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Myfanwy 2

November 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Harvest - Chapter Five

The Harvest - Chapter Five
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto (implied); Gwen/Owen, Gwen/Rhys (mentioned)
Warnings: Horror, angst, language, violence
Spoilers: Up through Torchwood S1, E6, "Countrycide"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note: This is based on the episode "Countrycide", although adapted to the Dragon-Verse.  Once again, the dating is taken from several fan-made chronologies and from the TARDIS Index File. 

Summary:  The team head out to the Brecon Beacons, where they investigate a spate of mysterious disappearances.


30 October 2007


Jack led the way toward the next building, and although he could guess what they’d find, he still thought it would be a good idea to check it out.   It was a house, two stories, the stone not as well kept as it could have been with lichen and vines growing from the cracks between each stone.  It looked to be as abandoned as any of the other buildings in the village, and the immortal couldn’t help but grip his Webley tighter.

The three approached the front door cautiously, Jack making sure he was on point.  The curtains were drawn across the windows, leaving the house looking blank. 

It was a plain wooden door, and it also had a dilapidated look to it, the green paint peeling in the chill, damp air.  He was about to motion Gwen and Owen to take each side, but Gwen jumped out ahead, and before Jack could stop her she’d tried the knob.

“It’s locked,” she murmured.

Jack rolled his eyes.  “Take the right, Gwen; Owen, you take the left.  I’ll try to open it myself.”  Was Gwen trying to get herself killed?  It made more sense that he go first, and try to open the door.  After all, anything that might come out at them couldn’t kill him for long.

At least she did as he ordered, resting her back against the wall.  Owen did the same, as Jack tried the door once more.  The lock must have been as old as the building; it just took a little bit of strength to force it open, only to have the door stopped by a chain that could only have been hooked from the inside.

That gave Jack a bit of hope that someone had survived whatever had happened there.  He tried to press his eye to the gap between door and jamb, but could see nothing.  He glanced at his teammates; they both looked ready, if not a little freaked out.  Owen was calmer than Gwen, but that only made sense.

Jack gave a little push, and the chain gave way far too easily.  It had to have been as old as the lock, and judging from the softness of the wood in the jamb, he wondered if the house had ever really been secured that much in the past.  Well, that made sense; villages like this were most likely used to keeping their doors and windows open to their neighbors, not expecting trouble.

Gun firmly in hand, Jack entered the house.

There was a loud bang, followed by sharp pain all along his right side.

Suddenly, all Jack could see was the darkening sky.

He heard yelling; Owen was telling someone to ‘put the gun down’, repeating himself a couple of times…at least that’s what Jack thought was happening.  The sky was blocked by Gwen’s scared face, her hair tickling his cheeks as she bent over him.

Jack blinked, coming back to himself.  He gasped, moving his hand toward the throbbing agony in his side.  A quick feel revealed wetness.  “Shit,” he moaned, “I hate getting shot.”

A terrified voice was practically screaming.  “I thought you were them!  I thought they’d found me!”

“Help me up,” he ordered Gwen.  With her support, Jack regained his feet, swaying as the pain increased.  It felt as if his entire side was on fire, and he clamped his hand as hard as he could against the wound to keep it from bleeding too badly.  The last thing Jack wanted to do was to die of exsanguination.  “Damn, Ianto’s going to put me on decaf for getting blood all over the coat again.”

Gwen laughed; it sounded vaguely hysterical.  “I think that’s the last thing you have to worry about, Jack.”

“Just wait until it happens to you, and you won’t be so glib about it.”  Jack straightened as best he could, heading into the house with Gwen’s help.   “What do we have?” he demanded.

Owen had his gun on a young man – boy, really – who was sitting on an ugly paisley patterned chair.  He was unkempt, his hair stringy and his eyes wide with terror.  Tears were tracking down his dirty face as he stared at Jack.  “I’m sorry,” the kid moaned, “I thought you were them!”

“Who?” Jack asked sharply.   “Who did you think we were?”

“Jesus, Jack,” Owen swore.  “Gwen, cover the cowboy here while I patch up our fearless leader before he bleeds to death.”

