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Myfanwy 2

September 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Torchwood Murders - Chapter Eight

The Torchwood Murders - Chapter Eight
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Owen, Gwen/Rhys (mentioned)
Warnings: Language, violence
Spoilers: Up through Torchwood S1, E8, "They Keep Killing Suzie"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note: This is based on the episode "They Keep Killing Suzie", although adapted to the Dragon-Verse.  Once again, the dating is taken from several fan-made chronologies and from the TARDIS Index File. 

Summary:  The team is called in to investigate a murder where someone has implicated Torchwood.  Can they follow the trail and find the murderer before there's another victim?


25 November 2007


“All right,” Jack said, staring at each member of his team as they sat around the boardroom table, “Toshiko has got us pictures of the people who paid for the hotel room.  Gwen,” he turned to the former PC, who was sitting on his left, still looking a bit belligerent that morning, “I want you to run facial recognition software on the CCTV hits you got from the Briscoe’s neighborhood camera.  If we’re lucky, we can get a lead quickly.  Tosh,” he glanced at his technician, “did you have any luck with the hotel’s CCTV?”

She shook her head.  “It’s on an old VHS system, and it looks like they recycle the tapes every 48 hours.”

That was a shame, but they’d just have to roll with it.  “Then I want you and Ianto to go and question the manager.  Find out everything you can about Pilgrim; if they’ve been renting the same room for years then you can bet management knows something about them that they might be willing to share.”

Toshiko nodded, as did Ianto who was seated beside her and to Jack’s right.  The two worked well together, and he had confidence that they’d be able to get something of use.

“Owen,” he looked at his medic last,” I want you with me.  Together we’re going to go over One’s notes on the Retcon testing.  I started to yesterday but a lot of the medical information isn’t in my area of expertise.”

Owen shrugged, twirling a biro in his fingers.  “Sounds good to me.  Just glad you didn’t ask me to go with Tosh and Dragon Boy.  That’s my idea of a boring time.”

“Like we’d let you out on an unsuspecting public,” Ianto drawled, favoring Owen with a pitying look.  Toshiko choked on her giggles.

“Oi!  I’m not that bad!”

 “Last I heard,” Ianto added, “you failed the ‘Bedside Manner’ course in medical school.”

“No,” Owen sniped back, “I didn’t fail.  I just didn’t take the bloody class.”

“Okay, kids,” Jack chastised, then said, “and dragon,” as a certain Second cleared his throat, “let’s find our killer.”

With those words, the team filed out; except for Owen, who remained at the table where all of the paper files on the Retcon testing had been set out.  Jack grabbed a few of the files, and began to read.

The thing was, he simply couldn’t concentrate.

He wanted to; this investigation was too important, but at the same time he couldn’t help but think of the ramifications of a mating with Ianto.  He couldn’t lie to himself; he wanted it, more than he could say.  Never, in his over a century of waiting for the Doctor, had Jack even considered the commitment this would entail.  He had always intended on leaving Earth with the Doctor, but now…now he knew that wasn’t the case anymore.  Jack would get his answers…and would come home.

To Ianto.

The dream brought home to him just what a dragon mating was.  He could still hear the song in his head, and wondered if this was what Toshiko had heard, back when she’d been wearing the Arcateenian pendant.  The Song of the Earth Dragon, Ianto had said.  It had been…beautiful, and for the first time in his life Jack had believed in magic.

He’d tried the domestic thing before, back when he’d thought he was still mortal, before the first death that had proved otherwise.   Then there had been Estelle, who’d drawn him in like a moth to her bright flame; so full of life, and love, and a vibrancy that was oh so rare…and so very precious.   It wasn’t until Stella Courtney in the 70’s that he’d found that again; even though she’d been a rebound from Lucia, there had been something that drawn Jack to her, although they hadn’t lasted more than a couple of weeks after Stella had accidentally gotten involved with Torchwood. 

And then there was Ianto, who was so completely different from any of his previous lovers. 

Well, they weren’t technically lovers yet, but Jack intended on changing that.


Owen’s voice brought him back to the task at hand.  “Sorry,” he said, chagrined.  “I was a million miles away.”

“No, really?” the medic snarked.  “I never would’ve noticed, I’ve only been trying to get your attention for the last couple of minutes.”

“Did you have something?” he asked, trying to get back on track.

“Nothing much about long-term effects,” Owen reported. “Lots of medical jargon you wouldn’t understand.”

“Then why did you call me?”

“Because you’d been reading the same page over and over again.”

“Yeah, sorry,” he apologized again.  “Just have a lot on my mind.”


“Look,” Jack sighed.  “Let’s just get back to work.”

Owen shrugged.  “Fine by me.  But I’m not doing all this shit myself.”

