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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Harvest - Chapter Eight

The Harvest - Chapter Eight
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto (implied); Gwen/Owen, Gwen/Rhys (mentioned)
Warnings: Horror, angst, language, violence
Spoilers: Up through Torchwood S1, E6, "Countrycide"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note: This is based on the episode "Countrycide", although adapted to the Dragon-Verse.  Once again, the dating is taken from several fan-made chronologies and from the TARDIS Index File. 

A/N2:  Well, this is the end of this story.  Thanks everyone for reading!  I'm going to be posting the story that was requested by the winning bidder for Help Japan next, however that's also a Dragon-Verse story and will be set several years in the future.  After that, will be my version of "Greeks Bearing Gifts".  I also have a PDF for this story here

Summary:  The team head out to the Brecon Beacons, where they investigate a spate of mysterious disappearances.


31 October 2007


It was well after midnight before the Torchwood team was able to leave Brynblaidd.

The fire had nearly completely destroyed the house by the time the police and fire services arrived.  Only stones remained of the once-large house, and they were collapsing into a sad pile of ruins. 

Ianto was only too glad to see it gone.  He wanted the horrors within to be completely destroyed.

He’d pulled himself from the flames, and the first thing he’d seen was his team celebrating.  His heart had swelled at seeing them all alive and well; he’d been worried for them, even knowing that they could all take care of themselves.  Well, there was Gwen, but the dragon had been certain that Jack would look after her as well.

Although, judging from Owen’s enthusiastic ‘snogging’ of the woman – and her just as enthusiastic snogging back – Ianto thought he might have to revise that to Owen looking after her.

And then, he’d looked at Jack.  The dragon couldn’t help it; his feelings at seeing Jack there, hugging Toshiko, and he just knew his emotions were showing.

Jack nodded, and Ianto saw the same emotions in the immortal’s eyes.

It was something he’d never thought he would see, and he swore they’d talk as soon as they had some alone time.

But that didn’t happen, not yet anyway.

Owen had taken one look at his injured wing and cursed a blue streak.  The dragon had laid there as he restitched it;  at least there wasn’t any more tearing, but it hurt like nothing else he’d ever felt.  Owen had forbidden him from changing back to human for at least a week, which the dragon had pointed out was impossible to do: there was no way he was walking back to Cardiff, and he certainly couldn’t fly back. Plus there were certain bodily things he’d need to do as a human.  Owen hadn’t liked it, but he’d agreed to it, until they’d dropped Ianto back off at his home.

Then there was Jack...and the obvious wound in his right side.  The dragon had worried about it, but Jack had brushed it off as he’d rested his head in Jack’s lap while Owen was working on his wing.  The captain’s presence, and the gentle stroking along his snout, almost lulled the dragon into sleep.  Almost…until he got a glimpse of the blood on Jack’s greatcoat. 

Well, he’d let the threats slide…for now.

He’d changed back by the time rescue services had gotten there, although Ianto admitted that it felt a bit uncomfortable.  Their captive cannibals had all been arrested – no one was about to believe a bunch of human-eating crazies that the house had been burned down by a dragon – and that only left the boy, Kieran.

The former captive gladly accepted Retcon.  Ianto didn’t blame him.

The trip back to Cardiff was done mostly in silence.  Jack drove, and for once kept his speed to nearly the limit.  Ianto dozed most of the way, letting the painkillers Owen had given him pull him under, and it was only when the SUV parked itself outside his house that Ianto came fully back to himself.

“Okay, Dragon Boy,” Owen said from the backseat, as Ianto slowly climbed from the passenger side.  “You’re under doctor’s orders to change back to dragon as soon as you can.  You’re also on medical leave, and I’ll come back by tomorrow to evaluate you and let you know just how long you’re off.”

Ianto rolled his eyes.  “Yes, Doctor,” he snarked.  “I’m not a child, Owen.”

“Says you,” Owen snarked back.  “I’ll also bring over more pain meds.  You only change to human when you absolutely have to.  Got it?”

He snapped off a sarcastic salute, then turned and walked toward his home.  Truth be told, all Ianto wanted to do was curl up on his pillows and sleep, but he wasn’t about to admit that to anyone.

The first thing on his list: to wash the scum and ash off his scales.  To do that, he needed the garden hose and the relative privacy of his rear yard.

Ianto went back inside first, not wanting to surprise his house guest, Estelle, by arriving home so late.  Surprisingly, she was gone; a note on the kitchen table said that she’d gone home, not wanting to intrude any longer.  Ianto couldn’t find it in himself to be disappointed; he really just wanted solitude, in order to relax and get a good nights’ sleep.   He’d have to call her though, and at least put up a token resistance to her leaving. 

