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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Contagion - Epilogue

Title:  Contagion
Author:  milady_dragon
Artist: jkivela, whose fantastic art is here and here
Beta: bookwrm89
Genre:  Crossover; Adventure; Romance
Pairing(s):   Jack/Ianto; John/Elena (implied)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 25,268
Warnings:  Violence, Language
Disclaimer:  Torchwood is owned by BBC and Russell T. Davies; the Tomorrow People is owned by Freemantle and Roger Price
Summary:  After the events of “Cyberwoman”, Ianto vanishes and Jack discovers yet another secret: that Ianto was a Tomorrow Person – Homo Superior – the next stage in human evolution, with powers beyond those of normal humans.  Three months later, Jack discovers a plot against the Tomorrow People themselves.  Can he find Ianto and work with him again, in order to prevent genocide?


Jack stood back, watching as all the employees of BioMedical Research Associates left the building.  The majority of them were innocent, having no idea what was going on under their noses.  He knew once they had time to go through all the records they would give them evidence they’d need to clear out all the bad apples. 

“Now we know why there wasn’t anything in the UNIT computers,” John said, coming to stand beside him.   “It really wasn’t UNIT involved; it was Carson and a few others who were in the right place, at the right time.”  He shook his head.  “We did find records that showed Carson and his bully boys coming to the owner of BioMedical, offering him certain technology in order to gain access to the labs needed to create their contagion.  It’s a damned good thing it didn’t work.”

“Paperwork damns you every time,” Jack answered, half-joking.

John snorted.  He was silent for a few moments, and when he spoke again his words surprised Jack.  “I believe I may have been mistaken about you being as bad as Yvonne Hartman.”

Jack did appreciate the sentiment.  “No, you were right.  What I did was wrong.  I’m just glad Ianto’s forgiven me for it.”

“Back when he was still recovering,” the TP’s leader murmured, “there were times when none of us were certain he’d regain his powers.  But, he never gave up.  It was a rough convalescence for him.”  John looked at Jack squarely.  “There were times when he cursed you…but the majority of the time he hoped that, someday, he could earn your forgiveness.”

“There’s nothing really to forgive.   He did it out of loyalty and love.  There aren’t any stronger motivations.”  It had taken Jack a while to realize that, but when he had it had been like an epiphany.

“If you asked him,” John said, “I know he’d come back to Torchwood.  And really, we could use a liaison, I think.”  He smirked.  “I believe Torchwood and the Tomorrow People could work together.”

Jack’s heart felt so much lighter at the other man’s words.  “I think we could, too.  And yes, I think I will ask him.” 

He started to move away, toward Ianto, who was standing with Alexis and Toshiko. 


He turned back at John’s call.

“If you leave me that wrist strap of yours – Tim scanned it, and he knows it’s alien tech – I think I could fix it enough to make it into a matter transporter.   And a communications link to Tim, if you’re interested.  Ianto enjoys Thai, and I’m certain the more authentic, the better.”

Jack laughed.   He pulled his broken Vortex Manipulator from his wrist, and tossed it toward John, who caught is easily.    “I’m taking him out this Saturday, Rift willing.  I’ll need it back then.”

John shared the laugh.  “It will be.”

He turned back toward where Ianto was standing, striding toward the younger man purposely.  Ianto saw him, and left his conversation, walking toward Jack.

This time, Jack didn’t stop himself from kissing him.

It felt right. 


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Glad you liked it. Thanks! :)
Such a great story! Thank you for sharing it.
Glad you liked it! :)
Pretty sure you know what I think of this but, just in case you weren't clear...LOVE IT!!!!!
I know, but you also know I don't get tired of hearing it. :)
This is a great story. Although the only Tomorrow People I ever remember watching was the reboot, which I think was very different to the one you have written about. You have left yourself plenty of room to create new stories and build up the 'verse. One thought that struck me was (probably because I love your Dragon!Ianto and I was reading the latest chapter recently) what would the Master do about the Tomorrow People and how would he 'take care' of them? Anyway... Loved the new story. Well Done! :D
The reboot was very different, and I like the original (the audios it spawned) much better. There may be more in this universe at some point, and you can be assured that Saxon would want to get his grubby hands on one of the TP if he could. And that's a big 'if'!

Glad you liked it! :)
*CLAPS* AWEEEEEEEESOME! I love this story!! And I downloaded the PDF for future re-reading! *GRIN*
I'm so happy you liked it! *grins*
Loved it! Definitely needs a sequel!
Thanks, are you going to try and enable me now like some others I know? *laughs*
Great story!
Thanks! Glad you liked it! :)
That was AWESOME

*pokes Gwen* WHAT???? You weren't a bump on the log that just wants her way????? I'm so proud of you *teary eyed*
Thanks! And LOL! *grins*

AW, I simply loved every part of this. Including the bit about Darwin, as you know. ;)

I haven't seen The Tomorrow People, but it makes me want to. :D
Thanks! Yeah, the whole "Survival of the Fittest" thing just drives me nuts because it's so misused.

You should give it a chance if you get the time. It's dated a bit (and some of the episodes are downright silly) but it's still great. I would recommend the Big Finish audios, because that's when it all grew up, but they're out of print now.

Really glad you enjoyed!
really enjoyed reading this!
Thanks, I'm glad you did! :)
very nice story. that ends well.
But in fact they don't know that Jack is the future?

And no, not yet they don't... :)
Oh I loved this so much. You could have a whole new verse here! I loved the Tomorrow People. I was a bit in love with Stephen and later, Mike. What a great idea to have Ianto be one of them.
Glad you liked it. Yeah, I need another universe! LOL! I know what you mean, only I do admit a bit of a crush on John. :)
Finally got round to finishing reading this and totally loved it !
Thanks for sharing and I'm snagging pdf for future re-reading.
So glad you liked it! Thanks, hon. :)
great story-would love some more of the tomorrow people and TW
Thanks! There may be more, depending on those pesky bunnies. :)
wonderful - brought back memories of watching the TP, I actually bought my first VCR to record it while I was at work, and do you remember when they re did it, with Danny John-Jules, the guy that played Cat in Red Dwarf - Hey now that would be a great crossover, Red Dwarf and Torchwood, who would be more OCD, Ianto or Kryten, and more vain over their looks, Cat or Jack, or more grungie, Owen or Lister, and how about Holly vs Tosh, that of course leave Gwen and Rimmer, both characters that are - can't think of the word, annoying?

great story have taken a copy of the PDF thanks
Thanks! I bought my region-free DVD player so I could get the DVD's. And oh please, don't get me started on Red Dwarf..LOL!

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