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Myfanwy 2

September 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Update on my Mother

First of all, I want to thank everyone for your thoughts and wishes the last several days.  You all have been marvelous, and you have no idea how much I appreciate everything. 

There has been some tentative progress, but that only followed a downturn that had the hospital calling about rectal bleeding and requests for consent for transfusions.  They ran a scan and couldn't find the source of the bleeding, and I also had to sign consent for an emergency colonoscopy if needed, but it wasn't and the bleeding seemed to stop on its own.   They still don't know what caused it, but everything appears to be fine.  Then her kidneys began producing urine again, and that in itself is fantastic news.  Now they just have to get the excess fluid out of her, and are giving her medication for that.  The swelling has gone down in her feet and legs, but her hands and arms are still really puffy. 

They've been bringing her out of the sedation more and more, and she's very alert, although I've realized I can't read lips worth crap. 

Tonight, they moved her to another facility, this one a managed care facility where they're going to try to gradually wean her off the respirator.  After that, she'll going into a nursing home for rehab and such.  There isn't any time limit on this, and the doctor is cautiosly optimistic. 

My sister has been here, and she's been a great help.  Although, we've managed to give each other a really serious cold.  But hey, what are sisters for? 

Thanks again to you all.  *Hugs* 


*hugs* I'm so glad she's doing better. What a relief for your family. :)
Thank goodness - this really is good news!
Yes it is. Thanks! *hugs*
Thank you! It is. *hugs*
happy to know she is doing better!!

mentol tissues?

And thanks for the tissues, they are so appreciated! *takes tissues*
Thanks, hon!


Oh, I hope so. :)
Glad to hear things are improving. Take care of yourself as well.
love and hugs
Thanks, I'll try.


I'm so glad your mom's doing better and I hope she continues to improve. Also hope you're taking good care of yourself as well. *huge hugs*
Thanks, so do I. It looks good, though. I'll try to look after myself, but you know how it goes... *hugs*
It's a promising start. I hope things start to ease a bit more. Take care.
Yes, it is. Thanks! *hugs*
That's awesome news that she's doing better! *HUGS*
Thanks! It's such a relief. *hugs*
Glad to hear she's doing better. Hope your mum will continue to feel better.
Poor snuffling you and sister.
*hands a tissue and some honey for your throat*
Thanks, I hope so too.

*takes tissues and honey* This is perfect, thank you. *hugs*
glad to hear your mom is doing better.
i will send janto hugs for you.
My poor! It is very late, but my prayers are with you.

As I read with lot of late , I follow one author both and read everything starting with the oldest.
Seeing your message, I immediately looked to see if you had put something else.
I am relieved that your Mum is a little better.

I know what it is to have the fluid in the lungs and end up with a respirator in his mouth.
I know it is almost impossible to lip-read with the respirator.
It is quite possible, and I hope, that my advice will not be most useful to you, but your mother can be written ? Me, they gave me a slate with a pen (well, when I could make them understand ;-)