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Myfanwy 2

October 2019



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Myfanwy 2

Knight of Cups - Chapter Six

Knight of Cups - Chapter Six
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Rhys; Jack/Jack (1941)
Warnings: Language, Violence, Angst
Spoilers: Up through S1 E12, "Captain Jack Harkness"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note:  This is the Dragon-Verse version of "Captain Jack Harkness".  As always, dating is taken from fan chronologies, especially from Ianto's Desktop, and the TARDIS Index File. 

Summary: Jack and Toshiko get taken by the Rift and deposited back in 1941.  Toshiko learns one of Jack's secrets, and sees things begin to fall apart, while Ianto struggles to get them back. 

Knight of Cups - This signifies a man of genuine character who's offering an invitation or proposal, and this card can represent the beginning of romance and falling in love.  The Knight of Cups is full of ideas that can open the heart and make one look at the deepest feelings.


21 January 1941


Toshiko felt her mouth fall open.  A part of her wanted to slap Jack; another wanted to shriek at him; and yet another wanted to take the nearest gun and shoot him for such a cruel and casual remark. 

Instead, she glared.  “Yeah, right…Ianto’s only your mate, Jack!  Of course you should care what he thinks!”

If she hadn’t been so intent on staring him down, Toshiko would have missed the tiny flicker of surprise in Jack’s eyes.  Why would he be surprised by me calling Ianto his mate? The thought tickled across her mind.

“Tosh,” he said carefully, “I don’t know where you got that idea – “

“From you,” she answered, narrowing her eyes. 

“– but you’re wrong.  Ianto isn’t my mate.”

“So, you’ve completely forgotten what the Earth Dragon said?”  This wasn’t right.  Something was terribly wrong.  Jack should not be acting like this. 

“Look,” he answered, “it doesn’t matter.  I can’t keep lying to myself anymore…I don’t love Ianto.  I honestly thought I did, but that was before…” He glanced back in the direction the captain had gone, a wistful expression on his face.   “He’s perfect, Toshiko.  I knew he was a hero before…but I had no idea just how amazing he truly was.  And to think, I stole his identity…I could never be even half the man he is.  I don’t deserve his name.”

“Jack,” she snapped, her heart plummeting.  Things were falling apart so rapidly, and she wasn’t sure how she could stop it.  “You’re the one who said something was wrong here – “

“Well, I was mistaken,” he said.  “There’s nothing wrong here, only that we’re in a place we weren’t meant to be.  Because now I have to save him, and tearing apart Time is something you don’t do lightly – “

Toshiko gaped at him.  “You can’t!   You’ll create a paradox!”

“I don’t care,” he hissed.  “I’m not going to have him die, when I can prevent it!”

“You’re the one who’s always lecturing us on the sanctity of the timelines.  You know better than all of us that you cannot change a fixed point in time!  Without him dying, you don’t become who you are!”

She was feeling herself begin to panic.  This wasn’t Jack talking.  It couldn’t be Jack talking!  All of these events had happened before; they had led to the man who was her Jack Harkness becoming who he was now, and all of the good that he’d done. 

“You’d change over one hundred years of personal history, undo all the good works you’ve done, just because of an…an infatuation?”  she exclaimed. 

“And you’d curse me to a lonely, immortal existence?” Jack returned, anger playing across his features.  “Because if he doesn’t die, I might not become cursed like I am!”

“But you don’t know that!  And you aren’t alone!  You have Ianto!”  Toshiko was getting more and more frustrated.  She didn’t know what was going on, and her fear was beginning to spiral out of control.

“But I don’t want Ianto,” Jack growled.  “Quit trying to make it into something it isn’t, Toshiko.”

“I’m not,” she insisted.  “It was you who said they wanted the mating.  It was you who swore you’d never hurt Ianto, no matter what.  It was you said you loved him.  So tell me…how am I making this into something it isn’t?”

He didn’t even have the common courtesy to look ashamed.  “I was wrong.”

“That’s all you have to say?  You were wrong?”

“I don’t know what you want me to say!” Jack asked, frustration twisting his features.  “I’m not going to lie to you!”

“You cannot change history, Jack.  You know that, and it doesn’t matter how you think you feel.”

“How I think I feel?  I know bloody well how I feel, don’t you dare lecture me on feelings, little girl.  I’ve been alive a lot longer than you have!”

Toshiko was stunned by the insult.  “I might not have years of experience like you,” she slammed,” but you’re the one saying you don’t even know what love is!”

“I don’t have to put up with this.” Jack brushed past her.

“Yes, run away,” she snarled.  “You’re such a coward!”

Jack spun on her, and the sharp grin on his features was the last thing she’d expected to see.  “Now you know the truth,” he chuckled darkly.  “It’s good to see you’re at least that observant.”

