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Myfanwy 2

April 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Torchwood Murders - Chapter Five

The Torchwood Murders - Chapter Five
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Owen, Gwen/Rhys (mentioned)
Warnings: Language, violence
Spoilers: Up through Torchwood S1, E8, "They Keep Killing Suzie"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note: This is based on the episode "They Keep Killing Suzie", although adapted to the Dragon-Verse.  Once again, the dating is taken from several fan-made chronologies and from the TARDIS Index File. 

Summary:  The team is called in to investigate a murder where someone has implicated Torchwood.  Can they follow the trail and find the murderer before there's another victim?


24 November 2007


“What have we got?”  Jack asked the team, as they sat around the conference table.

Ianto took a sip of his coffee, knowing this was going to be a long night.  It was almost midnight now, and he didn’t see any of them getting out of there anytime soon.  He glanced around at his teammates:  Owen was practically guzzling his coffee in an attempt to get the caffeine into his system faster; Toshiko kept folding and unfolding the corner of a piece of paper that was tucked half under the laptop in front of her; and Gwen stifled a yawn behind her hand.  Jack looked ready to go for another twenty-four hours, but then Ianto knew very well that the immortal could go with very little sleep, but when he crashed Jack was down for the count.  Ianto himself could just feel the beginnings of tiredness nibbling at his mind, but his dragon constitution meant that he would outlast anyone else at the table, with the exception of their captain.

“Nothing new on the autopsies,” Owen began.  “All three were killed by a long-bladed knife, single slash across the throat, easily severing both the carotid and the jugular, which meant they bled out, and pretty damned fast, too.  DNA comparison with the victims’ blood and the blood on the walls confirms it was theirs and not brought in from somewhere else.  None of the victims had Retcon in them.  Also, dug back into their medical records and found nothing that links them.”  He sighed.  “Sorry, Jack.”

“Don’t be,” Jack said.  “You did good work.  Gwen?”

The former PC sat up a little straighter.  “Nothing in the evidence taken from the scenes can connect the victims.  I ran a check on the CCTV, but the camera closest to Alex Arwyn’s house has been out for months, so that didn’t fly.  I did get a few pictures from the one on the Briscoes’ street, but without anything to compare them to…”  There was something in her voice, a challenge that had Ianto stifling a sigh. 

“Fine, Gwen.”  Jack must have caught it as well, judging from the sudden stiffening of his shoulders.  “Toshiko, please tell me you have something.”

The technician grinned.  “I have something.”

Jack returned the grin.  “You have made my night.”

Toshiko blushed slightly under the praise.  “Well, there wasn’t anything in their personal backgrounds that linked them.  It wasn’t until I got to the financials that something interesting showed up.”  She consulted her laptop.  “Both Sarah Briscoe and Alex Arwyn had charges from the same hotel.”

Owen leaned forward.  “Were they playing undercover rumba then?”

“Nope,” Toshiko answered.  “The charges were on each on a Tuesday, eight weeks apart, and there are charges going back about three years.  And they weren’t renting a suite…it was a small conference room.”

Ianto put it together at the same time as Jack did, if the dragon was reading his expression correctly.   “Did you get into the hotel records to check to see who else had paid for that particular room?” he asked.

Toshiko looked mildly offended.  “Of course I did. “  At Ianto’s placating hand gesture, she continued.   “There were seven different people, each on a Tuesday, who had charges made for that room.  Apparently they had a regular rota.”  Then a shadow crossed her features.  “I…found a name though, one that we’re all familiar with.”

Owen and Gwen both looked puzzled, but Ianto knew who it was, and his heart fell.  He’d been with Jack, in hoping everything was just a big coincidence, even though he didn’t really believe in them.

“Suzie Costello,” Jack stated.

Toshiko nodded. 

“What the hell?” Owen exclaimed.  “You’re saying Suzie was involved in whatever’s going on?”

“It fits,” Jack answered.  “Our killer was Retconned over a long period of time, only the dosages stopped a couple of months ago.  Suzie had access…and she died about the same time the drugging ended.  And, Ianto and I found this in her belongings.”  He pulled the crumpled flyer from his pocket, setting it on the table.  “Ianto also found the same brochures at the Briscoes’ house and in Arwyn’s car.”

“There was nothing in the evidence gathered at either scene,” Gwen accused.

“I found the Arwyn brochure in his car,” Ianto reiterated.  “The police hadn’t searched it, so they didn’t know they had that particular group in common.”  They did now, though, thanks to PC Andy Davidson.  He’d made certain the copper would report to Detective Swanson on what he’d found. 

“I checked into this so-called Pilgrim on Ianto’s request,” Toshiko added.  “They’re so small they aren’t even on the internet. “

“I did find some records in with the brochures in the Briscoes’ closet,” Ianto put in.   “It’s a religious support group, more like a debating society actually.” 