He stripped off his smelly clothing, binning them.  He never wanted to see them again. Then, grabbing a towel, he headed out to the back garden in order to get his first bath before sleeping.

He changed back to dragon form once he was behind the overly tall fence that blocked his neighbors’ scrutiny, not able to ignore the pain from the injured wing.  It was a bit difficult to maneuver the hose with his claws, but he managed to completely soak himself down except for the stitches.  He found himself wishing that Jack was there to help scrub his scales, but dismissed it.  He’d want to make sure everyone else got home as well, and the dragon wasn’t about to take Jack away from the team.  They needed him as much as the dragon did.

After he was done, he changed back in order to get into the house, the towel wrapped around him to keep the water from dripping on his carpet.  Ianto left the alarm turned off, knowing that Owen would be around and that he’d most likely use the key that was on file at the Hub to get in.  Ianto also took the time to shower his human form as well; he’d once tried to explain to Toshiko how different each of his ‘skins’ felt, and that they both needed to be cleansed, but he wasn’t certain if she’d understood.   The pulse of the water beating down on his sore back seemed to relieve some of the pain.

A quick meal of tea and toast later, and the dragon was back and laying on his pillows and cushions in his bedroom, his head curled up under the crook of his damaged wing.  He didn’t even remember falling asleep.


The next thing he knew, the sun was shining through the skylight overlooking his bed, and there was an obvious human presence leaning against his flank.  Judging from the warmth it was radiating, the dragon knew it was Jack; all other humans were cooler, whereas the immortal seemed to share a body heat that was closer to a dragon in human form.

The dragon shifted slightly, pulling his head out from under his wing so he could look at Jack.  He received a look in return, and then a genuine smile that lit up Jack’s eyes.  “Welcome back,” he greeted, stretching  but keeping himself close to the dragon’s side.  “You’ve been asleep almost twelve hours.”

He was surprised.  “I must have been more tired than I thought.  Have you been here all that time?”

Jack shook his head.  “I came over with Owen the first time.  Then we got an alert out in Penarth…a simple retrieval.  I came back after that, though.  I…didn’t want you to wake up alone.”

The dragon felt warmth deeper than his flame at Jack’s words.  He couldn’t believe that, just a short while ago, they’d been arguing, and that he’d thought that he hadn’t trusted Jack at all.  Now, he was beginning to realize that he had, in fact, always trusted Jack, but that he’d simply convinced himself that he hadn’t because of everything that had happened between them.  His faith in Jack had been shaken, but not destroyed.

He loved Jack.  And, he was thinking that Jack might possibly feel the same about him.

“Thank you,” the dragon rumbled, letting his emotions once again show in his eyes.

Jack rubbed a hand against the dragon’s shoulder, smoothing the scales in the way that he enjoyed.   “You’re welcome.”   The smile faded a little.  “How’s your wing?”

“How’s your side?”

“I asked you first.”

The dragon snorted a laugh.  “Yes, you did.”  He experimentally flexed his damaged wing.  Pain flared along the vane, making him hiss.

“That bad, huh?”

“I’ve never had an injured wing before.  I didn’t think it would hurt this badly.”

“Well, Owen used the deep tissue scanner on it, and he said that it’s going to take a while to heal.  You’re grounded for a month, and off duty for two weeks.  No changing form unless absolutely necessary.”

The dragon grimaced, but he knew better than to argue.  “Will you all be able to handle me being away that long?”

“We’ll work it out.  Don’t worry, okay?

“Easier said than done.  Just please, don’t let Owen near the Archives or the coffee machine.”

Jack laughed.  “He’s already complaining about having to go to Starbucks for coffee.”

“That’s like drinking hot dishwater!” the dragon exclaimed fastidiously.

That caused the immortal to laugh even harder.  “We’re just spoiled, what can I say?”

“You’ll say you’ll go the extra distance and visit the Costa’s instead?”

“I think that can be arranged.”

“Thank you.  Now…about my question.  How is your side?”

“You can’t even tell I was shot,” Jack answered, untucking and raising both his shirt to show the dragon his unblemished skin. 

He’d never even considered any human attractive until he’d met Jack Harkness.  The dragon was constantly surprised by his feelings for the captain, and those feelings had only grown over the years he’d known the man.  But really, seeing so much of Jack’s skin on display was a bit distracting.  He remembered touching him, those few times when he and Jack had slept together, and knew he’d never get enough. 

Jack had taught him so much about how humans loved and touched.  It was different from what dragon-kind did, and there were times when Ianto wished he could show Jack the ways of his people.   He recalled the dream he had on and off, throughout his life, of him in the mating flight with the blue-gray dragon he’d once thought was his mate; since there were no more dragons left, that dream had died.  That didn’t stop him from thinking about a mating flight with Jack somehow, but that was impossible. 

