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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Mind Games - Chapter Four

Mind Games - Chapter Four
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Owen, Gwen/Rhys (mentioned), Tosh/Mary
Warnings: Language, violence, dubious consent (implied)
Spoilers: Up through Torchwood S1, E7, "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note: This is based on the episode "Greeks Bearing Gifts", although adapted to the Dragon-Verse.  Once again, the dating is taken from several fan-made chronologies and from the TARDIS Index File. 

Summary:  As the team investigate a mysterious death and a more mysterious artifact, Toshiko meets a woman in a pub who doesn't have her best interests in mind.


16 November 2007


Toshiko told them everything.  She told them about leaving the Hub yesterday, and about going to the pub for a drink.  She explained how Mary had approached her, and how she’d found herself listening to Mary and sharing things she shouldn’t have.  She didn’t gloss over anything, although she was heartily embarrassed that she’d fallen under the other woman’s spell so quickly. 

“It’s obvious that you were being influenced,” Jack reassured her.  “Even without the pendant, the Arcan would still have enough telepathic oomph to push you the way she’d want you to go.”  He glanced up at Ianto.  “Remind me to start some sort of psychic shield training, to avoid this in the future.”

The dragon hummed his agreement.

The tech expert went on, about how she’d gone into the Hub that morning, and what she’d heard from Owen and Gwen.  That information caused a short staring match between man and dragon, and Toshiko realized they’d come to some sort of consensus when Jack had asked her to continue.

She did so, telling them of her discomfort, and her decision to tell Jack about it…only that Jack hadn’t come into the Hub.  The captain apologized, saying that he’d had business elsewhere; he didn’t go into it, and Toshiko didn’t ask, although from Ianto’s reaction he’d known exactly what that business was.

She finished with her coming here.  “It just wasn’t right,” she said.  “It bothered me to read anyone else’s minds, but I just couldn’t seem to stop myself.”

Jack nodded.  “That was the pendant’s influence.  Don’t worry, Tosh; it can’t get to you any longer.”

She felt relieved, smiling at Jack’s reassurance.  Then, she frowned.  “What about Mary?”

“We’ll stop her, Tosh,” Ianto promised. 

“But why me?  Why did she choose me?”

“She most likely picked up on your thoughts in that bar,” Jack answered.  “It wouldn’t have mattered which one of us it was, as long as the right conditions were met.”

Toshiko looked back on last night, and realized her most overpowering thought was anger at her colleagues for what had happened in the Hub.  She’d been furious at both Gwen and Owen for wrecking her program and for making light of the work she’d been doing, and for flaunting their shagging to all and sundry. 

She nodded in understanding.  “I can see why I was such a tempting target.”

“I’m sure she had a reason for wanting you to basically betray your teammates,” Jack went on.  “As soon as we find her, we’ll ask.”  He graced her with a smile, reaching across and patting her on the knee.  To anyone else, it might have seemed patronizing, but from Jack it was strangely paternal. 

Well, maybe not that strangely, given what they now knew about him, and just how old he really was.

Jack’s mobile rang, and the captain cursed as he had to shift around to dig it out of his coat pocket.   “Yes, Owen?” he answered. 

He listened for a second, then put the mobile on speaker.  – finished the post-mortem on that body we found out at the construction site,” the medic was saying.  Toshiko could hear Gwen singing somewhat teasingly in the background, and it sounded like that silly children’s song about the human skeleton.  “Stop singing,” he snapped. 

The singing got louder.

“What did you find, Owen,” Jack snapped, in his no-nonsense ‘Captain’ voice. 

“Well, I’ve had to tweak some of my initial conclusions, hence Cooper being annoying.  The first being that this isn’t, in fact, a woman.  It’s a man.”

They could hear Gwen laughing.

“Okay, yeah I was wrong,” Owen admitted grudgingly, “but it’s a very girly man.”

“But still a man,” Gwen chortled.    

“Gwen, let Owen finish his report,” Jack ordered. 

The laughing stopped, dropping into what Toshiko swore was a pouting silence.

“I also thought that the wound might have been GSW,” Owen went on. “The real answer is…I don’t know what caused it.  You see this sort of thing in RTA’s: when something like a steering column or a post goes into a body at great velocity.”

“So there wasn’t anything at all right about your initial prognosis?” Gwen asked.

Toshiko watched as Jack stifled a sigh at the antics.  “That’s enough,” he said.  “Is there anything else you have for me?  Or are you two just larking about back there?” He didn’t sound happy, but then he didn’t look very happy either.

“There’s something about this,” Owen mused.  “I could swear I’ve seen this sort of injury before.  I’m going to search a few hospital databases and see what comes up.”

