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Myfanwy 2

June 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Gypsies of the Rift - Chapter Six

Gypsies of the Rift - Chapter Six
Author: Milady  Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Owen, Owen/Diane
Warnings: Language, Violence, Suicidal Situations
Spoilers: Up through S1 E10, "Out of Time"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note:  This is the Dragon-Verse version of "Out of Time".   As usual, the dating for this was taken from several fan-made timelines and the TARDIS Index File.  The information on the de Havilland Dragon Rapide (yes, that was the actual plane in the show, I didn't make this up!) came from a sudden spurt of Google-Fu and the ever helpful TARDIS Index File. 

Summary:  Three victims of the Rift come through from 1953, and it's up to the team to help them fit into the current year.  Jack and Ianto find themselves sympathizing with John Ellis, and they take it upon themselves to help get integrated into his new time.


21 December 2007


Things seemed to calm down after his and Jack’s talk with John Ellis.

Ianto should have known it wouldn’t last.

The next couple of days were pretty quiet.  Jack took Diane out to meet his friend – the son of one of the men he’d led in World War II – who ran a small flight school on the outskirts of Cardiff.  According to Jack, the two seemed to get along like a house on fire, and Diane re-qualified quickly.  Ianto was pleased to be able to hand the pilot her classic flight license the same day, and he was favored with a smile that told him just how much it meant to her.   Jack told him later that he’d also arranged for a UNIT flight simulator to be made available as soon as Diane was up on some of the latest technical advances, so she wouldn’t feel so out of place in it.

That was Tosh’s bailiwick, and during the day when it was slow she showed both Diane and Emma around the internet, explaining many of the advances they’d need to know about to survive in the current world.  Emma took to it like a duck to water, and it was no time before she was using the dedicated computer that Toshiko had set up for lessons, she and Diane ‘ooing’ and ‘awing’ over things they saw while surfing. 

John, though, held himself separate from the others.  True to his own word, Ianto made sure the man was supplied with bus schedules and plenty of fare, after a crash course on just what Ellis had to look out for.  He also provided a mobile and showed him how to use it; Ellis seemed to be captivated by the small phone, and while he wasn’t quick at learning it, he did get the simple functions down well enough that Ianto felt confident that he could call if he got into trouble.

Both Emma and John were still staying at the hostel.  Emma had struck up a friendship with two girls who were also staying there, and enjoyed their company.  John seemed to believe it was his duty to watch out for all three young ladies, and Ianto could tell that Emma was just about tolerating it.  He’d decided to prepare one of the flats in their safe house program for Ellis, knowing the three would be more comfortable if he wasn’t there.  Ianto trusted Emma; she had a good head on her shoulders, and was adapting very well to her new circumstances.

To Ianto’s disapproval Diane had seemed to have moved in with Owen.  Jack’s words about Diane being an adult stuck with him, even if he thought the whole thing was a bad idea.  Owen seemed almost obsessed with her.  To be honest, the dragon had never seen the medic acting like this over a woman before, and it disturbed him somewhat. 

He finally approached Owen on it.  He knew Jack had said he would mention it to the medic, but Ianto didn’t know if he had or not. 

The medic was in the autopsy bay, and Ianto leaned over the railing and watched him work.  Owen was running some experiments, using rats, and seemed absorbed in his work.  Ianto knew that Diane was with Jack, and knew this would be a good time to find out what was going on.

“You just gonna stare at me,” Owen said, not looking up from his equipment, “or are you gonna say what’s on your mind?”

Ianto took the invitation for what it was, and walked down into the bay proper.  “All right, I will,” he replied, coming to stand next to him.  “I wanted to ask you what’s going on between you and Diane.”

“That’s hardly any of your business,” he said, anger coloring his answer.  “That’s personal and you don’t need to know.”

“Until she’s completely settled into this time, it’s my business because it’s Torchwood business.  And I don’t want anything to go wrong with her being able to adapt and accept what’s happened to her.”

Owen snorted.  “I think you’re underestimating her, Dragon Boy.  She knows exactly what she wants.”

“And that’s you?” Ianto didn’t mean for it to sound accusatory, but he couldn’t keep it in.  “Owen, you approached her almost from the moment they arrived here.  She’s been through a traumatic experience.   I don’t want you to be taking advantage of her.”

Owen glared at him.  “Keep out of it, Ianto.”

