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Myfanwy 2

June 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Gypsies of the Rift - Chapter Three

Gypsies of the Rift - Chapter Three
Author: Milady  Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Owen, Owen/Diane
Warnings: Language, Violence, Suicidal Situations
Spoilers: Up through S1 E10, "Out of Time"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note:  This is the Dragon-Verse version of "Out of Time".   As usual, the dating for this was taken from several fan-made timelines and the TARDIS Index File.  The information on the de Havilland Dragon Rapide (yes, that was the actual plane in the show, I didn't make this up!) came from a sudden spurt of Google-Fu and the ever helpful TARDIS Index File. 

Summary:  Three victims of the Rift come through from 1953, and it's up to the team to help them fit into the current year.  Jack and Ianto find themselves sympathizing with John Ellis, and they take it upon themselves to help get integrated into his new time.


19 December 2007


Jack stood, regarding his team and their new arrivals.  He nodded to Ianto, who began passing out the identification that he and Toshiko had made up yesterday.  Jack was proud of the work they’d done; but then, his Second and his technician worked well together, and they always did the best they could.

“These will be your means of identification,” he said, as the three took the files Ianto handed them.  “We’ve set up bank accounts for you but we’ll give you an allowance so you can practice with the currency and money management.”

He regarded each of them as they checked out what they’d been given.  John didn’t look at all happy, and Jack knew immediately that they were going to have issues with the man.  Diane simply shrugged, although she seemed a bit disappointed; he wondered if it was because of a lack of pilots’ license, but he and Ianto would talk to her about that later.  And Emma appeared to be a bit excited, and it was at that moment that Jack knew he didn’t have too much to worry about in her integration.

“David Ward,” John said flatly.

“Sally-Anne Hope,” Diane echoed.

“Deborah Morrison,” Emma added.  “And it’s spelt how Deborah Kerr spells it.”

Jack glanced over at Ianto, and the dragon shrugged, so he hadn’t actually planned it that way.  It had been a good choice though, judging from Emma’s reaction.  “Your background stories should incorporate the skills you already have.  John, you could have run a corner shop.”  They’d talked a bit last night as John had unpacked at the hostel, and the man had mentioned that he’d done just that back in his old time.

John was shaking his head.  “No,” he denied, looking even angrier.

“We can fake references – “

“No!” John fairly shouted, interrupting.  “You can’t take away our names!  For God’s sake, they’re all we’ve got left.  It’s my son’s name!  It’s the name I had above my shop!”  With that, he threw the I.D. he’d been holding back onto the table, and stormed out.

Jack sighed.  He’s been expecting that outburst, just from his expression on the man’s face.  In a way, Jack did know what John Ellis was saying; he’d given up his own name so long ago that he only half-remembered it.  He made a mental note to tell Ianto what it was when he had the chance, then headed out after the furious man.

He found Ellis just outside, and the look he had on his face had Jack sighing internally.  This was going to be so much harder than he’d thought.  “All right,” he capitulated, even though there were good reasons to give anyone coming through the Rift a new name, “you should keep your name.”  He really didn’t want to give in, but he did want to save Ellis and help him as much as he could to fit in.  “I’ll have Ianto change everything back.”

He put a hand on John’s shoulder, trying to convey his support to the distraught man.  John nodded, but Jack didn’t miss the small gleam of triumph in his eyes.  It bothered Jack; this wasn’t some sort of pissing contest; this was an honest attempt to help him settle into this new time.  He knew then that John Ellis was going to push them as hard as he could, to see how far he could get before they pushed back.

“Let’s go back inside,” he said, steering John back into the boardroom.   On the way back in, he caught Ianto’s eye once more, nodding slightly.  Ianto raised an eyebrow, his eyes flickering to John, and Jack nodded once more, communicating that it was only John’s identification that needed to be changed.  The dragon returned the nod, indicating that he understood.

“Now,” Jack said, once John was seated once more, “moving on…Ianto has agreed to take the three of you shopping, in order to give you first-hand experience with money and what you’ll run into when shopping for yourselves.”

