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Myfanwy 2

June 2018



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Myfanwy 2

Contagion - Chapter List

Title:  Contagion
Author:  milady_dragon
Artist: jkivela, whose fantastic art is here and here
Beta: bookwrm89
Genre:  Crossover; Adventure; Romance
Pairing(s):   Jack/Ianto; John/Elena (implied)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 25,268
Warnings:  Violence, Language
Disclaimer:  Torchwood is owned by BBC and Russell T. Davies; the Tomorrow People is owned by Freemantle and Roger Price
Summary:  After the events of “Cyberwoman”, Ianto vanishes and Jack discovers yet another secret: that Ianto was a Tomorrow Person – Homo Superior – the next stage in human evolution, with powers beyond those of normal humans.  Three months later, Jack discovers a plot against the Tomorrow People themselves.  Can he find Ianto and work with him again, in order to prevent genocide?

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten



It's Christmas has come early!

a complete set! whaou

I kiss you very strong for this gift.
The plot is enticing.
Given time, I will savor your fiction tomorrow or after tomorrow.

Re: It's Christmas has come early!

Thanks, hon! I hope you like it! :)
Taking the PDF for my Kindle, darling. I'm hoping to read this afternoon in the car. :)
Hope you like it! :)
I'm loving the sound of this - have snagged the PDF to devour in my lunch time as can't get LJ at work...yum yum, roll on tomorrow...
*sleepy hugs*
D xxx
I do hope you like it! Have a good rest, and a good day at work! *hugs*
Oh & I've snagged the PDF for my Kindle too.
What a fabulous story! Loved it!
Thanks! Glad you liked it. :)

The awesomness that is you.

OMG! (does dance of joy so hard throws out back) OMG! OMG! Squees that bats can hear! (flails so enthusiastically back is fixed) - YOU! ARE! A! GENIUS! This is fantastic. It totally works and fits the fandom/s (never seen TP, but I bet it works) and so in character I was like ' why doesn't ebay have my DVD copy of this special crossover?'. Sheer genius. Loved all the wonderfulness of protective!Johna dn angsty!Jack and torn!Ianto. Nice to see Owen acting like a human being, for a change. Far too often, I read him as a nasty, bitter, spiteful caricature w/no redeeming qualities. This is better! Love his idea with the fire alarm. And not even TP AI could hack Tosh! Of course not! She is the queen of awesome. Just like you, except different. Although, if TOsh wrote Janto, I'm sure it would be creepily like ..... admit it, you're Tosh, aren't you? Anyway, this is fantabulous and epic and all things wonderful and grand and if you want to do a sequel I'll get right onto the Pope about that cannonization. :) Off to read over and over until my eyes dry out.

One more time, though.

You (miladydragon) = utter genius (Rodney McKay levels, even)

Re: The awesomness that is you.

*blushes* Wow, I'm really glad you liked it. Thank you so very much!


I always love your stories. they are original and nicely written. Look forward to more!!!
:) Di
Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it. :)
Just finished reading this and loved it. So much fun having the Tomorrow People. I love the idea of Ianto being one. Of course, this would make great further stories with Ianto working for TW with Jack. YOur bunnies are amazing. Please keep feeding them lots of carrots.
Thanks, hon! I've always loved the idea of Ianto being one of the Tomorrow People, he just fits! And yes, I'm sure there will be more from this universe, I'm just not sure when.

My bunnies are preening, just so you know! *laughs*
I like the OCs you created very much, especially Tim. The plot seemed a bit rushed at times, though, mainly because I wanted to spend more time with the TPs. :)
And did I catch that tiny crossover to Castle right? And will there be a sequel?
Thanks! Glad you liked it. I think Tim was one of my favorite characters from the original series, he was just so wonderfully pedantic! And yes, that was just a very small Castle crossover.

There may be a sequel, if the bunnies cooperate. :)