“I can’t, Owen.  It’s part of my job to make sure nothing happens to prevent our guests from assimilating into the current time.”  He’d known that Owen would be defensive, and yet something about his attitude was irking Ianto.   “If anything keeps that from happening – “

“You don’t have to worry about anything.  So you can just keep your nose outta our business.  I don’t ask you what you and Jack get up to – “

“Because we don’t let it interfere in our jobs,” Ianto snapped.  “This…relationship you have with Diane is.”

“How do you figure that?” Owen snarled.  “I’m not hanging all over her in the Hub…unlike two others I can name.”

“Diane is our responsibility.”  Ianto leaned closer, his voice going lower, letting his anger show in the growl that came out.  “Until she can make her own way, she is our job!”

“I think you’re underestimating her.  She knows what she wants, so you can just butt out of our business!”

“It’s not your business when it looks like you’re taking advantage – “

Ianto never was certain what happened next.  All he knew was he suddenly slammed against the cold tile of the wall, Owen’s arm across his throat, the man’s face contorted with rage.  Not that he could physically harm the dragon; it was the sheer surprise that kept Ianto from breaking the grip.

“You bastard,” Owen hissed, practically spraying spittle on Ianto’s face.  “You know shit!  I love her more than I’ve ever loved anyone before, and I’ll be damned if I let anyone get between us!”

Ianto’s eyebrows went up in shock.  Owen Harper?  In love?  Certainly, anything was possible, and Ianto did know his history…  “What about Katie?” he asked, curiosity outweighing his previous anger.

Owen looked like he’d been slapped; he backed away, releasing Ianto, who straightened his waistcoat after the mishandling.  “Katie’s gone,” he muttered, suddenly looking very tired.   “It’s time to move on.   You, of all people, should know how that is.”

Ianto nodded.  He did; he’d had more opportunities than most to do so.  But he still couldn’t shake the notion that Owen’s behavior was just off, that the medic had gone from shag ‘em and leave ‘em to suddenly loving someone that intensely…just within days. 

“Look,” Owen went on, “I appreciate you trying to protect Diane and all, but we both know what we’re doing.  I don’t know how or why it happened, but it has, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.”

“All right.”  There really wasn’t anything he could say in the face of this declaration.  “Then I apologize for intimating what I did.”

“Nah, it’s fine.  I know my reputation, Dragon Boy, so I can understand why you felt you needed to stand up for her like that.”  Owen shrugged self-deprecatingly.  “Just trust me, yeah?”

“With my life, you know that.”  It was true.  While he and Owen would never been best friends, they did respect each other’s abilities, and there wasn’t anyone else Ianto would rather have with him if he was hurt in any way. 

 “Just not with the ladies’ virtue, huh?”  Owen snorted.

Ianto smiled slightly.  “Well, maybe just this once.”

“If I have anything to say about it, it’ll be the last time.”

Somehow, Ianto believed him.


 It was later in the evening, just when Ianto was thinking he and Jack might get out at a decent hour, when his mobile rang.

He, Jack, and Gwen were the last ones in the Hub.  Owen had left earlier, mumbling something about a date he had to get ready for.  Toshiko had followed not long after; it was unusual to see her leave without a lot of convincing, but Ianto knew she’d still had some Christmas shopping to do.  He thought it funny; someone so at home on the internet having to brave the crowds to finish up. 

Gwen was in Jack’s office; Ianto didn’t know what they were talking about, but he could see Gwen laughing at something Jack said, leaning a little closer to him than what was necessary.  It no longer bothered him that she seemed content to throw herself at his lover, because he knew she wouldn’t get very far.  Jack was indisputably his, and Ianto was confident in their relationship.  Yes, there was still that Tarot reading, but the dragon didn’t think it had any more control over him.  He knew how Jack felt about him.  That would be enough to ride out whatever storm threatened them.

Ianto had finished the last of the Hub’s shutdown for the night when the laughter came closer, as Jack ushered Gwen out of the office and into the Hub proper.  “Go on home,” the captain said.  “I’m sure Rhys will have dinner ready, and it looks like it’s going to be a quiet night.”

“I can stay a bit if you need me to,” she argued.

“Nope,” Jack answered.  “Ianto and I are just going to go back to his.  I think it’s my turn to cook – “

That was when Ianto’s mobile rang.

