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Myfanwy 2

July 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Mind Games

Mind Games
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Owen, Gwen/Rhys (mentioned), Tosh/Mary
Warnings: Language, violence, dubious consent (implied)
Spoilers: Up through Torchwood S1, E7, "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note: This is based on the episode "Greeks Bearing Gifts", although adapted to the Dragon-Verse.  Once again, the dating is taken from several fan-made chronologies and from the TARDIS Index File. 

Summary:  As the team investigate a mysterious death and a more mysterious artifact, Toshiko meets a woman in a pub who doesn't have her best interests in mind.


15 November 2007


Toshiko missed Ianto.

It had been fifteen days since the cannibals, and the dragon was still on medical leave.  The enforced vacation had Ianto climbing the walls of his house, but at least it meant he didn’t have to be around Gwen and Owen.  She was sure he would have been as sickened by their behavior as she was.

It was obvious the pair was shagging.  Toshiko didn’t find it as surprising as she might have, if it had been anyone but Owen Harper.  As it was, when Owen was getting it regularly he was more unsubtle than Jack….which wasn’t quite fair to Jack in a lot of ways, since his tales were more tall than real.  Gwen seemed to get into random giggle fits like a schoolgirl, and it set Toshiko’s teeth on edge. 

If Ianto had been there, the dragon would have been some sort of buffer between herself and the hormonal teenagers her teammates seemed to have regressed to.  He wouldn’t have liked it, and they could have been a united front against it.  As it was, Ianto wouldn’t be back until Monday, so it left Toshiko on her own.

But again, she was being a bit unfair to Jack. It was obvious that he was distracted; not only distracted, but also very happy.  Toshiko knew why, since a certain dragon of her acquaintance was also the same way.  She was glad for them, but it left her as odd woman out, although she knew very well that the thing between Owen and Gwen wouldn’t last.  Owen would get bored, and move on. 

What really bothered her about the whole thing – even more than, once again, Owen showing his complete blindness to Toshiko’s own feelings – was that Gwen, who had a man who loved her, was cheating on that man.  Toshiko had never met Rhys Williams, and only knew what she’d pulled up in the background check, but her sense of fairness was currently being outraged on his behalf.  Gwen had always gone on about how fantastic Rhys was, and how good her life was, while making the rest of her team sound like they were sad and lonely. 

Well, to be honest, Toshiko had been known to get lonely on occasion.  After all…who didn’t?  But while she wasn’t involved with anyone romantically, she had Ianto, her friend.  One of the things she felt worst about was not realizing that something had been wrong with him besides his falling out with Jack.  But she also had known almost from the beginning that he loved Jack, and that Jack didn’t return those feelings.  She remembered standing up for her friend with Jack, but that had been too late. 

She was so very happy to have him back, and to have Ianto and Jack happy and quite possibly together, judging from how much time their captain spent at the dragon’s house during his convalescence.

Speaking of Jack…their captain came bounding out of his office, coat flying.  “Let’s go, kids,” he called.  “Our local constabulary need us.”

Toshiko smiled.  At last…something to get her away from the Hub, and out of such close proximity to her two hormonally regressed teammates.


They ended up at a construction site. 

Toshiko climbed out of the SUV, lugging her equipment case with her.  She followed Jack as he led them toward a tent that had been set up among the various excavation vehicles.  There were several coppers, one of whom was Gwen’s former partner, Andy, and they were busily trying to keep the crowds that had gathered out.  A part of her wanted to go up to him, to ask him questions about Gwen and her behavior when they worked together, but found herself not that interested after the thought crossed her mind.

She sighed.  Best get on with it them.

Toshiko followed Jack into the tent.  A hole had been dug in the soil, the dirt soggy and uncertain under her feet.  She peered into the hole…and saw the body.

It was actually a skeleton.  Nothing else remained.  Toshiko immediately saw what had to have been the cause of death: a large, gaping wound in the chest.  She inwardly cringed, realizing whatever had happened must have been horribly painful.

But it was the corroded piece of tech that really caught her attention.  It had obviously been buried with the corpse, and it was obviously not from Earth.

Jack knelt by the hole.  “Just once,” he said playfully, “I’d like to walk into one of these tents and find it’s a party. You know, food…drink…people dancing…the girl crying in the corner…”

That would be me, Toshiko thought, then banished the notion from her mind.  She might have been in the corner, but she certainly wouldn’t have been crying.  Most likely she would have been writing lines of code on the nearest computer.

