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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

A short Announcement

Hey, everyone!

I know you all were expecting an update to the Dragon-Verse, but that next part is going to be delayed a bit because my bosses have decided that it's a really good idea that I work 51 hours next week.  I thought about finishing up what I have done, but if my schedule continues this way - and I have emailed my boss to find out what's going on but haven't gotten a response - any updates would be seriously long in coming.  I don't really want to leave you all hanging with any sort of cliffhanger (because you know how fond of them I am!).

So, I've decided that, while I'm working this schedule from hell, in the very little free time I have between working and visiting Mom (who is doing great, BTW) I'm going to concentrate on my MPreg Big Bang (which is very close to being done) and then my Reel Torchwood story, as well as the gift exchange I signed up for on Torchwood Fest.  If things clear up, then when November rolls around I'll be doing NaNoWriMo (hopefully!) and can really concentrate on getting my version of the Year that Never Was out, as well as my other projects. 

Unless of course I go mad.  Then you might be getting updates written in crayon. 




You poor thing! Sounds like your bosses have reinvented slavery! We will wait for you (impatiently, but thats just a sign of how good your fics are). Hang in there, I don't think you can post stories in crayon.
Poor you! I do hope they pay you the good money for all the work you do. Please stay sane (at least not madder than you are at the mo)eventhough I love crayon I like the typed-up version more.
Sucks about your hours. I hope they spread them out better than they have been doing. Great news about your mom, though
Looks like the week from hell. You take it as easy as you can, and write what makes you happy at the moment. Writing should first and foremost be for yourself. I hope that your schedule starts to make more sense soon and I will look forward to anything you write and post. Congratulations on you Mum, give her my best wishes. Jakernaghan :)
Ianto needs to breathe fire on your bosses, JSKY. *GRIN*
I hear you! Take care of yourself first - we don't want any dragon collapses.
*wince* Ooo, I'm so sorry your boss has gone evil. I appreciate you not wanting to leave us on a cliffhanger for possibly a long time, so I shall patiently await more Dragon!verse when things aren't so hectic. What you will be posting sounds like a lot of fun to read too! XD Good luck with work!
I wonder if your boss is related to my boss because mine pulls that kind of stuff too. I wish you well with all your projects & I have enjoyed reading all your stories over the last couple of weeks.

I think we've all had the Boss From Hell at least once in our working years.

Whenever and whatever you choose to write will be just fine with me, as I'm seriously addicted to pretty much anything you do. I really wouldn't care if you posted in crayon, either, if that were even possible. As a teacher of preschool Sunday School, I get reacquainted every year with the joys of crayons and "smelly" markers, although I'm rarely brave enough to venture into the realm of "runny" glue and glitter. *shudders*

I love your Reel_TW and Mpreg, so if that's what strikes your fancy instead of the Dragon-Verse, I will be more than happy with those.

Don't kill yourself trying to do too much. I'm glad your mother is doing so well and spending time with her is very important. I'll wait happily for you to return as long as I know you will.