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Myfanwy 2

February 2019



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Myfanwy 2

The Torchwood Murders - Chapter Seven

The Torchwood Murders - Chapter Seven
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Owen, Gwen/Rhys (mentioned)
Warnings: Language, violence
Spoilers: Up through Torchwood S1, E8, "They Keep Killing Suzie"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note: This is based on the episode "They Keep Killing Suzie", although adapted to the Dragon-Verse.  Once again, the dating is taken from several fan-made chronologies and from the TARDIS Index File. 

A/N2:  Okay, this chapter got a bit out of control.  There was only another half chapter plotted about what had happened in the last chapter, and then we would pick up on the case once more.  But, the muses had other ideas, and this is what you get.

Summary:  The team is called in to investigate a murder where someone has implicated Torchwood.  Can they follow the trail and find the murderer before there's another victim?


25 November 2007


The dragon snapped awake, immediately noticing that Jack had left his side. He raised his head, trying to find the immortal, hoping that he hadn’t left the hoard room.

It had taken a lot of courage on Ianto’s part to invite Jack to rest with him.  Yes, it had happened several times since their return from the Brecon Beacons, but this had felt different from those nights.  Perhaps it had been the kiss that they’d shared, or something else that the dragon wasn’t aware of, but having Jack in with him had felt intimate in ways that he couldn’t name.

He found Jack almost immediately.  He was standing in front of the Earth Dragon’s totem, his arm raised as he pushed buttons on his Vortex Manipulator.  Even though Jack had his back to him, the dragon could tell the man was tense, his shoulders and back stiff.   “What is it?” he asked quietly, not wanting to startle him. 

Jack spun.   He looked disheveled; his braces where hanging low on his hips, his shirt pulled out of his trousers.  The dragon was more surprised by the actual condition of those trousers, and was circumspect enough not to let his gaze linger on the obvious dampness there.   “Those posts…you said they were from your sister’s mating ceremony?”

“That’s right.” The dragon frowned, confused by the question. 

“And there isn’t anything alien at all in them?”  Jack sounded almost accusatory.

“No, there isn’t.  My father and I cut them ourselves.  Jack…what’s going on?”

Jack snapped the cover of his Manipulator closed.  “I…woke up, and it was glowing.”

“That’s not possible!” 

“I’m not making it up – “

“And I don’t think you are.  But I swear to you: all four posts are simply carved oak.  They were used once, and that was all.”

“You also said they were used to call your Great Dragons.”

“I did, yes.”  He looked at Jack, whose expression was almost…spooked.   “I don’t pretend to understand what goes into calling the Dragons, but I can promise you that any magic that might have once been within them would have been used in the actual ceremony.  And even then, it wasn’t the posts themselves that held the power; it was the priest himself.”

It was a testament to Jack’s preoccupation that he didn’t even seem to notice the dragon’s use of the word ‘magic’.   “What about anything about them reacting to the Rift?”

He considered the question.  The dragon’s thoughts went back to him and his father’s conversation about the posts as they were carving them in preparation for Sabrina’s mating.  “Nothing that I know of.  My father told me that they were really simply anchors for the Dragons to appear.  The symbols on them helped with that, and were specific for each of the Great Dragons.  They, themselves, didn’t carry any sort of power.”

“If they’re anchors,” Jack said, “could they be somehow anchoring the Rift energy as well?”

That was something he hadn’t considered.  “I suppose it might be possible,” the dragon answered slowly.  “As I said, I don’t know what goes into the actual Calling.”  His mind once again turned back, to the gathering all those centuries ago.  “I remember the words of the invocation, though.” 

“What are they?”

The dragon really wanted to know why Jack had asked, but he kept his question to himself.  “First, there was the call to the Fire Dragon.  It went: ‘I call upon the Dragon of Fire, who keeps the soul of the Earth burning brightly between his mighty claws, bless this mating with the warmth of comfort and love’.”

As he said the words, a shiver seemed to ruffle his scales, and he craned his head around to look at the post that had been for the Fire Dragon…

But nothing was happening.  It simply stood there, unchanged.

Jack looked surprised.  “What else?” he prompted.

“Well, then there was the Air Dragon:  ‘I call upon the Dragon of Air, who keeps the breath of the Earth flowing from her great wings, bless this mating with the breeze of laughter and understanding.”

