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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Torchwood Murders - Chapter Six

The Torchwood Murders - Chapter Six
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Owen, Gwen/Rhys (mentioned)
Warnings: Language, violence
Spoilers: Up through Torchwood S1, E8, "They Keep Killing Suzie"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note: This is based on the episode "They Keep Killing Suzie", although adapted to the Dragon-Verse.  Once again, the dating is taken from several fan-made chronologies and from the TARDIS Index File. 

Summary:  The team is called in to investigate a murder where someone has implicated Torchwood.  Can they follow the trail and find the murderer before there's another victim?


25 November 2007


It was well after midnight before Toshiko managed to dig up addresses and information on the other members of Pilgrim, and that was with Ianto helping her.

Jack had sent Gwen home; he could only deal with her belligerent morality so much, and he didn’t want to say something he’d regret later.  While she hadn’t brought the subject of the glove up again, he could tell that she wanted to, and finding her standing in front of the door to the Secure Archives was just a bit too much.  He knew she’d never be able to get inside – only he and Ianto had the codes – but it was the very notion that she might actually try to do something that irritated him more.  A part of him almost wished that she had, but it wasn’t as if he needed a valid reason to Retcon her if he chose. 

Gwen had argued about leaving during an active investigation, but Jack had insisted, telling her to go home to Rhys.  He had no idea if she and Owen were still shagging, but he suspected they were, and that bothered him more than he cared to admit.  Normally, he would have kept his nose out of his team’s assignations, but one of the reasons he’d hired Gwen was that she was normal, that she had a relationship outside Torchwood.  That made her almost a pioneer in that respect, and had hoped that having someone waiting for her at home would ground her.   Besides, while he did talk a big game, at the end of the day Jack Harkness respected partnerships in all their forms.  He would never even think about coming between people who were committed to each other.

Which was why he’d been so surprised to hear how his team had seen his ‘flirting’ with Gwen.   He hadn’t considered the impression it gave, since he flirted with everyone.  But, ever since that night in his office when Toshiko had called him down on his behavior, Jack had thought back on it all and come to the conclusion that he’d been a bit more brazen with his innuendo around Gwen than he’d thought.

Even Ianto had thought that Jack had hired Gwen to take her to his bed.  That had hurt more than anything, but he’d brought it on himself.   And then there was this card reading that Ianto had gotten, where that girl had foretold that Jack would break Ianto’s heart four times…Jack didn’t want to think he could do something like that to the dragon.  And yet, he had. 

Well, Jack would just have to make it up, and to somehow avoid the other two times.  Although, he suspected that one of those would be his leaving with the Doctor. 

The immortal hoped that Ianto believed him when he said he’d come back.  Because he would.  He would do whatever was in his power to return to the dragon.

The dragon that he’d somehow fallen in love with.

Jack sighed.  He looked out over the Hub from his office, watching as Ianto and Toshiko worked closely together.  He’d also sent Owen off, and he hoped that the medic and Gwen weren’t meeting up right then.  

“Jack,” Toshiko called out, turning to look in his direction.

He left his office, striding toward his tech’s work station.  Toshiko looked tired, but there had been no way she would have left before her given task was done.   “Whatcha got?”

“I have all the information you wanted,” she reported, then favored the dragon with a smile.  “With Ianto’s help, of course.”  Ianto smiled back. 

“Well done, the two of you.”  Jack felt a warm glow of pride in these two; they always rose to the challenge, and he didn’t know what he’d do without them.  That was when it struck him, that he’d told Gwen that she was replaceable, but that wasn’t the case with Ianto, Toshiko, and Owen.  Those three carried Torchwood on their backs; they made certain everything ran at top efficiency. Gwen didn’t; she really didn’t have a place there, despite Jack’s own assurance to the others that she did.  But he was quickly coming to the conclusion that he’d been so enamored of having someone who reminded him so much of Rose Tyler on the team that it had overridden his common sense. 

“We should have no trouble tracing the members of Pilgrim who paid their share on that room,” Ianto added. 

“Which we will do,” Jack said, “tomorrow.  Or maybe I should say later today, if my watch is correct.  Toshiko, you all right to get home?”

She nodded.  “I’m fine, Jack.”

“Then out you get.  We’ll have our work cut out for us and I want us all fresh.”  He turned to his Second.  “Ianto – “

“I think I’ll just go down to my hoard room,” the dragon cut him off smoothly.   “I can rest there just as easily as I could at home.”

