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Myfanwy 2

November 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Harvest - Chapter Two

The Harvest - Chapter Two
: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto (implied); Gwen/Owen, Gwen/Rhys (mentioned)
Warnings: Horror, angst, language, violence
Spoilers: Up through Torchwood S1, E6, "Countrycide"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note: This is based on the episode "Countrycide", although adapted to the Dragon-Verse.  Once again, the dating is taken from several fan-made chronologies and from the TARDIS Index File. 

Summary:  The team head out to the Brecon Beacons, where they investigate a spate of mysterious disappearances.


30 October 2007


The corpse was disgusting.

Ianto had seen its like before, but only with game animals.  This was obviously human though, and it was just wrong that it looked as if someone or something had cleaned and dressed the body, as if in preparation for storage.  It was just drawing insects, which meant it hadn’t been there long. 

He turned away.  He may have been a carnivore himself, but that didn’t mean he enjoyed looking at dead bodies.

His mind wandered back to camp, before they’d all found themselves called away by an upset Gwen.  After that silly snogging game – and Ianto didn’t really like that word, to be honest – he’d seen it, as Jack had pretended to lean casually against the SUV, that he’d somehow hurt the immortal.  It had surprised him, and the dragon had wanted to apologize for it, but Jack had cut him off.  The thing was, Jack had been the one to try to dance around the subject; he apparently hadn’t counted on two of his team assuming that Ianto himself was the “non-human lifeform” that Jack had asked about. 

And Ianto had been truthful: dragons didn’t kiss.  His kind had never developed that expression of affection, so he hadn’t lied about that.  But, they hadn’t asked about what he did in human form…and the last person he’d kissed like that had been Jack, although that had been almost as long ago since Toshiko had shared a kiss with Owen.   He was surprised that Jack had remembered it, let alone that he hadn’t expected Ianto to have kissed anyone else.

And then, Gwen had run in and interrupted them, just ask the dragon had thought Jack was going to say something fairly important.

Owen’s voice pulled him back to the investigation, and Ianto cursed himself for not concentrating.

“Male,” Owen said, from his position kneeling next to the body, “late 40’s, early 50’s.  Wasn’t killed here, there’s no sign of blood spatter or signs of a struggle.  I’d say he was brought here after he’d died.”

“Why do that?” Gwen asked.  “It’s not like whoever it was, was trying to bury him here.”

Ianto had to admit it was a good question.  And, if it was some sort of hunter, then why leave his kill behind?  Why go to all the trouble to prepare the carcass, only to drop it at the first sign of trouble?  It didn’t make any sense.

“Maybe you disturbed them,” Toshiko suggested. 

“Maybe it’s a warning,” Ianto added. 

“What?  Marking their territory?” Jack asked, squatting next to Owen.  “There are some alien species that do that sort of thing, so it’s possible. “  He turned to the medic.  “Cause of death?”

“Impossible to say,” he answered, using a small probe to poke at various parts of the corpse.  “The body’s been stripped of its flesh and bodily organs.  All that’s left is this carcass.”

“Could it be Weevils?” Gwen asked.

“Nope,” Jack answered.  “Weevils don’t come out this far.”  He stood.  “No, more like another alien race entirely.”

“Hunting,” the dragon murmured.

Jack looked at him sharply.  “I’d have to agree with that – “

A sudden noise interrupted the captain’s response; to Ianto, it sounded exactly like – “The SUV,” he snapped, turning and starting to run back toward camp.

He could hear Jack racing beside him, as Ianto barreled through the trees.  He caught sight of the camp quickly, and he cursed under his breath as he saw the SUV crash into the tents, knocking them to the ground, and then backing up and proceeding to demolish the rest of their supplies.  It avoided the fire pit, for which Ianto was grateful; he didn’t want to have to deal with the damage rolling over the stones he’d used to build it would cause.

Whoever was driving the SUV cleared the campsite, and headed toward the road.

Jack let loose an incoherent shout of pure rage, and Ianto couldn’t blame him.  None of them would catch the vehicle on foot…

He put on a burst of speed, reaching into himself and triggering the transformation from human to dragon.

Ianto felt the power swirling around him, and as soon as his wings were out he was launching himself into the air, hoping to be able to stop whoever it was who was stealing their SUV.  Three powerful wing strokes and he was slicing through the air, slowing gaining on their transport.

He knew, once it reached the open road, the dragon wouldn’t be able to catch up, and so it had to be while it was still maneuvering over uneven ground and couldn’t gain its full speed.  He flattened his body as much as he could, knowing that being so close to the ground while trying to fly would make it more difficult to gain speed, and so wanted to decrease drag as much as he could.

The dragon wasn’t about to let the thief – or thieves – get away.

Within three more wing beats he had caught up, and thoughts of how he was going to actually get them to stop imposed themselves.  There were two things he could actually do, and while outracing the vehicle, then landing in front of it, would be the simplest the dragon didn’t relish getting hit by a reinforced SUV going as fast as it could over bad terrain.  And so, he did the only thing he could.

He dropped down onto the roof of the vehicle.