Jack rolled his eyes, and forced his brain to start seeing the data in front of him instead of the images from the dream last night.

Some of what Torchwood One did in their tests was fascinating; other parts were horrific.  Even before Yvonne Hartman’s reign London had had questionable morals concerning just how they did business.  It made Jack glad that he’d completely cut Cardiff off from One; and, although a lot of innocent people had paid the price for Yvonne Hartman’s and her management staff’s hubris, the captain was glad that the place had been destroyed. 

“These people were sick bastards,” Owen growled.

“You’re not kidding,” Jack agreed. 

“Some of this shit…fuck, Jack, I wouldn’t treat my worst enemy this way!  Here’s one report where they actually wiped out someone’s entire life, Retconned them back to nappies.  And the scientist in charge was so fucking clinical in his notes…I’ll never joke about that sort of thing again.”

“Anything on implanting memories?” Jack asked, in an effort to distract the medic from the worst of the files.

“Not yet…wait, here’s something.  It’s a report about how the testers took away six months’ worth of memories, and gave the poor bastard enough false memories that his mind filled in most of the blanks itself.”

They were perusing the file – and Jack was becoming more and more disturbed by it – when Gwen appeared in the doorway.  “Jack, I think I have a hit on the CCTV search.”

At last.  “Whatcha got, Gwen?”

She held up a photo of an older man, with gray hair and an overgrown goatee.  “Max Tresilian,” she said.  “He was caught on camera outside the Briscoe’s street about half an hour before the murders occurred.  He’s also on Tosh’s list of people who paid for the hotel conference room.”

Jack grinned.  “We got an address on him?”

Gwen nodded. 

“Then have Ianto and Toshiko meet us there.  Hopefully this is our killer, and we can stop him before he kills again.”


In the end, it was quite an interesting time apprehending Max Tresilian.

The man lived on an estate outside of Cardiff, in a brick house in a neighborhood that looked as if, at some point, it had suffered a siege.  Jack could remember when the estates were built, and comparing them now with his memory, they fell far short. 

He and Gwen went first, hoping the former policewoman would be able to get Tresilian to open up to them.  The man who answered the door was, indeed, the person they were looking for, only his drivers’ license picture did him a disserve.  Max was built like a hardcore biker, wearing a sleeveless t-shirt that had seen better days and torn jeans.  Jack would not have been surprised to see him in one of the rougher pubs around. 

And, like most people who were large and intimidating, Max seemed quite polite and obliging.

That was, until Gwen mentioned the word ‘Torchwood’.

Somehow, Jack ended flat on his back, with an enraged Tresilian quite happily throttling him.

It took the combined efforts of Ianto and Owen – and Tosh, wielding a stun gun to good effect – to get the man off of Jack.  While Owen and Gwen subdued him, Ianto helped Jack up, and the captain was quite content to keep ahold of the dragon’s warm hand. 

Until, of course, they had to wrestle their suspect into the SUV. 

“At least I didn’t add strangulation to my death repertoire,” he tried to joke, but it fell flat with three out of four of his teammates.  Gwen snickered, apparently realized that no one else thought it was funny, and tried to hide it under a cough.

The trip back to the Hub was a quiet one.  Jack drove, knowing that Ianto and Tosh – in Ianto’s car – were following them.  A niggling doubt at the back of his mind was trying to tell him that this shouldn’t be that simple, that there was something they were missing, that Max Tresilian was only a part of the larger puzzle that Suzie must have set out for them to solve.

Jack wondered if Suzie had known what was going to happen to Tresilian.  If he’d been her accomplice, and if she’d dosed him with Retcon after the killings…no, it made the most sense, but Jack was beginning to realize that this couldn’t be it.  They knew of three of Suzie’s victims; she’d started her killings not long before her death; the testing on the glove had begun perhaps three months before that.  Had it been enough time to brainwash someone to become a killer?  Or had Max already had the inclination to do so?  There was so much they didn’t know, too many questions that they needed answers to.

Would they get them from Tresilian? 

The man had been perfectly amiable until Gwen had mentioned where they were from.  Then, Tresilian had tried to kill Jack.  Was Torchwood some sort of trigger word Suzie had installed in her victim?  But why?

There was a very small part of himself that wanted to wake Suzie up and demand answers.  However, Jack would never do that.  First of all, Suzie needed to stay at rest.  And second, the glove was way too dangerous to let someone use it ever again. 

Besides, Owen had been correct: it was too late to even consider resurrecting Suzie.  She’d been dead for far too long. 

But Jack had to wonder if she’d somehow set all this up in case of her death.  Or, if his original premise was right, that Tresilian had broken the Retcon conditioning and was remembering everything, and that writing ‘Torchwood’ on his victims’ wall had to be Tresilian trying to get Suzie’s attention.