Jack was a little surprised; ever since Lisa, Ianto hadn’t really spent a lot of time down there.  “All right, but I do expect you to rest.”

Ianto rolled his eyes.  “Oh, Tad,” he answered, sounding just like a stroppy child who’d just been told to go to bed because it was a school night.

“Oi, that’s enough out of you,” Jack scolded, causing Toshiko to laugh.

“Good night you two,” she chuckled, putting on her coat and grabbing up her laptop case. 

“Good night, Toshiko,” both Jack and Ianto chorused as she left through the cog door.

“Come on,” Jack said, “let’s get this place shut down.”

Together the two moved about the Hub, setting everything for night mode.  They worked quietly, and Jack simply enjoyed the companionship.   How could he have ever taken this for granted?  And yet he had, to his shame.  Just the dragon’s presence was enough to make the immortal content.  Goddess, he’d wasted so much time…

They finished in silence.  Ianto turned to look at Jack, a soft smile on his face.  “Would you…like to come and sleep with me?”

To anyone else, Jack knew that would have been an invitation to sex.  But with Ianto, it meant just that…sleeping together.   Jack should have been disappointed, but this was Ianto Jones, and just resting beside the dragon’s warm body was good enough.   “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.” 

Jack accompanied the dragon down into the depths of the Hub, to the door that opened onto the dragon’s hoard.  He’d been down there many times, but not since Ianto had locked him in during the affair with Lisa.  The moment he entered he noticed a difference: something in the atmosphere, something he couldn’t identify.  Ianto had obviously been down there more than Jack had thought; he could tell that some of the precious items had been moved around, there were more pillows and quilts on the stone floor…and in each corner, a tall wooden post stood propped up against the wall, with what looked like carvings on them. 

He found himself drawn to the post closest to him.  It was made from what looked like oak, and the swirls and sigils cut into it were still as sharp as if they’d just been carved, even though Jack could tell it was very old.  He reached out a tentative hand to touch it, then withdrew before his fingers got too close.

“That is one of the posts that my family carved in celebration of my sister’s mating,” Ianto’s soft voice sounded behind him.  “I and my father made them.”

Jack turned; the dragon was laying on the pillows, his slitted eyes staring at Jack as if trying to see into his soul.  He could see the sadness in them, and the immortal could sympathize with the dragon.  “How old were you?” he asked quietly, turning back to look at the post. 

“Still a child by dragon standards,” he chuckled.  “I was a whole four hundred and two.”  His voice turned sad once more.  “I remember my mother saying she was looking forward to my mating day.”

He turned back, meeting those old eyes once more.  He wasn’t even aware that he’d moved, until he was standing next to the dragon, his arm looped over his neck in comfort.  “I’m sorry.”

“No need to be.  I’ve long accepted it.”

“But you still dream of your mate.  Maybe one day…”

“No, Jack.  I’m the last.  There are no more.  That vision was a lie.”

Jack would have been angry at having believed something that had turned out to be false, but the dragon simply sounded resigned.   He remembered what he’d heard, the day they’d realized that Toshiko was being controlled by that pendant, and a small flush of happiness went through him, knowing that he could make the dragon feel better.   “That day must have been beautiful, though,” he said, wanting Ianto to focus on the happy memories instead of the bad.

“It was,” the dragon reminisced.  “My father was so proud.  Marcus was a red dragon, and a centurion in the Roman Army, even though he’d planned on deserting after the mating since he didn’t want to be recalled to Rome.  Marcus was a good dragon, and he loved my sister dearly.  Did you know dragons mate for eternity?” 

“No, I didn’t.”

“We do.  I can still remember the priest as he said the vows, and Sabrina and Marcus repeated them.   And then, we sang…but it was the Earth Dragon’s song, and not the one we’d prepared.    That’s when I had my first vision of what was supposed to have been my future mate.  I told my parents and my father said he’d be welcomed into the family.”

Jack settled down at the dragon’s side, feeling the warmth of his inner fire sinking through his clothes and into his skin.  He wondered how Ianto’s parents would have thought of knowing their son had taken a human as a lover, but didn’t ask that question.  Instead, he inquired, “What were the posts for?”

“They were used to call the Great Dragons,” Ianto explained.  “There are four Great Dragons, each for a corner of the world: Fire, Air, Water, and the most powerful of them all, Earth.  These spirits would come and bless the mating, and were called to the circle by a priest.  Carving those posts is a ceremony for the families of the two who are to be mated.  I remember though that Marcus didn’t have any family left, since they’d died at Pompeii, so it was left to us.”

