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Myfanwy 2

September 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Contagion - Chapter Ten

Title:  Contagion
Author:  milady_dragon
Artist: jkivela, whose fantastic art is here and here
Beta: bookwrm89
Genre:  Crossover; Adventure; Romance
Pairing(s):   Jack/Ianto; John/Elena (implied)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 25,268
Warnings:  Violence, Language
Disclaimer:  Torchwood is owned by BBC and Russell T. Davies; the Tomorrow People is owned by Freemantle and Roger Price
Summary:  After the events of “Cyberwoman”, Ianto vanishes and Jack discovers yet another secret: that Ianto was a Tomorrow Person – Homo Superior – the next stage in human evolution, with powers beyond those of normal humans.  Three months later, Jack discovers a plot against the Tomorrow People themselves.  Can he find Ianto and work with him again, in order to prevent genocide?

Chapter Ten

The location that Ianto had managed to pull from their prisoner turned out to be a fairly nice industrial complex out in Roath, to a building that declared itself to be BioMedical Research Associates.   Ianto had seen the very building in their prisoner’s mind, and he’d expected the plain concrete and glass building from that mental picture. 

It would have surprised him if they hadn’t already suspected that Carson had been working on his own.  UNIT had enough resources and scientists to have been creating something like the virus that had been attempted to use on them, but it was good to know that it seemed to just be one rogue element and not the entire organization. 

He looked out over the winter-brown lawn toward the building.  To be honest, he hadn’t really paid all that much attention in the briefing back at the Hub; he was still in a bit of shock over Jack actually asking him out on a date.  Jack Harkness, who’d had a reputation he’d even heard about at One, who would shag anything as long as it met his definition of gorgeous, who was a love-‘em and leave-‘em sort of man, who didn’t get into any sort of entanglements. 

That was the man that Ianto had found himself attracted to, once he’d come to Cardiff with Lisa in tow.  And, of course, Jack was also the man he’d betrayed.  But, it looked as if that was forgiven, just as Ianto had forgiven Jack his actions the night Lisa had died.  

His feelings for Jack had grown since he’d been away, but Ianto had never given them much thought, simply because he’d never expected to see Jack – or the team – again.  To know that Jack had hunted him down, and then had warned him – them – about what UNIT was up to…it had given Ianto a new perspective on how he actually felt.

But, a date?  Now, that he hadn’t expected at all.

Ianto shook himself out of his thoughts, and put his mind back on what he needed to do.  He tugged at the collar of his AE suit, knowing that the modified spacesuit would be all that stood between him and any possible contamination once they got inside.  They couldn’t risk that this contagion would be just as useless as it had been within their prisoner, who was currently keeping Janet company in the Hub’s cells. 

While he knew he was wearing a silvery spacesuit, to the rest of the team it looked as if he was in an immaculate three-piece suit, thanks to the suit’s chameleon shift.   He felt the comfortable weight of his stun gun in the shoulder holster he was wearing, and the helmet was making his head itch slightly. 

They’d come up with a plan back at the Hub.  Using blueprints that Toshiko had managed to dig up, they’d come up with two places that might be of interest, and so there were two teams going in while Jack and his team – made up of Ianto and Gwen – would create a distraction.  Tim would be coordinating, having worked out a way to hook into the CCTV footage from within the building.   He would get the two teams in, and back out again if there was any sort of trouble.

Gwen had objected when Alexis had been grouped with Toshiko and Paul.  Her argument had been that the American girl was too young to be involved in anything so dangerous, and it would have degenerated into an argument had John not stepped in and had the final word on the subject.  It hadn’t stopped Gwen from making noises about it, and Ianto had finally taken her aside and had informed her that he, himself, had saved the world once before he’d turned fifteen, and that Alexis was a full-fledged member of the team.   He also pointed out that Alexis had earned her place, and that Gwen was marginalizing the girl’s contribution without realizing it.  He did tell her that he could see where she was coming from, and that her heart was in the right place, but anyone who’d been through the trauma of breaking out knew what the risks were, and were willing to accept them for the sake of their people, and their planet.  He thought he managed to get through to her.