Jack was handed off to the medic, who steered him deeper into the house.  Jack let him, the agony throbbing through him in time with his heartbeat.  “Why couldn’t he have been a better shot and killed me?”

“Quit whining, Harkness.  This is why you hired me.”

They found themselves in the kitchen.  Owen cleared off the table, maneuvering the immortal onto it.  Jack complied, knowing that Owen had a point, and this wasn’t the worst he’d ever been hurt without actually dying.   By this time tomorrow, he’d be completely healed at his abnormally quick rate.

Owen snapped on rubber gloves from his kit, then lifted both of Jack’s shirts.  “Okay, this isn’t so bad.  Dragon Boy is gonna do worse to you, when he sees the blood on your coat.”

Jack laughed.  “Decaf.”

“Most likely.  Better you than me.  Now, lay still and I’m gonna dig this buckshot out so you can heal cleanly.”

Buckshot?  Well, that would explain the spray pattern of pain he was feeling.  “Just do it,” he gritted out, readying himself.

“Most of the shot is near the surface,” Owen reported as he rooted around in his med-kit for what he’d need.  “Another inch to the left and you’d be gasping back to life and freaking out Annie Oakley even more than he already is.” 

“That would have been preferable.”

“You’re such a sissy.”  Owen held up a hypodermic.  “I’m going to numb the area, then get started.”

“Isn’t this where you quip about feeling a small prick?”

“Are you kidding?  I’ve worked with you long enough to know what sort of shit I’d be in for if I said anything of the sort.”   

Jack barely felt the needle past the burning of the wounds.  Whatever was in the shot seemed to take effect almost immediately, and the pain faded to a dull ache.   “That’s some good stuff.”

“Actually, it’s what I used on Ianto when I stitched him up,” Owen answered, holding up a pair of  forceps so Jack could see what he planned on doing next.  “I figure with your hyper metabolism I’d want to use the best for you.”

That was probably a good thing, Jack supposed, as he felt Owen begin to dig out the pellets.  He glanced up; Gwen was also in the kitchen, her eyes wide in shock, with the kid who’d shot him standing beside her, his face pale.  He raised his head in order to pin the kid with what Ianto called his “Captain’s Glare.”  It seemed to work; the boy cringed.   “What’s going on here?” Jack asked, trying not to grunt as the medic did his work.

The kid shook his head.  “My Mum won’t know what happened!  They weren’t expecting me back until after the weekend!”  His voice was tinged with more than a little hysteria.

“Look, we’ll get you home – “

“What are you gonna do?  You can’t fight them!  They’re too strong!”

“Who are ‘they’?” Jack demanded.

The kid didn’t reply; he seemed to be in more shock than Jack was, and he didn’t have the benefit of a shitload of buckshot pellets in him.

“What about the others?” Gwen asked. 

“We’re still meeting them at the village green,” Jack answered.  He looked over at Owen.  “You about done?”

“Just about…there, the last one.”  The medic held up the forceps, showing off the rather large pellet.  He tossed it aside, the sound of it skittering across the floor loud in the sudden silence.  “I’ll bandage you up, and we’ll be ready to go.”

Jack didn’t say anything; he simply laid back, his eyes on the ceiling.  A spider had taken up residence on the fixture, and the web it had woven swayed slightly. 

He was worried about Tosh and Ianto.  The kid they’d found seemed too much in shock to even answer anything coherently, and he’d be of no use whatsoever.  That meant they wouldn’t get any understanding of what was going on in the village from him, and Jack didn’t like not knowing what was going on.

He could only hope that Ianto and Tosh hadn’t run into any trouble.  Jack trusted the dragon to look after her, and vice versa.  After all, they weren’t children.  They knew how to look out for each other.

“Done,” Owen said, stepping back.  He pulled off the gloves, tossing them negligently in the corner, then offered Jack a hand up.

Jack accepted, staggering slightly on regaining his feet.   Gwen handed him back his weapon, and Jack tucked it into his greatcoat pocket, not wanting to exacerbate his wound any more by trying to wrestle it into its holster.     “Let’s go find Ianto and Tosh,” he growled, angry once more that he hadn’t been killed outright. 