“You do that.  Toshiko and I are on our way back in.”  Jack snapped the phone closed.  “Tosh, I don’t want you to leave my sight until we know more about what’s going on with the Arcan.  In the meantime, you and I are going to work on that piece of tech we found with the body.  I want to know exactly what’s going on.”  He stood, then helped Toshiko to her feet.

“And I suppose this means I get to remain useless and stuck here,” Ianto muttered. 

Jack’s face cleared of its irritation at Owen and Gwen.  He reached over and stroked his fingers down the dragon’s snout, eliciting a near-purr from him.  “Sorry,” the captain answered, “but you’re still under restriction. “

Ianto’s face dropped, but he nodded.  “I just feel helpless while someone is out there, stalking our Toshiko.”

The technician felt her chest warming at how he’d referred to her.  She could understand why he felt that way, but she didn’t want him to risk his recovery for her.

Then something occurred to her.  “You don’t have to sit by and do nothing,” she said.  She went over to the computer she’d set up for him, so he could use it without having to use his overly large claws on the keyboard.  “You can be going through the CCTV, looking for Mary.”  Her own fingers moved on the keyboard.  “I can route the Hub’s control to you, it’s easy enough.  Then you can be on the lookout for her.”  She went on to describe the woman who’d approached her.  “There.  You can run the scanning program vocally now.”  She smiled up at the dragon.  “You won’t feel so helpless that way.”

“Thank you, Tosh,” the dragon said, his eyes almost glowing with pleasure.

“You’re welcome.”

“If you find anything – “ Jack began.

“I’ll call immediately,” the dragon promised.

“And I’ll be back later, once this is all sorted.”

“I look forward to it.  And, if you bring Tosh, we can all do a movie night.  She can stay in my guest room while there’s a threat against her.”

Jack nodded.  “Agreed.”

“I can look after myself!”  Toshiko protested, even though she was secretly pleased that they wanted to watch out for her.

“But you don’t have to,” Jack answered.  “Not when you have a dashing hero and a brave dragon to do that for you.”

A smile curled up one side of her mouth.  “Well, when you put it that way…”


The drive back to the Hub was made up of silence, punctuated by Jack asking random questions about her encounter with Mary, and the soft crooning of Ella Fitzgerald from the car’s speaker system.

Toshiko could tell that Jack was trying to put things together.  She’d been working with him long enough to recognize the look; it was so very different from Jack’s usual grinning devil-may-care expression that it was almost like looking at a whole other person.  Sometimes it was easy to forget that Jack was leader of Torchwood for a reason; that he did, in fact, know how to command and that he had a very sharp mind.  It was equally simple to discount him, especially when he had a tendency to blow up the microwave at the oddest times, and enjoyed using such anachronistic technology such as the old phonograph player with its collection of discs. 

But it was just layers of Jack Harkness, and it covered up a person who knew more about quantum mechanics than most contemporary scientists and who could fly all types of aircraft, on and off the Earth.  He’d admitted to her about being from the 51st century, and it made Toshiko think about all the times that current tech had seemed to stump him.  She’d known then to never think that Jack was an idiot; not that she had before, but it had been easy to think that he was just inept at certain things.  Before his confession she’d had ample opportunity to see his expertise with alien technology, and had known that Jack was more than just how he appeared.  Now, she knew that current tech was just below him, and that he had to work that much harder to use it.

They arrived back at the Hub, stopping for coffee on the way.  Once there, Jack removed the containment box containing the pendant and led the way inside, Toshiko bringing in the coffees. 

Owen was still in the autopsy bay, fussing over the corpse they’d found.  She handed him a coffee, and he smiled at her.  “You are gorgeous,” he said by way of thanks.

Toshiko found herself blushing slightly, but knew not to read too much into it.   “Still trying to figure it out?” She motioned toward the skeleton.

The medic nodded.  “I’m thinking now it might be some sort of ritual.”

“What kind?” Jack’s voice echoed around the circular room.  He’d joined them, leaning on the railing and looking downward. 

Tosh went up to him, handing him another of the coffees.   The box was gone, and she guessed he’d already locked it away in the Secure Archives. 

“Not sure,” Owen confessed.  “But I started looking into devil-worship and stuff from that era, see if there’s anything about plucking out hearts.  Guess what?  There’s nothing.  They ate eyeballs, they drank blood, they had sex with animals, but they didn’t pluck out each other’s hearts.  Cos obviously this is what happened, now that I’ve gotten a closer look.”

“But you said you thought you recognized it,” Jack pointed out.

