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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Harvest - Chapter Seven

The Harvest - Chapter Seven
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto (implied); Gwen/Owen, Gwen/Rhys (mentioned)
Warnings: Horror, angst, language, violence
Spoilers: Up through Torchwood S1, E6, "Countrycide"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note: This is based on the episode "Countrycide", although adapted to the Dragon-Verse.  Once again, the dating is taken from several fan-made chronologies and from the TARDIS Index File. 

Summary:  The team head out to the Brecon Beacons, where they investigate a spate of mysterious disappearances.


30 October 2007


Jack and Owen both had their guns trained on the grinning constable, while Gwen simply stared at him in shock. 

In a way, Jack couldn’t blame her.  Being a part of any sort of law enforcement agency – or even the armed forces, as he’d been – meant that you trusted your fellows to watch your back no matter what.  Them being part of something as evil as what was going on in Brynblaidd was something a person simply didn’t even consider. 

And yet, at the same time, she needed to learn fast that she could only trust her teammates from now on.  It didn’t help that there was one person on that team that she didn’t trust.   It angered him; Ianto was perhaps the only one in Torchwood – and Jack himself, of course – that the mortal members of the team could trust to look out for them in life-or-death situations.  The dragon was tough, and while he could be injured, he didn’t let it stop him from protecting the others.

And, if Jack thought he understood the idea of dragon-friends correctly, Ianto had pretty much declared them all his family.  That would make him even harder to stop.

“What is the Harvest?” Jack snapped, wanting as much information as he could get.

The PC’s grin turned into a slow smile.  “Every ten years, this is our Harvest.  You’re just meat to us.”

Jack felt his gorge rise, and he swallowed it back down with difficulty as he put it all together.  The disappearances, the butchered corpses…

“Only in the countryside,” Owen groaned, apparently working it out for himself as well.  “You sick fuckers.”

“But why?” Gwen asked, looking ill.  “Why do it?”

They were all on the same page then, about what was going on in the village.  “Doesn’t matter,” Jack answered.  “Owen, cuff our cannibal PC and stick him in the back of his own car.  We need to go and find Ianto and Tosh.”

The constable laughed.  “They’re already meat for the Harvest,” he said.  “You’re too late.”

For a second, Jack mourned.  The thought of losing Tosh and Ianto – especially Ianto – swept over him and he wanted to curl up and give in. 

But he didn’t.  Instead, he turned his own smile onto their prisoner.  “Then you have no idea who you’re dealing with, if you think that.”

The copper’s smile faded, confusion flickering in his eyes as he must have read Jack’s certainty.

And Jack was certain.  He was certain that Ianto and Toshiko were just fine.  Certainly, they could have found themselves confronted by the villagers, but the captain knew his Second and his technician very well indeed.  He knew that Ianto would do anything within his ability to protect Tosh, and she would do the same.  Plus, Ianto was a dragon, the last of his kind.  Yes, the bastard who’d tried to steal the SUV had seen the dragon, but that didn’t mean that he would have been believed.  Even if he had been, these cannibals would have no idea how to stop a dragon. 

A vague niggling whispered to him that Ianto was injured, that it would put him at a disadvantage, but Jack pushed it away.  It wouldn’t matter that the dragon had been hurt; he knew his Second.  He knew nothing would stop Ianto from doing what needed to be done.

He had faith in Ianto Jones.

Owen holstered his gun, then manhandled the cannibal constable toward the panda, and not being too gentle about it.  Jack kept him covered, not wanting to risk the man getting loose and warning anyone else.   “Make sure there’s nothing he can use as a weapon,” he reminded the medic.

“Got it covered,” Owen answered, for once not letting loose with a sarcastic remark.  He slammed the PC against the boot of his own car, patting him down roughly.  Keys, truncheon, and various other bits were tossed to the ground, and then Owen used the regulation handcuffs to secure his hands behind his back.

“Do you have to be so hard on him?” Gwen fretted.

“Hell yeah, sweetheart,” Owen said, sounding almost happy.   “These bastards are responsible for more deaths than we even know about.  They leave the butchered corpses in their own homes like bloody trophies.  They fucking eat human beings.  Personally, I don’t think I’m being hard enough!”

“How many times do I have to say it?  It’s Gwen.  Not sweetheart.  I’d think you’d get it by now.”

Owen flashed a quick grin toward the ex-PC.  “If you say so, darling.”  He turned back to their prisoner, the grin growing as he ‘accidentally’ rapped the man’s head against the open car door, eliciting an exclamation of pain from the prisoner.

