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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Knight of Cups - Chapter One

Knight of Cups - Chapter One
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Rhys; Jack/Jack (1941)
Warnings: Language, Violence
Spoilers: Up through S1 E12, "Captain Jack Harkness"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note:  This is the Dragon-Verse version of "Captain Jack Harkness".  As always, dating is taken from fan chronologies, especially from Ianto's Desktop, and the TARDIS Index File. 

Summary: Jack and Toshiko get taken by the Rift and deposited back in 1941.  Toshiko learns one of Jack's secrets, and sees things begin to fall apart, while Ianto struggles to get them back. 

Knight of Cups - This signifies a man of genuine character who's offering an invitation or proposal, and this card can represent the beginning of romance and falling in love.  The Knight of Cups is full of ideas that can open the heart and make one look at the deepest feelings.


21 January 2008


“Jones…you managing to keep Himself in line?”

Ianto smiled, tucking the mobile against his shoulder as he worked at his computer.   “Detective Swanson,” he greeted her.  “Always a pleasure.  What can we do for Cardiff’s finest?”  It had been several weeks since he’d last heard from her, and he was genuinely glad to have gotten the call.

“Got a report I thought was right up your alley,” Kathy answered.  “There’s been music coming from an old, abandoned dance hall on Sage Street.  Neighbors say it’s been going on for the last couple of days.”

The dragon was intrigued.  “No sign of a break-in?”

“Nope.  Place is boarded up tight.  We contacted the property manager, and he denied letting the place out for any sort of party.”

“That does sound interesting.”  Ianto typed some commands into his computer, to see if there was a record of anything like that in the Archives.  “What was the address?”

Kathy gave it to him, and he put that into his search as well.  There were some records dating from 1941, but they hadn’t been digitized as yet; only a file number existed in the database.  He frowned; all of those papers should have been entered; he couldn’t imagine why he hadn’t, unless the file had been misplaced.  Knowing the people who’d been caretakers of the Archives before he’d arrived, that was most likely the case.

Still, he felt it personally, and would take a look for it as soon as he could.

“Can you get us in?” he asked.

“Told the manager – creepy guy named Manger – that we’d be sending someone round to investigate, and to have the place open for when they arrived.”

“Thank you, Detective…for both the heads’ up, and the assistance in gaining entrance to the scene.”

“No problem, Jones.  This is more your style than the local coppers’.  You’re more than welcome to it.”

Ianto chuckled.  “I was wondering if you’d be interested in dinner at some point.”

“Are you asking me on a date?” she laughed.  “What would Himself say?”

“Oh, he’d get jealous and most likely stalk us throughout the meal,” he joked.

Kathy snorted.  “Just what I need to be put off my dinner.  You’re on.  Let me know when and where.  Oh, and somewhere nice, and not the local chippy.  I know you damned well get paid more than I do, and can afford to treat me.”

Ianto rolled his eyes.  “I think you’re just using me for my expense account.”

“Damned straight.  Now, get to work, so the locals aren’t scared shitless to go out at night.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

“Don’t be cheeky.  Take care, Jones.”

“You too, Detective.”  Ianto flipped his phone closed, not bothering to get up out of his chair.  “You know I always know where you are,” he teased.

The distinct sound of boot heels on metal announced Jack’s presence.  “That’s just so unfair.  Remind me never to ask you to play Naked Hide and Seek; you’d cheat.”

Ianto spun around in his chair.  Jack stood just outside arms’ reach, looking a bit miffed.  “And you wouldn’t?” the dragon asked, arching an eyebrow in Jack’s direction.

“Point taken.  So…what did the lovely Detective Swanson want, besides flirting with my lover?”  There was a slight tinge of jealously in Jack’s voice.

“How many times have I told you that you don’t have to be jealous?”  It was actually cute, in a way.  “And I asked her…she didn’t ask me.”  Ianto stood, getting right up into Jack’s personal space.  He could feel the immortal’s slightly higher body temperature against what little skin was exposed around his suit.  “You have nothing to worry about, now stop being this way, all right?”

Blue eyes met blue, and Jack darted his head forward just enough to press a very quick kiss to Ianto’s lips.  “All right,” he said.  “Now, did Detective Swanson have anything for us?”

“She did.”  Ianto stepped back, turning back to his desk.  He grabbed a post-it and a pen, and scribbled down the address Kathy had given him.  “She says that there’s music coming from a boarded up dance hall.  The police have checked it out, and there’s been no sign of break-in.”

Jack plucked the note from Ianto’s fingers, letting his own caress the dragon’s hand.  “Did you get us access?”

Ianto nodded.  “She spoke to the property manager and he’s going to leave it open for you.  I did check the Archives but there’s only a single file listed from 1941, and it hasn’t been scanned into the system yet.”

“There’s something you didn’t get sorted?” Jack teased.  “Shame on you.”

