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Myfanwy 2

November 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Contagion - Chapter Three

Title:  Contagion
Author:  milady_dragon
Artist: jkivela, whose fantastic art is here and here
Beta: bookwrm89
Genre:  Crossover; Adventure; Romance
Pairing(s):   Jack/Ianto; John/Elena (implied)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 25,268
Warnings:  Violence, Language
Disclaimer:  Torchwood is owned by BBC and Russell T. Davies; the Tomorrow People is owned by Freemantle and Roger Price
Summary:  After the events of “Cyberwoman”, Ianto vanishes and Jack discovers yet another secret: that Ianto was a Tomorrow Person – Homo Superior – the next stage in human evolution, with powers beyond those of normal humans.  Three months later, Jack discovers a plot against the Tomorrow People themselves.  Can he find Ianto and work with him again, in order to prevent genocide?

Chapter Three               

Four days later, and Jack was beginning to despair that Ianto had gotten his warning.

He had to concede that he’d done all he could.  Jack had tried to track down the other two Tomorrow People who’d appeared in Ianto’s flat, but had no luck; he really shouldn’t have been surprised by that, since the Tomorrow People lived by secrecy.  Perhaps Rhiannon could have gotten his information to one of the others, and they were well warned; but Jack had really hoped to hear from Ianto personally.

He absently chewed the end of his pen, as he tried to do his paperwork, his mind wandering as he thought about Ianto.   He really did hope his former archivist was all right; Jack had heard of cases of psychic shock, and knew how bad off Ianto had been that night.  Over the months his guilt had built up over how he’d treated Ianto; the man, John’s, final words into the camera haunted him. 

 You, Captain, are no better than Yvonne Hartman ever was. 

At first he hadn’t accepted that, but as time had passed he had to admit that there was some truth in that.  It didn’t matter that Jack had felt betrayed; sending Ianto back in to ‘take care’ of what had been left of Lisa had been the wrong thing to do. As a leader, he should have taken responsibility for what someone under his command had done, and he should have cleaned up the mess himself.   How would he have felt if someone had ordered him to kill someone he cared about? What if it had been Estelle or the Doctor or Rose who’d been partially Cyberized?  Put into that context, would he have been able to do it?

The answer to that was, of course, no.

He would have done everything in his power to save them.  He would have fought every devil in hell if it meant he could have some hope of saving his loved ones. 

Which is just what Ianto had done.


Toshiko’s voice pulled him from his reverie, and he got up, heading toward the door to his office.  “Whatcha got, gorgeous?”

She blushed a bit under the praise.  “We’ve got a Weevil alert out in Splott.”

“The estate agents call it Sploe,” a snarky voice echoed in his thoughts.  He shook it off.  “Care to join me on a Weevil hunt?” he asked, grinning.  He and Toshiko were the only ones in the Hub that night; Gwen had gone home to spend time with Rhys, and Owen was…wherever Owen went on his downtime.  The only reason Toshiko was still around was because she’d wanted to finish up some work.

Toshiko smiled.  “I bet you say that to all the girls,” she teased, getting her coat.

“Nope,” Jack winked.  “Only the beautiful genius ones.”  He turned to get his own coat, slipping it on and wishing a pair of hands were helping him on with it.

In less than a minute, there were in the SUV and heading toward the location of the sighting, Jack driving in his usual “bat-out-of-hell” style and Toshiko keeping an eye on her PDA for any updates.  It was mostly quiet, only with Toshiko giving directions every once in a while, and Jack was grateful for it.  He needed to get his thoughts in order; although he couldn’t help but be disappointed that he hadn’t heard from Ianto.  Worried, as well; anything could have happened. 

It also occurred to him that perhaps Ianto didn’t want to see him.  Jack had done some pretty terrible things, and Ianto had called him a monster.  Why should he want to see the man who’d been ultimately responsible for his girlfriend’s death?  Why should Jack expect Ianto to remember him with the fondness that Jack had for the enigmatic Welshman?

