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Myfanwy 2

May 2018



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Myfanwy 2

For Sale to the Highest Bidder - Chapter Two

For Sale to the Highest Bidder - Chapter Two
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Owen
Warnings: Language
Spoilers: Up through S1 E9, "Random Shoes"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note:  Here is the Dragon-Verse version of "Random Shoes".  I have much dislike for this episode, so I pretty much gutted it.   There were just so many things wrong with it, I couldn't even re-watch it for research.  As usual, the dating is taken from several fan-made chronologies and from the TARDIS Index File.  Also, some of the information on the Dogon Sixth Eye also came from the TARDIS Index File.

Summary:  Ianto is interested in a Dogon Sixth Eye that's on sale on eBay, especially since it's Eugene Jones selling it...


6 December 2007            


Once again, Ianto found himself at his computer, surprised at what he found there.

Who would want to pay fifteen thousand pounds for a Dogon Sixth Eye?

He couldn’t understand it.  Even at the height of the Belgium bidding wars, an Eye had only gotten as high as three thousand.   This seemed too incredible to be real.

He needed to check this out…

“Hey, Tosh?” he called, getting up and heading over to the tech’s station. 

“Hey, Ianto?” she echoed, turning and favoring him with a smile.

He rolled his eyes playfully.  “Have you got a minute?”

“Anything for my favorite dragon.”

“I should hope I’m your only dragon,” he retorted, recalling Jack saying something like that not all that long ago. 

Toshiko clouted him on the shoulder lightly.  “Silly.  What can I do for you?”

“How would you like to hack eBay for me?”

Her face lit up.  “Are you kidding?  I haven’t done that in ages.”

“I thought you might enjoy that.”  He explained to her what had happened.  “I’d like to see if you can find out just who’s doing all that high bidding.  It just seems extreme for a Sixth Eye.”

Toshiko turned back to her screens.  “Easy peasy.  You could have given me a bit more of a challenge, you know.”

“You’re the best, Tosh.”

“And don’t forget it,” she answered playfully, already beginning her work.

Ianto smiled, then headed up to Jack’s office.  He wasn’t there, so the dragon used his own unique sense to discover just where his lover was.

Jack was on the firing range, taking practice with the Weevil-shaped targets.  Ianto watched as he held his Webley comfortably, hitting each and every thing he aimed at.  But then, with over one hundred years of experience, Ianto would have been very surprised if he wasn’t an expert marksman.

“Enjoying the view?” Jack asked, lowering his weapon and removing his ear defenders and safety glasses.

“It is rather nice,” Ianto admitted, coming fully into the room.

“I’m glad you think so.”  With a sudden movement, Jack had Ianto pinned against the wall, and was kissing him quite passionately, slipping his tongue into the dragon’s mouth and exploring every inch within.

Ianto moaned; he couldn’t help it.  Dragons didn’t kiss, and it had been Jack who’d taught him just how pleasurable it could be.  Now, he couldn’t get enough, and he returned the kiss just as passionately.

Eventually though, he pulled away.  “Sorry,” he panted, “business before pleasure.”

 Jack looked disappointed.  “You’re no fun.”

“That wasn’t what you said last night.”

His lover’s eyes went a bit glassy as he recalled just what had happened the night before.  “You have a point.  So, what brings you down here, if it wasn’t for a quickie on the gun range?”

He explained what he’d found, and Jack whistled.  “That’s a bit much for a Sixth Eye.”

“I know,” Ianto answered.  “Which is why I asked Tosh to poke around a bit, see if she could find out just who the bidders are.”

 Jack laughed.  “The last time Toshiko hacked eBay she ended up with those silver Manolo Blahniks and a Bekaran deep-tissue scanner.”

“She really looks awesome in those shoes.”

“And Owen didn’t complain about the scanner.”  Sliding his gun back into its holster, he ushered the dragon out and into the corridor.  “It’ll be hard to get a bidder that high to forget just what he spent fifteen thousand pounds on.”

“And if we intercept the mail,” Ianto added as they headed up to the main Hub area, “then it would make just as big a mess.  I’m fairly sure that Eugene would figure out it was Torchwood pretty quickly.  He might seem scatterbrained, but he’s really very intelligent.”  The dragon had seen his grades, and was still surprised that he hadn’t become some sort of mathematician instead of working in an office.   “We could always just let it go.”  They’d done that, with the ones after Canary Wharf; they simply hadn’t had the resources to intercept them all.