“If they’re still alive,” the kid rambled.  Then he flinched.  “Sorry.”

Jack didn’t want to think about that.  The dragon could handle just about anything flung at him, and Toshiko was the most scary resourceful person he’d ever met.  He just knew they’d be fine, but at that moment Jack just wanted to locate them, then get the hell out of Brynblaidd.  Once gone, they could call the local coppers and get them in to clean up.  At least seventeen disappearances could be linked to the area, and at least three bodies to this village alone.  Jack didn’t hold out any hope that any of the missing were still alive, except for this kid.

Jack was in desperate need of information, and this boy was the closest he was going to get to a source.

They made their way out of the house, and back into the main street.  Jack shook loose Owen’s support, choosing to walk beside their new friend.  “What’s your name?” he asked casually, hoping to calm the kid down enough to get something out of him.

He looked surprised at being asked.  “Kieran,” he answered uncertainly.

“Kieran…okay.  I’m Jack.  That’s Owen, and Gwen.  We’re gonna get out of this.  Trust me.”

Kieran shuddered.  “I’m scared…”

Jack tried to smile reassuringly at him, and it seemed to work, judging from the faint smile he got back.  “Yeah, I know you are.”

“I’m really sorry I shot you.”

Jack shrugged.  “This?  Had worse from shaving.  You’re a crappy shot.”  You didn’t kill me, he thought, a little spitefully.  Then he regretted it; Ianto hated it when he died, but being shot meant he wasn’t at 100%, and that could lead to more danger for his team. 

“Never picked up a shotgun before.  Found that one in a closet in that house.  Just had to defend myself.”  Kieran was still nervy, apparent from the jerky way he was speaking.

Jack looked around, scanning for threats.  It was getting darker, and a cold wind was starting to blow along the deserted road.  Owen had moved to walk in front of them, his gun pointed at the ground, doing his own visual search of the area.  Gwen walked beside Kieran, her eyes going from the boy to their surroundings, and Jack realized he’d have to train her on basic security routines.  

The pain in his side was coming back, his metabolism already working through the painkiller Owen had given him.  It seemed to heighten his awareness, and not for the first time since arriving Jack was feeling as if he was being watched.  He slid his Webley from his pocket, holding it down at his side, his eyes flicking at the buildings as they passed.

The SUV was parked where they’d left it; the keys were safely in the captain’s pocket this time.  But it wasn’t alone.

A panda car had pulled in behind it.  A constable wearing the familiar bright yellow hi-visibility jacket was leaning toward the passenger-side window, trying to look inside the SUV.  Jack watched as he pulled away, knowing the man had been disappointed because of the one-way tint on all the windows.  

There was something off about it.

Gwen sighed in relief, and would have greeted the copper, but Jack hissed at her.  She turned to look at him, confusion on her face.  “It’s a constable,” she said.

“Yeah, looks like it,” Jack muttered, “but why is he interested in the SUV when there’s an entire abandoned village to investigate?”

“You don’t think – “ Owen began, but he went quiet as the copper noticed their approach.

 The man was young, and he smiled as the quartet approached.  Kieran was looking decidedly spooked, and Jack couldn’t blame him.  “Good evening,” he greeted.  “Who are you, please?”

“Special Ops,” Jack answered, hiding his gun behind a fold in his coat.  Gwen and Owen still had theirs out, but Gwen had hers hanging at her side.  Only Owen was still alert.   Yes, there was definitely going to be some training after this.

The constable looked confused.  “Don’t know why there’d be Special Ops here.  You break down or something?”

“Or something.  Do you know where all the villagers are?”  Jack decided bluntness was best, hoping to catch the man out.

 “Sure,” he answered cordially.  “They’re all up at the Big House.”  He motioned over his shoulder; there was a rather large building mostly hidden behind some trees at the far end of the village, in the direction that Ianto and Tosh had gone.  The only reason Jack was seeing it now were the lights coming on within.  “There’s a village meeting tonight, that’s why I’m here.  Constabulary report.  I saw the big car parked and decided to check it out.”