He turned and walked away, leaving Toshiko feeling like she’d been kicked in the stomach.


Toshiko didn’t know how long she stayed there, too stunned to move.  When she finally was able to get her whirling thoughts to slow down, one thing kept coming back to her:  Jack’s comments about   something not being right there, in that place.  That them being taken up by the Rift to right then, to where the very man who would start Jack out on his journey to becoming their leader, wasn’t a coincidence. 

And now, Jack was acting out of character.  Toshiko flatly refused to believe that these were Jack’s real feelings, and that something – or someone – was somehow twisting him into this…whatever it was.

However, he’d once told her, back during the incident with the pendant, that it was nearly impossible to get into Jack’s head.  That he’d been trained against mental influence, and that his immortality also had something to do with not being able to get into his thoughts.  Toshiko chewed her lip, hectically.  If that wasn’t the reason for Jack’s odd behavior, then what was?

It was time she poked around a bit.

It meant leaving Jack on his own. 

That scared her; he could easily make good on his threat to warn the captain about tomorrow.  But Toshiko knew she had to take the chance, because if she had any hope of finding out what’s going on then she had to investigate.

And she thought to start with the manager, and his advanced camera.

Finding the office was easy. It was down the same hallway that she and Jack had talked in before, and there was a small, discrete plaque on the door, announcing Bilis Manger, Manager in equally discrete calligraphy.  Toshiko knocked, to be on the safe side; there was no answer, and she carefully eased the door open, peering around the corner to make sure the man just hadn’t answered.

The office was empty.

The decor seemed to fit the period, even though Toshiko was struck by the sheer number of clocks and chronometers scattered about the place.  She made her way to the dark wood desk; the camera sat on the top and it was even more obvious that it was completely out of its own time.  Pulling her PDA from her coat pocket, Toshiko ran a scan of the room, and finding several small sources of Rift energy that she managed to locate: the camera, two clocks, and a pen set that wouldn’t have looked out of place on the desk of a top executive in the 21st century.  They’d obviously come through the Rift.

One rather large reading came up with a disc-shaped object, which she found in one of the desk drawers.  It resembled one of the Rift keys that she’d once studied before Jack had decided it was too dangerous and had curtailed her research.  Toshiko frowned, wondering how it had gotten there, and she pocketed it,   not trusting to leave it uncontained.

Under the device she found an unmarked file, and she pulled it out, flipping it open.

Her heart clenched, and she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

It was full of pictures…of the team.

There were photographs of Owen, with both Gwen and Diane; of Gwen, and a pleasant-faced man Toshiko recognized from the background check as Rhys Williams, and woman that just had to be her mother; of herself, alone, and with either Jack or Ianto, and even one with Rhiannon Davies, when she’d come to visit after they’d arranged for John Ellis to go to Ddraig Llyn, to explain about what being a Dragon-friend meant. 

But there were even more pictures of Jack and Ianto, together and separate, and with other people as well. 

She recognized Estelle Cole and Emma Cowell…now Deborah Morrison.  There was one of Jack, with a dark-haired woman and a blond boy who she’d never met before, and who looked enough like Jack to have been some sort of family.  Ianto and Kathy Swanson, sitting in a pub together; and one of Detective Swanson at what looked like a crime scene. 

In the photos with Jack and Ianto, it was obvious to see their true feelings for each other, which really threw what Jack had just told her into another entire realm of wrongness.  If Toshiko hadn’t known that they were in love before, it would have been after seeing those.  The looks, the touches…Ianto and Jack were mates, in everything but name.

 The very last photo in the file was of Ianto…in dragon form.

Toshiko really wanted to panic.  This file was proof that someone had been stalking the Torchwood team for a while now, and had been sneaky enough to get away with actually getting evidence of the dragon.    Plus, this file was in a desk, in 1941.  That shouldn’t be possible.  At least one of these pictures was recent enough that Toshiko knew whoever had taken it could not have been in the past a week ago.  

She quickly gathered the photos back together and also put them in her pocket.  There was no way she was going to let them stay there.  She felt dirty, almost violated, to know that someone had been watching her, and the entire team.   Her stomach roiled, and it was all she could do not to be sick in the trash bin by the desk.

For the first time, she was truly sorry she hadn’t shared what the Fire Dragon had said.  Perhaps they could have found their stalker, and stopped them before things had gone too far. 

The team had been changed.  Toshiko couldn’t lie to herself about that.  Something or someone had changed her team…her family.  Owen had become depressive, argumentative, and borderline suicidal.  Gwen had actually Retconned her own boyfriend because she’d needed absolution.  And now, Jack was apparently pining for a man who had been dead for decades, and was dismissing Ianto as not important to him any longer when Toshiko knew that simply wasn’t true. 