The drive was about half as long as it would have been had Toshiko been behind the wheel, and Jack parked the SUV on a side street near where the sighting had been made.  They got out of the vehicle, and walked side-by-side down the deserted street, on one side a park-like area and on the other a row of multi-story dwellings that looked about three decades out of date.

Jack’s instincts were telling him something was wrong.

Toshiko glanced at him, and from her expression Jack was glad that he wasn’t the only one having a really bad feeling about this.   He was about to suggest they head back to the SUV…

“Captain Harkness, Ms Sato,” a strange voice broke over their comm. units.  It was male, almost melodic in tone, and Jack stopped in his tracks. 

Toshiko stopped as well, surprise writ large on her face.  The Torchwood communicators were supposed to be highly encrypted; there should be no way for someone to hack into them.

“I apologize for usurping your comms,” the voice went on, “but it was imperative that I warn you that all of the CCTV cameras in your area have just gone down, and readings indicate that the reason was technological in nature.  Someone has disabled them.”

Jack had no idea who this person was, but the warning and his own intuition seemed to be matching up.   But, did he dare trust someone who could casually take over their comms?

Did he have a choice?

“I have also determined,” the voice continued, “that the call that got you both out there was false.  I have traced it to a dead-end internet account, and am now attempting to discover who and how the account was set up, and how the person was able to feed it into the Hub’s computer system.”

Jack tapped his comm. open.  “I don’t know who the hell you are, but how do you know all this?”

Their so-called benefactor paused.  “I have been told to tell you: that Ianto says you can trust me.  Does that help?”

“Ianto?” Toshiko gasped, a smile blooming across her face.

That tipped Jack over into believing whoever this was.  “Let’s go back to the SUV,” he murmured to his teammate, as he pulled his gun from its holster. 

He hated walking into traps.   Well, at least traps he hadn’t known about beforehand.

His eyes scanned the area, trying to find the source of whatever threat there was out there.  The only noise was that of the wind rustling the bare branches of the trees. He covered Toshiko as she made her way back to their vehicle, her own gun out and ready.

 They’d made it back to the SUV when Jack saw movement among the skeletal trees.  He didn’t hesitate; he fired a shot, buying them cover as they both jumped into the SUV.

Jack had the engine started, when a sudden flash caught his eye, coming from one of the roofs across the street.

Oh, fuck no…

He managed to get the vehicle into gear, slamming his foot down onto the accelerator.  The SUV surged forward, even before he had the chance to fasten his seatbelt.  “Rocket launcher!” he shouted, hoping whoever it was on the other end of the comm was still there.

That was all he had a chance to say.  There was a loud whump sound from the rear, and suddenly the SUV was lifted boot over bonnet, and Jack felt a strange weightlessness, the logical part of his mind telling him he wasn’t strapped in, that he was being flung about the inside of the tumbling vehicle…he heard two voices shouting his name, but couldn’t answer.

The SUV came to rest on its roof.

Jack didn’t die, although he should have.  Pain flared through his head and back, and he moaned as the agony drew him back from the darkness of unconsciousness.  He heard a voice calling to him over the unsteady pounding of his heart; a familiar voice, one that felt like family.  He tried to move, and succeeded just enough to see Toshiko, hanging from her seat belt, her dark eyes wide with shock.

“You okay?” he tried to say, but wasn’t sure if he was coherent.

It must have been, because Toshiko nodded.  “Although I appear to be upside down,” she said breathlessly.  “What about you?”

Jack wanted to answer, but the only thing that passed from his lips was a whimper.

Toshiko began to struggle with the seatbelt that had her pinned into the passenger seat.  “We need to get out of here,” she said urgently.  “They’re bound to come and check on their handiwork.”

Then she stopped, touching her ear.  “We’re trapped in the SUV,” she said, and Jack realized she must have been speaking to whoever had tried to warn them.  He hadn’t heard the voice, which must have meant he’d lost his earpiece in the crash.