The dragon barely resisted the urge to smack him.  “Why don’t I go and find the file, while you and Toshiko check it out?  I’ll get you on the comm. when I find anything.”

It had just been the three of them for weeks, since Owen had decided that climbing into a cage with a Weevil was a really good idea, and Gwen had earned herself a suspension for misusing Retcon…and on her own boyfriend.  Ianto didn’t understand the purpose of doing it; why attempt to get absolution for something when the other person didn’t remember being asked for it in the first place?

They’d discussed both problems.  Owen’s increasingly strange behavior was bordering on the unhinged, and Jack had actually considered sending him out to Flat Holm for a bit.  But Ianto had talked him out of it, not certain that that was what their medic needed.  Owen wasn’t even coming in most of the times he was called, and when he did he came in drunk.  And, on the rare days he came in to actually work, he’d get into rows with Jack over the smallest things.  Owen blamed Jack for Diane’s leaving, and didn’t make a secret about it.  Why her leaving should affect him so badly, Ianto had no idea, and it had been by her own choice anyway. 

As for Gwen…Jack had decided that they would let up the suspension as of Wednesday; that would give her three weeks off, and hopefully she’s used the time to get some perspective.  However, there were other reasons as well, Owen not coming in the main one.  It was becoming increasingly difficult for just the three of them to handle things, and Ianto wondered how they’d ever managed back when it had been just himself, Jack, and Suzie.  They’d been the only members of the team for three years, before Jack had hired Toshiko.  He recalled that it had been difficult, but they’d handled it.  It just seemed that things were busier now, and it was getting too much for just them.  Toshiko thought there was something in the equations to point to the increase in activity, and she’d been working on a program to figure out what was going on, but he wasn’t certain if she’d found out anything.  She’d become convinced that she could open the Rift using those equations, but Jack had been adamant that they not try.  Messing with the Rift was just too dangerous.

Also, there was something off about Toshiko.  Both he and Jack had tried to broach the subject a couple of times, but their friend had simply shrugged it off, saying it was just her being tired.  Ianto wasn’t sure why he didn’t believe her, but it was puzzling as to why she wouldn’t share what was bothering her.   Although Ianto knew for certain that she’d tried to speak to Owen about his behavior, and to Gwen about what she’d done, in an attempt to get the team working together again.

It apparently had not worked.

Ianto had tried as well, with the same result.  When Jack had done the same, Owen had called him every name in the book – still blaming him for Diane’s leaving – and had slammed his flat door in Jack’s face.  Gwen had simply asked when she could come back, but had not asked for any sort of forgiveness, even though it was obvious she’d learned her lesson.

The team was falling apart, and Ianto didn’t know how they could stop it from happening short of a major incident bringing them back together.

Jack leaned down and quickly bussed Ianto on the cheek, then practically bounced away, calling for Toshiko as he did so.  That was something else: Toshiko had planned on going to her grandfather’s birthday today, but had cancelled her plans.  Ianto had tried to convince her to go, but she’d refused, saying she was needed in Cardiff with the team down two members.  Ianto couldn’t argue with her, but he didn’t want her putting her family life on hold for Torchwood. 

Ianto turned back toward his computer, trying to find more information on the dance hall.  It had been called the Ritz, and it had been in use since before World War Two, and up until 1989, when it had finally been closed.  There hadn’t been any sort of recorded Rift activity – except for whatever Torchwood had investigated back in 1941 – so Ianto hoped that it would be nothing.   He really wanted to consult that file, and wondered how long it would take him to locate it.  Jack had been teasing, but he’d been right:  Ianto had left something unsorted, and now it was coming back to haunt him.

Well, with any luck Jack and Tosh would figure it out if he couldn’t find the information.

Slipping his comm. in his ear, Ianto headed down to the Archives just as he heard Jack and Toshiko exiting toward the garage entrance.  The dragon considered the Archives as a part of his hoard, and had spent much of his time getting it cleaned and organized to just the way he wanted it.  He took great pride in the job he’d done, and just knowing that a loose file was rattling around in it was enough to upset his sensibilities. 

He headed straight into the 1940’s section, toward the long row of file cabinets that held all of Torchwood’s field reports for the decade.  Not many people knew just how extensive the Archives were; certain sections even ran under the Bay, while others burrowed deep into the bedrock under Cardiff itself.  There were sections of the Cardiff Hub that Ianto hadn’t even seen; although he knew at some point they would become as familiar to him as the common areas were. 

The dragon made his way to the cabinet marked ‘1941’ and stared at the drawers, his hands on his hips.  The three drawers had handwritten cards on them, separated by month.  Sighing, Ianto started at the top, January-April. 

The file he wanted was in the January section. 

Ianto frowned.  He pulled an envelope out of the cabinet, the reference number in black marker in his own hand.  He held it, weighing it absently as he wondered why he would have marked it and put it away without scanning it. 

From the weight, there was something substantial inside.  Ianto closed the cabinet back up, then taking the envelope he headed back up into the main Hub, interested in what he’d found and wondering what was inside.

