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Myfanwy 2

October 2018



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Myfanwy 2

The Ghost and Mr.Jones - Chapter Five

Title: The Ghost and Mr. Jones
Author: milady_dragon
Beta: cjharknessgirl
Prompt: "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto, Ianto/Lisa (past), Rhiannon/Johnny (mentioned), Rhys/Gwen (mentioned), OMC/Anwen Williams (mentioned)
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Language, character death
Spoilers:  For Doctor Who S1, for all series of Torchwood as applies to Jack's background
Disclaimer:  Torchwood is owned by the BBC and Russell T. Davies.  "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"  is owned by 20th Century Fox and was written by Philip Dunn, and a novel by R.A. Dick (Josephine Leslie).
Author's Note: This was written for Reel Torchwood Round Four, and is the first of two stories I've written for this challenge.  I've wanted to write this for a while, since I adore this movie and especially the performance given by the wonderful Rex Harrison.

Summary:  After losing his wife, Ianto Jones and his son move to the village of Aberaeron and into the isolated Spitfire Cottage.  Soon he's dealing with clinging relatives...and the ghost of Captain Jack Harkness, the original builder of the cottage.  Little does Ianto know just how much of an impact the dead World War Two hero will have on his life.

Chapter Five

Ianto pulled into the path leading up to the cottage well past dark, but he’d stopped in Aberaeron to pick up Gareth.  His son has been ecstatic when he’d been told that the book had sold, and the Williamses had offered to take them out to celebrate.  Ianto had said he’d call, and together father and son had headed home.

The headlights picked out the blue paint of the cottage, and Ianto thought he could make out Jack at the balcony door.  He couldn’t wait to tell the ghost that they were going to be published, and he also wanted to share that their publisher had, coincidentally, once been a Companion to Jack’s mysterious Doctor.  He was pretty certain that Jack would want to meet her, and he thought they might actually get along.  He’d been quite impressed by Sarah Jane, and as he’d driven back he’d gotten more and more excited about them eventually getting together to discuss the Time Lord.

Gareth was unhooking his seatbelt even before Ianto had stopped the car, and he had to shout at the boy when he tried to open the door too fast.  Gareth pouted, and was out the door once the car came to a complete halt, running for the front door with his backpack dangling from one hand.  Ianto grinned as he collected his briefcase and followed his son inside, hearing him calling out for Jack as he crossed the threshold.

The ghost was waiting on the stairs, a look of expectation on his handsome face.  “Well?” he demanded excitedly as Ianto entered the cottage.

He couldn’t stop the huge grin from breaking across his face.  “It’s sold.”

Jack let out a huge whoop, practically jumping down the remaining stairs and skipping to Ianto and Gareth.  “I wish I was corporeal,” he laughed. “I could hug you both!”

Ianto found himself wishing the same thing. 

“It’s fantastic!” Gareth enthused.  “My dad’s gonna be famous, and it’s all because we moved here and met you, Uncle Jack!”

Jack looked terribly pleased by the unofficial adoption, and Ianto couldn’t help but agree with it.  The captain might have died in 1965, but he was an integral part of their lives.

Ianto wouldn’t have it any other way.

He ushered them both into the kitchen, where he made coffee for himself and got Gareth a pop, and he told them both what had happened, starting with the mix-up in the appointment. 

“I’m glad you weren’t going to give up, Dad,” Gareth said proudly.

Ianto ruffled his hair; Gareth playfully batted his hand away.  “I felt pretty angry about it, but no, there wasn’t any way I was going to leave until I’d spoken with Ms. Smith.”

He went on and told them about the woman, Suzie, who’d let him take her appointment.   Ianto honestly hadn’t heard of her; he’d chosen SJS Publishing because of their history with speculative fiction, and thought their manuscript would do better there, so he guessed she must have written in that same vein.

When Ianto got to the actual meeting, he watched Jack’s face as he spoke of Sarah Jane’s having travelled with the Doctor, which was why she’d asked to speak to him.  The ghost looked suitably gobsmacked at the news, and Ianto wasn’t really surprised when he agreed to have her come up to the cottage. 

They finished their drinks, then Ianto had Gareth get ready for bed.  In truth, Ianto himself was exhausted; it had been a long day, and he was more than ready to relax in his own bed.  Gareth hadn’t wanted to, still excited about the book and everything that meant, but he did follow Ianto’s request.  Once he was done, the boy came in and gave his dad a hug goodnight.