He was disappointed when Jack tucked his shirts back in.

“I was worried.”

The dragon was shaken from his thoughts about Jack’s skin.  “About me?”

“Well, duh,” Jack answered, slapping him lightly on the shoulder.  “You were in a burning building, you know.”

“I was never in any danger,” the dragon answered.  Then he reconsidered.  “No, that wasn’t true.  I may have been in danger, when they captured me.”

“What happened?  I know what Toshiko says, but she doesn’t know much past your overpowering the cannibal woman.”

And so, the dragon explained.  He told Jack of being struck down outside the house, and being dragged back inside.  He left out the part about not being able to transform; he was certain that had to do with his injury and nothing else, although it had never happened before.  “I had to wait for the building’s structure to weaken before I could push my way through,” he finished.   “But I did, as soon as I possibly could.  Being in that place wasn’t pleasant.”  He also didn’t go into the screaming, or the smell of burning flesh, or the agony in his wing as the fire had destroyed the stitches. 

He didn’t think he needed to.

“Let’s make a deal,” Jack said.  “I’ll try not to bloody up the coat, and you try not to go the self-immolation route again, okay?”

“It’s a deal.” 

 The immortal curled back up into the dragon’s side, and it was all he could do not to drape his wing over the reclining man., knowing to move it would hurt.  Instead, he moved just enough that his body was curved around Jack’s, his head resting on his extended front legs. 

They were silent like that for a long time.  The sunlight coming in through the window made the dragon drowsy, and his eyelids drooped to half-mast as sleep overcame him once more. 

He felt Jack move, and fingers traced themselves along his snout.  He snuffled in enjoyment.  “I spoke truly,” he murmured, “when I said dragons don’t kiss.”  He cracked one eye open to look at Jack, and couldn’t miss the contentment there.   “You’re actually the first human I’d ever kissed.”

A soft smile lit Jack’s face.  “I do hope you enjoyed it.”

“Yes, I did.  Remind me to demonstrate how dragons share affection sometime.”

“Oh, believe me, I will.”

The dragon sighed, letting his eyes shut.  He hadn’t felt this happy in a long time.

A very tiny voice in the back of his head told him that it couldn’t possibly last.

He chose to ignore it.



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Lovely...why has no one drawn that lovely image of Jack laying against Dragon!Ianto's side????
Thank you!

Actually, cjharknessgirl did a banner for me with that, only I'm crap at HTML to put it up here. It's the header for my Dreamwidth journal: http://milady-dragon.dreamwidth.org/
Fantastic! I so look forward to your dragon!verse posts!
Thanks, hon. Glad you liked it!

Next one up soon. :)
Wonderful end to a great story! Love this verse so much, and am looking forward the next stories with great anticipation!
Snagging the pdf as I know I'm going to be re-reading this more than once or twice !
Thanks! So glad you liked it. Next one up soon. :)
Lovely ending. And that little warning at the end means there's more to come, yes?
Thank you!

Well, there's still that Tarot card reading..
Loved the ending - with Ianto and Jack reconnecting like that. Can't wait for more. When I have the time, I plan on catching up with the entire verse, as I have truly enjoyed every minute of these.

Maybe I should just download all the PDF's. That would probably make my life much easier. :)
Thank you! They have reconnected, but there's still more trouble to come.

I hopr you get caught up soon!
Love this verse and this story. I so hope that Jack really got it this time!
Thanks! He did seem to, didn't he?
That was awesome - I love Jack and Ianto getting closer, you're not getting ready for Ianto's next heartbreak are you?

Oh and I totally agree with Ianto about Starbucks
Thanks! Well, there are two more coming...
Thank you for the pdf. I snagged it and promise to take good care of it.
Looking forward to the Greeks bearing gifts episode.

So here goes:

Ianto had been locked up in his room in dragon form for a week now and frankly he started to get bored. Really, how much sleeping can you do?
Jack turned up ever so often and every other day Owen came to check on his wing and let loose some snark about missing coffee boys and threatening to molest the coffee machine if Ianto didn't keep to his advice as his doctor.
The wing still hurt and no amount of pampering nor even a gentle massage by the captain could really get rid of the pain.
Jack was raiding the kitchen cupboards for the last scraps of food as the front-door bell rang.
He opened the door causciously and found two women on the doorstep. Before he could say anything they pushed their way inside, smiling sweetly. The red-head turned around and said:"Please close the door, Captain. I believe someone in this house needs our services?"
The other woman just stared at him and suddenly he found he couldn't move.
"Would you be so kind as to listen to us, before you decide to kick us out?" she asked.
She winked and Jack had the use of his left hand again so he could hold the ID she handed him.
"We are from the "kiss it better" agency. My name is Milady Dragon and my friend over there is Reddevilpoes. We are here to take care of your dragon's problem."

