieved their Chosen One.

The dragon only hoped it would be that simple.

Once they arrived at Ianto’s home, the dragon went to get Estelle situated in his guest room, and Moses into the back garden.  He also managed to find Jack some dry clothes, hanging the soaked greatcoat in the bathroom to dry.  After changing, Jack excused himself for a moment, saying he needed to make a phone call.  Ianto figured he’d be checking in on the team, after their rather precipitous exit from the Hub.

After getting Estelle settled, the dragon went to find Jack.  The immortal was in the garden, watching Moses as he stalked about his new surroundings as if he’d always been there.  Jack was still on the phone; Ianto caught him saying, “- was just checking on you…I know it’s late, but…fine, but take care of yourselves, okay?...yeah, see ya.”  He practically slammed the clamshell of his mobile shut, looking frustrated. 

“Everything okay?’ Ianto announced his presence.

 Jack spun, the guilt that shone in his eyes suddenly hidden behind a smile that didn’t quite fit.  “Yeah,” he said.  “I had Owen send everyone home.”

“Good.”  Ianto moved to stand next to him.  “Are you all right?”

“You bet,” Jack answered.  “But I think there’s something you haven’t told me about all this dragon-friend stuff.”

Ianto sighed.  Trust Jack to notice his conversation with the Fae.  “It’s…complicated.”

“I’m sure it is,” Jack said dryly.

“It’s just….I’m not even sure about it all.  My…father explained it to me, and I’ve lived among dragon-friends for as long as I can remember.  But, this is actually the first time I’ve ever claimed any humans that way.”

“Who else did you claim, besides Estelle and me?”

“The team, and Kathy Swanson.”

 That earned him a quirked eyebrow.  “I didn’t know you and the detective inspector were so close.”

“I consider her a friend.  I’d even tell her about myself, but I don’t want to force her to hide anything from her superiors.”

“But you trust her.”

“Yes, I do.”

Jack snorted.  “Well, that certainly makes her attitude a little easier to understand.”

“We respect each other.”

Jack looked Ianto in the eye.  “And here I was afraid that you’d completely turned your back on humanity.”

Ianto smiled slightly.  “No…just a large percentage of it.  And even that’s changed.”

“I…have a confession to make.”

“Only one?” the dragon chuckled lightly.

“Well, one for now.  I had another reason for hiring Gwen: and that was to show you that humans aren’t your enemy, and to remind you that you’re fighting for something more than me.”

Ianto turned away.  He really couldn’t decide how he felt about that, but there was anger mixed in with it.  “Jack, while I appreciate your effort, Gwen Cooper isn’t the ideal example to show me.  It was her sort of idealistic crusader that was mostly responsible for the destruction of my kind.  I doubt I’ll ever truly be friends with her.”

Jack was silent for a moment, and then a hand rested itself on his shoulder.  Ianto sighed, leaning slightly into the touch, wishing this meant more to the immortal than it did.   “That…honestly didn’t occur to me.  I’m sorry, Ianto.”

“It’s all right.  You meant well.”

“I did, but that doesn’t excuse how thoughtless I was about it.”  The hand gently prodded him to turn, and once he was face-to-face with Jack, the captain grasped both shoulders to hold him in place.  His eyes were serious.  “You and I really need to talk, Ianto.  I know I’m a big part of what’s wrong between us, and I really want to fix things.”

A swell of happiness burst in Ianto’s chest, and he realized they might actually succeed in saving something of their friendship.  Yes, the dragon wished it was more than that, but he’d accept whatever Jack could give him.  “I really would like to try,” he answered, smiling.

Jack returned the smile, and it lit up his entire face.  “Thanks for giving me a chance.  How about, after this is all over, we – “

Jack’s mobile rang.

The immortal cursed, pulling the offending device from his pocket.  He glanced at the caller ID, and cursed again.  Flipping the phone open, he snapped, “Yes?”

Ianto took a step back, to give Jack some privacy, feeling hopeful that things might yet work out between them.  He knew they had a long ways to go, but if Jack wanted to try…

“We need to go,” Jack’s sharp words punctured Ianto’s little happy bubble.  “The fairies have trashed Gwen’s flat.”


They stood in the middle of Gwen’s flat, staring at the mess that the Fae had made.

It had obviously been them, just from the rose petals that lay scattered everywhere.  The furniture had been tipped over, and there was a pile of stones in the center of the room.

Ianto was livid.  How dare they, after his confrontation at Estelle’s?  But then, they were watching him, he knew that, and had to have seen that his relationship with Gwen wasn’t exactly close.  In fact, they would have had to have known her feelings on the subject of the child they’d Chosen.

She would have been the perfect choice, if they wanted one of his friends to break the Pact. 

Gwen was furious.  “In the whole of my working life,” she ranted, “I have never had to bring the bad times home with me.  I have never had to feel threatened in my own home.  Thank God Rhys was out with friends tonight!  What would have happened if he’d been home when this happened?  I thought you said this was taken care of, Jack!”

