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Myfanwy 2

October 2019



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Myfanwy 2

Great News!

I have some really great news I have to share...

As a lot of you may already know, my mother has been ill for months.  She first went into the hospital in May with congestive heart failure, and then got pneumonia, and was put on a ventilator to help her breathe.  Finally, about two weeks ago they put in a permanent pacemaker, hoping that this would get her strong enough that she could begin respiratory and physical therapy and, eventually, get better.

But, this past week Mom went into a depression.  She was sent back to the hospital from the nursing home she's been staying in, because she was having trouble breathing and she was asking that they let her die.  When I went up to see her last Tuesday, she was begging me to let her go.  I really thought it was the end.

On Thursday I was able to go back up to see her, and she was feeling a little better, but she said she'd come to some decisions about what she wanted.  Now, being on a ventilator means she really can't speak without a special valve, and it wasn't attached to her trach, so I have to read her lips when she wants to say something.  But she made herself clear, and she gave me her directives in case something should happen.  She also didn't want to go back to the nursing home, preferring to stay in the hospital.

Now, with my work schedule I wasn't able to go back up until today.  When I went up there I fully expected to see pretty much the same thing I'd seen on my previous visits.  But I didn't.

In the two days since I'd last seen her, my mother had gone from waiting to die, to having decided to go to another nursing home (she didn't feel comfortable in the last one) and sitting up and ordering lunch.  She was more like my Mom than she had been in months.

But the best news was...she was no longer on the ventilator. 

Yes, she's still on oxygen, and she still needs the valve to speak with, but she no longer has to have help from a machine to breathe.   She wore the valve for over two hours today, which was an achievement when previously she'd only worn it for minutes at a time.  She was sitting up and joking with the nurses, and the doctors are amazed at the change.  They honestly can't believe this was the same woman they'd called palliative care on just days before.

Mom still has a long way to go.  She still has issues with the ongoing infections she's had, but with her body getting stronger the doctors are hopeful those will clear up.  She'll also need months of physical therapy to counteract the months she's been bedridden.  But for the first time since May she has hope, and so do I. 

Thanks to everyone who have asked about Mom, and for the thoughts and prayers you've been sending her way.   I'll keep you all posted as to her progress. 




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I'm so happy for you and your Mum. Prayers will continue. :)
Thanks! *hugs* :)
That's wonderful news
Thanks! It's still sinking in, I think, that things are looking up.
Congratulations! This is wonderful news and I am so pleased for you and your mother. I hope and pray that she continues on this up-swing and is back to normal as soon as possible. I am sure that is news is a weight off your mind and heart. Give your mother my love and prayers. :)
Thank you! So do I, she seems so much better and so upbeat, it's amazing!

I will. Thanks! :)
Thanks, oh, so do I! :)
Glad to hear that things are looking up for your Mum and you. I hope things continue to improve.
Thanks, hon. So do I! It's just such an amazing change, it's still really sinking in.


That is fantastic news and I'm so happy for you and your mum *hugs* hope the improvements continue *hugs you tight*
D xxx
Thank you, hon. I do too!

This is great news!
I am very happy for you and your mom.
I also admire your courage to write to achieve these wonderful stories in the same time.
I guess it allows you to escape a little.
Thank you! Writing does help me escape, and it's a great stress reliever. :)

Thanks again, hon. *hugs*
Happy for you and your mum, positive thoughts and prayers are still going your way!
Thanks, hon. :)
Glad to hear so optimistic news! our prays will go on going your way and your mum's
Thanks! It just keeps looking up! :)
It's great to hear she's off the ventilator! That is great news! :) Will keep you and your mom in my thoughts.
Thanks, hon! I appreciate it. :)
That's brilliant news honey!!! I'm so happy for you!!
Thanks, hon! *hugs*
That's fantastic news *hugs* I'll keep praying for you both
Thanks hon. I appreciate it! :)
*hugs* I'm so glad her health is improving and that she has regained hope. :D
*hugs* Thanks! :)
Sounds like taking control by telling you exactly what she wanted gave her the boost she needed to keep fighting. Happy news.
It did, it really did. Thanks! :)
Wonderful news! Its so hard when you want to do the best for them, and aren't sure what that is. I'm so glad she seems to be taking more control over her recovery. YOu and she are in my thoughts and prayers.
Thanks! You're exactly right, and at least she knows now it's in her hands. I really appreciate it. :)
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