Gwen leaned over Jack’s shoulder, and Toshiko couldn’t help but notice that she was standing closer than what could have been construed as just friendly.  She already had Owen, although Toshiko had seen her flirting fit to burst with Jack ever since he’d hired her.  “Is it alien?” she asked.

Toshiko barely managed to roll her eyes at the question.  Instead, she concentrated on her own equipment. 

Jack inched away, playing with his wrist strap.  It suddenly beeped.  “And how,” he said.  “I’m picking up traces of ilmenite, pyroxene, and even dark matter.”

Now Jack was just showing off.  Toshiko’s hands practically itched to get ahold of that strap.  Even one scan of it would answer so many questions…

“Any idea what it is?” Gwen asked.

“Not a clue,” he answered.  “Could be a weapon, or a really big stapler. “  He turned to Owen, who was actually in the shallow grave.  “How’s our friend there?”

“She’s dead,” Owen snarked.

“Yeah, thanks Quincy,” Jack snarked back.  “She?”

The medic nodded.  “Judging from the size of her skull.”

“How long have they been here, Tosh?”

She looked at the scanner she’d been using on the area.  “From of the depth they found them…196 years, 11 to 11 ½ months.  The earth’s been disturbed so I’m afraid I can’t be more accurate.”

“That was pretty damned accurate though,” Jack replied, impressed.

Tosh smiled at the praise.

“What killed her?” Gwen asked.  “The stapler?”

“Nah,” Owen answered that one.  “See the shattered ribs?  I reckon she was shot.”

“Let’s get her and the stapler back to the Hub,” Jack stood up, dusting down his trousers.   He left the tent in a swirl of greatcoat.

Toshiko packed up her scanner, as Owen climbed out of the hole.  Gwen offered him a hand.   He took it, and the ex-PC pulled him up.  “You’re so light!” she exclaimed, laughing.  “You’re like a girl!”

“I’m not light,” he growled.  “I’m wiry.  The girls go for it.”  He raked his eyes up and down in an overly lascivious way that had Toshiko wanting to throw up.  “But I guess I don’t need to tell you that.”

The eye rolling could not be contained.  And Toshiko knew that Gwen saw her do it.


Toshiko had only been gone five minutes.

But that was all it had taken for Gwen and Owen to cause complete mayhem.

“I’m really sorry,” Owen said, not sounding sorry at all, “but I think your computer is dead.”

Anger made her face heat up.  “What did you do?”  She stood in front of her terminals.  The main screen was dark, and it was obviously not getting any power to it at all.  All of that work…Jack was going to be as furious as she was.  It had taken weeks to gather all the data she’d needed!

“Okay,” Owen answered, trying to hide what looked like a football behind his back, “so she said I was no good at sport!  So I said, ‘Throw something to me and’ – “

Toshiko made a negating motion with her hand.  “I asked you what you did to the computer!”

“I kicked out a plug.  I think.”

“What?”  The technician had the sudden urge to collapse into her chair.  This was a disaster.  “It was running a new translation program I’d written!  I’d collated every scrap of alien language we’ve got, and broken it down into binary threads to see if there was a common derivation!”  All that work…she and Ianto had been working on that very program even before his bereavement leave. 

“That’s a bit of a mouthful,” Owen smirked.

Gwen laughed, and Toshiko didn’t bother to hide her glare.   “Sorry,” she mumbled.  “It was a private joke.”

Toshiko stabbed them both with her hottest glare.  “We’re supposed to be professionals!  I’m sure you both have work to do!”

“She’s right,” Gwen hastened to agree.  “You’re right…sorry, Tosh.”

“Do you know what, Tosh?” Owen snapped.  “Sometimes that stick up your arse has a stick up its arse.”

That was the last straw.

Toshiko stepped up, right into Owen’s personal space.  She might have been much smaller than him, but she had a serious indignation going, and she wasn’t about to back down.   “I’d rather have a stick up my arse,” she snarled, “than have your dick up my pussy.”  That might not have been strictly true, but she was too mad to care.  She turned and pointedly glared at Gwen, then back to Owen.  “That program you just ruined was one Ianto and I had been working on for months.  It would have helped us translate a lot of the languages we run into, and perhaps save your miserable lives when something says ‘bomb’ instead of ‘toy’.  You have managed to wreck something that would have made our jobs much better, and maybe much less dangerous.  When Jack finds out…I wouldn’t want to be either of you.  And that’s not even adding in what Ianto is going to do.”