That was Ianto’s cue.  He passed out envelopes, one to each refugee.  “There is fifty pounds in each; I’d suggest using most of it for your food, then perhaps twenty pounds for luxuries, like cigarettes or magazines or such.”

“Fifty pounds!”  Emma squeaked.   “My dad only made ten pounds a week!”

Ianto smiled.  “Things are a lot more expensive now.  Trust me; you’ll see.”

 “I can’t wait,” she said, returning his smile.

“We’ll also get you plenty of materials you can go over, explaining a lot of the changes that have occurred since your time,” Jack went on.  “So much has gone on, and you’ll need to be aware of it.”

Emma raised her hand tentatively.  Jack hid his smile.  “Yes, Emma?”

“Don’t you mean Deborah?” she asked brightly.

Jack laughed.  “Of course…Deborah.”  Thanks the goddess she was accepting things so easily. 

“I was wondering…that thing Toshiko is using…that computer…could she show me how to use it too?  I really want to learn.”

“You mind, Tosh?” he asked, already knowing the answer. 

In fact, Toshiko was beaming.  “I’d love to.  In fact, a lot of what goes on in the world today can be tied to our technology.  Computers…mobiles…even today’s vehicles all rely on technology that didn’t exist in your time.”

“And wait until she introduces you to online shopping,” Ianto teased. 

Toshiko threw him a mock glare.  “Are you saying I should corrupt her with the internet, Mr. Jones?”

Emma giggled.  “Yes, please do!”

John was frowning.  “Is that such a good idea?”

“Well,” Toshiko said, “you don’t have to learn it if you don’t want to, but I’m willing to show anyone who does.”

Emma immediately shot up out of her chair next to Gwen, and went to stand behind Toshiko.  After a moment Diane joined them, and soon all three were deep into the mysteries of the laptop. 

Jack just hoped Toshiko didn’t show them how to hack in anywhere. 


The scent of coffee pulled Jack away from the paperwork he’d been working on.  He glanced up, and Ianto was there, holding a steaming mug in his hand.  “You are a lifesaver,” he said, reaching for it.

Ianto handed it over.  “You’ve said that before,” the dragon teased, taking his usual place on the edge of Jack’s desk.  “I’ve finished remaking John’s I.D.”

“Good.”  Jack took a sip, and closed his eyes in appreciation.  “And so is the coffee.”

“He’s going to be difficult,” Ianto sighed. 

“I know.”   Jack looked up at his Second.  “I think I might have made a mistake on the identification issue.”  He’d been second-guessing himself ever since he’d realized that John had been pushing to see how far he could go.

“I don’t see how you could have forced him to accept it,” Ianto said. 

Jack sighed.  “It’s like he’s not even trying.”

“We’ll just have to help as much as we can.  And we’ll need to talk to Diane about her pilots’ license.  And…I have some concerns about Owen.”

“What do you mean?” Jack frowned. 

“I’m afraid he’s going to try to make a move on Diane.  I overheard him asking her if she had a boyfriend.  And Tosh mentioned it to me as well.”

“I guess this means him and Gwen are over,” Jack tried to sound flippant, but failed.

 Ianto rolled his eyes.  “That was due to fail anyway.  Now, I know Diane is a strong, independent woman – she’d have to be in order to achieve all she did – but I’m a bit concerned that she’d just had her entire world ripped out from under her, and she’s going to be vulnerable for a while.  And we both know Owen’s attention span when it comes to his conquests…”

Jack understood.  Certainly Diane was an adult, and could make her own decisions.  But, as independent as both he and Ianto thought she was, there would still be some pitfalls that Owen could fall in to.   “I hate to say this, but Diane is an adult.  If she decides to go into a relationship with Owen, there really isn’t a lot we can do about it.”  He held up his hand to keep Ianto from speaking.  “But we can still warn Owen that we’ll be watching, just to make sure she’s all right.  She seems to be so far, but you’re right…this is a traumatic time.    We don’t want any of them overwhelmed by all the new circumstances they’re finding themselves in.”

