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Myfanwy 2

October 2019



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Myfanwy 2

The Time Walker's Gambit - Chapter Six

The Time Walker's Gambit - Chapter Six
Author: Milady Dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Rhys; Jack/Jack (1941) (implied)
Warnings: Language, Violence, Angst
Spoilers: Up through S1 E13, "End of Days"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note:  This is the Dragon-Verse version of "End of Days".  As always, dating is taken from fan chronologies, especially from Ianto's Desktop, and the TARDIS Index File. 

A/N2:  Well, there's one more chapter plus an Epilogue to this, and then the first series of the Dragon-Verse is over.  There will be stories about the Year That Never Was, although I won't be re-writing the actual Doctor Who trilogy dealing with that...well, not until I get to certain parts of "Last of the Time Lords".  There will be a PDF of Knight of Cups and The Time Walker's Gambit combined up with the Epilogue.

Summary:  With Jack acting out of character and the team uncertain of its own thoughts and actions, can Ianto figure out what's going on in time to stop a disaster?


22 January 2008


Torn between going to find her best friend and making certain the Hub was secure, Toshiko watched as both Jack and Kathy Swanson tore down toward the cells, while Owen dashed into the autopsy bay, going after his medical kit, coming back out almost immediately and following the others. 

When Jack had appeared in the Hub with Swanson, it had been a surprise.  Toshiko had never been happier to see anyone, and she was looking forward to finding out just what had happened to Jack in 1941, and what had managed to keep him away from the Hub.

The ugly surprise had been when Jack had accused Ianto of not actually being Ianto.

Toshiko had no idea how Jack had known.  It had taken her a short while to figure out how Ianto had realized the Jack before had been an imposter; when she had, she’d wondered how he hadn’t known immediately.  She’d even asked the false Ianto about it, and he’d simply shrugged it off…and she’d been fine with the lack of answer. 

She hated doubting herself.

And when, Ianto had suddenly become the man she’d known as Bilis Manger, much of what was going on had snapped into place in her mind, and she’d figured out that it had been him all along, manipulating them all into doing whatever it was that he’d wanted.

Although, they still didn’t know what that was, only that it must have to do with the Rift.

Making her decision, Toshiko went back to her workstation, and was greeted by a flashing warning:  ‘TEMPORAL ENERGY SIGNATURE DETECTED’.  Frowning, she tracked down the source…and found it had been in Jack’s office.

Another piece went into place: Bilis Manger himself was the time traveler.

Well, there were ways to make sure he didn’t get away with finding his way back into the Hub undetected.

Toshiko quickly fed the energy signature into the scanners, making certain that the intruder alarm went off if it reappeared. She wasn’t even aware of the small smile of victory that crossed her face as she made sure that Bilis Manger could not get back in without anyone knowing about it.

She locked her computer down, and went to check on her friend.

Owen was kneeling on the floor of the corridor, examining a very pale Ianto who lay in a crumpled heap, body twisted uncomfortably.  She gasped; she couldn’t help it.  Toshiko wasn’t used to seeing him like that; she was so used to the strong, practically indestructible dragon, and she could feel tears in her eyes that she hastily brushed away.

Jack was next to the fallen dragon, one of Ianto’s hands in his.  Kathy was hovering, and she was chewing on a fingernail as she watched Owen checking pulse and respiration.  He didn’t look happy at what he was finding.  “Help me open his shirt,” the medic commanded, and Jack obeyed without question, hastily unbuttoning the dark blue shirt – wrestling with the leather shoulder holster – and revealing the pale human skin underneath. 

Toshiko couldn’t help but gasp at the red mark that extended from under Ianto’s arm and across his chest.  

Owen checked it over carefully, cursing at the extent of what looked like a bad burn.  “That bastard used a stun gun on him,” he reported angrily.

“But that’s…”  Toshiko broke off, glancing at Swanson and not wanting to say too much in her presence. 

Jack didn’t look up.  “Show them, Kathy,” he requested. 

“I’m starting to feel like a bloody stripper,” the detective sighed.  She slipped out of her coat, and then her jacket, rolling up her sleeve to expose her wrist.

No wonder Jack had let her into the Hub.

Toshiko nodded, acknowledging the tattoo.   They’d talk later, but at that moment Ianto was the most important.

“That’s one of the areas that you can hit to kill him,” she finished, knowing she could trust the other woman now.

“No shit,” Owen commented.  “Manger must have done his homework to know that particular fact.  And I’d have to say it was set on its highest setting.”

“Can you help him?” Jack asked, his eyes haunted.  He ran a hand down Ianto’s too-pale face.