“What’s Ianto going to do?” Jack’s voice echoed over the Hub, from the gantry above.

Toshiko looked up at him.  “I’ll let Owen and Gwen explain about the mess they’ve just made.”  She made a grab for her jacket and bag.  “I have to get out of here.”

She didn’t look at her co-workers as she stormed out of the Hub.  She desperately needed a drink.


It took two glasses of really good wine before Toshiko was calmed down.

Twisting the stem of her third glass in her fingers, she thought about her little tantrum back at the Hub.  She was a just a bit ashamed of herself.  It wasn’t that Owen hadn’t had it coming; it was just she didn’t like to lose her temper like that.  It wasn’t dignified.  And she’d accused Owen and Gwen of not being professional!

She sighed.  Chances were, she’d be able to retrieve a lot of the information that had been lost when Owen had unplugged the computer.  It was just the principle of it; she’d been working, doing the job she was actually paid for, while Owen – who should have been working with that body they’d recovered just that morning! – and Gwen – God only knew what she was supposed to be doing – had been goofing around with that damned football.  One wrong step and it had set her own work back weeks!

Hopefully Jack would sort them both out before she went back.  Toshiko honestly didn’t think she could handle the pair of them anymore.

And it wasn’t even because of her own feelings toward Owen.  She’d long ago realized that he’d never return them, and besides she had Tommy to look forward to.  No, this was more because he was flaunting the fact that he’d bedded the new girl, despite her having a boyfriend at home.  Didn’t Gwen have any self respect?  Couldn’t she see just how Owen was strutting around like some sort of oversexed peacock, with his plumage out for everyone to see? 

Gwen was just another notch on his bedpost, and the woman just didn’t get it.

Toshiko really wanted to talk to either Jack or Ianto about the situation.  She knew Jack saw it as well, judging from the disapproving looks she’d seen him shoot the pair when their antics got too much to bear.  She knew for a fact that he’d already admonished them about keeping it out of the workplace.  But, at the same time, Jack was walking a fine line: calling Gwen and Owen down for their behavior meant that his and Ianto’s whatever it was also would not be tolerated in the Hub.  Toshiko had no doubt that the captain and the dragon were indeed getting closer, just from how much time Jack was spending in Ianto’s company.  The dragon was practically homebound after injuring his wing in the Brecon Beacons, and it was really beginning to get to him.  Having Jack – and Toshiko – visit him had kept him from going insane.

Movement out of the corner of her eye drew her attention, but she didn’t turn.  Toshiko took a sip of her wine, deciding that she’d just leave it alone for the night.  It wouldn’t do to dwell on it, and she simply didn’t want to have to deal with the mess Owen and Gwen had left until tomorrow.   She didn’t normally avoid things like that, but the very idea of going back to the Hub just didn’t appeal.

Something prickled at the back of her mind, and Toshiko shivered slightly.  She tilted her glass up, draining it, then began to gather her things.

“This guy over there,” a voice caught her attention, “has been staring at me all evening.”

Toshiko turned in the direction of the voice, and found herself staring into a pair of very intense eyes.

“I told him he’s wasting his time,” the woman behind the eyes went on, “but he won’t listen, so I’ve come over to talk to you because you know how this ends: he gets a punch in the neck and I get barred.  I’ve already been barred from about twenty pubs, and I don’t want that to happen here because they do these nice olives on the tables.”

The technician stared at her.  She was attractive; blond, a little taller than Toshiko herself, but it was her eyes that caught her attention: they were dark, and there was something in them that made her think of Jack’s eyes when he was thinking too hard about something.   There was another odd tickle in her head, and she found herself putting her bag back down on the bar.  “Right,” she found herself saying.  “Okay, then.”

The woman smiled, and while it was friendly there was something off about it.  “Cool.  Let me buy you a drink.”   She put her bag down on the counter, digging around inside it and bringing out her wallet.

“Really, there’s no need,” Toshiko protested.

She waved the bartender over.  “I’ll have a JD and Coke, and…Toshiko, what do you want?”

Suspicion slammed through her, and she climbed off the bar stool.  “I didn’t tell you my name.”  Her hand crept to where she normally kept her gun…only to find it not there.  She’d taken it off in the Hub, and hadn’t retrieved it after her rather precipitous exit.

