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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Harvest - Chapter Six

The Harvest - Chapter Six
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto (implied); Gwen/Owen, Gwen/Rhys (mentioned)
Warnings: Horror, angst, language, violence
Spoilers: Up through Torchwood S1, E6, "Countrycide"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note: This is based on the episode "Countrycide", although adapted to the Dragon-Verse.  Once again, the dating is taken from several fan-made chronologies and from the TARDIS Index File. 

A/N2: Sorry, I meant to have this up yesterday, but a combination of a sinus attack and a twelve hour work day meant I just couldn't face the keyboard.  Hope this was worth the wait.

Summary:  The team head out to the Brecon Beacons, where they investigate a spate of mysterious disappearances.


30 October 2007


It was a bit boring waiting for something to happen.

Ianto and Tosh passed the time by trying to work out ways to get past the very large metal door that blocked the exit.

“How are you at calculating target stress points?”  Ianto mused, trying to get comfortable on the crate he was sitting on.  He was doing his best to ignore the refrigerator humming quietly to itself, but it stayed at the corner of his mind like an itch he couldn’t reach.   “Find the weakest point, a bit of brute force…”  And he would be volunteering the brute force part.

Toshiko shook her head, her hair accidentally flapping in his face.  She was sitting next to him, huddled up close to his side, in order to share the dragon’s somewhat unnatural – for a human – body heat.   “Nice thought,” she answered, “but it’s reinforced.”

“How about the hinges?” Ianto mused.

“That might work.  There are plenty of things we could use as tools in here.”  Toshiko laughed.  “You know, they really didn’t count on holding a pair of Torchwood operatives, did they?” 

Ianto snorted.  It was true.  He and Tosh could have escaped from this room if they’d wanted to.  But both of them were waiting; waiting to see just who was behind all this.  It was still mind boggling that it was actually cannibals.  That had been the very last thing Ianto had expected.

He shifted slightly, trying to get into a more comfortable position.  His shoulder was really beginning to throb, and he promised himself that he’d ask Owen for those painkillers next time.  He didn’t think the injury would affect his performance once they got out of their prison, but it was bothersome.  The last time he’d been injured had been when he and Jack had tried to tackle an alien who spat pure acid; Ianto had had several very painful burns but Jack had been killed.

Once Jack had come to mind, Ianto couldn’t help but wonder if the immortal had learned about the presence of the cannibals yet.  He was worried about the other members of the team, but he knew Jack would look after them. 

But then, a horrible thought came to him: what if the cannibals discovered that Jack couldn’t die? 

“Are you all right?’ Toshiko asked, looking at him.

Of course, she was close, she would have felt the shiver that thought would have caused.  “Just…a thought I don’t think I want to share at the moment,” he answered, not certain if anyone could hear their conversation.

She seemed to catch the hint; she went back to looking at the door.  “You know,” she said, “some of those bolts look a bit rusty.  I bet we could pry a few out.”

Ianto didn’t get a chance to answer.  The tiny window in the door slid open with a little squeal, and light filtered in from the hallway outside.

They both stiffened as the door itself opened with an even louder squeal.  They remained sitting, letting whoever it was fully enter the room.

It was a woman, and if Ianto was any judge she was one of the villagers.  She was an older lady, her hair wild about her face.  She looked scared; but her eyes told a different story, as did the rifle she was carrying.  It was obvious the fear was an act, possibly to put them at ease.

She seemed a bit nonplused to have her two prisoners sitting calmly, but she recovered quickly.  “I’m not gonna hurt you,” she said, even as she held the gun in their direction.

“You have a rather large rifle,” Toshiko pointed out mildly. 

That calm response rattled the woman even more.  “Were you injured?  When they took you?  Can I see?  I’m a nurse.”  Her caring tone just sounded false.

There was no way Ianto was going to let that woman get anywhere near himself and Toshiko.   “Just a couple of bruises,” he said, brushing the offer aside.   He wondered why cannibals would care if they were hurt or not.

“Okay,” the woman answered, taking a step forward.  “Does anyone know you’re here?  Have you managed to call for help?”

Like they were going to admit that!   “We don’t need any help,” Ianto said glibly.  “So, what’s going on, anyway?  It’s obvious you people are cannibals.  Just how many have you butchered?”

Ianto didn’t think he could have surprised the woman more if he’d transformed in front of her.  She raised the rifle, any pretense of being frightened gone under the dragon’s pointed questioning.  “It’s the Harvest,” she answered, grinning almost madly.  “You’re just meat to us.”

The change in her almost made Ianto shiver, even though he’d suspected her fear was nothing but play-acting.  He kept his face calm, knowing that acting like everything was fine was the easiest way to throw someone off their guard.  “So, what so you intend to do with us?”

