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Myfanwy 2

June 2018



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Myfanwy 2

WrianoJune - Day Ten

We're up to Day Ten, and this is getting long enough that I'll start making a cut now...

Well, Day Nine was another bust, and I mean that in more than just not getting any writing done.  My mother also didn't get her procedure done because there was some mix-up between her pulmonologist (who ordered it) and the surgeon they brought in to do it.  Now it might not be until next week.  *sigh*

Here's the count:

Day One:  2296 words
Day Two:  1679 words
Day Three:   2974 words
Day Four:  0 words
Day Five:  2240 words
Day Six:  1602 words
Day Seven:  3168 words
Day Eight:  1577 words
Day Nine:  0 words
Day Ten: 2376 words

Total so far:  17,912 words

Hoping to get a bunch more done over the weekend.  :)


Well done yeah!!!!!!
Thanks, hon!
UGH @ the mixup for your mum. That's terrible. You'd think there'd be some better communication!

Oh well for day 9. Day 7 kind of made up for it! So you're definitely getting there!! :D *POMPOMS*
You'd think, but there was a disagreement the moment Mom appeared in surgery. *sigh*

I feel like I'm accomplishing something, thanks!
Still cheering..but you will have to go without my written support for the coming week..I'm off to London I have tickets for 'Much ado about nothing' with David T and Catherine T.!!!!
My birthday!!!! yeah!!!!!
Will send positive and cheerful thoughts your way!
Oh, have fun! *iz jealous*

Happy birthday! *hugs*

Thanks, hon.
hugs for your mom and you.
wow! on the word count.
Thank you!
Firstly *hugs tight* sorry mum's procedure was rescheduled...am thinking of you both...

*cheers and whoops* I'm getting ready for that cartwheel at the 20k mark!!!

Go girl!
D xxx
Thanks, it's been rescheduled so hopefully it'll happen this time.

Be ready for the cartwheels when I post my next totals! *grins*