“Hitting that spot isn’t a guarantee you’re gonna kill him, and our standard issue stun guns aren’t powerful enough.  I doubt even a lightning bolt getting just the right place is gonna do that.  Ianto’s gonna be one pissed off dragon when he wakes up, but he’ll be fine enough to make the coffee in the morning.  He’s just not gonna be moving too fast when he does it.”

Jack looked relieved, and Toshiko felt the same thing. It just wasn’t right, seeing Ianto like that. 

“Let’s get him off this cold floor,” Jack said.  “Help me lift him.”

Owen snorted.  “He’s so gonna owe me for lugging his heavy arse self around…”

Yes, Ianto was going to be fine if Owen was joking about lifting him.

Between them both, Jack and Owen got Ianto carried into the autopsy bay.  Toshiko went ahead, gathering up some blankets in order to make the metal table a bit more comfortable for her friend.  By the time they were laying him down carefully, the autopsy table had been covered by an old quilt, and she was ready with another one to cover him with.  His skin was a bit cold to the touch, and she asked Owen about it as he was pulling out his equipment in order to treat the burn mark left from the attack.

“It was still a shock to his system, to get stunned like that,” the medic answered.  “Enough to put him down for the count.  When the body goes into shock, its temperature can drop a bit, as blood rushes toward the affected areas.  That’s why Dragon Boy is cold.  He’ll be all warmed up once he recovers.  Or else Harkness can warm him up himself.”

Jack leered; the expression had a lot more life in it than his face had had, back in the corridor.  “Anything I can do to aid in the recovery of a team member.”  He took his place once more at Ianto’s side, keeping as much out of Owen’s way as possible.

“Medicinal purposes only, Harkness,” Owen answered back.  

Kathy was opening her mouth to say something, when the sudden shrill of the internal alarms interrupted her.

Toshiko’s heart raced, and she couldn’t help the grin on her face.  She spun and headed up the steps to the main area, knowing that her teammates would be following her.  She really wanted a chance at Manger, for putting her friends and teammates through everything he had.  To her, it didn’t matter what his motivation was; he’d tried to kill her best friend, he’d somehow trapped Jack in the past, and had convinced Owen that the woman he loved had been taken by the Rift.  There was no excuse for the manipulation he’d done. 

The main Hub was empty.

Toshiko was quite disappointed.

“What the hell was that?” Owen shouted from the autopsy bay steps. 

She sighed, turning the alarm off.  “I set an alert using the temporal signature Manger used to vanish from Jack’s office.  That was him, trying to get back in.”

“Well done, Toshiko,” Jack praised.  He was holding the gun that he’d used to shoot Manger, and was searching the Hub for any trace.  Toshiko knew he wanted to get a second chance at the man himself, for what he’d done.

Suddenly, the alarm went off again.

Only, this time she felt someone grab her from behind, and pull her roughly toward the Rift Manipulator.  Cold metal pressed against her side.

“Drop your weapon, Captain,” a voice purred past her ear.

Toshiko hated being taken hostage.

The least he could have done was let her turn off the alarm.

Jack was lowering his gun, although he wasn’t getting rid of it.  Toshiko looked at him and rolled her eyes, and one side of his mouth turned up before he must have remembered he needed to be serious.  Jack was well aware that she could take care of herself; Manger was injured, she could tell by the dampness seeping into her blouse from the back.  It would be fairly simple to duck out of his grasp by exploiting that bullet wound, but let him think she was helpless.  As much as she wanted to hurt him for hurting Ianto, she knew Jack would want to get as much information out of him as he could.  Then, Toshiko could act. 

“Just tell us what you want,” Jack said, in the tone he always adopted for negotiations…well, it was actually him wanting to get some answers by playing into the bad guys’ obvious need for gloating and ranting, disguised as a negotiation tactic. 

“I want the Rift Manipulator key,” Manger demanded.  “I know our Ms Sato took it from my office, and I want to know where it is.”

“You incapacitated the only person who knew where it was,” Owen broke in.  This was the medic’s usual attempt at belittling the bad guy and trying to get them all killed.  “Dragon Boy hid it, and he didn’t bother to tell anyone else.

Toshiko felt Manger’s grip tighten on her.  “You’re lying,” he accused.

“Why would I lie about it?” Owen snorted.

“Why do you want to open the Rift?” Kathy asked. 

It was a very logical question, and she could see Jack spear a look in her direction, as if she’d somehow stomped all over his favorite rose garden.

“I wish to release my Master,” he answered, and Toshiko didn’t like the tone of complete worship in the voice.  “The son of the Great Beast, cast out of time, chained in rock and imprisoned below the Rift.”

