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Myfanwy 2

June 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Just an Update...

Yes, I know I haven't been posting as quickly as I once was, but there's actually a fairly good reason for it...

First of all, I have been writing...in fact, as of this post I'm up to 38,632 words for NaNoWriMo.   But, they're just stories with specific posting dates:

I've managed to finish my Ianto Big Bang, which is due to be posted on December 6th. 

I have TWO finished Reel Torchwood fics, one based on "The Shop Around the Corner" and the other "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir".  Both are due to be posted around the beginning of December.

Then there's my MPreg Big Bang, which should be posted sometime about the middle of January.

I also did a fic for Torchwood Fest's anonymous Christmas exchange, but you'll have to guess which one is mine until they're all posted.  *winks*

I'm currently working on my Classic TW Big Bang, and it's going well.  I hope to finish it up at some point in December. 

So, you see...I may not have been posting, but I have been writing.   Do you have any idea how hard it is to sit on all of these stories?  Argh!

And, on the work front, I'm still working obscene amounts of overtime, and that's not going to stop until after the first of the year.  If my supervisor didn't lead me on, I do have vacation coming up the first week in December, which I'm in desperate need of. 

Mom also had a bit of a setback, and ended up back in the hospital.  She's doing fine; it looks like an issue with her medication, and it caused her kidneys to act up and her potassium to go high.  They're hoping to transfer her back to the nursing home sometime next week.  Until then, she'd been doing fantastic with her physical therapy.  She's a bit down about it, but knowing my sister is coming to visit in December is cheering her up immensely. 

So, there's that!  Been an incredibly busy time and I keep wishing for something to slow down...as long as it's not the writing!  I keep getting these random ideas that some day I hope to write (like the one tonight, an AU where the team hunt down religious artifacts, instead of alien ones) but then my idea folder is full of things I need to work on.  *sigh*   

Will someone please take the pointy objects away from my bunnies, please? 



Dear god, your brain is a palace for plot bunnies. Good luck.
You're not kidding... *sigh* Thanks!
*Brings carrots to the bunnies and gently wraps their pointy objects in a fluffy blankie*

"there, there, sweetie. Have a chocolate bisquit."
Oh, thank you! *sighs in relief and takes the biscuit*
Could I borrow some as my TW Classic BB keeps getting stalled by changing my mind and throwing out ideas and being too tired to think. I really don't know how you do it. Glad your Mum is better after the setback.
Absolutely! I'll be glad to lend you some of my bunnies! They do actually have permits to carry the sharp objects, just so you know. *grins*

Yep, she's doing better now. Thanks, hon. *hugs*
Thanks, hon. *hugs back*
With all that abound in your head and over your familly situation, I can send you big hugs all sweet!
good courage
Wow you are amanzing. Sorry to hear about your work load. Glad you mum is getting better.

Thank you, hon. Still got time for one of my favorite authors though. :)

*hugs back*
You are wonderful. I am about to complete my Reel TW story it will be around 4500 words long. I have a slight extension.
Thanks, hon. *hugs back*
Glad to hear that though there hasn't been much posting, there's been a lot of writing :D

I hope your Mum bounces back fairly quickly. *HUGS* And that you can get a break from work soon. Sounds like you desperately need it!
Oh, lots of writing. I absolutely cannot wait to start posting. :)

Mom's doing better, and hopefully she'll keep improving. Oh, thanks, I do need a break. *hugs*
hugs for you and your mom.
for the plot bunnies a giant gift basket of carrot cake, carrot muffins with carrot juice. are chocolate covered carrots bad for bunnies