“That’s an option,” Jack said slowly.  “But I’m really interested in knowing just who thinks an Eye is worth that much.”

Ianto had to admit, that he was curious about it, as well.  “Someone who apparently doesn’t know just what one does, I should think.”

“Or someone who just wants to collect alien artifacts, no matter the cost.  There are a few out there.”

The dragon nodded; that was certainly true.  He could name three off the top of his head.

They arrived up into the main area, and the first thing that greeted them was Toshiko, looking extremely pleased with herself.  “Here,” she said, handing Ianto a post-it note.

“That was quick,” he answered, taking the offered note. 

“Please,” she said dismissively.  “It’s not like they’re UNIT.  I could hack eBay with my eyes closed.”

He couldn’t help but grin as he glanced down at the note. 

Ianto frowned.  There was a list of five names; two were his and Jack’s, and one was Henry Parker’s…big surprise.  But the other two…

“I know these names,” he muttered.

Jack rested his chin on Ianto’s shoulder, looking at the note as well.  “They aren’t any of the bigger collectors, I know that much.”

“I can tell you, if you want,” Toshiko offered, her expression smug.

Ianto rolled his eyes in fond exasperation.  “I’m quite sure you can.”

“Cheeky,” the technician accused playfully.  “Anyway, I’m not surprised you think you know them…they showed up on Eugene Jones’ background check – “

Of course.  Ianto cursed himself for not realizing it sooner.  “They work with him.  They’re his friends.”  That epiphany was followed up with, “There’s no way they can afford to pay so much for that Eye.  Where did they get the funds?”

The smirk on Toshiko’s face was priceless.  “They didn’t.”


It hadn’t taken Toshiko any time at all to track down Eugene Jones, just by using his mobile phone signal.  Ianto parked his vehicle in the lot at the Happy Cook restaurant, glancing in through the establishment’s windows in order to try to catch a glimpse of his quarry.

There…he could just make out Eugene, sitting in a booth with his so-called friends.  Ianto wondered how Eugene would feel, once he found out that they’d bid on the Eye, in order to build up the price, only to misbid and win, although they didn’t have the money to pay for the item.  Ianto had a feeling a friendship was about to be ruined, and those two only had themselves to blame.

As he watched, he realized the moment Eugene found out; a fight started, with one of the men – Josh, he thought – reaching across the table toward Eugene.  There was a scuffle, and somehow Eugene ended up outside, tackling the would-be thief and grabbing what had to be the Eye.

The dragon was getting out of his car, in order to go to Eugene’s aid, when the young man shoved something into his mouth…shit, he didn’t just swallow it, did he?

And Eugene was gone, running toward the main road.

Ianto followed, easily catching up with Eugene’s out of shape friends and passing them.  He wanted to catch up to the young man; he had no idea what sort of effect actually swallowing a Sixth Eye would have, but he didn’t want to risk it.  He’d have to get Eugene back to the Hub, in order for Owen to remove it as quickly as he could.

And, truth be known, he was actually a bit grossed out by it.

Eugene was only about ten yards ahead of Ianto when he hit the road.

But he obviously didn’t see the car coming toward him.

Ianto cursed.  He wouldn’t be able to get there in time…unless…

He transformed, launching himself forward as his wings were springing from his back.  With a loud roar, the dragon flew toward his target, grabbing Eugene in his claws just as the moving vehicle would have struck the fleeing man.

Brakes squealed as the dragon flung himself and Eugene into the grassy verge between lanes, rolling so that he wouldn’t land on the frail ephemeral, all the while thinking that Jack was going to kill him for this.


Eugene was awestruck by the Hub…until Owen snuck up behind him and sedated him.

“And you Retconned the witnesses?” Jack asked, leaning on the rail overlooking the autopsy bay.

Ianto sighed.  “Yes, Jack.  I did.  I can to my job, you know.”

The immortal turned to regard him.  “Hey, I’m not calling you down for saving a life.  I just wanted to make sure we don’t get reports all over the internet that there’s a dragon in Wales.   We don’t want a repeat of what Archie had to go through.”

The dragon winced.  Archie up at Torchwood Two had had to recently deal with an American film crew out to investigate Loch Ness.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if Archie hadn’t had to actually coax the real monster into hiding for the duration…

Owen was examining Eugene under one of the many scanners.  “I can’t believe the prat swallowed it.  His gag reflex must be non-existent.”