A loud noise caused both dragon and man to spin around.  One of the many books that he’d collected throughout the centuries had fallen off its shelf, and had landed on the floor.   But, like the first, this post also stayed the same.

“Something’s happening,” Jack murmured, a confused expression on his face.   There was also something else that he couldn’t identify.

“The Dragons aren’t coming,” the dragon averred.  “But you’re right.  I’m not saying the rest of the invocation.”

“Yeah.  Not until we can do it under controlled testing.  I want every instrument we have to be scanning.”

The dragon had to agree.  He hadn’t even considered that these relics of a happier time could do anything other than bring up memories for him.   “I would never have brought them here if I’d known they’d be affected in some way.”  He hoped that Jack didn’t think he’d done it on purpose; they were just getting back to their old levels of trust, and he didn’t want to endanger that.

“I know.”  The confused look had changed into something soft, and it made the dragon’s heart skip a beat to see it.   “But I think sleeping down here…I don’t know.”  Jack shook his head.

The dragon got the distinct impression that Jack was bothered by something.  “Are you all right?” he asked gently.

Jack nodded.  “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“You must have had a really good dream,” he teased, wanting to bring the captain out of the mood he was apparently in.

Jack actually blushed…which surprised the dragon.  He would have thought having a wet dream like that would have been something to brag about.  “I…yeah, I guess you could say it was.”  Was there a hint of disappointment in Jack’s voice?  “It was what woke me up.”

“Are you sure you’re all right?”

The question brought out a chuckle.  “Yeah.  It’s just been…well, I can’t remember the last time I came in my trousers like a teenager.  Probably was a teenager, to be honest.”

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.  It happens to everyone.”  He wondered just what – or better yet, whom – Jack had been dreaming about.   A tiny bit of jealousy flared within him, and he tamped it back down ruthlessly.  He had no right to be jealous, it wasn’t as if they were mated…

“It’s just…”  Jack looked positively conflicted, running his hand through his sleep-tousled hair.

“What is it?”  He didn’t want to pry, but he got the feeling that Jack really wanted to tell him something.  “You know you can tell me anything.”

Jack took a deep breath.  “It was the dream.  It…just wasn’t about sex.  And, when I woke up, and I saw the post…well, shit.”  He physically shook himself.  “Look, I want to change my trousers, they’re chafing a bit.  How about we go up to my office and I’ll explain?  And maybe I could convince you to work some coffee magic?”  He pouted prettily, and it was an expression the dragon couldn’t resist.

“Certainly.”   He triggered his transformation, changing back into Ianto Jones, a grin on his face.  Jack only believed in one sort of magic, it seemed.

But the grin vanished quickly, as he considered just how disturbed Jack seemed to be.   That dream had bothered him, despite the evidence of just how pleasurable it had been. 

Ianto was looking forward to hearing what it was.  And yet, he wasn’t.


By the time the coffee was done, Jack had changed and was seated at his desk.  Ianto entered the office with their two mugs, handing one to the immortal while he took the other and sat in the chair opposite.  Jack looked lost in thought, although he smiled and accepted the coffee. 

The dragon waited for Jack to begin.  Pushing him wasn’t the way to get him to open up, which was why Gwen would never be the confidante she thought she was.  Ianto knew it was close to four in the morning, and he was willing to sit patiently for as long as it took.  He sipped his coffee, and the quiet spun out between them, and yet it was a very comfortable silence.

Ianto had drunk about half his coffee when Jack set his own cup down.  He leaned his elbows on the desk’s blotter, steepling his fingers and looking at Ianto expectantly.  “Can I ask…did you dream anything tonight?  Anything at all?”

He considered the question seriously, although he had no idea what Jack was getting at.   “No, I didn’t, which surprises me.  Why do you ask?”

Jack suddenly looked uncertain.  “Then I can’t claim we telepathically shared the same dream.”

Ianto frowned.  “What are you talking about?”   He was concerned; while he’d seen the captain tentative before, there was almost something…well, delicate, in the way he was acting.   “What happened?”

“I…” He shook his head.  “I dreamed I was a dragon.”  The way he said it, it came out in a breathless rush.

The dragon’s eyebrows went up.  “You what?” he asked, for sheer clarity.  Jack couldn’t possibly have just said…

“I dreamed I was a dragon,” the immortal repeated.   “A blue-gray dragon, in fact.”

Coffee would have ended up all over the floor if Ianto hadn’t had better reflexes.   His heart was racing so fast he couldn’t breathe. 