“Hey, gorgeous,” Jack’s voice came over his comm.  “We’re here.  Place is pretty much deserted.”

Ianto toggled on his own comm.  “According to the town planning records, it was called the Ritz.  It was in use up until 1989, when it was abandoned.”

“I remember places like this,” Jack reminisced.  “They were…wait…Toshiko, do you hear that?”

Ianto thought he could barely hear something through his lover’s comm., even as Toshiko was answering Jack’s question. 

“I hear it,” she said, wonder in her voice.

“Shall we go in?” Jack asked, almost playfully.

“Be careful, you two,” Ianto said, making his way to Toshiko’s workstation, the better to pull up the CCTV for the area.  He only found one working camera, and all it showed was the SUV, parked at the curb across from what had to have been the dance hall, although Ianto couldn’t really see it from the angle he had.

“Oh yeah,” Jack said enthusiastically.  Look at that chandelier.  No neon lights back then…just handsome young soldiers and pretty young ladies.”

Ianto couldn’t help but smile.  Jack had a certain fondness for the 1940’s, despite the war that hung over most of the decades.  He’d done his best to convert Ianto to the music of the decade, and despite the dragon’s best efforts to remain untainted he had to admit it had worked.   It helped that Jack liked to dance to it, and Ianto wasn’t averse to enjoying the closeness dancing provided.

A sudden whooping from Toshiko brought a smile to Ianto’s face; he could imagine Jack grabbing their friend and swinging her around the once-beautiful dance floor.  “Put the technician down, Harkness,” he warned, not disguising the smile in this voice.

“You’re no fun, Jones,” Jack teased back.  “There’s nothing here, just memories and dust.”

Ianto was about to recommend them to come back, when he felt the unmistakable sensation of a Rift spike building.

When the Rift was inactive, the combination of space/time energy caressed his exposed skin or scales like a gentle wave.  However, the incoming spike was like an approaching tsunami, thundering toward him inexorably. 

“Jack,” he barked, “there’s going to be a Rift spike.  You might want to head back.”

He heard Jack acknowledge, telling Toshiko that they needed to get back to the Hub.

And then, with a final crackle, the comm. went dead.

The Rift alarm sounded throughout the Hub.




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*waits with bated breath*
Please breathe at some point, I wouldn't want you to pass out... :)
*Flaily flaily* Wuh oh. Really looking forwards to this one. I say that about all of them, but you're just that good.
Thanks! *blushes*

Hope you keep liking it. :)
Well, that was a short wait for the next installment. Woo Hoo! Wonder what's in the file Ianto found? Hmmmm.
I had it almost done, so I was hoping to get it posted tonight. :)

We'll see about that file..
Eeep I've been dreading this one - an Ianto heartbreak/

Great chapter
Yes, they don't have a very good time of it. But trust me... :)

Very interesting start. I can't wait to see how you spin this one. I have to say, Creepy!Bilis Manger gives me the creeps. I also am wondering what's in that file and why Ianto would have put it away without scanning it. Something not quite right there.
Thanks! I have a few twists planned. *grins* And yes, Manger really is creepy!

Nope, there's something not quite right. ;)
Ohhhh..fantastic beginning! Can't wait for more!
Thanks! More coming up soon. :)
Uh oh! I'm very interested in the twists you've got planned.
I have several planned... :)
Oh no!!!
Oh yes! *grins*
Great begining was so excited to see this chapter up. Can't wait to see your take on this.
Thanks! More up in a bit. :)
*remember to breather....remember to breathe......remember to breathe*

Please remember to breathe!

Next part should be up soon. :)
*hides under desk and refuses to come out till you're done with this and the boys are alright again*
oh no. *sigh* time for Ianto to get his heart broken a third time.
Afraid so. We'll see what happens... :)
*GASP* well... *gasp* We do know the direction this is going - even though we may not like it. Poor Ianto he is feeling so secure with Jack. I think that makes it worse than with Gwen and Lisa, he wasn't secure during that time. Although I think I can see your thought process. The two have to break apart so that Jack actually leaves with the Doctor. If so, I applaud your manipulation of events to suit your plot. I do wonder though what will tempt Ianto to open the rift next "episode"? An intriguing thought no? Loved the chapter - it really sets everything up well! How many chapters this time? Well Done! :D
Do we know? You know I can be surprising. *winks*

In a way, being more secure makes it worse, doesn't it?

I'm not sure how many chapters, but I'm going to combine both this and the next story into one PDF, since they are the same story.

can't wait to see where you take this with both Owen and Gwen out of the Hub and Ianto having to deal with it by himself ....
I do hope you enjoy the twists I have planned. :)
Interested to see what you do with this one and how you'll play things. I won't give you my view now. Will Tosh tell Jack about the dragons. Looking forward to more.
Oh, I certainly intend to mess things up a bit. I do hope you enjoy it! :)
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