“Suzie?  Belonging to some sort of religious group?” Owen scoffed.  “That’s like saying Harkness is celibate.”

“Owen,” Jack snapped. 

“Well, it’s true!”

Ianto sighed.  Owen was right, in a way; Jack certainly knew how to have fun, and he knew how to get whatever and whoever he wanted.  It was one of the many reasons why getting into any sort of relationship with him could backfire.  Their kiss in the storage room earlier might have been a mistake…but the dragon also knew his own feelings, and he knew that he would be completely unable to deny Jack if the immortal wanted to resume their physical relationship.  He only hoped that the man’s apparent change of heart was permanent.   He was willing to give Jack the benefit of the doubt for now.

“But that can’t be our Suzie,” Owen went on.  “She wouldn’t go to that support group bollocks.”

“How do you know?” Gwen challenged.  “I mean, were you friends?  Any of you…who was her best friend in this place?”

Everyone at the table bristled under her verbal assault.  The dragon wondered what gave her the right to ask that.  Certainly, he and Suzie hadn’t been close, but he knew for a fact that she and Toshiko had hung out, and of course there was her physical relationship with Owen.    “And we have the proof,” Ianto cut her off, before she could cause any more damage.  “We have the flyer found in her belongings.”

“Plus her name in the hotel records,” Toshiko added. 

“She did usually ask for Tuesdays off,” Ianto said, adding one more piece of the puzzle.

“There’s one way of finding out for certain,” Gwen said. 

Ianto stared at her, knowing immediately what she was going to suggest.  It angered him; Jack had made it perfectly clear that the glove was not to be used for any reason, and yet she was about to say it once more.

Jack apparently knew it, as well.  “I said we weren’t using the glove, Gwen.  Don’t you dare suggest it again.”

“But Jack – “

“Jack said no,” Ianto snapped.  “His orders apply to you, too.”

Gwen glared at him.  “We have a tool that can solve these crimes; why aren’t we using it?”

“We told you why,” Jack answered angrily. 

“Besides,” Owen put in, “according to Suzie’s own research, the fresher the kill the better the results.  She’s been dead too long for it to work.”

“Don’t bring it up again, Gwen,” Jack ordered.  “We will not be using the glove, now or never.”

The woman crossed her arms, her eyes narrowed in anger.  But she didn’t say anything else about the glove, which was a good thing.  If she had, Ianto would have Retconned her himself, and it wouldn’t have mattered if Jack had objected.

Ianto was glad that Jack wasn’t pandering to her anymore; he’d been convinced that Jack had hired her in order to get her into bed.  The captain’s own behavior had only reinforced that notion, with his putting her before the rest of the team, and the rather more intense than usual flirting.  But, ever since what had happened with Lisa, Jack had been more willing to see Gwen’s faults and not praise her for something that no one else on the team could see…this so-called humanity.   It made Ianto wonder just what had happened to change his view of her.

Their own relationship had done nothing but improve after the mess with the Fae.  Ianto was actually allowing himself to hope that they’d turned some sort of corner, and that Jack would be more willing to open up to him.  After all, he’d told Ianto about the Doctor, and about waiting for over one hundred years to get answers as to why he couldn’t die.  And, while Ianto didn’t want Jack to leave when the Time Lord did show up, a part of him could understand it.

And Jack had promised to come back.  To Ianto, that meant something. 

Yes, it would be one more time that Ianto’s heart would be broken.   But he didn’t want to think about that.  He hoped that his own killing of Lisa would have broken that curse; yes, that had been the second time, but Ianto had made that decision himself, and had broken his own heart.  The only consideration that had come into it had been the saving of the team and of any innocent people Lisa would have taken out her insanity on.  He could only hope that his actions that night had broken the cycle that the Tarot girl had foretold. 

“So, why is this killer going after these Pilgrim people?” Owen asked, bringing Ianto back into the meeting and away from his thoughts.

Jack met Ianto’s gaze, and the dragon could see that he was trying to get a silent opinion on what to share.  Their conversation in the storage room rang in Ianto’s mind, and while he didn’t want to think that Jack was right…he nodded slightly, acquiescing to the notion.

The captain sighed.  “We think – “

“We?” Gwen interrupted.

He glared at her.  “Ianto and I,” he clarified, “think this killer could have been Suzie’s accomplice in her own murder spree.”

Ianto watched their reactions.  Toshiko’s eyes went wide, while Owen cursed a blue streak.  Gwen simply sat there, but the look in her eyes said that she was fully expecting them to take her suggestion about using the glove now. 

She was going to be disappointed.

“You think she Retconned her own accomplice?” Toshiko asked.