She did, however, ask about his own break out, and Ianto had demurred, not wanting to get into the horrific two weeks he’d spent in Providence Park, surrounded by all those screaming minds, before John had managed to track him down.  It was something he didn’t want to dwell on.

There would be a total of three teams:  Owen’s, which would go after any and all of the genetically engineered virus and destroy it; Toshiko’s, aimed at the heart of their computer systems; and then Jack’s, going in through the front door and making as much noise as possible.  Each team had at least one Tomorrow Person on it, the better to keep in contact; as well as their usual comms, which Tim was also tied into. 

Ianto considered them as prepared as they could be as he, following Jack and Gwen, entered the foyer of BioMedical Research Associates.   Jack was in full Captain mode, his coat billowing around him, Ianto and Gwen flanking him, and Ianto hoped this was going to work.

‘Pessimist,’ Alexis teased. 

Ianto mentally stuck his tongue out at her.

Her giggle echoed in his mind as they approached the reception desk.  “Captain Jack Harkness,” Jack introduced himself to the rather large security guard who sat at the desk.   Jack actually winked at the man, and Ianto barely controlled the eye roll that he really wanted to make.  “Gwen Cooper,” he motioned toward her, “and Ianto Jones,” he said, motioning toward Ianto.  “We’re Torchwood.   We’re here to see General Carson.”

The guard stood up, and Ianto wondered just what the man had eaten as a child in order to grow up that large.  “There’s no General Carson here,” the man answered, his voice coming from somewhere near his shoes.   “You have the wrong building.”

“Nope, don’t think so,” Jack went blithely on.   “This is the place his hired gun told us about, after he blew up my SUV and tried to kill me.  I try not to take that sort of thing personally, but it’s kinda hard to do when you’re hanging upside down from your seatbelt.”  Jack leaned against the counter.  “Now, big boy…why don’t you get your boss down here or I’ll be on the phone to Sir Alistair faster than Carson can say ‘psychotic break’.”

It wasn’t an empty threat; Jack had wanted to call the Brigadier in, but John had asked him not to, not wanting to get the retired soldier involved because of his advanced age and the Tomorrow Person didn’t want him to get hurt.  Jack had argued for it, saying despite Sir Alistair’s having slowed down, he was still just as passionate about what was right as he ever was. 

John had won, but Jack had reserved the right to call if needed. 

The guard glowered, then sat down.  Jack smirked in satisfaction as he picked up the phone. 

‘That’s not necessary.”

They all turned, Ianto startled that he hadn’t at least picked up some sort of surface thought from the man standing just beyond the reception desk.  He wasn’t in uniform, but it was obvious that he was a military just from his bearing.  “Welcome, Captain Harkness,” the man said, smiling slightly.  “If I’d known you were coming I would have had my assistant put the coffee on.”

“I don’t like to be predictable, General,” Jack answered, returning that slight smile. 

“Apparently not,” Carson replied easily.  “Why don’t you and your…companions…come to my office and we can discuss this?”

‘Carson’s here,’ Ianto reported to his teammates.  ‘Looks like we’re going to be heading directly into a trap.’

‘So what else is new?’ Paul quipped, and Elena snorted. 

‘If it wasn’t a trap,’ Alexis added, ‘we wouldn’t know how to handle it.’

‘We’ll wait five minutes, then go in ourselves,’ John said, cutting across the banter.  ‘Shout out if you need backup.’

Ianto acknowledged, following Jack and Gwen as Carson led them deeper into the building.  It was obviously a rather high-tech set-up, and he wondered just what sort of resources were behind Carson and his company.   Who was financing all this?  Or was Carson somehow getting his money some other way than a mysterious backer?

He really wanted it to be straightforward, but that was hardly ever the case…

If he remembered correctly – and that was a near certainty, with Ianto’s eidetic memory – Carson was taking them toward the rear of the building, where the blueprints had indicated possible office space.  The structure itself was three stories tall, with the offices being on the ground floor; it had been fairly easy to identify computer areas, as well as laboratories, simply because of the amount of reinforcement that the floors had required. 