“Oh yeah,” the woman grinned.  “That was the other thing…I kinda know who you are.”




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Way to go Tosh....Hope Ianto's okay.

He's fine, he's just recovering.

Tosh is great, isn't she?
Evil woman of evil

*HUGS* Tosh

Pst, Thrace helped me put up a header over here, it's in my journal if you wanna try
I am evil, I admit...

Oo...I'm going to check it out now! Thanks!
Oh Tosh, problems in the horizon .....
Gwen and Owen are so childish;
Jack and Ianto are getting closer .... that is a wondeful news!

Edited at 2011-04-21 06:08 pm (UTC)
Tosh really is in trouble, isn't she?

And yes, they are. Jack and Ianto together is a wonderful thing. :)

Glad you are calling Gwen and Owen out on their behaviour in that episode, they were vile to Tosh. I think the bit I hate the most is Gwen patronising her at the end.

I'll be interested to see how this one plays out.
I just want to smack them for mistreating Tosh is this episode. I do hope you enjoy the changes I'm going to make.
I'm never going to write poor Tosh because a lot of me wishes she'd got to stay with Mary I was sorely tempted in TWH.I too could smack Gwen and Owen - one of the reasons why I disliked Owen. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this and the pendant.
Well, Owen is a prat. Completely and utterly. Tosh deserves so much better than him. *nods*

I do hope you like what I have planned!
I like Tosh calling Owen out on his behavior. i always felt so bad for her in this episode with Gwen and Owen carrying on and Gwen making fun or her clothes and such.
They really didn't treat Tosh at all well, I agree.

I hope you'll like my changes! :)
Owen...stupid git
Tosh rocks!!!
I love Tosh to bits. She stood up to cannibals, she's not about to be cowed by Owen Harper!
*Squeaks* Yay new story! I love how prolific you are, because you bring us so much awesome stuff.
I'm prolific at the moment, but wait until I start panicking about the Big Bangs I signed up for! *grins*

Thank you!
Oh, I much prefer your version of this ep so far! I wanted Tosh to slap Owen down when he made that stick up your arse comment in the show and YOU LET HER DO IT!
Thank you! Yes, I wanted her to as well, after all she'd been standing up to cannibals! Owen should have been a piece of cake.
I think that at least part of my disgust for both Owen and Gwen is fueled by their behavior in this episode. They both needed several slaps.

Can't wait to see how you deliver them.

I agree with you completely about that. I really did enjoy writing that, I admit. :)

Thank you!
i have always wanted to smack gwen/owen for the way they treated tosh during that episode. owen for the snarky remarks and gwen with all so patronizing remark about love. i am so glad that she told them off because even a wonderful woman like tosh have bs limit and g/o have passed it. you beat canon when tosh became alarmed about how the woman knew her name.
nice to see that tosh and jack are keeping ianto company until he comes back to work.
It really was fun to write that. I always thought Tosh should have stood up to them, after all she did stand up to cannibals. I just couldn't see her standing still for that sort of thing.

Thank you!
Damn Tosh. Work it, girl!
Great start to this episode!
Glad you like Tosh in this.

Way to go Tosh - nice to see her telling Owen a few home truths and hopefully Jack will stamp on him & Gwen too.
Love that Ianto & Jack are getting closer.
Fab start to episode and looking forward to the M_D twists that you have got up your sleeve!
*hugs* xxx

Tosh was always stronger than they gave her credit for. I'm glad you like her in this.

More soon!

I love that you write Tosh as the strong, kick-ass bitch that she is. I wanted to smack both of those idiots in this episode. Owen for the way he flaunted that he was shagging Gwen and the nasty way he treated Tosh. Gwen for being the patronizing, self-righteous bitch that she was throughout most of the show. And of course Tosh would have been suspicious of Mary knowing her name. She's brilliant!
Tosh really is, isn't she? I'm glad you like the way I'm writing her.

Both Owen and Gwen didn't come out at all well in this episode, but they're both just so self-absorbed...

I read with pleasure how Tosh arrived at the pub!
In fact, I had almost forgotten (reddening) the behavior of Owen and Gwen: grrrrrr

PS: As I risk to comment often, you really is not obliged to answer every time!
It is my pleasure to let you know my feedback and thank you in this way for sharing your very imaginative
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