Until they had further evidence, this theory made the most sense.

“We’ll get him into one of the cells,” he said, as he pulled into the garage.  “Owen, I want every test you can come up with.  We need to make sure this is our murderer.”

“You got it,” Owen said, climbing out of the SUV as soon as Jack had it parked.  Together, they wrestled Tresilian’s still-stunned body out of the boot of the vehicle, manhandling it down to the cells, where they not-so-gently tossed him inside.  “I’ll come back down with some needles and we can draw some blood.”

“We?”  Jack inquired, shutting and locking the door.

“Okay…me.”  With that admission, Owen headed upstairs to the main Hub, where the others had congregated.

Jack stared at the man in the cell.  Max Tresilian was moving slightly, shaking off the effects of the stun gun gradually.  He crossed his arms over his chest, clasping his elbows tightly, wondering what had been about this person that had brought him to Suzie’s attention.  Was there something special about Max Tresilian, something that made him fit her plans?  Or was there another reason at play, something that they might not ever know?

Owen made it back down before Tresilian was completely awake, taking a blood sample then exiting the cell once more.  He stood next to Jack, staring at their prisoner as he moved sluggishly.   “I don’t like the way he’s coming around.”

Jack glanced at Owen, then back at Tresilian.  The medic was right; there was something off about his movements.  “What are the others up to?”

“Dragon Boy was making coffee, and Tosh and Gwen were doing….something, not sure what.” 

They continued to watch Tresilian; the man eventually settled onto the floor, his legs folded beneath him, his eyes blank. 

“I wonder why he reacted so badly when Gwen said Torchwood – “

Jack’s question was brought to a halt as Tresilian reacted violently, launching himself off the floor and crashing into the clear wall, growling and pounding his fists against it.

And, just as suddenly, he stopped, sitting back into the cold stone floor.

“Interesting,” Jack commented.

“The spell lasted exactly ten seconds,” Ianto’s voice came from down the hallway.

Jack turned, and he saw the dragon leaning against the wall, a stopwatch in hand.   “Are you always at the ready?” he teased.

“Always, sir,” Ianto answered dryly.

“Torchwood,” Owen snapped.

And Tresilian gave the same response.

“If this is a drug-induced psychosis,” the medic said, “it’s a really specific one.”

“If this is Retcon-induced or something Suzie programmed in…” Jack sighed.  “Let me know what the tests say.”

“I want some coffee, too.”  Owen turned and left, and Jack followed him.

They’d just made their way into the main Hub area when the very distinctive alarm signaling a lockdown echoed through the base, and the lights went off.



Yay for the team being awesome despite Gwen's desire for short cuts
The team really is awesome. No shortcuts for them! Thanks, hon!
really intgeresting update!
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Yep, it does, doesn't it?
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I'm glad you're still interested!

Well, who triggered the lockdown in canon? *hint*

Next part should be up tomorrow I reckon. :)
Had to do a little hunt and peck to find the two updates you've posted, since I've been a little lax about keeping track recently. So glad to see things are moving along, but I really hope that Jack and Ianto can figure out this dream and the dragon mating.

Also, lockdown! Will Ianto in all his brilliance save the day once again? I certainly do hope so!
Ooo...glad you got caught up. But hey, we all get that way some times. *hugs*

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Thanks! More should be up tomorrow I think.

*hugs* It'll be okay...
As always, eager for more :D
I love how Jack is more and more realising that he wants to be with Ianto forever and that Ianto can be with him forever. DUH.
More up soon!

Jack learns, it just takes him a while. *grins*
Wow! Was it Tresilian that triggered the lockdown? If it was, it happened awfully quickly. Or do you have some other devious plot device up your sleeve? Very intriguing. He's really creepy. I wonder what he was like before Suzie got a hold of him, if that's what's going on here. Tosh and Ianto will figure something out. They are brilliant after all.

The sooner they figure this out, the sooner Jack and Ianto can get their mystery sorted.
Well, it happened fast in canon too. We'll see what happens next chapter.

Hey, I always have up my sleeve! Even if it IS only my arm. LOL!

I always did feel a bit sorry for Max. He was pretty much innocent in all this.
I definitely need to go back and do some rewatching to refresh my memory on the first two seasons. It's been too long and the old mind is a bit rusty.
Oh MD a lock down - will we need poetry and with Kathy get to snark at Jack? Love how you're changing this and intrigued to know what you're going to do.
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We'll see...next chapter. *grins*

Next up tomorrow I'm thinking!

See ya!
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Gwen did finally shut up, didn't she? *laughs*

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I know, it had been for me too until I began to prepare for this story.

Haha! Yes, I know exactly what you mean about Gwen...
Jack had a suspicion but not strong enough!
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