“Can you get it out?”  Jack asked, turning back to the procedure.

“I’m gonna have to operate,” he answered.  “There’s no way something that big is coming out on its own.”

“I can make the cover story that he was hit by a car, and had to have emergency surgery,” Ianto suggested.

“Sounds good.  Have Toshiko give you a hand with the hacking.  And tell her I know about the Jimmy Choo’s, and that I think they’ll look great with her lavender dress.”

“I don’t see why Tosh gets the good stuff,” Owen groused, as he began prepping for surgery.

“When you can cover your tracks the way she can, I’m sure you will,” Jack said serenely.  “Besides, I don’t think those new shoes will look as good on you.”

“Isn’t that an abuse of Torchwood resources?” Gwen asked, joining them at the rail.

“It’s only abuse if you get caught,” Jack answered.

“But…you know about it…”

“However, I didn’t catch her doing it.  As far as I could know, she bought those shoes quite honestly. “

“That’s splitting hairs!”

“They’re my hairs to split.”  Jack shrugged.  “Toshiko earns her perks…when you earn yours, I’m sure I’ll be convinced not to catch you as well.  It’s like me not catching Owen with all that online porn he doesn’t watch while he’s supposed to be working.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Harkness,” Owen denied, not even trying to sound innocent.

“Just so long as no alien tech leaves the base,” Ianto put in, “and no one gets hurt.  Now, I’m going to go and plot with Tosh.  We’ll get those hospital records set up by the time Owen’s done retrieving the Eye.”

The dragon turned and headed over to Toshiko’s station, where she was working as if she hadn’t just overheard everything.


The Dogon Sixth Eye sat on Jack’s desk, glittering innocently.  It had taken Owen about an hour to remove it from Eugene’s stomach, and they’d managed to get the young man moved to hospital before he could wake up.  Ianto had overseen the use of Retcon; they had a liquid form that could be injected through an I.V. for special occasions, but Jack didn’t like it, as it was a bit more watered down than the tablet form. 

Ianto had also installed surveillance equipment throughout Eugene’s house, Jack managing to get Mrs. Jones out for the length of time it took to make sure they would always know what Eugene was up to.  They didn’t want a repeat of what happened, and besides Ianto wanted to make sure the Retcon held.  Since Eugene already knew about Torchwood, all they really needed to do was make certain he didn’t remember his rescue by dragon.  And, if he did, Ianto would just have to deal with it.

Toshiko hadn’t bothered to erase the eBay auction; Eugene would remember that, but as far as anyone was concerned he’d been ripped off by his once-friends.  They remembered everything; they’d been too far away to see Ianto change to a dragon, and so they’d only used enough Retcon to set Torchwood’s versions of events.  The Eye would have been discarded during the emergency surgery.

“You know,” Jack mused, staring at the Eye, “it’s amazing what trouble a simple thing like this can cause.”

The dragon leaned against the desk, in his favorite position.  Everyone else had been sent home, and he was just waiting for Jack to hand over the Eye so he could file it away in the Archives.  “I know,” he said.  “People are so…I don’t want to use the term ‘gullible’, but that’s pretty accurate.”

“Oh, I don’t know.  I think they just want some sort of proof that human-kind isn’t the only life form out there.  It’s almost like having a fear of being alone.”

Ianto could certainly understand that.  Being alone wasn’t a pleasant thing.  Although, now that he had Jack, he didn’t have to worry about that any longer.  He might not be a dragon, but Jack was as close to a mate as Ianto might ever have.  And, with what Toshiko had shared with them after the visitation of the Earth Dragon, he knew they’d been meant for each other.

It made the knowledge that, some day, Jack would most likely break his heart two more times a bit more bearable. 

“Let me put that away, and then we can go back to mine,” Ianto said, straightening.  “I feel like cooking tonight.”

Jack grinned.  “Sounds like a plan.   I’ll have everything shut down by the time you get back.”

Ianto used his handkerchief to pick up the Eye, then headed down toward the Archives.  A part of him wanted to use it, to look back on his life and see it more clearly; but another part really didn’t want to relive it.  Such things were best left in the past.

He found a small containment box, put the Eye inside, and then slid it into place on the shelf where it would remain.  

Then Ianto headed back upstairs, and back to his future.