And then, Ianto was alone with Jack.

Back when he’d first made his deal with Jack, he’d been serious about it being creepy that the ghost could watch him while he slept and he wouldn’t know about it.  Now…now, it was different.   He moved around the bedroom, picking up his pyjamas and heading into the en suite – the one place he refused to let Jack enter.  It didn’t take long to shower, change, and brush his teeth, and then he rejoined the ghost in the bedroom and pulled down the bed. 

Jack stood by the telescope, looking out into the night, his face pensive except for his eyes, which glittered in the moonlight.  “I don’t know why you won’t let me into the bathroom,” the ghost teased, turning those shining eyes on Ianto as he climbed into bed.   “It’s not like I can try anything.”

For a split second, Ianto wished that Jack could, indeed, try something.  “It’s not that,” he denied.

“Are you shy?”  Jack’s lips turned upward, and Ianto swore he was trying hard not to laugh.

Ianto wasn’t sure how to answer that…and he hesitated too long.

“You are!” the ghost chortled. 

“I’m not!”

“Yes, you are!  You’re shy!”

Ianto felt himself blushing.  “You’re just lucky I can’t hit you right now.”

“You really don’t have any reason to be,” Jack said, turning serious.  “You’d be a prize for anyone.”

Ianto sighed.  “Jack, please stop teasing…”

“No, I’m not teasing you!  Don’t you have any idea how gorgeous you are?”  The expression in Jack’s blue eyes was earnest, and Ianto found himself actually believing it.

“All right,” he conceded, “you obviously think so, but you aren’t necessarily indicative of the outside world.”

“C’mon!  I know damned well that Lisa thought you were good looking.”

The mention of her name didn’t bring the pain it once did; plus this was Jack, who knew loss as well as Ianto did.  “She did, yes.”

“She shows excellent taste.  I do hope to meet her one day.”

Ianto thought that Jack and Lisa would get along famously.  “It doesn’t really matter, since I’m not in the market for anyone.  I doubt I ever will be since I’m perfectly happy with the way things are.”

“You can’t tell me you don’t get lonely.”

“Jack,” he sighed.  “I don’t.  Honestly, I don’t get lonely.  I have Gareth, and my friends in both London and Aberaeron…and I have you.  That’s all I really need.”   He met Jack’s gaze squarely, needing him to see that he was being truthful, that he really had everything he needed. 

He really didn’t know exactly when having the ghost around had become so important, but Jack was now a very integral part of his life.  He’d come to love Jack in ways that were so very different from his Lisa, and he was at a loss to explain.  There could never be anything between them; it was like the ultimate of doomed romances, his and Jack’s relationship.  And he really didn’t even know if Jack felt the same way, although Ianto could guess that he did from comments that he’d made. 

Those sharp blue eyes bored into his, and Ianto poured everything he was feeling into his own, hoping that Jack would be able to see that he wasn’t lying. 

Suddenly, Jack moved forward and before Ianto could react he felt the unmistakable sensation of lips on his; cool lips, yes, but lips nonetheless.

Ianto didn’t even think.  He leaned into it, parting his own lips and letting his tongue track along the seam of the mouth on his.  Jack’s lips opened, and Ianto took the opportunity to explore.

He knew he was kissing a ghost, but he didn’t care.  Ianto had imagined what kissing Jack would be like; and more, which was why he’d forbade the ghost to come into the bathroom when he was in there.  A small part of his mind was wondering how this was possible, but he wasn’t about to break the moment to ask.

Eventually, though, he had to pull away, since even if Jack didn’t need to breathe, Ianto did.  He found those intense blue eyes looking at him, and they were smiling.

“I’ll pay for this,” Jack murmured.  “Using so much energy…I doubt I’ll be able to manifest for days.  But I want this; I want to be with you.”

Ianto’s breath hitched.  “You have no idea how much I want you,” he whispered. 

“You’ll need to undress yourself,” Jack said, pulling even farther away.  “I can’t manipulate that much…”

“All right.”  Forgetting any previous shyness he’d been experiencing, Ianto slid out of bed in order to remove his pyjamas.  Jack watched as he did, and Ianto made it into a show for the ghost, until he was completely naked before him.

