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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Gypsies of the Rift - Chapter Eight

Gypsies of the Rift - Chapter Eight
Author: Milady  Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Owen, Owen/Diane
Warnings: Language, Violence, Suicidal Situations
Spoilers: Up through S1 E10, "Out of Time"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note:  This is the Dragon-Verse version of "Out of Time".   As usual, the dating for this was taken from several fan-made timelines and the TARDIS Index File.  The information on the de Havilland Dragon Rapide (yes, that was the actual plane in the show, I didn't make this up!) came from a sudden spurt of Google-Fu and the ever helpful TARDIS Index File. 

Summary:  Three victims of the Rift come through from 1953, and it's up to the team to help them fit into the current year.  Jack and Ianto find themselves sympathizing with John Ellis, and they take it upon themselves to help get integrated into his new time.


23 December 2007


The dragon woke up alone the next morning.

It was an unusual occurrence anymore; even though Jack never slept the night through, he was usually still in the house even if he was awake, puttering around the kitchen or poking his nose into the small hoard he kept in the cellar. 

But he could tell immediately that his lover was gone, with that innate sense he had of Jack’s personal energy.  Changing back to human form, Ianto headed downstairs to see if Jack had left any sort of word as to where he’d gone.

Sure enough, there was a note stuck under the coffee machine, right where Ianto was most likely to find it.  He read ‘Weevil, Jx’ and rolled his eyes.   Setting the coffee on, Ianto headed back up to shower and get ready for the day.

After breakfast – for once, Jack wasn’t around to tease Ianto about the sheer amount of food he ate; after all, it took a lot to keep a dragon’s metabolism going – Ianto went to find his keys…which were gone.  Typical; he should have expected that Jack had taken his car, since they’d ridden home together the night before and he’d want to get to the Weevil sighting as soon as he could.  Sighing,  Ianto headed out the back door and quickly transformed, taking to the air and heading toward the Hub.

It gave him a little time to think about an idea that had come to him while he’d been in the shower.  He’d been wondering just what they could do to help John; when his notion hit, he couldn’t believe he hadn’t thought of this possible solution before.  He wanted to discuss it with Jack, to see what he thought about it.

The dragon landed on the roof of the Millennium Center, changed form and then headed down the fire stairs.  He and Jack had keys to access the stairs; they’d gotten them using their Torchwood clearance, since they both used the roof for their personal perches and wanted to make it easier to access.

In minutes he was in the Hub.  Ianto saw Jack in his office, and he headed there, sticking his head around the open door.  “Coffee?” he inquired.

Jack looked up from his paperwork, grinning widely.  “You read my mind, gorgeous.”

Ianto blushed, he couldn’t help it.  What made the endearment special was that Jack meant it for both his human and his dragon form.

“Coming right up,” he turned, then said over his shoulder, “”then I want to talk to you about something.”

“That sounds ominous.”  Jack said, jokingly.

“Nope,” Ianto answered, popping the ‘p’.  “Just a sec and I’ll explain.”

The coffee took more than a second, but it was less than five minutes later that he was seated in the visitor’s chair in Jack’s office, both of them with a steaming cup in their hands.  

“So,” Jack prompted, leaning back in his own chair and taking a sip, the accompanying salacious moan something that Ianto was used to.  “What did you want to talk about?”

“I think I might have come up with a way to help John,” Ianto answered, taking his own sip.  Yes…perfect.   “I think we need to give him the opportunity to be able to take care of his son, in an environment that wouldn’t cause too much stress on either of them.”

Jack looked very interested.  “And just where do you think that would be?  Not Flat Holm…”

“No,” the dragon said.  “Neither of them would really fit in there.  But no, I was thinking of sending them both up to Ddraig Llyn.  It’s a quiet place, there isn’t a lot to show that the place is actually part and parcel of the twenty-first century, and they’ll be surrounded by others who would only be glad to help out.  I think it’s really the best alternative.”