“But these…spirits.  What are they?”  Jack wanted to understand, to know this piece of the dragon’s culture.   There was so much he didn’t know, that made Ianto the way he was, and Jack was fully aware of how his scoffing attitude would have hurt the dragon’s feelings.  He didn’t want to be that way anymore.  He wanted to know, so he wouldn’t fall into the trap of denigrating what dragons found sacred.

“It’s said, that back at the beginning of our race, four Great Dragons came and raised us out of barbarism and taught us how to be real dragons.   Their spirits remain behind to watch over us.”

Once again, Jack wondered if some sort of alien race had interfered with the development of Ianto’s people.  It certainly sounded it, from this story.  But he didn’t mention it, not wanting to infer something he had no proof of, or to anger the dragon by thinking Jack was somehow disparaging his beliefs.   “The mating sounds wonderful,” he murmured.  “I wish I could have seen it.”

“I wish you could have, too.  I think my father would have liked you, and you him.  Although I would’ve had to warn you about flirting with my sister, since Marcus wasn’t simply red in color.”  The dragon’s voice held laughter, and Jack was glad the melancholy had faded.

“Gotcha.”  Jack couldn’t help but smile.  “Now, we both have a busy day ahead of us.  Why don’t you try to get some sleep?”

“Only if you do the same.”

“I’ll try.”  Truth be told, while Jack didn’t really need a lot of sleep, he rested much better in Ianto’s presence. 

The dragon shifted slightly, curling his head up under his wing, so that his snout was facing in Jack’s direction.  Wise blue eyes met Jack’s, and the dragon said, “Good night.”

“Good night,” Jack returned, watching those eyes close.  His own did the same, his body practically cuddled into the dragon’s side, taking comfort from the large body under his head.


He was standing beside a lake that looked familiar, surrounded by his loved ones as he waited for his mate to arrive.  He was nervous, but also excited; this was a day he’d long looked forward to, the day he’d become mated to the one he would spend eternity with.

And there he was, in his ephemeral form, dressed in charcoal gray and blue.  He was smiling, love shining from his blue eyes as his attendant escorted him to the prepared circle, marked out by four large, engraved posts. 

A woman – the priestess overseeing the ceremony – stepped into the circle.  “Are the two who wish to become mated with us today?”

Excitement thrummed through him as he and his new mate made their presence known, stepping into the circle.  As he did so, he could feel the change coming over him, and he flexed his wings as they unfurled at his back.  His mate was the same, his dragon form glittering in the thin shaft of sunlight that had appeared over the mountains. 

The power of the circle pressed in on him, but he welcomed it, as the human priestess made the call of the Great Dragons.  Incantations as old as time where spoken, and they appeared, one after the other, to bless the union. 

But the Earth Dragon was the most powerful, and the song that it sang was of dark places and growth and fertility, and of all Life itself. That song echoed through his very bones, as the ceremony was completed, and he was bound for eternity to the dragon at his side.

Together, they launched themselves into the air, to meet the rising sun.

Green and blue-gray chased each other, urging themselves onward into the sky, and his cry echoed over the valley as they rose higher and higher, eventually so far up that the blue of the sky changed to indigo, and he called to his mate as he reached out, and his mate joined with him in the song of eternity, their bodies winding into one, their mutual arousal of the mating flight overcoming all other impulses.

As they wrapped themselves around each other, gravity took over, and they began to fall.  It didn’t matter; he was caught up with his mate, and he gave up control with the ultimate trust of a soulmate.  His mate took him as they plummeted downward, and they screamed out their orgasm to the heavens…


Jack awoke suddenly, his conscious mind chasing the dream even as he’d chased the green dragon through the sky.  His clothes felt constrictive, and his trousers were damp from the orgasm that had awakened him. 

The dragon’s even breathing told him that he hadn’t disturbed Ianto.  Jack shifted carefully, really wanting to talk to Ianto about what he’d dreamed, but he stopped himself.  It was silly, more than likely just an effect of the story the dragon had told him, and nothing more.

But it seemed so very real.  He could still feel the wind rushing through his non-existent wings, and his body was telling him that he’d just had really good sex.   He sighed, a really big part of him wishing it had been real, wanting to experience a true dragon mating…with Ianto.