It was like three-fifths of the entire team had had some sort of personality transplant.

It suddenly struck her; what if she’d been influenced as well, and hadn’t noticed?  After all, she’d kept the Fire Dragon’s warning to herself, when she should have gone straight to Jack and Ianto with the revelation that something was working within the team to tear it apart.  Toshiko felt tears prickle her eyes, and she cursed herself for obviously falling into the same trap as the others had. 

She couldn’t sit there and wallow, though.  Toshiko had to find a way to fix this, and the first thing needed doing was getting Jack back to 2008, and away from the real Captain Harkness.  This was a disaster waiting to happen, and had the distinct smell of a set-up.

Toshiko took one more look around the office, making sure there wasn’t anything else that she should be ‘liberating’ from its current owner.  It became obvious that whoever this Bilis Manger was, that he was either a willing accomplice, or that he was behind everything.  How he managed to go between times was a mystery, and one that she knew they’d need to solve.  But Toshiko knew that the team had to come first, that fighting a hidden enemy as fractured as they were, they would most certainly lose.   

Checking outside and seeing the coast was clear, Toshiko headed back down toward the main dance hall, feeling the overwhelming need to find Jack.  She prayed that Ianto had found her equations, and had managed to get the program to work, to bring them home.  There was no way either one could stay in this time.  If she had to knock him out and drag him into whatever opening in the Rift the dragon managed to engineer, she’d do it.

Upon entering the room, she saw her Jack and Captain Harkness sitting at a table, drinks in front of each of them.  They were far too intimate for anyone not to notice, and Toshiko shivered.  This was too dangerous, they shouldn’t be that close, not in this time and place.  Jack should know better, and yet he didn’t seem to care.

For someone who professed to love another, he didn’t seem to be averse to putting that love in harms’ way.

The music changed, and suddenly Jack stood.  He looked down at the captain…then offered his hand.

Toshiko gasped, beginning to shake as she realized what was going to happen next. 

Captain Harkness looked at Jack, and then at the offered hand.  Toshiko didn’t even know she was begging him silently to refuse, to move away from Jack before things went too far. 

He accepted the hand.

The entire room went silent as the two men moved to the center of the dance floor.  Only the music still played, but Toshiko thought there were more missed notes than there should have been.  She wanted nothing more than to run over to them, grab her Jack and haul him out of there, but her feet were rooted to the floor as they began to dance.

Anywhere else, it might have looked romantic.  But not there, not in 1941, where two men dancing that intimately with each other could be seen as a crime.  What Jack had done by asking the captain to dance was ruin the man.  Even if he wasn’t arrested for lewd behavior, Captain Harkness’ career and reputation would be destroyed. 

Was this then?  Was this Jack’s way of keeping the man from flying tomorrow, and for dying a hero?

This was wrong.

Toshiko didn’t know how long she stood there, watching the two men dance.  It was too late to do anything to save the situation.  God only knew what was going to happen.

What did happen was a loud crack, and a white light shining from a large crack in midair.

 She’d never been so glad to see the Rift in her life.

Toshiko practically ran forward, grabbing Jack by the arm.  “We have to go!” she cried.  “We need to get out!”

Jack looked from her, to the Rift, and then to the captain, who was stunned by the sudden appearance of a space/time event in the middle of the hall. 

Toshiko knew she wouldn’t have a chance to pull him into the Rift; he outweighed her for one, and he was stronger for another.  And yet, in that one glance at Captain Harkness, he seemed to come to a decision.  “I have to go,” he murmured sadly.  “It’s my duty.”

Jack allowed Toshiko to tug him away, but in an instant he was out of her grasp and back in front of the captain…

Kissing him with a passion that had to have been evident to everyone in the room.


Jack had just condemned the man.

Did he even care?

They broke apart, and Toshiko once again grabbed Jack, this time by the shirt sleeve, and practically yanked him into the Rift.




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Uh oh. Very uh oh. I've been on tenterhooks since the last chapter, and you're going to leave me there, aren't you?
Tosh's observations about Jack and Jack in 1941 are heartwrenchingly accurate :(
I have to, but the next chapter won't be so long in going up. And yes, that was one thing I didn't like about the episode, was that you just didn't do that back then.

....What the hell is going on?????
We'll find out...
Uh oh! What is up with Jack... other than he needs a good kick up the backside? What I never got, in the episode, was how dancing and kissing another man was safe. Wasn't it illegal to be gay? Plus all of Captain Jack Harkness' men were in the room and to see their superior officer kissing a man would have comletely enraged them by 1941 standards. I think the writers got too wrapped up in the 'romance' and didn't think the plotting out enough.