Ianto’s heart went cold as he realized he hadn’t Named Rhys Williams in his list of dragon-friends.  Having never met the man, he simply didn’t think of him that night in Roundstone Wood.  How many other friends and relatives had he forgotten in his Naming?  How many might be used against him by the Fae?

“There’s been…a complication,” Jack started. 

Gwen interrupted him.  “A complication?  Jack, that complication wrecked my flat!  These creatures can invade my home whenever they feel like it, and I’m scared!  What chance do any of us have?”

Jack looked at Ianto, almost pleadingly.  Ianto nodded, knowing that he was going to have to explain everything to Gwen, in order for her to understand what was going on.

And so, he told her of the early humans, and the coming of the ice, and of the Pact that was made with the Fae.  He watched as her face went white, then red, and then angry, as he explained what those humans had done in order to save what was left of their race.  And, how the Fae now were hoping to break that Pact, so they could take children indiscriminately.

When he was done, Gwen turned on Jack once more.  “You believe this bollocks, Jack?” she demanded hotly.

Ianto felt like he’d been slapped in the face.  Yes, he and Gwen didn’t get along, but he hardly expected to be called a liar.

Jack looked thunderous.  “Yes, Gwen, I do.”

“But you’re agreeing with…with Ianto, in letting these fairies actually take a child?” she asked incredulously.

Ianto noticed that little stutter as well, and wondered just what she’d been about to call him.

“If it means saving the world…then yes, it needs to happen.”

She shook her head.  “No, I don’t believe this.  I can’t believe this!”

“Believe it, Gwen,” Jack said inexorably.  “The fairies are very capable of destroying life on this planet if they don’t get what they want.”

“And they want a child?  You can’t let them get away with this!  We have to stop them!”

“How?’ Ianto challenged, tired of her bluster.  “Give us one way to stop the Fae, that won’t cause the end of the world, and you can bet we’ll take it!”

Gwen tried to stare him down, but after a full minute of silence Jack jumped in.  “See why we need to drop this, Gwen?  There literally is no way to stop this.  What the fairies did to your flat was meant to get you do break the Pact.  If you had motivation to stop them – “

“We can’t just let this happen!’ she exclaimed.

“We have to,” the captain answered.  “There are some things we can’t help, Gwen.  This is one of them.”

“I can’t believe that. “

“Believe it,” Ianto said sharply.  “It’s one life for billions.”

“This shouldn’t even be a choice.”

“Arguing about it isn’t going to change anything, Gwen,” Jack snapped.  “This case is over.  We’re not pursuing it, even if it means they come after each of us.  They’ve already put someone I care about in danger, and I had to make this same decision.”

She stared at him, wide-eyed.  “You’d let these fairies put someone you care about in danger?”

“It’s already happened.  Why do you think Ianto and I left the Hub so quickly earlier?”

“Jack chose the Earth over his own needs,” Ianto said.  “Why can’t you do the same?”

“But this child!” Gwen replied.    “Whoever it is can’t make an informed decision!”

“Children are remarkably intelligent,” the dragon said. “Adults just don’t give them enough credit.  Whoever this Chosen One is, they’ll want to go with the Fae.”

“Then we have to find them, and convince them to stay!”

“Haven’t you been listening?” Jack nearly shouted.  “We cannot stop this.  To do it will cause death and destruction.”

“And the Fae wouldn’t let you die, once you think you’ve thwarted them,” Ianto added.  “They’d keep you alive, to watch what your decision has caused.  They’d torture you with the knowledge that you broke the Pact and destroyed the entire planet, just because you thought you were right.”

“They want this to happen, Gwen,” Jack said.  “They want the Pact broken so they can take what they want and wipe out humans in the process.  Do you want this on your conscience?”

Gwen was shaking her head, but Ianto couldn’t tell if it was because of what Jack had said, or if she still wasn’t agreeing with them.   Why was she fighting about this?  Jack was in charge; what he said, should be followed.  Gwen seemed determined to fight him every step of the way, even though there was no way out of the situation.

Ianto wanted to shake some sense into her, but knew that wouldn’t do any good.  “Gwen, you have to let this go,” he told her, lowering his tone and hoping its seriousness would penetrate the self-created righteous indignation she’d fallen into.

“Ianto is right,” Jack backed him up.  “If you don’t you’re a danger to the team…and to the world, and I’ll Retcon you so fast you won’t even see it coming.  Is that understood?”

Gwen reared back in shock.  “You can’t mean that!”

“I do, Gwen.  I’m perfectly serious.”

Once again, Ianto felt that warmth in his chest, warmer than his flame.  Jack was backing him over Gwen, the woman he’d started out choosing over Ianto.  He hadn’t thought it would ever happen, and if the situation wasn’t so grave then he’d revel in the knowledge that Jack trusted him.

“But you need me!  You said so!”

“The world is more important than you, Gwen,” Jack answered.  “It’s our job to save this planet, not to put our own morals and needs first.  If what you think is right overrides the safety of the Earth, then you will always be wrong.  If you can’t accept that, then you don’t have a place in Torchwood.”

