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Myfanwy 2

November 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Mind Games - Chapter Six

Mind Games - Chapter Six
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Owen, Gwen/Rhys (mentioned), Tosh/Mary
Warnings: Language, violence, dubious consent (implied)
Spoilers: Up through Torchwood S1, E7, "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note: This is based on the episode "Greeks Bearing Gifts", although adapted to the Dragon-Verse.  Once again, the dating is taken from several fan-made chronologies and from the TARDIS Index File. 

A/N2:  Well, this is the end of this part.  Next up, is the Dragon-Verse version of "They Keep Killing Suzie", which should either start posting tomorrow or Friday.   Thanks to everyone who have stuck with this! 

Oh, and we have a PDF of this part, too. 

Summary:  As the team investigate a mysterious death and a more mysterious artifact, Toshiko meets a woman in a pub who doesn't have her best interests in mind.


16 November 2007


They stopped for Chinese on the way back to Ianto’s house.

Toshiko held the bags as Jack unlocked the door, relief practically slamming into her as she crossed the threshold.  She hadn’t realized just how tightly wound up she’d been before, but just knowing that the whole thing was over was a weight off her mind.  Being at Ianto’s, to her, meant that she was safe.  And, while Toshiko prided herself on being strong and independent, everyone needed to feel like that every once in a while.

The sound of footsteps practically pounding down the stairs made her look up; Ianto was in human form, and the smile that greeted her warmed her.  The dragon was with her in a second; he removed the bags from her hands, handing them off to Jack, then wrapped her in a hug which she gratefully reciprocated. 

“Hey,” Jack complained, “don’t I get one?”

Ianto pulled back just in time to catch the tail-end of the eye roll he’d sent in Jack’s direction.  “Ladies’ first, Jack,” he answered primly.  “Didn’t your mother teach you any manners?”

“I have excellent manners,” Jack sniffed. 

Ianto snorted, but he wrapped the captain in a hug anyway. 

“Is that Chinese I smell?” he asked, eyeing the bags that Jack had set on the floor in order to receive his hug. 

“Yes, it is,” Jack confirmed.  “And should you be human-shaped?”

“I have to be, to eat,” the dragon replied, taking the bags and heading into the kitchen.  “I doubt you’re going to want to feed me sweet and sour chicken while I’m in dragon-form.”

“I’d feed you anything, anytime, and anyhow,” Jack leered. 

Ianto ignored it.  “Besides,” he called, accompanied by the sounds of plates rattling, “I thought Tosh might need a hug.”

Toshiko smiled.  “I did, thank you.”

Jack removed his greatcoat and boots, and then moved into the kitchen with the Chinese.  She followed, leaning against the entry and watching them both work.  They moved around each other easily; it was almost like watching a dance.   It made her wonder if they’d ever admit how they felt about each other, because it was obviously more than friendship.  

She thought back on that vision she’d had, about the blue-gray dragon.  She hadn’t been able to get much detail but the color, but it struck her that the dragon had been the exact same color as Jack’s greatcoat. 

But Jack wasn’t a dragon.  Ianto would know if he were.  And yet, she couldn’t help but think it was some sort of sign, and perhaps Ianto was misinterpreting it?

Or, maybe Toshiko was just a hopeless romantic, and wanted her two friends to be happy.

“We’ll do a movie,” Ianto said, as he dished up their supper.  “We can take the plates upstairs, and when we’re done I can change back…although I feel just fine.  The pain is gone.”

“You still have a couple more days,” Jack scolded lightly, going for the refrigerator for drinks.  “We don’t want you to relapse.  I need you back at the Hub, to keep me from going crazy.”

“Too late,” Toshiko teased, unable to resist.

Jack pouted, and Ianto laughed.  “You left yourself wide open for that one, Jack.”

“You’re right,” the captain grinned.  “Come on; let’s get this stuff upstairs.  We can relax for a bit, and then I’ll head back to the Hub to monitor the Rift for the night.”  He looked disappointed.

“Stay,” Ianto said softly.  “I’ll be able to tell if the Rift acts up, even this far from the Hub.”

The small smile Jack graced the dragon with melted Toshiko’s heart.  “Are you sure?”

“Yes, Jack.  I’m sure.”

“Then let’s eat and take the rest of the night off.”  Jack practically bounded up the stairs, carrying his plate and drink.

Toshiko laughed at his excitement.  She exchanged grins with Ianto, then took her own food up into the loft, the dragon following. 


