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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

WrianoJune - Day Twenty-Three

Here we go.  Had a couple of bad days, but have barely managed to keep ahead of the game....

Day One:  2296 words
Day Two:  1679 words
Day Three:   2974 words
Day Four:  0 words
Day Five:  2240 words
Day Six:  1602 words
Day Seven:  3168 words
Day Eight:  1577 words
Day Nine:  0 words
Day Ten: 2376 words
Day Eleven:  2261 words
Day Twelve:  3099 words
Day Thirteen:  1211  words
Day Fourteen: 1781 words
Day Fifteen: 961 words
Day Sixteen:  0 words
Day Seventeen: 2130 words
Day Eighteen:  1166 words
Day Nineteen:  0 words
Day Twenty:  1350 words
Day Twenty-One:  3601 words
Day Twenty-Two:  1677 words
Day Twenty-Three:  1465 words

Total so far:  38,614 words

Well, I finally gave up on my SciFi Big Bang.  I completely lost
any motivation in it at all.  I might finish it at some point, but the bunnies hopped away.  However, I've signed up for Ianto Big Bang, and the word count for today was starting on that.  

I also finished another Armageddon-Verse story, and my Dragon-Verse coda for "Combat".  Yes, I know I skipped a couple of episodes, but the bunnies wouldn't shut up about it.  Those silly bunnies....


*cheers and waves pom poms*

You're amazing hon - I've signed up for Ianto BB too, looking forward to getting down to that once these papers are all done.
*huge hugs*
d xxx

I can't wait to read what you write for Ianto BB! Good luck with the papers.

*hugs back*

Sorry for not cheering for a week! I was in London...Well done you!!!
No problem, I hope you had a good time?

sneaks tricky bunnies some carrot cake.
what do the bunnies think about combat?
Hey, save some of that carrot cake for the author, okay? It's my favorite. :)

Bunnies loved Combat. Bunnies wanted me to write Combat ages ago. :)
sending more carrot cake for writer and bunnies.