Jack shivered, and then rose.  He needed to get out of his soiled clothing. 

As he stood, he glanced toward the post resting in the corner closest to him.

It was glowing.



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Love this update and the Ianto´s retelling about his culture!

Hope Jack's dream really meand what WE all want ;)

And it could be... *winks*
How could you stop there? It was so exciting! More, please!
Sorry, but there will be more soon, I promise. :)
HAHAHAHAHAHA! Captain Jack Harkness, intergalactic playboy, had a wet dream!!!!! LMAO!!!

I loved the dream though. Go Earth Dragon! Let's make that dream a reality!!

**shakes laptop and looks for more of the story**


**bounces in excitement**
LOL! You know, when I wrote that, I thought it was pretty funny, too. Jack just doesn't seem the type.

We'll see what the dream means...later. I know, I tease.

More soon. *grins*
Ooooohhh! Beautiful imagery, hon.
Thank you! I'm glad you think so. *hugs*
Oooh, that was great, so much to love - especially Jack regretting his treatment on Ianto and Ianto telling Jack about his culture.

And the post was glowing! Can't wait for more.
Thanks! Jack has had a lot to think about lately, hasn't he?

And yes, it was... *winks*
I love this story not only for its beautiful imagery but for addressing serious issues from canon too. Like Jack' respect for relationships and for Ianto, his understanding of the importance of his colleagues' impact for Torchwood work, his unwillingness to let Gwen' stubborness slide, and his willingness to trust the team. I believe that Jack is considerate, strong and wise leader and I like it very much when authors make accents on his best qualities, like in this story. I know that I'd be proud to work with the leader Jack is becoming here.

Like many others I'm intrigued by Jack' dream and wish it come true)) I suspect that boys' path to happiness won't be smoth but at least now they are both willing to make a step forward, to trust and to care, they have each other. And that all that matters.

And I really, really want someone with artistic talent to illustrate how Jack and Ianto-the-dragon cuddle))) Please? Anybody?
Aww MD that was so lovely. I love that Ianto's hopes and dreams of a mating have become Jack's as well. We all hope it will be real some time. And I have such an image in my head of Jack lying next to Ianto with his wing acting as a blanket.
Wow! That was some dream! I was surprised to find it was Jack's dream as it sounded so similar to Ianto's. I hope he tells Ianto about it, but it doesn't sound like he will. I wonder if Jack could be Ianto's soulmate even if he's not a dragon. What does the glowing post mean?
It really was similar, wasn't it? *grins* And we'll see if he tells Ianto about it in the next chapter.

As for the post...can't tell you that, yet.
SO SO SO WONDERFUL!!! This is just fabulous imagery! Oh Jack you have to tell him!!
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. As for Jack saying something about it...we'll see next chapter. *grins*
Iantos sister has my name! x3 *happy is*

What a wonderful story. I read at fanfic.net but then I found this little site and read everything in one go! wohoooooo I am no happy and in a mood for a dragon film.

But how tall is Ianto in his dragonform?
Glad you liked that!

Thanks, I'm glad you found your way here. I do update here as often as I can, so you shouldn't have too long to wait. :)

Ianto is about 25 feet long. :)
Oh, this is intriguing.
Glad you think so... *grins*
This was a fabulous chapter as always I really hope Jack's dream and the glowing psot mean what I think they mean. I also love how Jack is finally realising how utterly useless Gwen is if only this was canon *Sighs in disappointment at the fact* ahhhh well nevermind we can all dream eh. Can't wait for you next chapter. x

We'll see about the dream...later. I just love to tease.

Jack has had his eyes opened, and he's not about to put up with her crap, trust me. I'm glad that you think this should be canon! *blushes*

ianto's dream was so beautiful and haunting. about time jack realized that the fantasy of gwen being his version of rose is just that a fantasy that reminds of life before his 'gift'.
gwen may not have the code to the secure archives but she is not one to give up when she is convinced that she and only she knows best. what does she plan to do?
oops! i meant jack but because ianto is involved i was distracted. blush
Is it....will it....could he....will they...??????
Go on...write!!!!!
Maybe...perhaps...possibly...they might!

More soon...
Wow,that was great ! This just gets better and better !
Thanks! I'm glad you think so.
only one word fits such a great chapter

*Squeeeee!* :D

Oh, to find out that Ianto had the same dream...
[hint, hint ;) ]
We'll see...

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