17 November 2007


Toshiko arrived at the Hub with Jack the next morning, completely relaxed after spending the night at Ianto’s.  She’d taken the bed up in the loft; Jack had been quite content to sleep against the dragon’s flank, and Ianto had seemed quite content to let him.   Jack had accompanied her back to hers for change of clothes – Toshiko had instinctively looked around for Mary, but had mentally kicked herself for it – and then he’d ridden in with her. 

She’d even found an oldies station on the radio for him to listen to.

“You going to be okay?” he asked quietly, in the pause between songs.

Toshiko nodded.  “I think so, yeah.  It’s funny though…such a small thing, that pendant.  And yet it could be one of the most powerful pieces of alien tech we’ve ever come across.  It could take down governments, wipe out armies. “

“That’s why it’s going to be buried in the Secure Archives where no one can get to it,” Jack swore.  “That sort of power…it can corrupt.  We’re all lucky you’re strong enough to handle it.”

“I might not have been.”

“But you were.”

Toshiko nodded slightly.  “I guess I was.”

Jack was silent for a few moments, then he asked, “Are you really okay with what happened to Mary?”

She considered the question.  “Yes, because I understand why it had to be that way.  Sending her back home was out of the question, because for her to have been exiled in the first place her crime had to have been bad.  Having her transport to the Shadow Proclamation wouldn’t have worked either, because Earth isn’t a member.  Chances were, they would have released her because they wouldn’t have recognized our grievance.  And we couldn’t have imprisoned her, because she would have found some way to influence one of us and could have escaped.”  She let one hand leave the steering wheel, to reach across the console and take Jack’s, squeezing.  “I do understand, Jack.  And I’m fine with it.”  She was, even though Toshiko wasn’t usually a bloodthirsty person.  There just hadn’t been any other way.

“Well, those are good reasons,” Jack admitted.  “But at the time I was only thinking about what she’d done to you.  No one messes with my team and gets away with it.  I wanted to punish her for that.” 

“You’ll always want to protect us, Jack.  Please don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re almost like our father, in a way.”

Jack laughed.  “But I look good for a dad!”

She joined him in his laughter.  “Yes, you do.”

“So,” he said playfully, “who does that make the mother?”

“Ianto, of course!”

Jack laughed even harder.  “You might not want to tell him that!  He might take offense at being thought of as a girl.”

Toshiko grinned.  “No way am I saying a word.”

“Good.  Because he might serve you decaf of that remark!”

She gave a mock shiver.  “Anything but that!”

“I’ll just pretend you didn’t say anything then.  Although, it would make very good blackmail material…”

Toshiko slapped him lightly.   This felt good, to have friends such as these two.

They were her family.


The moment they’d stepped into the Hub, Toshiko had known that there was going to be some sort of confrontation between herself and her two other teammates.

Not that she hadn’t expected it.  The moment that Owen and Gwen had heard that she’d been able to read their thoughts, Toshiko had known this would come.  She was actually prepared for it, and when Jack had looked at her questioningly she simply nodded.  She couldn’t avoid this. 

Jack touched her arm in support, then headed toward his office.  Toshiko herself went to her station, her eye on her two teammates as they huddled around Gwen’s desk, whispering intensely. 

“Good morning,” Toshiko said to them both, interrupting their conversation.  She put her bag down, and removed her coat before switching on her monitors.  She would let them approach her, because she wasn’t going to go out of her way to explain anything.

It took almost a minute before they did just that.

“So,” Gwen asked somewhat uncertainly, “how long have you had this…ability?”

Toshiko shrugged.  “It wasn’t an ability.  It was alien tech.  And I was wearing it yesterday.”

“What did you hear?” Owen asked bluntly, almost angrily.

She turned to look at the pair of them.  Gwen looked nervous, while it was obvious that Owen wanted to pick a fight.  Toshiko shrugged, turning back to her screens.  “Just things that confirmed what I already knew.”  She still felt ashamed for what she’d done; it hadn’t been any of her business what she’d heard them thinking, but she knew it was the pendant’s influence.   Both Ianto and Jack had talked to her about it, and she would just have to accept that.

Her chair was spun, and she was facing them once more.  “What do you mean by that?” Owen demanded, his eyes narrowed in anger.

She stared at him, wanting to control her own irritation because she’d been in the wrong.  But the fierceness in his gaze made her want to lash out at his own selfishness.  They hadn’t even noticed that something was wrong with her, content to ignore her presence while he played around with Gwen.

“What I mean,” she answered slowly, “is that you both are selfish, egotistical, uncaring, and childish.  Oh, and you’ve been shagging since the cannibals, but we all knew that.  You haven’t exactly been subtle.”