Jack was nodding.  “You’re right, it is.  I think that’s an excellent suggestion.  Can you arrange it?”

“Shouldn’t be a problem.  I can ask Rhiannon to put them up at the inn; I’m sure she’d love to have guests.  I’ll call her and see if we can arrange to get both John and Alan up there.”

“I don’t think we’ll have any problem convincing John,” Jack said.  “After all, all he’s wanted to do was find Alan, and while I know it’s not the best result we could have hoped for, I’m sure he’ll want to spend what time Alan has left with him.”

Ianto agreed.  Everything that had motivated John Ellis so far had been the hunt for his family.  Surely he’d want to be with his son, and live somewhere that would be peaceful for them both.  “It’s a bit early to call Rhiannon,” he said, glancing at his watch.  It read 6:39am.  “I’ll try about lunch time.  I’m sure she’ll agree.”

“Great.”  Jack smiled.  “That makes me feel a lot better about what happened yesterday.”

Ianto stood, and made his way around the desk.  He rested his arse against the corner, staring down at Jack with a smirk on his face.  “How was the Weevil?”

Jack looked up at him, his eyes sparkling.  “Not as much fun as spending the morning with you.”

“I should hope not.”  Ianto leaned down and kissed his lover. 

Jack reciprocated enthusiastically.


The morning went by quietly.  Ianto spent a bit of it with Emma – or Deborah, he’d have to get used to calling her that – exploring various universities online.  The young woman had decided she wanted to continue her education, and Ianto had offered to help her find out just what she’d need to do to be accepted.  Of course they couldn’t rely on her original school records, being over 50 years out of date, but Ianto was hoping that between himself and Toshiko they’d be able to cobble together what would equal Emma’s current school experience.

Owen had taken Diane out to the airport; the pilot had wanted to check on her plane, and to perhaps take a quick flight.  Her new license would cover any issues that might come up; Ianto could understand the need to fly, being a winged creature, and so could sympathize with her need for freedom.  Jack’s friend had been impressed with her, and his lover had said it took a lot to impress his buddy.  Ianto thought it would be a perfect job for her to be flying again in some capacity, and he thought the time in the UNIT simulator would do her good.

John had shown up at the Hub after Deborah,  not staying very long.  He’d gotten a bus schedule that showed the route out to the nursing home where Alan was, and had left immediately afterward.  Ianto couldn’t help but notice how pale and drawn he’d looked, and realized just how hard it must be for him.  Deborah and Diane – Sally Anne, even though Ianto had offered to redo the identifications under a new name – didn’t have anyone left to prematurely mourn over.   It made Ianto consider his idea to send them both to Ddraig Llyn, and he was more convinced than ever that this was the right thing to do.

After lunch, He headed up to the Tourist Office in order to have a bit of privacy to call Rhiannon Davies.  His inn manager was delighted to hear from him; Rhiannon’s family, the Joneses, had always been dragon-friends, and they could trace their lineage back to the first druids in the valley.  It had been the Joneses who had taken him in after his family had been killed, and it had seemed only right that he leave the inn under Rhiannon’s competent control. 

Once he’d explained the situation, Rhiannon had been more than willing to help, even volunteering Johnny to come down in one of the larger village vehicles in order to bring all of Alan’s belongings in one trip.  Ianto was grateful that she’d accepted things so easily; but then, when a person was familiar with an over two thousand-year-old dragon, strangeness really didn’t have much control over them anymore.

Ianto went over the details of John and Alan’s stay in Ddraig Llyn, and when he hung up he felt much better about the situation.  He was worried about John, after the shock from yesterday; Jack had been upset about it, and he wasn’t related to Alan.  He could understand that John would have been devastated.  He hoped this would make things a bit easier for the man, knowing that he had a place to go, to spend what time his son had left in an environment of little stress and surrounded by people who would be willing to help.