She waved the gun toward them.  “Get up,” she answered.  “We’re going for a walk.”


Ianto noticed the smell before Toshiko did; but then, his senses were strong, even dulled as they were by his human form.

The woman had taken them from their cell-like room, up a flight of steep stairs, and outside.  It was obvious they’d been in some sort of storage cellar before; but seeing the entrance to the underground bunker just confirmed that belief.   The cellar doors were behind a large manor house that had obviously seen better days.  The stone and brick of the house were pitted and eroded, and dirty with lichen.  The door their captor motioned them toward was just beyond the cellar entrance, and it had once been painted green until nature and weather had split and faded the original color to a muddy, opaque hue. 

Ianto took Tosh’s hand as they walked toward the door.  Certainly, it would have been childs’ play to disarm the woman, but Ianto still wanted to see who the leader was of the cannibals. 

The stench came from just beyond that door.

He glanced at Toshiko; she was looking at the door, trepidation on her pretty face.  He cursed himself; he shouldn’t be letting her walk into what was an obvious abattoir, judging from that horrible odor.  

Ianto just couldn’t do it.  He couldn’t put her in danger like that.

He squeezed Tosh’s hand, hoping she would get the hint, then let go.  Ianto then shifted slightly, wanting to give the impression that he was going to run.

He felt the muzzle of the rifle poke him in the lower back, the woman obviously picking up on his movement.  Her attention was on him, just where he wanted, and Ianto acted.

He spun quickly, and with a back-handed slap he knocked the rifle away from them.  He went to grab the weapon, managing to wrestle it from the woman’s grasp as Toshiko was moving, her fist taking their captor in the face and knocking her to the ground.

The woman stayed down.

Ianto turned to Toshiko, who stared down at the unmoving woman.  “Sorted,” she stated, nodding.

“Sorted,” Ianto agreed.  He was so proud of her, for being ready when he made his move. 

She grinned up at his fiercely.  “What say we get the others and get the hell out of here?”

“Very good idea,” the dragon agreed.  “But I want to make sure she doesn’t warn the others that we’ve escaped.  Head down to meet Jack, and tell him I’m on my way.”

Toshiko looked like she wanted to argue, but she nodded once.  Ianto handed her the rifle, then gave her a quick buss on the cheek.  “Off you go.”

She trotted off around the house, and it was only when Ianto had lost sight of her that he got to work.  He went to lift the unconscious woman…his shoulder instantly protested, but he saw it through, slinging her over his good shoulder and heading back toward the cellar, meaning to lock her in where he and Tosh has been.

He got her down there, dumping her not very carefully onto the filthy floor.  Ianto couldn’t bring himself to care about her; she was a cannibal, and ate her own kind.  That sort of thing was anathema to dragon-kind, and he couldn’t understand why someone would choose to do it.  It was evil, and wrong.

The heavy door shut and locked behind him, Ianto headed back up, meaning to follow Toshiko back to the middle of the village.  He’d closed the cellar, and was just past the door to the house and the horrible smell, when something slammed into his back.

The first blow was low, and would only leave a bruise.  It was the second strike, as Ianto was turning, that sent him to his knees…it hit right across his bad shoulder, in the area that had been hurting ever since he’d changed after damaging his wing.

Agony rolled through him in horrible waves that had his vision going white, then dark.  He was barely aware of another blow, this one across the back of his head, but it knocked him face-first in the grass. 

Ianto felt paralyzed by the pain.  His mind went muzzy with it, and he couldn’t concentrate.  He knew he was being lifted, he was aware of that, but he couldn’t see, and he couldn’t fight back. 

He was helpless.

Someone pulled on his right arm, yanking his injured shoulder, and Ianto couldn’t help but moan.  He was dragged, almost losing consciousness before being dropped onto something hard, which had to be a floor.  He was rolled over, landing once more on his painful shoulder, but this jolt cleared his vision.

A man was staring down at him, a manic glare on his ugly features.  “What have you done, meat?” he snarled, waving a wicked-looking cleaver in front of Ianto’s face.  “What have you done with my wife?”

Ianto didn’t answer.  He couldn’t.  He was still too stunned by the blows he’d taken. 

The cannibal bared his teeth, brandishing the cleaver.   “You’re just meat to us, boy,” he went on, “and we tenderize meat first before we bleed it.”

Then the man was gone, replaced by another, this one in a gray jumper…and Ianto’s brain recognized him as the man who’d stolen the SUV.   He held what registered to him as a baseball bat.

Ianto knew he had to get up.  It was obvious he was about to be beaten, and while it really wouldn’t damage him short-term, enough blows over an extended period of time could hurt him.  And if they kept striking his wounded shoulder, it could get even worse.