Gwen went pale.  Owen ground his teeth.  “You had no right to go poking about in our heads!” he snapped.

“And you didn’t even notice something was wrong,” Toshiko snapped back, “because you think I’m weird anyway.  And you’ll never know what I’m like in bed, Owen Harper, so you can stop thinking about it immediately.  You’re not going to touch me…ever.”

A part of Toshiko mourned the loss of that small hope that, one day, Owen would notice her.  That he’d realize her feelings for him.  Everything that had happened in the last couple of days had really brought home to her the fact that Owen wasn’t capable of any emotion other than selfishness.  Toshiko was worth more than that.

Plus, she had Tommy.  She really wished it was time to wake him up again.  He wouldn’t judge her, not like these two did.

Owen took at step back, putting his hands up in an almost defensive posture.  “Okay, so we didn’t notice.  Doesn’t give you the right to raid through our minds like that!”

“I was under the control of an alien device,” Toshiko ground out.  “I had no choice.  And it wasn’t something I actually enjoyed.  I didn’t like hearing you objectify me like I didn’t matter.  Nor did I particularly care to hear about you two screwing each other.”  She sent a glare at Gwen.  “You have a boyfriend, Gwen.  And yet you’re perfectly happy to risk all that for a man who’s only using you.  You’re just another notch in Owen’s bedpost.”

“It’s none of your business what I do,” Gwen answered hotly.

“No, you’re right.  It isn’t.  But what is my business is how you think about my best friend.  It’s not his fault you can’t liaise with the police properly.”

Gwen looked angry.  “I can do my job just fine!  No creature is better than I am!”

Toshiko laughed.  “You’re just jealous, Gwen.  You’re jealous because the authorities respect Ianto, and not you.  Well, let me tell you something:  you respect them, and they’ll respect you.  The same goes for me...which, you obviously don’t.  You need to earn my respect, and dissing how I dress or badmouthing my best friend isn’t the way to go about it.  So you see, that pendant was good for one thing:  I now know precisely who my friends are.  And the only ones who cared enough about me to notice something was wrong were Ianto and Jack.  They took care of me, and they saved me.  You two were too wrapped up in your own drama to notice.  Now, I have to start salvaging this translation program that the two of managed to bollocks up.  So, if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.”

She turned back to her terminal, dismissing them completely.  She had things to do, and she fully intended to do them.

Movement on the gantry caught her attention, and she looked up; Jack stood there, and he nodded once. 

Toshiko nodded back, turning happily back to her computers.



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Go, Tosh! *cheers*

Have I mentioned I adore you lately? I do. I love this series and the way you're working your dragon verse into canon.

*blushes* I'm really glad you like this, it's so much fun to play with canon.


Looking forward to the next segment. Glad that Ianto is feeling better. And I wondered about the similarities between the vision of his mates' colour and Jack's coat...
She sure did! *grins*

Ianto is feeling better, and at some point we'll be addressing your wonderings.

Thank you!
Love, love, love!!! So glad that Toshiko put both Owen and Gwen in their place!!
Thanks, hon!

This was what I wish had happened, that Tosh had gotten on her soapbox with Gwen and Owen. It gave me such a happy to write it! *grins*
OMG! Tosh is a truly fighter and I love the way you describe how Jack and Ianto are being more confident around each other!

Blue grey coat = soul mate dragon ummmmmmmm *crossez her fingerz*

Looking forward to reading the next part!
Tosh is! And I'm glad you enjoyed it.

We'll see about that coat thing...at some point. *winks*

Next part should be up today or tomorrow.
Oh, brilliant! Absolutely brilliant that Tosh gave what for to Gwen and Owen. I got so fed up with Gwen acting so aggrieved every time she perceived someone as doing her wrong, but she was so completely oblivious to all the times she wronged someone else - especially her own teammates. And the verbal slap to Owen was great, too.

I will very much be looking forward to seeing how you write "They Keep Killing Suzie" - after all, there is so much opportunity there for Gwen to piss off Jack and Ianto....
I really did like writing that. It was one of the things that irritated me about the episode: the fact that no one called Gwen and Owen on their crap. I just had to fix that. *grins*

I do you'll enjoy TKKS - there are some major changes in it, but Gwen is still Gwen. :)
Yeah! You tell 'em, Tosh! I always wanted her to tell Owen off, to move on and find someone to treat her right. Cuz Owen was so completely beneath her!
Oh, I did too! And I agree about Owen being beneath her. She deserves someone so much better. :)
So many levels of awesome in this - loved it to bits1 go Tosh - love that she told that selfish pair some rock solid home truths and she came out of that stronger than ever, adore the friendship between the three and hoe Tosh matched the colour or the 'vision' dragon to Jack's coat - been hoping for that... Love that Tosh sees the love even if they don't voice it...just love it... *happy sigh and huge hugs*
D xxx
That was one of the things I really wanted to see: was Tosh telling them what for, after the thoughts she'd heard. I just had to fix that, so I'm glad you liked it.