Jack read the ID and Reddevilpoes gave him a leaflet about the service to peruse.
"How did you know?", he asked curious as to where they got their information from.
"We know everything!" , the two women answered in unison and somewhere on the floor above the dragon snorted as he was listening in on the conversation over the indoor comm system.

"It is ok, Jack! Let them come upstairs!", he rumbled into the comm.
Milady Dragon released her hold on Jack and the three of them started up the stairs.
"Oh wow, he's gorgeous!", Reddevilpoes exclaimed. Milady Dragon poked her in the back and hissed: "Behave, you'd think this is your first magical creature...!"
"Well, it is.." Reddevilpoes answered, her cheeks as red as her hair.
"Goodmorning ladies," the dragon laughed,"Will you kiss my wing better?"
Jack growled possessively and jumped in front of Ianto. "Nobody kisses the dragon, but me!" he hissed.
Immediately he found himself bound by Milady's spell again, while she pushed Reddevilpoes towards the injured wing.
Tentatively Red pressed her lips to the places where she could see the stitches and the discolourations.
Shocked by the heat of the dragon skin she pulled back for a moment. "Go on! You're doing it right!" Milady Dragon said, while trying to distract and hold a growling captain.
Ianto sighed with relief, he had forgotten all about this magical service and frankly never thought it was real in the first place.
After a couple of minutes of caressing the injured wing with her lips Reddevilpoes begged Milady Dragon to switch places, "My lips are blistering with this heat, let me hold the captain and you can finish the job here. You are much more experienced."
They switched places, Milady Dragon showing Reddevilpoes how to hold the Captain (he still was grumbling and trying to get to the dragon)in a binding spell and then she started to kiss the last bits of aches and pains away.
The dragon practically purred and Jack saw green.
"All done." she decided after 10 minutes. "Can you hold the captain while we make our escape?"
The dragon nodded with a dopey smile on his snout.
"Just sign this,please. It's recommendation we can use when we start out own business.."
The dragon put a paw print on the document and used his other frontpaw to hold Jack in a vice-like grip.
"Thank you, Ladies." he said,"I think you can find your way out?"
"It was an honour serving you, dear Dragon." the women answered and disappeared in a shower of sparkles, leaving the dragon with an expression on his snout that made Jack even more jealous. Nobody should have the right to make his Ianto look like that, except him!

Oh my, that was brilliant! *hugs*

Poor Jack! But hey, Ianto enjoyed it! :)
Lovely ending - I can so see Jack lying with Ianto in dragon form idly stroking his snout and both of them falling asleep. Greeks baring gifts now that should be interesting.
Great stuff as always.
Thanks! I know, things are so calm right now... *sigh*

Awww I love the ending it was so sweet. Is there something going to happen with the fact that Ianto couldn't change into his dragon form in the future ir was it just from his injuries? I can't wait for the next ones.
Thanks! And...there could be... *winks*

Next one up in a bit.
aaaawwwww squee! I loved it, that was so sweet. I loved how Ianto came to the realisation that he loved Jack. And why do I get the feeling that the fact he couldnt transform is nothing to do with the injury and it's gonna come back and bite him on the arse.

BTW Jack was so cute when he said he didnt want Ianto to wake up alone. Dreamy sigh.
Thanks! Glad you liked it.

And I don't know why you'd think that...maybe because I wrote it? *winks*

Utterly gorgeous, I love Jack not wanting him to wake up alone, love how Ianto simply accepts that he loves Jack and I now have the most amazing picture in my head of Dragon!Ianto and Jack snuggled up together... *happy hopeless romantic sigh* [and I'll make the most of it 'till his next heart break!]
Snagged the PDF as well for lots of happy re-reading
*hugs* xxx
Thank you, hon. I'm glad you enjoyed the boys' being together. They still have a bit to go (and there are still that pesky Tarot reading) but the next few stories I hope you'll like.

*hugs back*
I just read all of this in one sitting - loved it! So wish we could have seen the cannibals blown up by a dragon really... That would have been fun!

And I like your Gwen - because even though she seemed caring on the show it was often misplaced and I never really thought about that til now.

Is it bad of me that I really want Owen to snark that Ianto puts the "torch" in Torchwood?
I don't know why, but I really like the idea of toasted cannibals. It's very much karma. :)

As for Gwen...yeah, she always seemed to care about others, but when it was her teammates it was like they were in her blind spot. And sometimes who she chose to care about didn't make much sense.

Oh no, not at all! I love it! *laughs*
lovely lovely images of our favourite boys curled up together!

Thank you! It really is a beautiful image.

Glad you liked it. :)
Aaaw how lovely, and the images are really very comforting.
Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. :)
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