Jack watched his people, a barely concealed smirk on his face at Owen’s treatment of the cannibal.  Gwen needed to learn who really deserved her compassion…and it certainly wasn’t that constable.  He almost wished that he’d been the one doing the manhandling, but he hadn’t wanted to get close enough, concerned that the man might make some sort of move against him, with his wound an obvious weakness. 

He slid the gun back into his pocket.  “Everyone, into the SUV,” he ordered.  “We’re driving up to that so-called Big House.  We’re going after Ianto and Tosh.”


Jack almost drove over Toshiko in the dark.

The Japanese woman was practically running down the road from the house, a rather large shotgun in her hands.  Jack slammed on the brakes, the SUV coming to a crunching halt, gravel showering everywhere. 

Toshiko raised the gun, the headlamps obviously blinding her to whoever had almost hit her.  Jack practically jumped out of the driver’s seat, calling her name as he ran forward.

A smile of relief crossed her tired features.  “Am I glad to see you all,” she sighed.

Jack wrapped her up in a one-armed hug, carefully avoiding his gunshot wound.  “You okay?”

Owen and Gwen had gotten out of the SUV as well, leaving the shell-shocked Kieran inside.  Owen tried to check her, but Toshiko shrugged him off.  “I’m fine,” she answered.  “But I left Ianto up at that house.  He was going to be right behind me, so he should be along – “

She was interrupted by an unearthly roar that echoed through the trees.  Jack shivered; it was pain-filled and angry, and he recognized it instantly.

“Ianto!” Tosh cried.  “I left him up there!”

“Let’s go!”  Jack got them all back into the SUV, climbing back into the drivers’ sear and slamming the vehicle into gear with more force than was necessary.  His heart was hammering in his chest, his imagination playing with the tone of that cry and fear bundled up in his throat like someone had stuffed a cloth into his windpipe.  He could barely breathe, but he knew he had to get himself under control if he was going to be of any use to the dragon.

The large manor house appeared from behind the trees.  Lights shown in the lower levels of the place, and several cars were pulled up outside the front door.  It looked like quite a party, and Jack would have been expecting such if he didn’t already know what was going on.

The Harvest.

Every ten years, the voice of the constable whispered in Jack’s mind.  They’d been doing the same thing every ten years.  How they’d gotten away with it for so long, Jack didn’t know.  Surely there had to have been some sort of records?  Why hadn’t they managed to find anything in their research of the disappearances?  Certainly something should have come up! 

He was startled by a sudden flash from one of the lower windows…followed by a gout of flame that shattered the glass.

Jack halted the SUV, the tires spinning on the gravel.  The vehicle fish-tailed slightly as it came to a halt, and Jack tumbled out, followed by his team, and together they stood and watched as fire licked through the broken window, charring the stones of the outside façade.

It had to have been Ianto’s flame.  That was the only explanation that Jack could come up with.  He was very familiar with the dragon’s abilities, and just the greater-than-average heat of the flames was enough to convince him that, somehow, Ianto had gotten inside and had been forced to let loose his inner flame.

Another roar sounded from over the rush of fire.  It was all Jack could do to stand there and wait.  He knew that Ianto was impervious to any other sort of fire, but his own?  Then he shook himself; of course the dragon was!  After all, how could he be alive with that flame within him?  How would he survive breathing it out?  No, he had to trust that Ianto was immune. 

That still didn’t mean that Jack was any less afraid.

A sudden outrush of people from the front door jerked the team into action.  They instantly covered the fleeing cannibals, Toshiko fetching some of the extra flex cuffs from the supplies within the SUV.  It was like figuratively shooting fish in a barrel: Jack, Owen, and Gwen covered the escapees, while Toshiko secured them with the cuffs.  And, if anything she was rougher than Owen had been, kicking them to the ground and tightening the cuffs more than strictly necessary. 

Gwen tried to complain at the treatment, but Toshiko shot her an angry look.  “No, they were going to kill and eat me, and they must have somehow gotten ahold of my best friend.  There’s no way I’m going to be easy on them, Gwen.  Worry about your team, and not for a bunch of sick cannibals.”

“There has to be a reason why,” Gwen argued.  “What would turn them that way?”

 “I don’t care,” Toshiko shot back.  “All I care about is making sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Jack wanted to hug her for that.