As for the coat and the dragon...we'll see. *grins*

Thanks, hon! *hugs*
You go girl!

Brilliant chapter as always. I love Tosh in this and really hope that Ianto and Jack finaly find each other.

Tosh is awesome to write, so I'm glad you liked her. As for the boys...we'll get there. :)
tosh lives and rocks, screw rusty's so called canon!

tosh's visions of blue-gray dragoon very intriguing. tosh/jack friendship very heart warming.
really hope that tosh can move beyond her crush on owen now that she knows the painful truth.
i am so glad you didn't go with canon gwen patronizing tosh with her "love suited her" as i really wanted to smack her up the head for the having the feelings of a rock.
looking forward to the next in the series.
Haha! I'm so with you on that!

She has learned the truth, and she has Tommy waking up at some point, and then... *winks*

Oh lord, that really made me mad. How on Earth did Gwen even notice that, she was too busy messing around with Owen? Please.

Next should start up either tonight or tomorrow.
Said it before and I keep saying it "TOSH ROCKS!"

And another lovely PDF to put in my dragon!verse map on my E-reader, THANK YOU!
She does, I agree!

Thanks, and enjoy! :)
Great ending! I love this outspoken, brave Tosh. This is how she should have been. I also loved it how she rebuffed Gwen’ and Owen’ angry accusations. And the thing is – she really had no control over the situation with pendant. And they really didn’t even notice that something was off with her. So her words nailed truth perfectly.

Jack and Ianto are amazing. The funny thing is that they ARE together without realizing it. I suppose they just need some time to admit that this is happening, to get accustomed to this thought. The image of Jack sleeping near Dragon-Ianto is so adorable))) And reassuring, yes. Like a reminder that something IS right in the world. This is a perfectly working tandem with occasional helpful notes from Tosh. Protective parental Jack and supportive Ianto, both caring and perceptive – very functional Torchwood family. I hope Owen will get to his senses soon too.
Next instalment should be very interesting. Suzie, Gwen, double betrayal, murder… I can’t wait!
Tosh only told it like it was. I do really wish she had in the actual episode. I'm glad you liked it!

Jack and Ianto are the parents. And they really are together, even if they don't quite realize it yet. There are still a few things to happen, and then...we'll see. :)

Next part should start posting in a bit. Hope it doesn't disappoint.
Go Tosh!!! That was awesome
Tosh really is fantastic, I think. :)

WAY TO GO TOSH! *claps*

Tosh really is awesome. :)
Go Tosh!!! Tell those brats off!! This was a fantastic Chapter I can't wait for the next story I am sure it is going to be wonderful. How are you and your mum doing I hope yo both feel better. *Big Hug*
Yay strong brave Tosh so I'll forgive you for Mary. Glad she put Owen and Gwen in their place. I really get annoyed with them. Hope your Mum is doing better and I'm wondering how you'll o the next one.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This was perfection! I have always loved Tosh and your kick-ass!Tosh is fantastic! I loved her analysis of the situation with Mary and the possible, and totally NOT possible, solutions. Mary was just way too dangerous for there to be any other option.

Owen and Gwen needed a good telling off and I'm beyond thrilled that you finally let Tosh have her say. Their behavior in general, but especially toward Tosh was inexcusable. I'm also so, so happy you let her tell Gwen off in regards to her attitude toward, and treatment of, Ianto. She is such a bitch to him and really needs a good straightening out. Loved that you had Tosh looking up at Jack and him nodding at her. It was such a small segment, but it had so much power behind it.

Okay, end of Tosh-centric rant! Have I mentioned how much I love how you write her?

Glad you liked it!

Yes, I did see Mary as too dangerous to keep around. She was a homicidal alien with telepathy. Not a good combination at all.

I love Tosh, and she's a strong person. It just seemed like she would tell them off, and I wish they'd written that in the actual show. And that last part...I'm happy you enjoyed that.

You can rant any time you like! Chances are I'll agree with you! :)
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