His rear claws scrabbled for purchase on the roof, while his front claws missed entirely and came down onto the SUV’s bonnet, rocking the entire suspension. 

The SUV’s design had been a joint effort, between Jack, Suzie, and Toshiko, back right after the technician had come to work for Torchwood.  Jack had decided they’d needed a better vehicle than the panel van they’d been using, and so the three had sat down to discuss just what they’d require.  Ianto had bowed out, not knowing much about ephemeral vehicles besides how to drive them, but he’d been the one to suggest the heavy-duty suspension.  Jack had added the idea of reinforced roll bars and body panels, and later on the captain had said it was because some day it might have to serve as a dragon perch.  Although it had been in a joking manner, little had Jack known he’d be speaking the truth.

The dragon knew he could have the scratches in the paint repaired, but there was no way he was going to let anyone steal their vehicle.

However, he failed to take into account Newton’s First Law of Motion:

An object in motion tends to remain in motion, unless acted upon by an external force.

He remembered it suddenly as whoever was driving the SUV slammed on the brakes.

The dragon tried to keep his grip, but ended tumbling tail over snout over the bonnet of the SUV.  He landed painfully on his back, the wind pushed out of his lungs with such force a small bout of flame escaped from his snout as he forcibly exhaled.  His head smacked into the vehicle’s grill, and while the dragon had an extremely hard skull, he still saw a few stars.

He tried to move, but a sudden sharp pain along one wing had him on his back once more.  A stray thought told him that whoever was in the driver’s seat could very well try to roll the SUV over him to get out of the way, but the sound of footsteps running away put paid to that notion.  The dragon wanted to get up and go after them, but all he could do was turn just enough to make out who was leaving the scene.

The dragon blinked.  That couldn’t be right…

More footsteps came from the direction he’d come from, and he realized it must be the team.  He heard someone yell his name; it was Jack, and the immortal came skidding around the bonnet of the SUV, his eyes wide in surprise. 

“That way,” the dragon managed to get out, around his attempts to get his breathing back under control.  He pointed toward the direction of the fleeing thief.

Jack nodded, and took off in the direction indicated, followed by Gwen.  Both had guns out, and another vague thought passed through telling him that he really needed to go over basic gun safety with the woman when they got back, because with the way she was holding the weapon, if she tripped Jack was liable to get a bullet in the back…

Owen and Toshiko appeared in his line of sight.  “Why aren’t you up yet, Dragon Boy?” the medic said, trying to sound sarcastic but ended up more concerned than anything else.

“Just…catching my breath,” the dragon answered, finally able to draw enough oxygen into his lungs.

“Yeah, well, that was an impressive tumble you took.  Keep down and let me check you out.”

“I’m fine,” the dragon argued.  “Nothing much can hurt me, remember?”

“Then why aren’t you off chasing the fucker who stole the SUV?”

“Like I said, just had the wind knocked out of me.  I’m just fine.  How did they manage to get ahold of it, anyway?”  The dragon made to roll over onto his front…

And hissed in pain as he tried to move his right wing.

He craned his head around, and grimaced as he saw the tear in the skin along the third major vane, blood gathering around the wound.  While as a dragon he was, indeed, very hard to injure, his wings were the most delicate part of his body, and were more prone to damage. 

Owen must have noticed at the same time, judging by the “Shit!” that escaped him.  Toshiko gasped, resting her hand on the dragon’s shoulder. 

“Well,” the dragon said, “that’s unexpected.”

“Stay still,” Owen snapped.  “Tosh, get me my kit out of the back.”  The technician hastened to obey.  “Okay, I’m gonna need to stitch that up.  You know how you did it?”

The dragon sighed.  “Only thing I remember is flying over the bonnet.  Then, of course, being flat on my back.”

The medic circled the dragon’s prone body, to get better access to the torn wing.  “So much for nothing hurting you.”  He sounded almost pleased by the circumstances.  He crouched by the area of damage.  “I’ll get the bleeding stopped, then we can take care of the stitches.  This gonna to affect you shape-changing?”

The dragon considered.  “Shouldn’t think so.”  One of the first things Toshiko had wanted to do when she’d found out that he was a dragon, was to test to see where all the extra mass – including wings – went when Ianto was in human form.  All of her instruments had shown was the power in the change itself, and nothing about what exactly happened when he changed.  It was still a mystery.  And, as he’d never changed while a wing had been damaged, he could only assume he would be fine.

“Here, Owen.” Toshiko passed the medical kit to the kneeling medic, who accepted it with a murmured thanks. 

“I’m gonna have to numb this up,” Owen said. 

“I don’t think you’ll get a hypodermic needle through the skin,” the dragon answered.

Footsteps drew all their attention back toward the direction the thief had taken; it was Jack, followed closely by Gwen, coming back from their chase.  “Got away from us,” Jack panted, leaning against the bonnet close to the dragon’s head.  “And why aren’t you up yet, Ianto?”

“Dragon Boy hurt himself with that stunt,” Owen answered acerbically.

“I see that.”  Jack rested his hand on the side of the dragon’s snout, stroking lightly.  “So much for being indestructible.”