“There was a girl with him,” he heard the first cannibal say.  “We need to find her and bring her back.”

No.  Ianto couldn’t risk them going after Toshiko.  She was his friend, and he wasn’t about to watch as she was dragged back to face the fate that these sick bastards had in store for her.  He had to give her time to find Jack, and to get away.  He couldn’t let these cannibals find her, or the others.

Ianto really didn’t care what happened to him; but he would always protect his friends.

His dragon-friends.

With that thought, Ianto reached down deep within, where the spark of his magic lived.   Touched it, and triggered it…

But nothing happened.

Ianto panicked.  He couldn’t transform.  Something was blocking his magic.  Maybe it was the original injury; or maybe it was something else.  He didn’t know, but he had to do something.

Hands grabbed him, and pain shot through him once more at the rough handling.  Ianto tried once again to change into his dragon-form…

The magic flared to life, and he felt his very body twist and change, his bones realigning into their real shape.  His wings unfurled, and the pain from that was indescribable.  He could hear the screams and shouts of the cannibals as the transformation overtook him, and his agonized roar joined them as they echoed throughout the room he’d been dragged into.

He couldn’t completely stretch his wings; there wasn’t enough space within the cluttered room for that.  His tail was curled tightly against his body as well, and the dragon knew he’d made a mistake changing within that enclosed space.

But he hadn’t had a choice. 

He had to keep them there, and to protect Toshiko and his teammates. 

The dragon felt blows against his scaled body, and he couldn’t help but chuckle at the effort.  “You think your puny weapons can hurt me?” he laughed.  He couldn’t let them know just how badly he was injured; he tucked his damaged wing tightly against his side, hoping they wouldn’t notice the dark stitches in the leathery hide.

He inhaled, feeling his flame burst into life as his bellows-like lungs pulled in oxygen. 

The dragon lifted his head, and the flame escaped.   



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BADASS TOSH AND IANTO!!! YAY!! This is how it should have happened. They don't need Jack to come to their rescue!
I always did think that both Tosh and Ianto could have overpowered Helen Sherman easily, even if she was holding a rifle on them. They are not wimps!

Go Ianto! Are we going to have fried cannibals though?
Well, let's just say things are going to get a bit hot in the ole abattoir tonight! *laughs*
I don't think you're excited enough...*laughs*
Woohoo, go Tosh and Ianto!
They just kick arse, don't they?
Oh YES!! That! That's how it should've gone! Hehe...roasted cannibals. Very fitting.
It's kinda like they were hoist on their own petard, after them cooking so many other people. I do love a good bit of turnabout, even if the cannibals won't exactly be around to enjoy it. :)

Thanks so much!
Go Ianto go!!!

You flame those nasties,pass the bbque sauce eemmmm
I'm not sure how of them will be left to add BBQ sauce to! *laughs*
Gotta love a pissed off dragon with a gimpy wing!

Let 'em have it, Ianto, m'boy. Show 'em who is the biggest and baddest on the planet!
Oh yeah!

It's too bad those cannibals in the abattoir won't be around to pass that information along...nah, it really isn't, is it? *grins*
well done Tosh and Ianto, the true heroes today!
They really are, aren't they?
Oh boy, oh boy...........
I hope Ianto can change back to human form
Toasted cannibals = good cannibals
We'll see what happens in the next chapter, which will be up later today.

And that's the best equation ever!
Yey! Go Ianto! I love this chapter it was definately worth the wait. I can't wait for the next chapter.
Thanks! Glad you liked it, and the next one should be up later today. :)
Oh this is really very tense. I hope Tosh is OK. I hope Ianto can burn himself a hole in the wall and get out!
Thanks! We'll see what happened to Tosh in the next chapter, and just how Ianto gets out of the abattoir. :)
Yay! Go Ianto! :D i I love it when he's all badass.

Although, Dragon or no, he's still injured and alone. Toshiko had better find Jack and the others soon. Just in case.
So do I. And toasting the cannibals just seemed the right thing to do. :)

Next chapter should be up later today.
Action! But still, poor Ianto..
So the plan still is we take turns holding Jack down while we kiss Ianto's wing better?
Yeah, Ianto isn't feeling too well, but you know he got satisfaction out of flaming everyone. :)

I do believe that's still the plan, yes. *winks*
this chapter makes me want to open a tosh/ianto badass fan club. the contrast in their actions to gwen , what was jack thinking when he hired her?
They really are badass, aren't they? They were perfectly able to handle themselves, and Tosh will bring the cavalry back to the house.

Jack wasn't thinking. *nods*
That's right, bitches! Ianto is a kickass dragon. Who sets evil cannibals on fire.
This was an amazing chapter!

He is totally kickass. There was no way cannibals were going to get the better of him! *nods*
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