Blackness began to nibble at Jack’s mind, and he did his best to force it back.  He needed to stay awake, because the danger wasn’t past, and despite his injuries he had the overwhelming need to get Toshiko to safety.  They were both sitting ducks, and while Jack could always come back, Toshiko couldn’t.

Of course, she’d yet to know he couldn’t die. 

He tried to shift a bit, and even the attempt at moving wrung another moan from him.

“Rest easy, Jack,” Toshiko tried to soothe him.  “Help is here.”


“According to the person on the comm, they were able to figure out where the rocket came from, and they have the man stunned and they’re holding him – “

“Ms Sato?”

The voice was female, and young.  Jack’s increasingly sluggish mind was painfully adding two and two together, and getting the Tomorrow People, even as Toshiko was acknowledging the shout.

Ianto’s people.

A face appeared at the passenger side window.  It was a pretty face, framed in red hair.  Gray eyes were looking at them worriedly.  “Are you both all right?” she asked, with an obvious American accent. 

“I am,” Toshiko answered.  “But Jack wasn’t wearing his seat belt…”

The eyes met his, and widened in shock.  Jack must have looked really bad.  “We’re going to get you both out,” the girl said.  “You first, Ms Sato – “

“Tosh, please.”

The girl smiled.  “Tosh, I’m Alexis.  We’ll get you out first, then we can all help Captain Harkness.”

Her face vanished.  There was a sudden screeching sound, and to Jack’s amazement the passenger side door was literally ripped from its hinges.  Alexis reappeared in the opening.  “Do you need help to climb out?”

“My belt seems to be jammed,” Toshiko answered. 

“Okay, I’m going to try to release the catch. Be ready.”

“But how – “

The seat belt let go, and Toshiko tumbled out of her seat.

Jack realized their rescuer must have used telekinesis on both the door and the belt.

All he could do was watch helplessly as Alexis helped Toshiko out of the crashed vehicle.  Footsteps were approaching his own side of the SUV, and he managed to get himself turned so he could look out his own badly splintered window.  Dark trainers appeared, and then a knee as someone knelt to look inside.

Jack let out a combination sob of pain, and a laugh of joy.

It was Ianto.

“Hello, Captain,” Ianto said gently.  “We seem to be in a bit of a mess, here.”

“Y-yeah,” Jack managed to gasp.  “Care t-to give a g-guy a hand?”

Ianto smiled softly.  “That’s what I’m here for.” 

He vanished, and Jack wanted to call him back, but then his own door was yanked open, and Ianto was kneeling once more.  “It’s okay, Jack,” he murmured.  “We’re going to get you out, but I don’t know if we can without hurting you even more…”

Jack tried to nod, but all he got was a sharp stab of pain for the attempt.   He knew then that getting him out of that SUV was going to kill him, and it wasn’t quite the way he’d wish anyone to find out about his little issue with not dying, but there wouldn’t be much of a choice. 

But he didn’t want Ianto to do it.  He didn’t want Ianto to think he was responsible.

He tried to shake his head, but couldn’t.  However, something must have shown in his eyes, because Ianto reached up and placed a hand on Jack’s forehead.  “I know,” he whispered.  “I know about you not being able to stay dead.  Rest, Jack.  Don’t worry.”

The warmth of the hand on his face caused Jack’s eyelids to flutter closed, and the last thing he saw was Ianto, looking down at him with sympathy in his eyes.


Ianto known for his immortality? it's one less worry.
They arrived on time
Ianto is more alert than anyone gave him credit for! :)
I so wanted to be a Tomorrow Person when i was a kid :)

Loving this !
Oh, I know what you mean! Being a TP would have been awesome.

Thank you!
Wow, Ianto knew about Jack? Clever boy!
It's my headcanon that Ianto knew about Jack's immortality, after all he had control of the Archives... :)