The dragon frowned, pulling it from his pocket.  He glanced at the display, and recognized the number of the phone he’d given Emma.  He flipped it open.  “Good evening, Deborah,” he greeted, purposely using Emma’s new name.  She really seemed to like it, and Ianto called her by it whenever he could.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see he had both Gwen’s and Jack’s attention.  “Hi, Ianto,” Emma’s voice said.  She sounded angry.  “I can’t stand it anymore!  John’s acting like my dad, and he isn’t.  I’m an adult, I can handle myself – “

“Whoa,” he interrupted the flow of words, “what happened?”  This didn’t sound good.

There was an audible sigh over the line.  “Okay…Jade and Alesha – the two girls in the hostel with us – decided that we’d have a few drinks to celebrate the season.  We weren’t drunk, we were just having a good time, when John comes in and starts scolding us like we were children.  I know he thinks he needs to be looking out for us, because he’s so much older, but really!  I’m an adult, and I can decide if I want to have a drink with friends or not!”

Ianto barely stifled his own sigh.  It had only been a matter of time before the girls did something to get John’s attention.  “All right,” he said.  “I’ll come over and see if I can straighten things out.”

“Thank you!  I just don’t know how much longer I can stay here…”

“I’m on the way.”  He flipped the phone closed, rubbing the bridge of his nose.  So much for a quiet night in…

“What’s up?” Jack asked, looking concerned.

He told them what Emma had said.  “I’ll just head over to the hostel and see if I can’t smooth things over,” he finished. 

“I’ll come with you,” Jack offered, ducking back into his office for his coat.  “Then we can head back to yours afterward.”

“I’m coming too,” Gwen put in, making her way down to her station for her own coat.

Ianto frowned.  “That’s not necessary – “

“You might need a woman’s perspective,” she argued, “especially if John is determined to act all ‘male’ toward the girls.  I don’t think he quite gets this time where it comes to females.”

She did have a point.  “All right,” he said, shrugging into his wool coat.  “But I’m taking my car – “

“I’ll follow in mine, then I can go straight home afterward.”

“Fine.”  Ianto looked up to see Jack bounding from his office.  He really hoped this was something they could handle quickly.


The hostel felt almost like an armed camp…without the weapons.

Ianto had briefly met Jade and Alesha, and they’d struck him as slightly wild yet, in the end, responsible young ladies.  And they certainly had Emma’s back, judging from the united front they were putting on for John Ellis, who was standing slightly apart with a forbidding look on his face.  He looked surprised when he, Jack, and Gwen entered the house, turning to Emma and demanding why she’d called them.

“Because I’m tired of you acting like my dad,” Emma answered. 

“Someone needs to!” John fairly shouted.  “You were drinking!”

“I have half a glass!”

“Enough to make a show of yourself!”  He took a step closer.  “We’re not the same as them,” he went on, dropping his voice to a confidential whisper.  “We can’t draw attention to ourselves.  We can’t trust them.”

Ianto knew then that the groundwork he and Jack had set, had failed.

“No,” Emma said, “it’s not that we can’t trust them…it’s that you won’t.  I do trust them, which is why I called.”

John shook his head wearily.  “This is why you need someone to look after you – “

“No, I don’t.  I’m an adult, and things are different here.”

It looked like the argument was going to ramp up again, when Gwen stepped in.  “Emma, why don’t you come and stay with me?  That will get you out of here for a bit.”

Emma looked surprised at the offer.  “It’s Deborah, actually,” she corrected.  “And I like it here.   I don’t see why I have to leave, when I have friends here.”

“Deborah’s not going anywhere,” Jack said.  “Besides Gwen…how would you explain your houseguest to Rhys?”

Gwen looked surprised that he was even asking that question.  “I…can tell him she’s a cousin or something.”

“And Rhys hasn’t met all your family by now?” Jack asked.  “No, that’s not the answer.”

“I have a safe house set up,” Ianto added.  “Either one of you can take it.”  He’d meant for that to be for John, but he doubted that the man would voluntarily leave the hostel – and Emma, not if he still had the need to parent her. 

“I don’t think these girls should be unchaperoned,” John said.  “I never had this sort of trouble with my son.”

“Well, I’m not your son,” Emma snapped.  “You’re not my dad, because I’m never going to see him again!”  She took a hitching breath.  “I’m doing the best I can, and you’re not helping!”

Ianto knew that Jade and Alesha couldn’t know what was going on, and yet they both went to comfort Emma.  It was the difference between Emma and John; Emma had almost completely assimilated into the current time; while John was stuck in the past.

He despaired that this wouldn't end well.    