He could tell Ianto didn’t like that answer, but Jack knew he was right.  They could help their three guests adjust to this time, but they really couldn’t tell then what they could –and could not – do.  Jack was well aware of Owen’s propensities, but he simply couldn’t intervene every time his medic went chasing another skirt.   Not that he’d condone him hurting anyone, which was why he’d been so disappointed when he’d found out about the alien pheromones that Owen had taken from the Archives, but if Owen wanted to go after someone, there really was little Jack could do to stop him. 

Ianto sighed.  “I’ll be the first to say that I don’t care for the way Owen treats women.  Perhaps that’s coloring my judgment, I don’t know.  But if he wrecks Diane’s integration into this time I will have words with him.”

“That’s only fair.  We can’t control our employees’ private lives, we can only step in if it affects Torchwood business.  While those three are dependent upon us to make sure they fit in, we really can’t order them to do anything they don’t want to.”

“All we can do is give them the knowledge they need to survive,” Ianto said, in tacit agreement with what Jack said. 

“I know you don’t like it…”

“Yeah,” the dragon smiled self-deprecatingly.  “Perhaps I’m simply being overly protective.”

“Well, it’s to be expected,” Jack teased.  “After all, you’re the mother in this family.”

Ianto narrowed his eyes at him.  “Are you calling me a girl, Harkness?”

“Would I do that?” Jack asked innocently. 

“You better not be, or else it’s decaf…”

The immortal threw his hands up in surrender.  “Okay, okay!  You can be the dad, then.”

The smirk he got went directly to his groin.  “Maybe I should prove to you just how much of a male I am?”

Oh, when Ianto growled like that…”You can prove it to me any time you want.”

A knock at the door kept Ianto from making whatever comment he’d planned to.  Jack glanced around his lover, to see Diane standing in the doorway.   “Is this a bad time?” she asked slyly.

Well, at least one of their guests didn’t appear to be bothered by him and Ianto, or least their banter.  “Come on in,” Jack invited.  “We wanted to speak to you anyway.”

Ianto stood, taking a place just behind Jack’s left shoulder.   Jack motioned Diane to the chair opposite his desk, which she took.  

“I think we can guess why you wanted to speak to us,” Jack began. 

Diane nodded.  “If you guessed it was about my pilots’ license, you’d be right.”

 “Ianto and I discussed that last night, and while we know you’re up on the de Havilland, we really didn’t know what other planes you had experience in.  We figured we could at least get you a classic flight license, until we could arrange for some training on current avionics.  Which, I’ll be honest with you, are about computers as much as flying these days.”

She looked relieved. “Thanks, I didn’t think you’d considered it.  I just can’t be grounded.”

“I know how you feel.”  Jack did; he’d flown enough planes and spaceships to recognize that feeling.  “I have a friend who runs a flight school, and I should be able to arrange some time on a flight simulator.  But I do think it’s a good idea for you to get the hang of some of our current technology first.”

“Sure,” Diane answered, smiling.

“Also,” Jack added, “to tide you over until we can get the proper paperwork put through, I can arrange for you to fly with someone who’s a classic plane enthusiast.  Now, he doesn’t know about the Rift so of course we can’t tell him about how you got here, but we can come up with a story and he should be glad to take you up.”

“I take it you fly as well?” she asked, sitting forward in her chair.

“I do, but I don’t get much of a chance anymore,” Jack admitted.  “I’m checked out on several different classic craft, as well as a couple of the latest jets and even a couple of fighter planes.”  He didn’t add the various alien spacecraft he’d flown, or about piloting the TARDIS.  Nor did he add that he got the experience on the classic planes because he’d flown them during several wars.    

Not to mention flying on a certain dragon.  That beat any closed-cockpit flyer hands down.

As Diane went on to explain what she’d flown and what she’d at least been familiar with, Jack let his worry about her adapting fade.  He thought she was going to be just fine in her new world.