“Now that didn’t sound half crazy,” Owen said sarcastically.

“Who are you talking about?” Jack asked, confused.  “There’s nothing beneath the Rift.”

“There is!” Manger insisted.  “Abaddon, the Great Devourer, who will feast on all life once he is freed from his prison.”

“We can’t let you open the Rift,” Jack said.  “It could destroy the world.”

“What do I care of the world, when my Master will be free?”

Toshiko knew that Jack wanted to get answers for what had happened, but she was beginning to wish he’d shoot Manger and get it over with. 

Then she saw movement by the autopsy bay, and she tensed, waiting for the right moment…

She got it.

Toshiko moved, pushing back against her captor’s chest, making certain she hit the wound that Jack’s earlier gunshot had caused.  Manger released his grasp on her as he gasped in agony, and she ducked away, rolling across the hard metal grill of the floor, not caring about any bruises she might get from it.

A shot rang out, and a bit of blood hit her cheek as she turned to look back.

A perfect hole had formed in Bilis Manger’s head. 

There was such a look of shock on the man’s face as he fell backward, colliding with the Rift Manipulator on the way down.

“That was for fucking with my family,” a rough, Welsh-accented voice echoed in the silence after the shot.

Toshiko stood up, grinning as she made eye contact with Ianto.  He stood on the steps of the autopsy bay, gun held in a steady hand, the barrel still pointing toward where Manger had been standing.  His face was still far too pale, his eyes were in their dragon aspect, and his shirt was open and revealing the ugly mark of the stun gun on his chest.   But he looked absolutely wonderful, and it was all Toshiko could do not to run up and hug him.  She didn’t think he would be able to handle the pressure on his injury.

Then his arm lowered, and she saw him flip the safety just before the gun clattered to the floor.  “I’d appreciate some help,” he requested, sounding suddenly weak.   He swayed, his hip bumping against the steps’ railing. 

Jack shook off his apparent surprise, moving to Ianto’s side.  He looped an arm around the dragon’s waist.  “Even in shock you have the second-best eye in the place,” he joked, grinning.

Ianto raised an eyebrow, but even that usually normal movement looked tired.  “Second-best?  Who would be the first then?”

“That would be me,” Owen bragged, moving to Ianto’s other side.  “Let’s get you looked at, then Harkness can take you home.”

Ianto nodded wearily, although the look he gave Owen spoke volumes as to what he thought about the medic’s claim.  He glanced at Toshiko, his eyes checking her over for any injuries.  “I’m fine,” she answered.  “Although I think it’s someone else’s turn to act as hostage next time.”

“I’ll be glad to take the next turn,” the dragon offered.  “But not until I feel better, all right?”

“Is this what passes for a normal day for Torchwood?” Kathy asked sarcastically.

“Hell no,” Jack answered happily.  “This is a relatively quiet day.  You interested in a place on the team, Detective?”

“You’re kidding, right?” she scoffed.  “I think I’ll stick with being a plain, simple copper.”

“There’s nothing plain about you, Kathy,” Ianto said.  Gratitude gave a bit of color to his face.

“C’mon, Dragon Boy,” Owen ordered, “down and back on the table.  You’re not going anywhere until I’m satisfied you’re not gonna keel over.”

Jack and Owen helped Ianto back down the steps, and Toshiko went with them.  Kathy stood for a second, her eyes narrowed.  “Oi!” she shouted.  “You didn’t argue with me about being simple!”

Ianto’s laughter floated through the Hub.

Toshiko smiled.  Everything was going to be fine.




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Yay!!! Even though Ianto's injured, he still came to the rescue! Can't wait for the last chapter & epilogue. I will be so sad to see the first series finished.
Thanks! Glad you liked it. :)

Yes, I can't believe I've written so much in this verse! Feels strange to be almost done with this series. Then there's series two... *grins*

You have perfect timing. I'd just walked in the door and email happened.

All the hearts for this chapter. Kick ass Ianto, and he's okay! Now I can dream of snuggles when I go to bed, rather than worrying about him
I planned it that way, you know! *grins*

Glad you liked it! No, need to worry anymore.
YES! YAY IANTO! Saving the day!
Glad you liked it! :)
That was awesome!
Thanks! Glad you liked it! :)
*blink* well that was over faster than I thought.

BTW why can't Owen be a dragon-friend?

Jack, Ianto, go cuddle and make each other feel better
Was it too fast? Did you need another cliffhanger? *winks*


They do deserve some alone time, don't they?
Yay Ianto! And I loved Toshiko's eye roll. :)

I love this series, hon!
Thanks! She's just a bit tired of being the one in danger. LOL!