Hmmm so how's this going to go with John I wonder. And Jack didn't get to cook. Looks forward to more. I always think this ia a sad episode.
We'll see what happens with John. *winks* Yep, Jack got cheated out of cooking, sorry to say. I do agree with you, about this being a sad episode.

I'm glad to see how well Emma's settling in, but John really isn't trying. He has no idea how lucky he is.
Wonderful writing, as always :)
No, John's not giving it much of a chance, I admit. You're right, it could have been so much worse.

Can't wait for what ever comes next
Thanks! Next up soon. :)
Oh dear. Poor John, so stuck in the past, such a stuck in the mud. He was never, ever going to move forward.
He really is completely stuck, but we'll see what happens to him soon. I do feel kinda bad for him, I do admit.

well. they say 'pride goeth before a fall" so looks like John's heading downhill from here...if only he'd listen to Jack & Ianto. :(

This series just gets better & better :D

...that last line? shouldn't that be "this wouldn't end well"?!?
That really is s slippery slope, isn't it?


Um...*sneaks off to fix*
Yep Ianto - it seems this won't end well. I really like all the little changes you've made. Great chapter
Thanks! And we still have a few chapters to go, so we'll see how it ends. :)
Hmmm maybe things will work out better for Diane this time round...

John just doesn't seem to get it. Even in his own time if he had tried any of that crap with any girls it's likely they would have had much the same reaction. I think that John would benefit from a course in gender studies - or women's studies! In the episode I thought that John idealised his son to the point of ridiculousness. I attributed that to his son not being a teenager yet - John had yet to experience teenage angst from the parental perspective. That would have been quite the eye opener.

Why is it that Gwen seems so content to hide from her life in the Hub, living in fantasies? I am looking forward to when Rhys finds out - that will be quite the turning point in this series - but it's a while off yet. Will you be covering The Year That Never Was? I hope so, The Master versus Ianto the Dragon would be a fantastic image. ;) I love this chapter - but then I love this series! :D
I always thought Diane would have been fine, if she just had her freedom. We'll see how it goes.

Some guys are just hopelessly old-fashioned, and John is one of those. He really could stand to learn a few things.

I always thought Rhys finding out was the best thing that could happen. And yes, I do have a story planned around the Year That Never Was. The Master v. the Dragon...hm.

Thank you!
This has turned into quite the dilemma, trying figure out what to do with John. He just refuses to accept that he's not in his own time and he's never going to be again. Things are much different now, he's not in charge here and he needs to start trusting someone. There's no way he'll make it without help.
John needs a short, sharp shock I think...or does he? *laughs* I can't tell you, it's all part of my dastardly plan. :)
I really liked the conversation between Owen and Ianto. But poor Owen -- he's got it bad.

Oh, John... he's so stuck in the past. I really like the contrast between him and Emma.
Owen really does...and in such a short time, too. We'll see how that plays out with the changing dynamics for Diane.

Emma and John really do contrast nicely...one handling the changes, the other not. :)
i love emma and hope she stays around. glad that jack didn't let gwen get her claws into emma and i agree with jack about gwen trying to pass emma off as family becuase by now rhys would have meet her family. never understood why in canon gwen never told rhys whe was a witness they needed to hide.
john is going to break my heart isn't he?
I agree with you, I never saw why Gwen didn't think that Rhys would have met her family by now. The cousin thing didn't make much sense to me.

John may...or may not. We'll see. :)
Brilliant as always!

Mr. Ellis had not learned that all women are not June Cleaver or Donna Reed. And you're right. He built up this fantasy of a son that was perfect without a clue as to his real personality. He's stuck in the past and determined to stay there.

No, it isn't going to end well.
He really is a worst case scenario Ward Cleaver, isn't he? He has, and we'll see if he'll be able to break it.

Oh dear this will end in tears. Poor John so stuck out of time
He is, and we'll see how it ends... :)
John has the mistaken belief that "Manhood" means domination of any situation, even if it isn't any of his business. The only way he can feel important is to boss everybody and issue dictatorial orders. The problem comes from him not realizing that nobody gives a large rodent's posterior about what he has to say.

Emma has pulled herself up and faced some hard truths. She has decided to survive and thrive. She reaches out to others, cementing her placement in her new time. As for Diane, she has been given a pathway to her heart's desire. Poor Owen wil see that an aeroplane is the core of Diane's heart. Sigh. Owen will not be a happy camper.
Pretty much everything you've said. *nods*

Thank you!
I think Ianto might be right about that...
Could be... *winks*