“Goddess, you’re so beautiful,” Jack breathed.  “You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to see you like this, your skin glowing in the moonlight…”

“What about you?” Ianto asked, wondering if a ghost could even get naked.

“Just like this.”  And suddenly, everything that Jack had been wearing was gone, revealing a well-toned, hairless chest, muscled legs, and a very proud, very erect cock.

Ianto’s mouth went dry.  He was still able to raise a sardonic eyebrow.  “I can see why you were so popular with the various alien races you came across.”

“I hope to be popular with just one person,” Jack said, moving closer. 

“I don’t think that’s going to be a problem,” Ianto murmured. 


Ianto was kissed again, and he lost all coherent thought.


“Dad, why are you whistling?”

Ianto turned from the stove, where he was making breakfast.  “Was I?”

“Yes, you were.”  Gareth flopped down at the table, brushing his fringe from his eyes.  It hit him – not for the first time – that with Lisa’s colouring and Ianto’s eyes, Gareth was going to grow up to be a heartbreaker.

Ianto went back to cooking the eggs.  “I’m just in a good mood, what with the manuscript selling and all.”  He wasn’t about to explain what had happened between him and Jack last night.  Not to his seven-year-old son. 

But Ianto wasn’t ashamed to admit to himself that he’d very much like for it to happen again.

“Where’s Uncle Jack?” came the inevitable question, since the ghost was usually hanging around somewhere.

Ianto felt the telltale warmth of a blush suffuse his cheeks.  Last night had been a revelation… “He’ll be around; he just used a lot of energy last night, um…showing me the stars.”  Yes, he’d certainly seen stars last night, all right…

“Oh, okay.” 

Ianto set the finished plate of eggs and toast down in front of Gareth.   “Eat up,” he urged, putting his own plate down and sitting.  “You have football practice today, and you don’t want Anwen to kick your butt.”

Gareth’s eyes found his plate.  “I don’t mind so much,” he shrugged, picking up his fork.  “She’s okay…for a girl.”

Ianto hid his smile behind his own forkful of eggs.  A part of him wanted Gareth to be at that age where girls were more than that, but at the same time he didn’t want him to grow up that fast.


There was a strange car parked in front of the cottage when Ianto and Gareth arrived back from football.

Ianto pulled alongside it, wondering who was visiting him.  As soon as he’d engaged the parking brake, the door to the unknown car opened, and a woman got out.

It was Suzie Costello.

He frowned; how had she known where he lived? 

“Who’s that?” Gareth asked, confused.

“She’s the woman who gave me her meeting spot yesterday,” Ianto explained, unbuckling his seatbelt. 

“But what’s she doing here?”

Very good question…

“Hello!” she greeted them, favouring Ianto with a bright smile.  “Sorry I just dropped in; but I wanted it to be a surprise.”

“Well, you certainly accomplished that,” Ianto said dryly, helping Gareth with his football gear. 

“I was going to wait for you to call, but I didn’t know when you’d be back in London, and I couldn’t wait,” she went on. 

Honestly, Ianto hadn’t really intended on calling her at all.  But this…this was just a little bit stalkery.  “Well, I wish you’d called ahead,” he said, letting a bit of his irritation show.  He ushered his son toward the front door of the cottage, glad he’d locked it since Jack was incapacitated.  “Gareth and I have been out most of the day, and we’re both quite tired.”

Suzie’s smile slipped a little.  “Sorry,” she said, sounding contrite.  “It’s just you live all the way out here; certainly there’s not so much to do that you wouldn’t welcome a bit of distraction.”

“You’d be wrong,” Ianto corrected, but he knew he couldn’t be completely rude to her.  He did still owe her for letting him have her appointment, even though she’d done it for a selfish reason.   “Well, while you’re here, let me at least offer you a cup of coffee.  I believe that’s what I owe you, after all.”

The smile returned, and Suzie followed them into the cottage.  Ianto urged Gareth to head upstairs and get cleaned up, while he led their unexpected guest into the kitchen.  Setting the gym bag in the laundry room so he could wash Gareth’s football uniform, he motioned her to the table.  “How did you find me, anyway?” he asked as he headed toward the coffee machine, wondering just who to blame.

“Just took a look through Tish’s files when she wasn’t looking,” she answered breezily, as if her decision to poke around in his private business was something she considered perfectly all right. 