Gwen stared at him, her mouth open in shock.  Then it snapped shut, and she nodded once. 

Ianto let out a breath he didn’t know he was even holding.   He’d arrange to have a company come in and clean this mess up in the morning.  Also, he’d speak to Tosh and Owen in the morning, and let them know what he’d told Gwen, so that they’d understand as well.  He knew there wouldn’t be any problem with his other teammates.

They just had to wait the Fae out.  They’d soon take their Chosen One, and go back to the Lost Lands until the next time.




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I hope your mom's procedure goes okay *hugs* I'm taking my dad in for surgery on Wednesday - anxious week all-round then.

Here's hoping that Gwen actually listens to what Jack & Ianto are saying, not that I think she actually will *sighs*
Thanks. *hugs* And I hope things go well for your dad. You're right...it's going to be a really anxious week.

We'll see if Gwen listened in the next chapter. :)
Please retcon Gwen! Ok, that's mean and you write her so brilliantly I want to shake my computer to try and get a bit of sense into her!
Ianto has such a wonderful presence in this and i'm so pleased there is a glimmer of hope for him and Jack...

Love this!

Hope all goes well at the hospital xxx

Edited at 2011-03-27 10:23 pm (UTC)
Let's just say it's going to be harder for her to get away with things from now on. Jack's not going to put up with it, now that he's working to get Ianto back.

They do have work to do, but you know they'll get there. :)

Thanks! And thanks again for the good wishes. *hugs*
Bravo Jack bravo

Why do I have feeling that Gwen is still going to do something stupid?
Um..because she's Gwen? *winks*
We will be issuing everyone a big stick to hit Gwen with...Cuz I don't think she's done, do you?
Now, you don't want to hurt those poor sticks, do you? *grins*
I vote for the retcon. I doubt Gwen will ever choose the planet over her idea of what's right...

love Jack backing Ianto and actually being the Boss he should've been from the first -at least where Gwen's concerned.
We'll see... :)
Love the installment - and best wishes to your mother.
Thanks for both, I appreciate it. :)
Even the threat of Retcon isn't going to stop that woman from climbing on her moral high horse. I only hope Ianto and Jack can do enough damage control before it all goes to hell.

Best of luck for the coming week.
Gwen's moral high-horse must be getting saddle-burn by now...

Thanks a lot.
Love every bit of this chapter and Gwen is so thick and I am sure she will endanger them again!
Gwen hasn't had the last word, I'll say that much.

Oh please somebody put a gag on her! Or even better don;t wait for her to screw it all up and just retcon her back to her nappies.

Glad that Jack and Ianto are getting somewhere again.

Hope all goes well with your mum.
We'll see what happens...although the gag idea isn't a bad one!

Thanks, I appreciate it. :)
Oh god, I hope Gwen listens
Well, I will say she heard it, but whether she listened or not...
Please Jack..Don't wait for it to go epically wrong. Retcon Gwen back to her nappies.
Oh and uh...don't hurt Rhys, or I'll haunt you For a very long time!
Epically wrong? Hm...

I would never hurt Rhys, I promise.
Hmmm...you seem to imply that Gwen isn't going to listen to Jack. I'm shocked! (Ok not really). What part of DESTROY HUMANITY doesn't she understand?
We'll see what she does in the next chapter. :)
Hope your mother's catheterization goes well. I had one a few years ago.

I'm actually hoping the fairies with get out the rose petals the next time they go after Gwen. No Gwen is a good Torchwood. She won't listen to Ianto since she knows he's not "human" and when has she actually listened to Jack? Jack is an idiot if he still thinks she's more human than the rest of the team. She knows nothing about Torchwood life. I never understood Jack's mollycoddling of her.

Thanks, it did, and she's home now. Hopefully she'll be fine for a while.

Well, Jack is beginning to see the light, so it's safe to say he won't let her get away with things anymore...unless he doesn't catch her at it, of course. We'll see what she does in the next chapter. :)
I wish a speedy recovery for your Mom

Gwen is gwen !! and I'm sure she did not really hear what they said: because Ianto is not human.
and Jack .... she was hired by him for his humanity ,so, she think she have right!
Retcon is a good idea, but on the other hand, she is excellent to annoy us! and make us wait anxiously following chapters
Thanks, she's home now and seems to be doing fine. We're hoping nothing else comes up anytime soon.

Yes, there's no one like Gwen. And yes, you're right...she's excellent at annoying people. We'll see what she does in the next chapter.
I hope everything goes well for your Mother. And don't worry about updates, you can take all the time you need.

I really liked this chapter, I love how every scene ups the tension and everything flows so perfectly. And I have a really bad feeling of foreboding now after Ianto's last words.
Thanks, Mom is home and doing better. We're hoping she's going to be fine for a while now.

I'm glad you like the chapter. Foreboding? Me? Would I do that? *winks*
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