“It makes fucking sense,” Owen spat.  “You think whoever this is broke the memory block, don’t you?”

Jack nodded.  “It’s a possibility, yes.  And these murders are an attempt to get Suzie’s attention.”

“The only way that’s gonna happen is if any of the victims meet her in hell,” the medic growled. 

“Toshiko.” Jack turned to their technician.  “I want you to get on those other members of Pilgrim.  We need photos of them, personal information…anything you can dig up.”

An idea suddenly hit Ianto.  “Jack, can we also assume that the killer is also someone involved in Pilgrim?”

“I think so,” Jack answered slowly considering the question.  “Yes.  It would make sense that he has some knowledge of Pilgrim and its members.”

“Is that why Suzie joined them?” Owen asked.  “To find someone to help her test that fucking glove?”

“I don’t think we’ll ever know her motivations,” Jack said.  “At this point, all we can do is guess.  We know the glove pretty much took her over, and I have to live with that knowledge.”

“You couldn’t have known,” Toshiko said.  “And we all didn’t see how it was affecting her.”

“Hell, I was shagging her,” Owen snorted.  “If anyone should’ve seen it, it was me.”

Gwen looked surprised at that little piece of information.  Big surprise.

Ianto felt the same way as the others; he’d warned Jack that there was something off about the glove, but had agreed with the testing.  “It’s no one’s fault,” he added.  “All we can do is pick up the pieces.”

“Right,” Jack agreed.  “And our first step should be to track down the remaining members of Pilgrim.”  He turned back to Toshiko.  “Did you happen to notice if that room had been reserved this coming Tuesday?”

She shook her head.  “Not yet.  But, if the rota stays the same, it would have been Alex Arwyn’s turn next week.”

“They’re gonna be surprised to show up and see that he hasn’t made their usual reservation,” Owen snarked.

“I think our next step,” Jack said, “is to get any and all information we can on the others who’ve rented that room and track them down.  Just because the police have found three victims, doesn’t mean there might not be more out there we don’t know about.   I’d normally say we wait for the next meeting and beard them in their lair, so to speak, but I don’t think we have the time to do that.”

“You’re right,” Gwen put in.  “Our killer has struck three times on consecutive nights, so we shouldn’t be surprised if he does again before we can track him down.”  She sounded vaguely accusatory.

“Detective Swanson is already aware of that,” Ianto answered, more harshly than might have been strictly necessary.  “She has almost all the same information that we do, and her people are following their own set of leads.  I think we can trust the constabulary to run down anything that could prove useful to this case.  It sounds to me, Gwen, that you don’t trust the very people you used to work with.” 

The former PC stared at him angrily.  “I never said that,” she snapped.  “But this is now obviously a Torchwood matter, and the local police don’t have the training to deal with that.”

“We’re dealing with a murderer, Gwen,” Ianto replied.  “Police are, indeed, trained to deal with such things.  Our killer isn’t an alien, or under some form of alien control.  If it weren’t for the Retcon and Suzie’s involvement I would have suggested that they handle it themselves.  They are perfectly capable.”

“Torchwood caused this!  I can’t believe you’d just let it lie!”

Ianto could feel the eyes of his teammates on him, but it wasn’t in any form of condemnation.  “I beg to differ.  Torchwood didn’t cause this; it was caused by a mentally ill woman who was affected by her time in Torchwood.  Yes, Jack may feel responsible for Suzie going insane – and he really shouldn’t – but these killings have been caused by one person: Suzie Costello.  If she weren’t in Torchwood we wouldn’t be having this discussion.”

“And even if this killer was random,” Toshiko added, “Torchwood is the worst-kept secret in Cardiff.  Up until we had confirmation of the Retcon and of Suzie being involved it could easily have been someone wanting to make us look bad.”

“I never heard of Torchwood until that night with the glove,” Gwen denied, her face going red.

“That’s not our concern,” Jack jumped back in.  “What is, is that we do need to find this killer before someone else dies.  And, as far as I’m concerned, after we get him the local police can have him…that is, unless he knows more about Torchwood than he should.  If that’s the case, then we tuck him away in Providence Park for the rest of his natural life.   Now, we have work to do.  Get to it.”

Ianto stood, his eyes meeting Gwen’s across the table.   He got the distinct impression that he hadn’t heard the last from the fiery woman. 



Oh, I wish this were canon. :) Great update, hon.

(Hope all is well. *hugs*)
Thank you, I'm glad you liked it that well to wish it were canon.

And, while all isn't well yet, it's getting there. *hugs back*
That was great - I really want to slap Gwen
Slapping Gwen is a great form of exercise...just saying. :)

fiery woman? More like a pain in the ass. Could Jack explain what skills he thought she would bring to the team? She can't follow orders well, constantly argues, and wants to use dangerous artifacts instead of getting off her butt and doing her job. How lazy can she be?

