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Myfanwy 2

November 2018



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Myfanwy 2

WrianoJune - Day Twenty-Nine

Well, I've done it.  If everything is added together correctly here's my final count:

Day One:  2296 words
Day Two:  1679 words
Day Three:   2974 words
Day Four:  0 words
Day Five:  2240 words
Day Six:  1602 words
Day Seven:  3168 words
Day Eight:  1577 words
Day Nine:  0 words
Day Ten: 2376 words
Day Eleven:  2261 words
Day Twelve:  3099 words
Day Thirteen:  1211  words
Day Fourteen: 1781 words
Day Fifteen: 961 words
Day Sixteen:  0 words
Day Seventeen: 2130 words
Day Eighteen:  1166 words
Day Nineteen: 0 words
Day Twenty: 1350 words
Day Twenty-One: 3601
Day Twenty-Two: 1677 words
Day Twenty-Three: 1466 words
Day Twenty-Four:  2145 words
Day Twenty-Five: 2382 words
Day Twenty-Six: 2607 words
Day Twenty-Seven:  1312 words
Day Twenty-Eight:  1197 words
Day Twenty-Nine:  2196 words

Total word count:  50,453 words

I can't believe I did it. 

I managed to write a bunch of Dragon-Verse (which has already been posted), but I also have a nice collection of stories that I haven't:

Three finished Armageddon-Verse stories.
One finished On-Verse story.
One finished Wizard and Deathless story.
Two finished Dragon-Verse that have not been posted as yet.  (One I will when I get to "Combat")

Also, I have started:

Two AU's (one my Ianto/Rhys buddy superhero fic, and the other a post-apocalyptic fic that has Ianto with a sword)
One Dragon-Verse that takes place after "The Call of Home"
One Dragon-Verse that's a crossover with the reality show "Destination Truth"

I also got about 6,000 words done on my SciFi Big Bang that I had to abandon, and a fairly decent start on my Ianto Big Bang.  

And I've already been talked into doing this again in November...  *sigh*

Thanks to everyone for all your cheerleading and support, you guys rock!


Wow. I am seriously impressed! How you do it with a job, a real life, is totally beyond me!

I have trouble writing the few words I do, and I'm not working at the moment, just hanging out with the kids. I start going to school to learn Russian in about ten days or so, for two months. I think I'm going to struggle to write at the same time, but I have deadlines, so I get to see how the other half lives, LOL!

You deserve massive kudos and virtual high-fives!
I'm not exactly sure how I did it, either! The bunnies have been very kind. :)

Oo...good luck with the course! And good luck with the writing as well.

Thanks, hon!
My congrats! I knew you could do it!
Thanks! I'm glad you did, because I wasn't sure! *grins*
Well colour me impressed! Well done. I always thought writing essays of 2-3000 words for Uni was tough, but your writing those numbers nearly every day!!!! I can't wait to read what you have written. Congratulations. I am sure that in Novermber you will do an equally admirable job.
Thank you! Well, it's always easier to write when you enjoy it, I had yet to enjoy writing something I had to! *grins*

Thanks again!
OOOHHH well done!
And the best thing about all this........
You WILL post it and we can read it!
Thank you!

I do hope you will enjoy them. :)
Way to go I knew you could do it Well done
Thanks, hon. I really wasn't sure about it, with everything that's been going on, but it does feel good to have accomplished it.

*shakes bottle madly and pops champagne like they do on F1 racing*

You're awesome! Many congrqtulations...

*slinks back to ruddy exam papers*
Love & hugs
D xxx
Ooo...champers! Yum!

*Blushes* Thanks for all the cheerleading, hon. I've really appreciated it. *hugs*

Good luck with the papers...

wow! i am sending ianto with coffee and jack for foot rubs because you are a writing machine. looking forward to all of the stories but i must admit ianto meets josh and the gang(destination truth fan)is the one that has me really curious.
Thanks, I could use them! *grins*

I do hope my "Destination Truth" one goes well. I just love the idea of the gang camping out on the Plass, waiting to catch a glimpse of the mysterious Cardiff dragon... Hee!