It certainly helped that they had Tim’s electronic eyes everywhere.

Ianto could tell that Gwen was on the alert, much like he was; her surface thoughts – he really did need to speak to her about some proper shielding – bubbled up with the mission…and one about Rhys, her boyfriend, and that she’d forgot to call and tell him she would be late.  It made him wonder what Alexis had told her father about the mission, since chances were she’d be out past her curfew again. 

He cleared his mind, although it would never be totally empty.  A Tomorrow Person was never alone; they could block out their fellows for a while, as he had during his attempt to help Lisa, but it all eventually came back down to connections.  He could feel his extended family in the back of his mind continuously, and the knowledge that they were so close calmed him. 

Although, he really felt safe with Jack near.

He’d never admit it, though.  He had his image to maintain.

Carson’s office was well-appointed, with a large wooden desk and leather chair.  There was only one visitor’s seat, and by unspoken agreement it went to Gwen.  Ianto stood on one side of her; Jack the other, and Jack took control immediately.   “Now,” he growled, all trace of flirtation gone, “I want to know why you decided it would be fun to try to kill me and one of my people.”

“You already know, Captain,” the general answered snidely.  “Or else you wouldn’t be here.”

“You do have a point,” Jack agreed. 

“Where is my man?”

“You don’t want to know.”

Carson’s face went red.  Then he smiled, and it wasn’t a nice one.  “Although it was nice of you to bring my enemies to me.”

Jack laughed.  “You mean Gwen and Ianto?  Please!  Gwen’s been with Torchwood for months, and Ianto came over from One when it fell.  Sorry, Carson…you’re barking up the wrong tree.”

When a person was angry, any sort of mental shielding they had simply wouldn’t work in such an emotionally charged state, unless a person was trained properly.  However, it also scrambled thoughts that Ianto would have been able to hear normally; that was one of the reasons he hadn’t sensed that Suzie had been corrupted by the Glove, because her emotional state had been heightened by using it.   It was also how he could always tell when Owen really was angry, or was just playing along.

As angry as Carson was, Ianto should have been able to get something, even if he’d been unable to understand it.

But the man was completely blank.

Not like Jack; Ianto was simply unable to read anything from the captain, even though he could sense the thought under Jack’s very formidable shields. 

No, it was as if Carson didn’t have any thoughts at all.

He contacted John immediately, knowing that Tim would overhear and communicate with Jack and Gwen about his inability to even partially sense Carson.

‘Nothing at all?’ Elena butted in.

‘Not a thing,’ Ianto confirmed.  ‘It’s like I’m trying to hear the thoughts of a dead man.’

Carson turned his eyes on Ianto.  “But I can hear you just fine.”  He grinned, as if they were sharing some sort of funny secret.

Ianto swallowed both verbal and mental curses, choosing instead to draw his stun gun.  He was gratified to see Jack right with him, only with his signature Webley.  He could hear John and the others clamoring in his head, and he had to ignore it, putting all of his attention on the seated General Carson.

The man was laughing.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t know a Tomorrow Person when I saw one?” he asked, almost in a sing-song.  “I have to thank you, Captain Harkness, for outing the one on your team.  I hadn’t known he existed.”

‘Ianto!’ John fairly shouted in his mind, and it was all Ianto could do not to flinch at the strength of it.

‘Keep doing what you’re doing,’ Ianto answered roughly, not wanting to halve his attention.

“No,” Carson said, standing.  “Let’s bring all your friends in here, shall we?”

‘Stay away!’ Ianto warned. 

“Who are you?” Jack demanded.   Gwen had also stood, and had her own gun out, although she seemed a little puzzled by what was going on.

Ianto couldn’t blame her.  He didn’t have a clue, either.

“General Avery Carson, UNIT London,” he answered.  “But I’ve evened the playing field, so to speak.”  He raised his arm, revealing a large silver cuff around his right forearm.   “This came from Torchwood London, and UNIT found it in the clean-up.  Turns out it’s very useful in hiding a person’s mind, at the same time letting them hear what others are thinking…especially practicing telepaths.  It’s how I first found out about the Tomorrow People, and what they intended for the Earth.”