Love this update and how the women are easily adapting to this new life but john .... well we already know he is the difficult one.
Thanks! Yes, the ladies are doing pretty well...John, though...we'll see. :)

Now that is how I wished the episode could have gone. It always seemed to me that everything was thrust on the riftugees and the attitude was to sink or swim. Plus I think that Tosh is a much better mentor for Emma than Gwen. John reminds me of what my Dad says - Give him an inch and he'll take a mile! I think that if DIane had found a way to fly in the present she may have stayed. But we will see...
I am really enjoying your interpretation of the episode. :)
I do wish they'd dealt more with the mundane things that they'd need to survive, although they did some with the shopping trip. And I agree with you about Tosh and Gwen, I really do. Tosh at least had some experience with helping people from the Rift (excluding Flat Holm) while Gwen didn't.

I agree that Tosh is a better mentor for Emma. Gwen fell to quickly into the roll of guardian and adoptive mother. She got too clingy, controlling and over-protective instead of just helping her to fit in.

Diane seems to be handling it just fine as long as she can still fly. I agree with jakernaghan on that also. Diane couldn't give up her passion for flying and be happy here, and it wasn't reasonable to expect her to.

I can't wait to see what you do with John. He evidently thinks he's going to be able to push Jack around and get whatever he wants. I think he's going to be disappointed, 'cause Jack is no pushover.
The problem I had was that Emma didn't need a mother...she needed someone to actually show her things she'd need to survive. Plus, since when did Gwen have experience with people coughed up by the Rift?

Diane just needs her freedom, and that means flying. I always wished they'd addressed that..

John...hm...we'll see. :)
I love that Tosh is mentoring Emma and that Diane isn't bothered by Jack and Ianto's relationship.

I wonder what you have in store for John. I like the power struggle you're hinting at.
It just makes sense that it's Tosh. She has more of the skills Emma would need to survive in the world. Gwen just wanted to be Emma's mother, I think.

We'll see about John... :)
*Catches up again* I love the way this story is playing out and the interactions between the characters.
Glad you caught up!

Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :)
Ha! Jack flying a dragon....Try to put that in your C.V.
LOL! I'd really love to see how anyone would explain that!
Still loving this verse! Agree with the others about Tosh being a better mentor than Gwen. Love Emma's enthusiasm, and the way you handled Diana and the flying issue. Looking forward to more.
Thank you!

Yes, Tosh would be. I think Gwen just wanted to be a mother, and that wasn't what Emma needed. As for Diane...she just needed to fly.

More soon! :)
Also, consider that someone Emma's age in this time would have grown up with computers. She needs a certain amount of familiarity in order to blend in. I think you should have Toshiko introduce her to Facebook or some other networking site. It would be the best way for her to learn what the teens of today are concerned about.
Very true! Computers are so much a part of our lives today, even my mother knows how to use one! :)
always thought that more could have been done to help diane and emma adjust to the era. love the fact tosh is more involved with emma and diane and that jack/ianto both understand diane need to fly.
what will happen with owen and diane? john worries me more now then in canon. will we see the shopping trip because i must admit i am a sucker for ianto and the bananas.
I did too, which I'm hoping this deals with just that.

We'll see Owen/Diane unfold as the boys watch, and what happens at the end...we'll see.

John should worry you.

And yes, I'm working on the shopping trip now. :)
This is a great story so far I really wish that this was canon verse it is sauch a wonderful series. ;)
Thank you! I do hope I do it justice. :)
I sometimes wish THIS had been the show....
*Blushes* Thank you! I'm really glad you like it that much! :)
Always felt so sad about John and for Jack. He'll really need Ianto. Interested to see how Tosh is with Emma and never understood Diane story and her leaving abruptly except to forward the story and Owen opening the rift. Interested to see what you do with it. Jack on the back of Ianto as a dragon - hmm - how good is that vision.
You're right, Jack did. He needed help with John, and now he has it.

As for Emma and Diane...well, you'll just have to wait and see how those turn out. I do hope to surprise you a bit. :)

I really want a picture of Jack flying on Ianto. *sigh*
I'm glad they're looking into a pilot's license for Diane, but she still might not want to stick around...
That did always bother me, that they didn't do anything really to make Diane feel more at home. :)