“Yeah, I know.”  Owen actually chewed on his lower lip, a sure sign that he was confused by it all.  “There’s something…does it remind you of anything?”

Jack shook his head, and Toshiko thought to lighten the mood a little.  “Kinda like that bit in “Alien” where that thing bursts out of John Hurt?”

Owen snorted, but she could tell it had done the trick.  “I’m sorry, I should have been more specific.  Does it remind you of anything helpful?”

“No, sorry.”

“Right.  Well, then why don’t you go over there somewhere, “ he motioned in the general direction of her station, “and do your computer stuff, and maybe think of shoes, okay?”

Toshiko rolled her eyes, but she did head over to the work stations, Jack behind her.  She went to set Gwen’s coffee down on the other woman’s desk, but the ex-PC seemed to appear as if by magic.  “Thanks, sweetheart,” she said, taking the offered cup. 

She was very glad that the pendant was gone now.  She had no desire to know what her fellow teammates were thinking. 

“C’mon,” Jack urged, “I’ve got the tech set up on the work table in the armory.  Let’s say you and I go take a look and see if we can’t figure out what it is?”

Toshiko followed, ready for a challenge to take her mind off what had happened with Mary.


The device cleaned up really well.

It sat, gleaming under the lights, and Jack looked thoroughly disgusted with himself.  “I must be getting senile,” he muttered angrily.  “Why didn’t I think of it before?”

“What is it?” Toshiko asked, not liking Jack’s tone.

“It’s Arcateenian,” he answered grimly.

Dawning realization hit her.  “Just like Mary.”

“I think we now know why she chose you.”

“She must have been there, to see us find it.”   Toshiko turned to leave.  “I’m going to go back over the CCTV footage, see if she was at the construction site.”

She hurried to her terminals, Jack at her heels.  With a few keystrokes Toshiko had the footage from the site up on her main screen, and she was forwarding through it, looking for a familiar face amongst the crowd beyond the barricades.

It didn’t take too long.

“There!” She froze the image.  It was obviously Mary, standing amongst the rubberneckers at the scene. 

“Get that to Ianto,” Jack ordered.  “It’ll make his search a lot easier.” 

Toshiko was doing just that when Owen interrupted them.  “You have to see this!” the medic’s voice shouted from the autopsy bay.

She’d emailed the screen grab to the dragon in moments, then joined Jack and Gwen down at Owen’s station.   Owen was ashen, and his hands trembled slightly as he used the keyboard to flip through the records on his screen.   “It’s impossible,” he murmured.  He turned to Jack.  “It finally hit me why I thought that injury looked familiar.  I ran across something like it when I was doing my A&E residency at Cardiff General.  We had a case come in, a woman, with a wound just like that.  I searched some more, and found something called Project Lowery through the local coppers.”  He turned back to the monitor.  “So, I dug into that, and found a long list of deaths, going back decades.  Same cause of death: a hole punctured through the ribcage, heart gone.”

Jack had been looking angrier and angrier as Owen’s recitation progressed, until by the end he was thunderous.  Toshiko shivered, very glad that she’d had the strength of will to go to Ianto about the pendant.  Would she have ended up like those poor victims, once Mary had gotten what she’d wanted?  Thinking back on the meeting in the pub, she remembered Mary’s thought, that she’d wanted to kiss Toshiko.  Was she some sort of alien sexual predator?  Had all her victims let her get close, then killed them after having her way with them?   Or had she chosen Toshiko because Torchwood had that device, whatever it was?   Would she have left Toshiko unharmed once she’d gotten it? 

A mobile rang, the ringtone of “Moonlight Serenade” marking it as obviously Jack’s.  He pulled the phone from his pocket, flipping it open.  “Harkness,” he answered, his voice clipped.

Then his expression softened, and Toshiko guessed it was Ianto on the other end.  “Got it,” the captain answered.  “We’re on it.”   He hung up, turning to the rest of the team.  “I have a lead on the alien who could be responsible.”

That caused a minor bustle as everyone got ready to leave.  Toshiko touched Jack’s arm.  “Where is she?”

Jack looked at her, his eyes serious.  “Outside your flat.”




Oh developments. Good to see Tosh being looked after (still can't help having a sneaking liking for Mary) by Jack and Ianto and I want to slap Gwen and Owen. Wonering how Jack will deal with Mary.
Looking forward to more.
They'll take good care of Tosh. And you'll see how Jack handles Mary in the next chapter.

Thanks, hon!
I really like how you've done this. Tosh is more resourceful, but then she has a lot more support than in canon. I also like Jack telling Gwen to shut up, she is very irritating in that scene. It's a bit pathetic of me but I keep wondering where Jack and Ianto are at here..
Tosh was always resourceful, I just think the writers forgot that at times. I think that scene with Gwen teasing Owen is one of the many reasons I don't watch this episode as much as others, because she really got on my nerves. It wasn't like she's never made a mistake, honestly...