“We don’t ‘intend’ anything,” Ianto said, frowning.   “We just want to live in peace.”  He remembered that device, and it had been hard for him to even touch it through gloves, let alone long enough to get it put into the Archives.

“The Tomorrow People aren’t a threat,” Jack said.  “Do you have any idea how many times they’ve kept this world from being invaded or destroyed?”

Carson was becoming angrier once more.  “You think that proves anything?  They’re just saving the planet for themselves.”

“Enough of that,” Jack ordered.  “We’re leaving, and you’re coming with us.  I’m sure Sir Alistair can find a nice pleasant cell for you – “

“You think I’m going anywhere with you?” Carson snarled.  Without warning, he moved, twisting toward what looked like a snow globe on the corner of his desk.  He had his hand on it just as a gunshot rang out.

Carson’s hand pushed it off the desk.

Ianto did the only thing he could: he caught it with his telekinesis before it hit the floor.

“Owen!” Jack called over his comm.  “We need a containment box in Carson’s office now!”  He looked at Ianto.  “Do you have it?”

He nodded.  “I have it.”  Ianto turned, to look at Gwen.  She still had her gun out, pointed right at the prone form of Avery Carson.  “You okay?”  He really didn’t have to ask; he could hear Gwen’s shock at having shot a human being.

She nodded.  “Let’s get him secured and get this place under control, yeah?”

“Yeah,” he answered, smiling. 

“That’s my cue,” Jack said, grinning.  He tucked his gun back into its holster, and then took some white zip ties from the pocket of his coat.  He wasn’t gentle as he bound Carson’s wrists and ankles together, eliciting a moan from the wounded man.  As he did, he carefully removed the armband, taking a close look at it.   “Interesting,” he muttered.  “Think we need to do a bit more research on this, then find a nice quiet spot in the Archives for it.”  He tucked it away in his handkerchief, slipping it into another pocket.

There was a smattering of gunfire outside the office – both projectile weaponry and stun blasts – and the door was flung open, revealing Owen and John. 

Gwen and Ianto had spun at the noise, and they both put their guns away quickly.  “I think we need to get this looked after,” Ianto indicated the snow globe he was holding in mid-air with his mind.  “I have a feeling two of us won’t like what happens if I drop it, even though we’re wearing AE suits.”

In fact, the thing was giving him the creeps.  He wasn’t sure what was in it, but Carson had wanted to make sure it broke…it could only really be one thing.

“Here ya go, tea-boy,” Owen said, putting a large containment box on the floor near the hovering snow globe.  Ianto was more than happy to get rid of it, and breathed easier once the lid was sealed.

“We found the labs,” John said, coming to stand next to Ianto.  He rested his hand on Ianto’s shoulder, and the younger man could feel the comfort and support the elder TP was giving.   “Doctor Harper has all the medical files on the virus, and I’m confident we can shut down the entire system without anything getting free. “  He cocked his head for a moment, and Ianto heard the report from Paul at the same time.  “And Paul says Toshiko isn’t having any problems with the computers, and is transferring everything to the Torchwood mainframe, and Tim is getting a copy as well.”

“Traitors,” Carson choked, and he would have tried to rise if Jack hadn’t pushed him back down.  The gunshot wound in his shoulder was bleeding a bit, although not as profusely as some Ianto had seen. 

Everyone else pretty much ignored him.

“What about the rest of the people in the building?” Jack asked.   “I want this entire place taken down and sterilized.”

“We’ve been avoiding most of them by jaunting or using matter transporters,” John answered.  “We need to find a way to clear everyone out.”

“Pull the fire alarm,” Owen suggested.  When everyone looked at him, he shrugged.  “You’ll get ‘em all out fast that way.”

Ianto laughed.  Of course it would be that easy.  


I think Owen do often the last word :-)))
but he is always fair or fun.
Owen does enjoy it!

Yes, he is. :)
Whew, what a relief that they were able to shut it down!
Thank you. :)