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Gwen!!!! I'm impressed you didn't DO anything! Does she deserve a cookie?

(oh dear that was a bit patronizing)
We can train her like a dog, where we reward her when she does something good...
*Gleeful excitement* There are some advantages to going away for the weekend without internet, like getting two chapters in one go :D Poor Eugene, and silly Gwen. She still doesn't get it
Welcome back! Hope you had a good time even without the internet!

And no, she doesn't.
I had half a thought that Gwen was going to be one of the bidders. :D But I'm impressed that she didn't do anything. Or does she have something up her sleeve?
Haha! That didn't occur to me! Sometimes she just doesn't know what to do, I think. LOL!

I love that you took an episode which was entirely about Gwen and turned it around so she wasn't in it for more than a brief moment. Nicely done, and I'm looking forward to more!
Thank you!

It was surprisingly easy to take all the Gwen parts out. Next should be up and a bit.
Ahhhh.. I was pleasantly surprised! :D lovely!!
Thanks! I'm glad I could surprise you. :)
and I was soo hoping Gwen would be the one to swallow it...& and end up getting that much needed new perspective...ah, well.

Excellent [Gwen-free] chapter :D
Haha! She does need it, doesn't she?

Wow, I'm impressed, Gwen didn't make it worse!

*looks at Milady Dragon suspiciously*

She's saving it up for something really big, isn't she?

I love that Ianto was able to save Eugene!!
No, but then I think she was getting too much credit in knowing what to do to mess things up. :)

Would I do something like that? *tries to look innocent*

I had to save Eugene, he's too good a character to waste.
That's better - no one dies and everything works out. I was surprised that Gwen didn't interfere. Although I think she may have gotten some ideas - that aren't accurate - from Tosh's online antics. I would love to see what she thinks she can get away with. Ha! Is this all you are going to write about Random Shoes? I think you have covered it quite well. I am looking forward to Out of Time. :D
Thanks! Well, Gwen has to be good every once in a while...don't expect it to keep up.

This is it. There wasn't that much to the episode really. Glad you liked it!
Thank you for saving Eugene! I LIKE Eugen, he so wants to believe. I like that he is out there keeping an eye out at garage sales and on ebay, looking for interesting stuff for TW. And Tosh EARNS those Jimmy Choos. Gwen is sour graping cuz she ain't smart enough to finagle the system the way Tosh can.

And we all know that Gwen won't be able to help herself, she has some kind of big gaffe coming up. Worth what she thinks is a perfectly reasonable excuse.
You're welcome! I had to save Eugene, he's just too good a character to waste like that.

Tosh earns every perks she gets. *nods*

Just remember, "Combat" is coming up... :)
Just caught up with these two chapters - This was the worst episode of TW, you've made it much better!
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.
Another episode dragonized...My my, you are a busy bee.
Love it!
Thank you! And I have more stories done that I haven't even posted yet... *grins*
Never thought I'd end up liking anything from Random Shoes (god I hate that episode) but you proved you can do the impossible once again. Really enjoyed this episode and I can't wait for the next one. I have a funny idea when the two more heartbreaks will happen, don't know whether to hope I'm write or hope I'm wrong tho. Grins. Anyway can't wait for more. ^_^
Thank you! I'm glad you liked my version, and all it took was removing all the Gwen bits out to make it readable. Who would have guessed? LOL!

You're probably right about those two heart breaks...
Another great chapter and no Gwen and a dragon saves the day. Liked the mention of Nessie! So wonders what you'll do with Combat on of my least fave episodes.
Thanks, hon. Glad you liked it. And "Combat" isn't going to be rewritten, but I have a really nice coda already written that addresses something that was so very wrong in that episode...a hint: it had to do with Gwen. *grins*
Wow, take out Eugene's death and afterlife and the episode becomes 5 minutes long. That episode really was about absolutely nothing.
Lovely work, m'dear. I'm enjoying how Jack and Ianto are easing into the whole mates thing. Very very nice development!
I know. It really was, wasn't it? Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :)
I liked it. Tosh, you get your Jimmy Choo on.

You know, this episode is so much better without Gwen or Eugene, and we didn't get that weird and awkward kiss at the end. Yay.
I want to see Tosh's shoe collection. I bet it's quite nice. :)

Very glad you enjoyed it. The episode really didn't have much in it. Thanks!
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