You mean, where Jack and Ianto are in their relationship? If it's that, we'll see!
AWWWWWWWWwww really would like to be Tosh witha dashing hero and a brave dragon looking after me!

mmmmm Mary is in trouble, isn't it?
I know, I would too!

Oh yes, Mary is in real trouble. *grins*
I wants me a brave dragon and a dashing hero for my mothersday!!!!
(we celebrate that next sunday in Holland)
Toash is a sweetie to make Ianto feel useful, heck..he is useful!
I know, so do I! *grins*

Ianto is useful, even if he can't be there physically. :)
LJ ate my comment...

AAWWW I wants me a dashing hero and a brave dragon for my mothersday! (we celebrate that next sunday here in Holland)

And Tosh is a sweetie to make Ianto feel useful, heck..he IS useful!
LOL! I did get your comment twice...and loved it the second time as much as the first.

Thanks, hon!
Great update! I'm glad Tosh told Jack and Ianto everything, no matter how embarrassing it was. And Tosh is such a sweetheart for setting things up for Ianto so he can be useful. Not a good thing though that Mary has Tosh's flat staked out.

Maybe Owen could concentrate and figure things out if Gwen would shut her annoying, juvenile trap! Does she think her antics are cute and not going to royally piss Jack off just because she's Gwen? She wouldn't know professionalism if it bit her in the ass!

Okay, rant over!
Nice rant, hon. I completely agree with you. :)

*Hugs Tosh*
*Scratches Ianto's snout*
Go get Mary you guys :)
They're going to get her...in the next chapter, which should be up soon.

Oh, and I've actually started writing the next Wizard and Deathless story, just so you know... :)
Great chapter, I loved Tosh's description of Jack
Thanks a lot! And I'm glad you liked how Tosh sees Jack. He's not an idiot, even if people might see him that way. :)
That's our Tosh!

Loved her rearranging her ideas about Jack. Anyone who has a doubt about how hard it is trying to work with old technology, try using a slide rule. Then you'll feel Jack's pain.

I'll take a dashing hero and dragon as bodyguards any time!
I know! Give Jack a TARDIS...no problem. Give him a DVD player...problem. I always thought the only reason he couldn't fix his Vortex Manipulator was a lack of parts, because I'm pretty certain he could have, given the proper materials.

So will I!
tosh/jack/ianto friendship is always brilliant to me. great use of canon. gwen put in her place, snick.
loved tosh's thoughts about jack being a man out of place with the tech of our time but highly compentent with tech from the future. i guess i have problem with the jack of fic(canon doesn't help at times compare the jack of season 1 who with some torchwood, damn rusty) as the pretty boy who is not known for his intelligence, sigh, the man is not stupid.
Thanks! I always thought Jack was more than just a pretty face, after all the Doctor let him work on the TARDIS. He didn't let just anyone do that! So Jack had to be at least competent with that sort of technology.

Firstly, hope everything's ok *hugs*

Wow - I just adore the Ianto/Tosh/Jack friendship and i love how protective they are of her.

Someone needs to slap Gwen or at least put a muzzle on her...actually I quite like that idea!

Dragon verse rocks! xxx

ps t-shirt colours are: lemon, soft ocean [blue] avacado, soft crocus [purpley] navy, grey marl...or white again. you can also choose from crew or v neck! choices choices!!!
Well, no...but hopefully it'll get better. *hugs*

Muzzling Gwen? Would there be one big enough to fit? *laughs*

Thanks, hon. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Oo...the ocean blue sounds nice. Any sort of neckline works for me. But you know you don't have to send another one...
Go Tosh!! Yay Ianto and Jack! This is a wonderful chapter I love how it is developing. Can't wait for the next one Hope you are feeling better :)
Thanks! Glad you liked it.

Next one is up now... *grins*

I'm feeling much better, Mom isn't though...
Loved this line

“But you don’t have to,” Jack answered. “Not when you have a dashing hero and a brave dragon to do that for you.

Wonderful Chapter
Thanks, hon.

I love that line, too. *grins*.
I love Tosh: it takes care of Ianto. She has not fooled by the "shell" of Jack.
Gwen! : Humphhh; grrrrrr

But one question comes to mind : Tosh being aware of who is Mary : Mary will read in Tosh ?!
Thanks! I do love Tosh, she's great!

We'll see... :)
Mary's in for a hell of a surprise...
You're not kidding! *grins*