The dragon sighed, enjoying the gentle touch.  He would never get tired of the way Jack touched him, in either dragon or human form.  “Next time I’ll let someone else fly off after the SUV.  How did it get stolen, anyway?”

Jack’s eyes turned…toward Owen.   The medic, who was busily preparing a hypodermic, rolled his eyes.  “I’m sorry, okay?  I left the keys in the boot when we were unloading.”

“What happened to basic security protocols?” the dragon asked sharply.  This was inexcusable.  They could have lost the SUV, along with all of the highly secret equipment inside.   Much of that equipment was irreplaceable, and if someone figured out how to use it…there was no telling what damage might have been done.

“I was busy, all right?  And if you don’t quit bitching at me, I’m gonna do a crap job with this!  I ballsed up.  I’m only human…unlike a certain Second who had to tear himself up chasing after the damned car.”

“Looks like the body wasn’t a warning,” Jack mused, still stroking the dragon’s snout.  “More like a decoy.”

That was worrying.  It would mean…

“That would mean we’ve been watched since we arrived,” Gwen echoed the dragon’s own thoughts.

“Ianto,” Jack said, “did you get a look at whoever took the SUV?”

“I did,” the dragon answered, wincing as Owen started patching up his wing.  “Jack…it looked human.”




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This is soooooo good, love your take on this.

Oh Ianto has sore wing, please can i be first in line to kis it better?

Haha! You might want to stand behind Jack to do that... *grins*
Ohhhh, poor Ianto. I'm with Eva, we need to start the line to kiss him better. (and if Jack gets in the way we'll just shoot him, it's not like he won't come back *grins*)
Haha! I can see it now...as the line forms, the gun gets passed back, and each time Jack comes back someone else takes a turn... *winks*
Yay! More Countrycide! I like the changes you made in dealing with Ianto as a dragon. Them going into this knowning that the villagers are human changes the entire scenario of the episode. Can't wait to find out what other changes have been made!
Thanks a lot!

Yes, even the notion that they're dealing with something human - or at least humanoid - does change the game a bit. We'll see how much in the next couple of chapters.

I have a few more changes in mind. *winks*
Really nice update! your twist to the episode is sooooooooooooo good!
So is there any waiting list around for kissing Ianto better? Btw, I wouldn't care to shoot the Captain, did my own shooting some years ago ....... ;)
Thanks a lot!

Eva is starting one, so just step up! *laughs*
Aww poor hurt Ianto. That was awesome
Thanks! You know I really don't like hurting him...
Ooooo exciting now and poor Ianto comes a cropper in dragon form. I hope sometime that Jack will kiss him better.
Yes he does. Well, they'll have to get through this adventure, but I'm sure Jack wouldn't mind taking care of him. :)
Poor Ianto!
In any case he managed to retrieve the SUV.
We see that it is anxious to protect his : even after the shock, it still has the mind to realize that Gwen hold his evil weapon!
So it is Owen who left the keys and he sews up the wing ... He better not bother him.

PS: where is the tail to give a kiss healing ?
Ianto did get the SUV back, and we'll see how him being hurt affects the mission.

Eva started a kissing line, but you may have to keep Jack down to do it! *grins*
You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

Well, I'm not really sure what you mean by this, but thanks!
Ahhh poor Ianto. Hope he is okay. Fantastic Chapter!!! can't wait for the next one. :)
I'm sure Jack will like to take care of him! :)

We'll see if him being hurt will affect the mission in a bit. Thanks!
ianto would not be happy with us shooting jack maybe we could comprise we kiss the the owie better and jack kisses his dragon snout and rubs the good wing.
That's a great compromise! I'm sure that would make Ianto feel a lot better! *grins*
I offer to hold Jack down while Evalentine kisses the wing better...
Haha! I'm sure she'd return the favor, too! *laughs*
Aaagggrr Lj ate my first comment!

Another fantastic chapter and I love that Jack is stroking Ianto's snout after he's injured...
D xxx
Silly LJ!

Thanks! Jack just wants to make it better!
This is getting very exciting! Ianto catches the SUV. I wonder if he will be able to change back into human form. Maybe he should just stay in dragon form. Then the team would have a very, very big and hot weapon to confront the humanoids with.

Haha! Yes, but it's hard for a dragon to sneak around... :)
Now that's good, I've read a lot of Countrycide do-overs but hardly any had them figuring out they were humans that early. I'm writing one at mo where my Ianto has suspicions but this... wow. Is it really bad to say I loved the topple he took? Hate to admit but it makes it even better knowing there is risk for him, not death but hurt. Of course, there's been plenty of that emotionally already. Grins. Anyway I just love this and I'm gonna go read the next one. Bye.
Thanks! I'm glad you liked the part where they begin to realize just who's behind this. And no, it's fine to love the tumble. Ianto can be hurt, it's just really hard to do it. And it does have consequences later.
Very nice morphing from canon into Dragon-Verse. Looking forward to seeing how the episode plays out.

Keep writing.

Thanks, glad you liked it! I do hope you like the rest. :)
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