They ended up capturing six villagers.  Jack wondered how many more had died within the conflagration.

The outside stone of the house was keeping it from completely burning to the ground, but whatever wood there had been in the structure was being quickly consumed.  Toshiko had managed to get through to the nearest law enforcement, but it would be at least an hour before anyone could get out there. 

The team watched the house as flames rose to all the floors, blowing out windows with the intense heat. 

“You’re hurt!”

Jack glanced down at Toshiko; she had a little soot on her face, and it made her look even fiercer than he’d ever seen her.  “Got shot by the kid we saved,” he answered.  “I’ll be healed up by tomorrow.”

Jack followed Toshiko’s eyes as they sought out Kieran; the young man was standing just next to the parked SUV, his own gaze on the cannibals that were kneeling on the ground just away from the fire.   “Are we sure he’s not one of them?” she asked.

“As scared as he was?” Jack snorted.  “No one is that good an actor.”

Toshiko nodded, turning back to the fire.  “Will Ianto be all right?” she whispered.

He put his arm around her shoulders.  “You know Ianto,” he said.  “He’s tough.  He’ll be fine.”

The smaller woman leaned into Jack’s warmth.  “Yeah, you’re right.  It’s just…the waiting, you know?”

Jack did know.  He was growing more and more concerned that the dragon wasn’t emerging from the quickly gutted house.  He remembered that pain-filled roar, and wondered if he’d somehow been hurt more than just the injury to his wing.  Another lump formed in his throat, and he realized that, if he lost the dragon, just how lonely his life would be. 

He was finally figuring out just how important Ianto was to him.  Jack was terrified by it, but he couldn’t deny it any longer.  He really wanted to work toward more than just reconciliation with the dragon, and that meant getting him to trust Jack once more.  Well, Jack had time before the Doctor arrived.  He’d do his best to work on getting Ianto into his life in a more…permanent way.

And maybe…just maybe, he wouldn’t go with the Doctor after all.

Jack took a shuddering breath at that thought.  He’d always known that Ianto could tempt him away from his answers, and that had just happened. 

The Doctor would come back, but Jack would stay for Ianto.

And it only took a burning building full of cannibals to make him come to that conclusion.

There was a loud crack from within the house, and a huge section of outer wall gave away.  He cringed at the sound; as did Toshiko, held tightly against his good side.  The heat was drying Jack’s skin out, and he knew if any of them got any closer it would quickly cause dehydration.  As if on cue, Owen appeared, holding two water bottles; Jack cracked his open, taking a huge swallow before recapping it and putting it in his pocket.

A rumble sounded from one side of the house, and as Jack watched an entire section of stone moved as if on his own.  He held his breath as he watched…”There he is!”

Emerging from the rubble, his emerald scales glittering redly in the light of the flames, was the dragon.

Jack let out a loud whoop, grabbing Toshiko and spinning her about, unmindful of his buckshot wound.  Owen was grinning, and hugging Gwen…who, despite all of her animosity toward Ianto, seemed genuinely glad that the dragon was all right.  Jack watched as the medic planted a very passionate kiss on the ex-PC’s lips, and tried to stifle the disappointment in her as she returned it just as enthusiastically.  Perhaps she’d soon get Owen out of her system, and go back to enjoying her life with her boyfriend.

The dragon shook himself as he pulled himself free from the building.  His blue eyes caught sight of the team, and Jack saw the gladness in them.  Then he looked at Jack, and his gaze softened into something that wasn’t hard to identify.

Jack nodded, acknowledging what he’d seen with a look of his own. 

Ianto smiled, revealing his rather impressive teeth.

The dragon made his way over to the team carefully.  His injured wing was held tightly against his body, and Jack could see that the stitches hadn’t survived the heat of the flames.  “Good evening, Captain,” his deep voice rumbled, sounding playful.  “I do hope you all brought marshmallows; after all, I provided the bonfire.”

Jack laughed.  He released Toshiko, then threw his arms around the dragon’s neck, the scales warmer than usual because of the fire, and laughed.



I LOVE the fact that Jack is seeing Gwen for how she really is in this!
Yay for Jack realizing how much Ianto means to him!!! *dances happily*
He has, and he's not going to be putting up with her. *laughs*

*dances with you*
Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee happy little jumps up and down I was a bit worried there about Ianto for a mo.