Jack had dreamed he was a blue-gray dragon.  

Of course, Ianto had told Jack about his dream, and about the vision that he’d had of his long-lost mate.  He could feel the blood drain from his face as he stared at Jack, who was looking just as shocked.

Before he could register it, Jack had left his chair, and was kneeling in front of the dragon, taking the coffee mug away and setting it on the desk.  Then he took Ianto’s hands in his, squeezing gently.  “I’m sorry,” he murmured.  “I didn’t know it would upset you so much, or else I wouldn’t have said anything.”

“No, it’s fine,” Ianto assured him, trying to smile and not making a good job of it.  What was Jack doing, dreaming of his dragon-mate? 

No…what was Jack doing dreaming he was his dragon-mate?

Ianto couldn’t believe it.   It was too bizarre for words.  What had meant to be a restful night had turned into one for surprises. 

And what was this about?  He couldn’t think.  All he could do was stare at Jack, and wonder just what this meant.  “Tell me?” he whispered. 

Jack nodded.  “It was…a mating, I’m pretty sure.  In fact, you kinda confirmed it when you started quoting your sister’s ceremony, because the priestess in the dream said those words – “

“Priestess?”  There were no more priests and priestesses who knew of the old rituals. 

“Yeah.  Pretty woman, dark hair.  But she called us into the circle – “

“Us?”  Ianto ignored the squeak in his voice.

Jack nodded.  “We were both there.  When we entered the circle, we both…changed.  I was a dragon, Ianto.”  He stared up into the dragon’s eyes, as if begging him to believe him.

Ianto nodded, and Jack took that as acknowledgment and continued.  As he spoke, he described the ceremony, and Ianto had no idea how Jack could even know about what occurred with dragon matings, because he hadn’t gone into all that much detail, considering it personal.  But Jack was describing it perfectly, and he didn’t want to hope but he couldn’t help it…

He’d wanted Jack to be his mate for a long time.  But he’d known it wasn’t possible, because Jack wasn’t a dragon.  There could be no real mating, despite any feelings to the contrary.   He wasn’t even sure that Jack would even consider it, if it was possible.

When Jack finished with the mating flight, Ianto had gone from surprise to disappointment.   Their mating could never be; Jack wasn’t a dragon, there would never be that joining that would last for all eternity.  No songs for them; no flight for them.   No calling the Great Dragons, despite what had happened down in the hoard room.

Jack must have been able to tell that Ianto was upset, because he sat forward and wrapped the dragon into a hug.  “I’m sorry,” he murmured in Ianto’s ear.

Ianto clutched at him.  “It’s fine,” he answered softly.  “It just strikes me just how alone I am.  I’ll be all right.”

Eventually Jack pulled back, looking at him closely.  “But we have to ask the question,” he said.  “Why did I dream that?  Why did I dream that we were mated?  I’m not a dragon, and while you haven’t really said anything, I guess it’s impossible for dragons to mate with a human…”

He nodded, even as his mind began working on what Jack was saying.   “You’ve never had that sort of dream before?”

“No, never.  Now, I’m not going to lie…I have had highly erotic dreams about me being with you while you’re in your dragon form…”  The leer that accompanied that confession made Ianto laugh.   “But I’ve never once even considered that sort of thing.”

Ianto’s eyes narrowed, his mind adding up a few things.  “You think it has something to do with the post, don’t you?”

Jack shrugged.  “I can’t deny that the dream and what happened did coincide.  And you know how I feel about coincidences.”

Ianto felt the same way.  But he just couldn’t understand why it was happening now.  Well, whatever it was.   “So, we really need to find out what happened down there.”

“We do.”  Jack stood.  “But it can wait until after we finish our current investigation.  Then, I want every instrument we have down there, to see if we can find something.”

“I agree.”  Ianto really wanted to know.     He had no idea why Jack would be having the same dream that he’d had for so long.

He couldn’t help it; a very tiny kernel of hope had bloomed within him, that – in some strange way – he and Jack could somehow have a true dragon mating.  That, someday, he’d have the certainty of never being alone again. 




I so feel for both of them so alone. And so needing someone. I felt all misty reading this. I so wish for them to have a mating a true dragon mating mabye the gods are smiling because Ianto is the last.
They are, but they have each other. *hands tissue*

We'll see how their matting happens...but not until later. :)