He’d only been off the phone for a few minutes when John came in.  The man looked haggard, but that was to be expected if he’d just come from visiting his son.  Ianto nodded in welcome.  “Jack and I wanted to talk to you about something,” he said, as he pushed the button to open the secret doorway.  “We think – “

The dragon didn’t get a chance to finish; the front door slammed open, and Owen stormed in.  Ianto barely had time to react before the medic was practically flying down the corridor toward the lift, and it took Ianto a second to shake off the shock before heading down after him.  “Can you stay up here for a bit?” he asked as he followed Owen.  “I’ll be back shortly.”

Owen had taken the stairs, and Ianto tried to catch up, worried about the murderous look on the man’s face.  Foreboding scratched at his nerves, and while Ianto didn’t know what had happened, it couldn’t have been good.

He didn’t even wait for the cog door to open all the way, squeezing through the gap.  Ianto had to wait a few moments longer, and cleared the door just as Owen entered Jack’s office in full steam.  He passed a shocked Toshiko, Deborah, and Gwen, ignoring them as he went in the medic’s wake.

Ianto entered the office just in time to witness him grab Jack by the throat and pull him out of his chair to slam him into the wall.  “You fucking bastard,” Owen yelled.  “You couldn’t let me be happy for once, could you?”

Ianto ran forward, wrestling Owen away from Jack.  His lover whooped in a deep breath, rubbing his throat.  Owen  may have been smaller, but he was putting up one hell of a fight, and it was all the dragon could do to hold him back.  “What’s wrong with you?” he demanded, managing to toss him into the visitor’s chair, putting both hands on Owen’s shoulders in order to hold him down.

Owen tried to get up, but Ianto pressed him downward, using his greater bulk to keep him in the chair.  He glared up at Ianto, and if looks could kill the dragon would have been dead on the spot.  “Let go of me,” he snarled, struggling.

“Not until you answer the damned question!” Ianto snapped. 

The dragon was aware that they had an audience; there’d been no way of hiding Owen’s rampage.  Jack looked toward the door, and from  Ianto’s position he couldn’t tell who was standing there.  “Everyone out,” Jack ordered.  “And close the door behind you.”

The sound of the office door clicking shut was like a signal.  Owen stopped struggling, apparently realizing that Ianto wasn’t about to let him up.  Jack came to stand in front of them, his arms crossed over  his chest, looming over the pinned medic ominously.  “Now,” he growled, “are you going to tell me what I supposedly did that warranted you trying to strangle me?”

And suddenly, Owen relaxed under Ianto’s hands, as if he’d been some sort of puppet and his strings had been cut.  “She’s gone,” he answered sullenly.  “She left.”

Jack frowned.  “I take it you mean Diane.”

Ianto was startled.  He hadn’t expected the pilot to just up and leave, and knew there had to have been a good a reason for it. 

“No shit,” Owen muttered.  “You can let me up, Dragon Boy.  I won’t try to kill the boss again.”

“Sorry, but I don’t trust you when you’re in this sort of mood,” Ianto answered.  “Are you going to explain why you think Jack had anything to do with Diane leaving?”

“That man Harkness introduced her to, who owns the flight school,” Owen began.  “He told her about some sort of job in Alaska that she’d be good at.  When we got out to the airfield, she told me she was going to go and find her own way.”  His voice broke.  “Just last night, she told me she loved me…and then she left to go to fucking Alaska!  Said she couldn’t be tied down, that she had to be free.  Then…she just took off.  Left me standing like an idiot on the tarmac, and fucking left…”  Owen stared up at Jack.  “If you hadn’t introduced her to that guy, then she’d still be here!  She wouldn’t have gotten the idea in the first place!  She would’ve stayed…with me…”  With that, Owen broke down, sobbing.

Ianto let him go in shock.  He recalled their conversation, about how Owen felt about Diane.  Yes, he’d accepted that Owen loved her, but this reaction…it was almost over the top.  He’d only known her for a few days, and yet he was mourning her like she’d died, instead of leaving for another country. 