Thanks! So glad you like it. :)
Brilliant, and so satisfying. I'm so immensely glad that it wasn't Jack who was being so heartless to Ianto. You've written this brilliantly and I'll be looking forward to the next chapters.
Thank you! Glad you liked it, and next should be up tomorrow! :)
Oh my goodness! I just got to the UK and accessed the internet for the first time in almost a week, and WOW. SO MANY WONDERFUL UPDATES. <3

and the quality of each update stuns me. Honestly, things have been flying so fast I believe they haven't had a chance to look at the consequences of their actions (cough Jack cough), even though it really wasn't Jack. I mean. It has to have played a lot on the insecurities of Ianto which were in place BEFORE the whole debacle, right?

Have I mentioned I like this series a damn sight better than the original? As long as you're writing, I can guarantee, I'll be reading it.

This chapter was delightful, as always. Love that Ianto got that shot in and saved the day, and was still able to admit to pain. It's a little annoying when characters magically heal themselves because of their magical powers of awesome, and they never have to deal with shit. I like that though Ianto is awesome as awesome can be, he doesn't get by stuff easily. You don't let him. That's a joy to read! :)

Anyway, it's one thirty in the morning for me, so I'll head off now. I'm looking forward to the next chapter like MAD, and the epilogue too! Hope to hear from you soon,

Lady Merlin

Jack and Ianto will have a nice talk in the next chapter, and a lot will come out. That chapter should be up tomorrow.

Really glad you liked this. You're making me blush though.

Oh no, I don't believe in magical healing...unless there's some actual magic involved, and then only very rarely. Currently there's no one in this universe who can do that, so everyone who gets hurt, stays hurt until they heal. :)

Not a cliffie - woohoo! So glad that Ianto is okay, but I hope that Jack kisses and makes it all better. Also glad that although Ianto's heart was broken once more, it wasn't actually Jack who did the deed. Now there's just one last time...
Nope, not more cliffhangers...at least none in this story. *grins*

Jack will certainly take Ianto home and look after him. :)

As for the last time...soon.
*phew* not a cliffhanger :)

Nice shot, Ianto!
Loved that it's "my family" he refers to now, not his teammates or friends.

...kinda surprised by the lack of Gwen in this episode though. Thought for sure she'd be a major player in it --for Billis at least.

amazing that we're so close to the end of series 1 already - proof that time really does flies when you're enjoying it. :D
Nope, no cliffhanger this time. *grins*

Well, I thought about adding Gwen...but she really wasn't needed. She'll be back from suspension though, and we'll see how she fits into the team from now on.

I can't believe I've actually rewritten most of the first series...
Yeah!! Update! Loved this chapter. Ianto did what should have been done in the original.
Thanks! Yes, I agree...someone should have put Bilis out of his misery. :)
high five for our Dragon!boy! and looking forward to reading the following epilogue!
Ianto is just so awesome, I must say. :)

Next chapter up tomorrow.
Loved this so much better than the show. Glad Ianto kicked ass. Happy Kathy was in it instead of Gwen. Can we keep her and send Gwen back to the police? There should be at least one more dragon to mark a dragon friend so will Owen become one?

Look forward to the epilogue.
Thanks! Glad you liked it.

Well, Gwen will be back from suspension soon, and we'll see how she integrates into the team again. Let's hope she's learned her lesson.

Next chapter up tomorrow, then hopefully the epilogue Monday. :)
Yay! Ianto is the bid damn hero this time! I can't seem to remember what happened to Bilis but I like this better, his arrogance allowed for Ianto to shoot him!

Now comes the fourth heartbreak - the Doctor. I was thinking though that heartbreak is not just romantic heartbreak, I would think that watching Jack die over and over for a year would break Ianto's heart.

Hee Hee I doubt that The Master has ever met a dragon before, he's not going to know what hit him! Now THAT is something I find quite thrilling.

How does it feel to know that you have rewritten almost an entire season? Quite the accomplishment I think. :)

Congratulations. :)
Bilis got away in the original story, to show up in one of the novels. Sorry, couldn't let him do it this time.

Yes, the next heartbreak is coming up. One more, and that's it.

Oh no...the Master won't know what hit him! *laughs*

Kick-ass Ianto. Woo-hoo! And everything is all wrapped up. And there's still one more chapter and an epilogue left. Which makes me wonder. Will the other shoe drop? Or maybe there'll be porn. Either way I'm looking forward to it.
Yep, everything is wrapped up nice and tidy. Now, Jack can take Ianto home and look after him.

*hides shoes*

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