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One-Shots List

Here is a list of the one-shot's I've posted so far:

Angel Beside Him:
     The first time Ianto Jones saw the Angel, it was on his first day of working at Torchwood Three...

At The End of All Things
     Sequel to Angel Beside Him.  The being who'd once been Jack Harkness had known for quite some time that he wasn't as immortal as everyone seemed to think...

The Party
      What if Ianto Jones was recruited to the Impossible Missions Force after Jack left with the Doctor?  And Jack found himself in the middle of a mission with Ianto's new team?

Torchwood's on First?
      Yet another of Jack's team-building exercises gone awry...

You Can't Always Get What You Want
       Jack thinks about two important people to him, as he dances at Gwen's wedding.

Our Plastic Pals
        Owen Harper discovers something strange in Jack's office.  Written for jantocam  Challenge #12

        He waits, for what was stolen from him.

An Animated Invasion
         The team get involved in a rather...odd invasion.  Written for jantocam Challenge #17 

Partners and Friends
          Helena Wells has had an interesting life...and a rather interesting partner.  Written for jantocam Challenge #18 and is a crossover with "Warehouse 13".

Ghost of Christmas Torchwood
           When an accident with alien tech turns Ianto into a ghost, Owen has to work to figure out how to get him back into his body.  Written for Torchwood Fest Christmas Exchange 2011

An Unexpected Crash
            When a mysterious airship crashed in Bute Park, Jack and the team find a yet-to-be famous visitor and some very familiar names on board.   Written for torchwood_fest Crossover Fest, and is a crossover with "The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne."

The Choice
             In 1965, Jack has been ordered to give twelve special children to the aliens known as the 456.   He decides he doesn't want to.  This is a crossover with "X-Men First Class" and is a Children of Earth fix-it

Welcome Home!
             Jack comes home from his time with the Doctor to discover that Gwen thinks she's the Last Torchwood Agent Standing.   Yeah, right.

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