“I’m sorry,” Jack said, “but we couldn’t keep her here against her will.  Owen, she was a free spirit, and you knew that.  She needed to fly, or else she would have withered away.  This was her decision to leave.”

“She wouldn’t have thought about it, if the idea hadn’t been put in her head,” Owen retorted, wiping his nose on the sleeve of his coat.  “She would’ve stayed, I know it!”

“You can’t know that,” Ianto put in.  “Yes, she may have stayed…but she also might have left anyway.  It wasn’t our right to take away her freedom.”

“Damn you both,” Owen said weakly.  “And damn me, too.  She wouldn’t even accept that I might want to go with her…she just left me.”

“You have to let her go,” Jack said sympathetically.  “It’s her decision, Owen.  She wanted to start her life over, and she chose this.”

Owen didn’t answer.  He just sat there, curled up in misery.  Ianto glanced at Jack, and he could see his lover was just as surprised by this turn of events as the dragon was.  It was like Katie all over again, and Ianto remembered how bad that was.

But, niggling at the back of his mind, was a little voice saying that this was out of character, and that he should keep a close watch on Owen.


After the upheaval, Ianto headed back up to the Tourist Office, in order to relieve John.  He was surprised to see the man gone, and the ‘closed’ sign  up in the door.  Puzzled, Ianto moved to lock the door, wondering why John would have left without saying anything, especially after he’d told him that they’d wanted to speak to him.

Frowning, Ianto began to gather up his things, not wanting to be away from the Hub for too long.  Owen was still volatile, and while Jack couldn’t die permanently the dragon didn’t want to leave Owen in the way of temptation.  Diane’s leaving had been a surprise, and Owen was taking it far harder than Ianto thought he should.  He didn’t understand it, and it bothered him.

Absently, he reached into the drawer for his car keys…

They were gone.

Ianto checked the drawer thoroughly, and his keys weren’t there.  He knew Jack had returned them that morning, and Ianto had put them in the drawer after he’d come back in with the team’s lunch orders. 

No, they were definitely gone.

And there was only one person who could have taken them.

Ianto activated his comm.  “Jack, John’s taken my car keys.”



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You could say that, yes...
Uh oh, things seem to be falling apart. Great chapter!
Falling apart rather well, I think... :)
Oh, I thought Diane might stay around once she got her license. Poor Owen. I hope Ianto and Jack can save John. :)
Diane is a free spirit, she had to fly. And poor Owen indeed.

We'll see about John in the next chapter...which should be up shortly. :)
Things are winding down now. Owen should take some comfort that Diane is still alive. In the episode that was not a certainty. I had hoped that John would manage to avoid his fate this time around. *Sigh* There is a melancholy that runs through this episode that is hard to shake but I think that you have captured it quite well. Great chapter :)
Yes, he should. But he's not thinking very straight at the moment...

As for John...the next chapter should be up shortly. We'll see what happens then.

Thanks! I'm really glad you liked it. :)
I agree that Diane would have left anyway. She wasn't the type to be tied down, as difficult as it was for Owen to accept.

Oh, dear, where is John going? Ddraig Llyn seemed like such a good idea.
No, she wasn't. Owen's not thinking at all straight at the moment.

As for John...next chapter should be up shortly. :)
Looks like it's all going to hell at once.

Poor Owen! But, as was commented previously, at least in this version, there's a chance of Diane returning. I'm glad Ianto has decided he needs to keep an eye on Owen. Whether or not it will help...

I so hope John hasn't gone to do something stupid, although as Ianto and Jack didn't have a chance to talk to him about Ianto's idea, it wouldn't surprise me.
Yes, it is.

Diane just had to be free, but Owen's not thinking very straight at the moment. Ianto will try to, at least.

John has indeed done something...we'll see in the next chapter. :)
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Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Next up shortly. :)

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More up shortly. :)
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