Love your take on this.
*jumps up and down too*

Well, I had to put a bit of angst in there, because I couldn't have a happy ending without it. *grins*

So glad you liked it.
This was a brilliant chapter *jumps up and down with excitement and joy* Good for Jack finally realising what Ianto means to him and Go Ianto burn those Cannibals deep fried or extra crispy. Again great Chapter I can not wait for the next one this is a wonderful series. *Gives a Big Hug*
*hugs back*

Thanks! You know Ianto enjoyed that little BBQ very much indeed. I'm so glad you liked it!
Awww, that was lovely, I was a bit worried about Ianto for a bit. I love realising just much Ianto means to him
Thanks! Jack did, it just took him a while!
Aha! Gwen is showing her real colours and Jack is seeing that!
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW lovely last image: Jack hugging Ianto!dragon!!!!!

Lovely update!
Yep, she is. Jack would have to be blind not to see it. At least, my Jack would be!

He just got all exuberant. :)
awwww cute cute cute! YAY JACK! Woo I love Jack and Ianto. Oh I am so happy, happy, happy. I know there's still more breaking of hearts but oh I don't care I am so so happy right now. squee.
Yay! I'm glad you're happy. Yeah, there are things still in the future, but for now the boys are good.

I give this the Arms of Yay! \o/
Thank you! *grins*
OOOH They are allright!!!
Let's see..next chapter is the last in this episode...hmm reconcilliation smuttiness? Dragon-sexings...???
I'll get my pillow and bucket ready (in case of thud or melt-down)
Yes, they are!

I'm sorry to disappoint, but no dragon-sexings...yet. But there is a certain stopwatch scene coming up soon.

I do however promise some fluffiness. I hope that's all right for the time being.
Ianto needs a large bottle of ketchup... I'm sure he adheres to the saying: “Meddle not in the affairs of the dragon; for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup"...
it would be karma, the cannibals being eaten by one of their intended victims ... but then again I wouldn't want him to suffer an upset tummy from eating bad people ...

so glad to see Jack and the others putting Gwen in her place and reminding her of what actually matters... amazed that they never did in canon, but then again they were gagged by the creator's infatuation with Gwen ....
thank you for this, it's fun :-)
Haha! He does! Although I think he prefers brown sauce to ketchup. And you're right, those cannibals would only make him ill if he ate them.

I do agree, Gwen never really learned to put the team first. To me, that only makes sense; you stay on good terms with the people who watch your back.

Thanks! Glad you liked it. :)
only jack would realize that he was in love and needed to rethink his hiring policies because of ianto provided bonfire. badass tosh rocks. gwen has tendency to be kind to stranges and ignore the feelings of her teammates unless it to show them how much they lack her oh so 'human compassion' snort. smacks owen for breaking tosh's heart and snogging the 'what a wonderful boyfriend i have in rhys, what a shame none of you have lives outside of torchwood' gwen. time for dragon ianto/jack to help find a non owen snug mate for tosh. looks to writer to make tosh happy.
Haha! That song "Light My Fire" comes to mind!

Tosh is awesome. Just wait until you see her in my universe's version of "Greeks Bearing Gifts". No wimpy, woobie Tosh for me, thanks! As for her relationship with Owen, I just don't think he deserves her. *nods*

giant !

they are safe. Ianto has solved part of the problem with its barbecue. I like his idea of marshmallows but they risk being poisoned by smoke after all there are cannibals in this smoked!
I am very happy: Gwen has yet again proven to be not unreliable
Jack realized he could let the doctor for to stay with Ianto.
But knowing Ianto, if he explains everything and he also proves that Ianto can trust him, Ianto will tell him to go with the doctor if it can help to understand.

Re: giant !

Yeah, I doubt anyone would want to use that particular fire for marshmallow roast. Ew.

Ianto might, we'll see. It depends on what happens between now and then. :)
The Doctor would come back, but Jack would stay for Ianto.
And it only took a burning building full of cannibals to make him come to that conclusion.
Sweet perfection

Utterly fabulous! As I yelled out a triumphant 'YES' as Ianto emerged from the burning building and my husband and son wanted to know why I was getting so excited... onwards to last chapter... xxx
Some people need a short, sharp shock...Jack needs toasted cannibals. Go figure! *grins*

Oops! Well, I'm really glad you liked it. :)
Yay. That is all :)

Sorry, I missed your comment... :(
What drama! What angst! What action! Pure Torchwood!

Keep writing!

Thank you! What a great comment!
Yippee, Ianto's okay!
Yes, I would never hurt him too badly. :)