Poor Ianto this will hurt him more than Lisa and Gwen. *whimper*

I am eagerly looking forward to the next chapter. :)
You're right, it was illegal. The writer didn't seem to know that. It just didn't make sense for that to happen, and Jack would have known the possible consequences.

This part of the episode always made me angry by how blatantly stupid it was. There is no way in hell Jack would have either danced with nor kissed the Captain in front of everyone in 1941. Jack wasn't stupid. He knew it was illegal then and he'd be destroying his life and most likely getting him sent to prison. No matter how bad he felt for him, he would never have done that to him. The whole scenario was utterly ridiculous.

I really hope Tosh can get him straightened out before he opens his mouth and devastates Ianto, but that's probably wishful thinking.

You're absolutely right. Jack certainly knew better, and knew what the consequences were.

We'll see what happens...in the next chapter. :)
I hated this episode with a passion and I don't like the re-telling (nothing against you. I just hate this episode). Jack is an asswipe and I hope he has to grovel a while in order to get Ianto to forgive him. At least he didn't have sex with Harkness. If he had and I was Ianto, I would never forgive him.

Ianto had read something that hurt him. Was it a description of the way Jack and Jack behaved together? I wouldn't be surprised if Harkness was killed by his own men and the story of him being a hero was just a story. Jack should have known better.
I understand, because I felt the same way. There are certain things I changed in this...and those will be revealed in the rest of the story arc, along with the next story.

Ianto did, and we'll see what that was in the next chapter.

And yes, Jack should have known better.
Oh my! What the heck is going on? Update soon, please don't keep up in suspense too long.
We'll see...

Next chapter will be up quicker than this last one. :)
WTF is going on with Jack. He's being as shithead to say the least. Hopefully we'll find out in the next part.
We'll find out. It might not be the next part, though...there's still my version of "End of Days"... *winks*
OH SH*T. When i saw there was an update, I didn't have a chance to read it. I had to run off to get a vaccination, and the fact that I knew something was wrong left me with my stomach in knots, more from the anticipation of reading this than the fear of the injection, which was huge btw.

Either way, gorgeous chapter. I still want to shake that idiot Jack up-side-down and slap him around a bit. Kick him up his gorgeous arse once or twice. I cannot (and emphasis on the Cannot) wait to see how Ianto reacts to this. I might be showing my hand as a vindictive b*tch, but honestly, I don't want Ianto to forgive him easily. I want Jack to want it, and not have it. God, I can't imagine the pain it's putting Ianto through, knowing that all this shit is happening while he can't talk to anyone/Jack.

Really, excellent chapter. You've left me in an even higher state of anticipation. :D

Lady Merlin
Well, at least the idea of reading this took your mind off the vaccination...that's good, right?

Thanks! Now, before you take it out on Jack, you'll need to read the next story... *winks*

Glad you liked it. :)
this one is breaking MY heart. :(
I'm sorry.. *hugs*

It'll get better, but not until the next story...
what will tosh do?
Oh, you'll see... :)
Poor Ianto! Poor Tosh!
I know! But you know I'll make things better....eventually.
I agree with everyone else that Jack kissing the other Jack in that episode didn't make any sense. First of all, I doubt very much that the other Jack would have let him do that just like that, even if he had any feelings towards our Jack and was aware of them, and secondly, Jack lived through that time before, he must have known that he might as well have killed the other man and that he was at the very least destroying his career. Hell, for all we know that might have been the reason the other Jack died the next day. "Friendly" fire, you know.

Anyway, I'm very much looking forward to the last chapter. I can't wait to find out how this is all resolved. I hope someone gives Jack a good kick up the backside, though. Preferably Ianto.
I agree with you on all counts. And in the next chapter, going into the next story, we'll see what the consequences are, and why Jack actually did it.

As for Ianto's reaction...hm... :)
That about sums it up. :)
I'm really glad you addressed some of the issues with this episode. I enjoyed it on first viewing, but then thought WTF? IT is just ridiculous, and I think insulting to the memory of the men who were prosecuted for being gay, including poor old Alan Turing who was chemically castrated.

Can't wait to see how you work this one out, and I'm glad Tosh took those photos.
I agree with you. I did like it, at first, but then when the reality of the time set in I couldn't believe someone thought this was actually romantic. It was actually quite the wrong thing to do, and Jack could have condemned the real Jack to, at the very least, being discharged from the RAF and his reputation ruined.

More up soon. :)
I don't know if it's a good or a bad thing that Jack it's under some kind of influence because it mean he won't have to grovel much, but then if this isn't the case it means that he would intentionally break Ianto's heart. Which would have been worse.

You're a brilliant story-teller!
We'll see just what's going on with Jack, but it won't be until the following story. Then all the loose ends will be tied up.

Thank you! :)
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