The rest of the team is awsome as usual. Love the new chapter.

LOL! Yes, you do have a point about Gwen.

Thank you! Glad you liked it.
Man this Gwen annoys me as much as Canon Gwen. This is a good thing - it means you're doing it right!

Great update!
Thanks! I do try to keep her in character, so I'm glad it's working. Although I do hate to annoy anyone!
You do such an excellent job of maintaining a careful balance with your characterisation of Gwen. It's what I would call real!Gwen, rather than Gwen bashing. You've managed to write her as she is portrayed in the show - stubborn to a fault, and completely blinkered in her opinions. She means well, but often can't see the forest for the trees, so to speak.

I love how Jack and Ianto's relationship is progressing, though I wonder what will be the cause of Ianto's last heartbreak? (Assuming he's right about Lisa being the second time) Will it be when Jack goes back in time and meets the real Captain Jack? Or something else?

*sigh* Loving this series - absolutely loving it.
And moving on - intrigued to know if we are going to get the glove and if we don't what. I also ahve the stopwatch scene and afterwars hoovering in the back of my mind. As for Gwen - I'm not a basher of Gwen and I agree she is very stubborn about things and lacks some of the more subtle understanding that Ianto would have. I'm glad you're taking your time with the boys as well. Looking forward to reading how you o this.
take care
The glove...well, they've made it perfectly clear it's not going to be used. Gwen just doesn't want to accept that, and unfortunately that's the way she's portrayed in canon too. To me, it's not bashing if that's the way the character really is.

And yes, there are some certain scenes coming up that you might enjoy. *grins*

Thank you! Yes, that's exactly how I see her. She has her own morality, and it just doesn't match up with what's going on around her. And she doesn't really change, which is as big a fault as anything else she's guilty of. I'm glad I'm doing it right. :)

Well, Ianto has two heartbreaks left, although he now knows that the Doctor's coming is going to be one of them. And you'll have to wait and see what the other one it. *grins*

So glad you're enjoying it.
“I never heard of Torchwood until that night with the glove,” Gwen denied, her face going red.

Yeah, and she had never heard of the Doctor even after working for Torchwood for enough time...She just doesn't get, does she?

Cruelty! Every time Jack and Ianto seem to get closer you bring up that blasted prophecy...
Or UNIT...don't forget she never heard of UNIT, either!

I do, don't I? *winks*
Your Gwen is how she was in canon. As far as I can tell, you're actually giving her the benefit of the doubt in places. (I was once accused of Gwen bashing when I had her say something she said on the show and how it might be interpreted. I mean, SHE said it, for crying out loud.) That's more than I'm inclined to do. As far as I could tell she never learned anything from her mistakes.

And you tease so well, but so realistically, about the relationship between Ianto and Jack. I'm looking forward to more, especially later on in this story.

Thanks. She is like this, and I'm always glad to know I've got her down. (And I know what you mean about bashing. Got accused of that myself, when I was writing Gwen in "Ways".) And she doesn't seem to learn, you're right.

I do like teasing! Oh, and next chapter is up now...
there are none so blind that cannot see - suits are very self rightous gwen. she is critical of the team for the lack of knowledge of suzie yet how much time does she spend learning about her teammates other then to make eyes at jack and ignore the rest of the team.
So very true. Gwen really doesn't know what she's talking about, and not willing to listen because she thinks she's right.

Gwen just doesn't give up. She always thinks she's right no matter what the evidence says to the contrary. She doesn't have half the knowledge or experience of the rest of the team and yet she continues to act like they're ignorant and beneath her, especially Ianto. I keep thinking she has to see the light eventually, but it never seems to happen. I'm really surprised she didn't jump all over Jack when he mentioned Providence Park.

I'm intrigued to see what kind of spin you put on this.
No she doesn't. Her definition of right and everyone else's is pretty different at this point, but then she is that way.

You'll see...

Another excellent chapter. Really enjoying this. As always you are re working canon brilliantly. Off to read the next chapter...
Glad you're liking it! Thanks!
I'm catching up on my reading at last! Love this as always and I've got a new use for the glove - lets beat Gwen with it until she shuts up...or we could shove it in her mouth to keep her quiet??? either way, same effect!
I love dragon!Ianto and his beloved Captain

*hugs tight*
D xxx
Haha! No, don't want to damage the glove on her hard head...!

Thanks, hon! *hugs*
She never gives up does she!
Nope, afraid not! *grins*
Good grief, I'm surprised Ianto doesn't just barbeque Gwen! *arrgh*
Yeah, but the smell would be really hard to get out of things... *giggles*
*gigglesnort* Yeah, who would want that lingering around? ;)