The panda car must have come up from the opposite end of town, Jack realized, or else he and his group would have heard it.  “There’s more going on here than just a village meeting,” he snapped. 

“We’ve found bodies,” Gwen out in.  “Butchered bodies, at the inn, and in a vacant house down the road.”

Jack heard Owen say something nasty under his breath, and he wanted to add to it.  Gwen had worked with law enforcement long enough that she trusted it completely, and she wasn’t seeing that something was definitely wrong with this situation.

“You mean the Harvest,” the constable answered, smiling. "I know all about it."

He was in on it.

And Jack realized that the entire village of Brynblaidd had to be part of what was going on.




Great chapter. So Jack got shot this time around and Gwen is stil an idiot. Oh well, maybe she can get the cleaver in the next chapter.

Looking forward to the next one. I check back every day to see when you update. I really am enjoying this series.
Thanks! It never made sense to me that Jack would let Gwen go first, since he was immortal and all.

Next chapter should be up Thursday, I'm thinking, and will be dragon meets cannibals. Chaos ensues.
Possibly a muzzle for Gwen? Sometimes I like the character, and sometimes I just want to sew her lips together. Honestly, that woman just doesn't think before she opens her gob.

You're right - it doesn't make sense that she would go in first, if Jack is right there with her. If he's going to bounce back (regardless that the rest of the team doesn't know about him on the actual show), if he cares about them, he'd go first. Those writers were not very consistent.
Ooh, kinky! *winks*

I agree with you completely. Jack cares for his team; he's always going to go first into dangerous situations. Even if he weren't immortal, I see him as doing that.

Great and yes jack would go first. Loving this version.

Jack cares for his team, so he's automatically going to protect them, whether he was immortal or not. :)
That was great, I like the little changes you're making
Thanks! I'm glad the changes make sense. :)
Lucky for Jack he got the good stuff..But yeah, Ianto will be very pissed off about the coat.
Oh yeah, Ianto's not going to be happy at all. :)
I'm loving this universe - and especially this fic. :)Slightly worried about Ianto and Tosh though - even if Ianto is a dragon. He is injured...
Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it.

We get to Ianto and Tosh next chapter. Then we get to see how cannibals react to a dragon crashing their Harvest. :)
thank you for fix-it to some of the things that never made sense in that episode. gwen going through the door first instead of jack. despite losing contact with ianto & tosh the lack of concern. agree with jack about the need for retraining ,cough gwen cough, about basic security procedures. gwen didn't find it odd that the only person they find in the village is frightened teen? the fact that there were no children or pets and the pc has a glib answer as to were the people are?
Thanks! Glad you liked my fix-its. Yeah, the whole Gwen getting shot thing always bothered me, because Jack would have so been the first one through that door.

And yes, Gwen's not suspicious enough yet. :)
Gwen isn't still somewhat cautious!
What is good is that Jack realizes
I'm naughty: You should have let her take the shot!
Nope Gwen hadn't learned yet, but there's a certain dragon who will be glad to teach her. :)

Haha! I did think about it, but thought it was out of character for Jack to let her.
You shot Jack? But but but...Gwen getting shot was my favorite part of the episode! (I AM that sad, yes.) I guess I can forgive you THIS time :)
Great chapter!
I'm sorry.. *hugs*

But it was so out of character for Jack to let her go in first, I just had to change it. And thank you for forgiving me.

ok, blowing the whistle on Gwen - please feed her to the villagers - drug them if necessary!!!
Great chapter - love all the changes...so adore this verse! *hugs* xxx
I know they're cannibals, but isn't feeding Gwen to them a bit harsh? LOL!

Thanks hon! *hugs*
I hope Jack follows through on training Gwen. She's more of a handicap right now. Now what's Jack going to do about the situation?

Keep writing!

She really is, but we'll see about the training. :)

Wow, Jack got shot! Poor lamb...

Gwen really needs a lecture on proper procedure when they get back. ;)
You know he'll be okay though it really stung.

Gwen needs something, yeah. :)