Ianto was trying very hard to be polite, but he didn’t think he could keep it up.  What right did this stranger have to steal his address and just show up on his doorstep?  “I see,” he said, completely deadpan, wishing Jack was around to scare her off. 

“I felt that we had a sort of connection back at Sarah Jane’s office,” Suzie went on.  “And I really wanted to get to know you better.  And as I said, I had no idea when you’d be back in London, and I just didn’t want to wait.”

The coffee perking, Ianto turned from the machine to look at his unexpected ‘guest’.  There really wasn’t anything about her that he would have noticed on first glance, and he really didn’t want to get to know her any better.  There was a sense of the predator about her, and besides Ianto wasn’t looking for anyone else…he had Jack, and Gareth.  They were his family, and he wanted to keep it that way.  He had no notion to add to that family, especially a would-be stalker.

Suzie began chattering, and Ianto tuned her out, making polite noises where indicated.   He just wanted her to drink her coffee and leave, but he couldn’t help but absorb some of her details: she was single, had a Doctorate in Engineering…and wrote children’s books, of all things.  She had a series of young adult novels that were fairly popular, and wrote under a pen name that Ianto recognized from Gareth’s own bookshelf.

He felt obligated to add a few details about himself: that he was a widower, and that his wife had been killed at Canary Wharf.  Suzie made the necessary condolences, and he couldn’t help but see the gleam in his eye when he mentioned there were no other women in his life.

That irritated Ianto to no end.  Just because he was single, didn’t mean he appreciated unwanted attention…which was what he was getting from her.  She honestly wasn’t his type; she was far too brash, and there was something about being stalked in a way that totally turned him off.

Which was why, before he even knew what he was saying, he told her, “But I’m hoping that a certain someone is interested in starting a relationship with me.”

He cursed when he realized Suzie didn’t get the hint, and thought it was her.  Did the woman have no shame?  Like he would actually date someone who felt the need to steal his address from a would-be employer?  He wondered what Sarah Jane would say about that…

“His name is Jack,” he went on, secretly enjoying the gleam leaving her eye.  “We’ve known each other since I moved to Aberaeron, but I think we’ve come to an understanding – “

“You’re telling her about Uncle Jack?” Gareth’s surprised question interrupted him.  He came to the table, standing next to his dad.

Ianto put his arm around his son.  “I am,” Ianto answered, “I was just explaining that Jack and I are seeing each other, and that I hope it becomes more.”

Gareth’s excited shout echoed through the kitchen, and his arms went around Ianto tightly.  “Really? Does this mean he might be my new Dad someday?  Not that you won’t still be my Dad, but then I could call him ‘Dad’ instead of ‘Uncle Jack’ and that would be so cool!  Anwen would be so jealous, she thinks Uncle Jack is fabulous!”

The Williamses, of course, knew about Jack, and while they’ve never seen him they knew Ianto had come to an understanding with their resident ghost, which was why they’d never been scared out of the cottage.  And he knew very well that Gareth talked to Anwen, despite the fact that she was a girl. 

The disappointment in her face almost made Ianto feel sorry about his slight lie, but it was quickly wiped away by reminding himself that she’d invited herself to his house, and that it was obvious that she had ulterior motives.  Ianto simply wasn’t interested, and wouldn’t have been even if Jack hadn’t been in the picture. 

 “Well,” Suzie finished her coffee, “I’m sorry I didn’t call, but thanks for the coffee and the conversation.”  She stood.  “It was nice to see you again, Mr. Jones.”  She held out her hand.

Ianto took it.  “Perhaps we’ll meet another time, when I’m less tired.”

“Maybe.”  Although she didn’t look convinced. 

“Let me show you out.” 

Ianto did, falling back on the manners his parents had taught him.  He stood at the door as Suzie went out to her car, and pulled away from the cottage.

He was quite relieved.

Turning away from the door, Ianto found himself face-to-face with an inquisitive seven-year-old.

“Did you mean it, Dad?”  Gareth asked.  “About Uncle Jack, I mean?”

Ianto couldn’t help but smile.  “Well, you realize that nothing official can ever happen between Jack and me, right?  Anything that we decide will be just our understanding?”

Gareth rolled his eyes.  “Of course, Dad!  I mean, it would be awfully hard to get Uncle Jack into a church!  Him being dead, and all.”

He had to stifle a chuckle at his son’s comment.  Of course Gareth thought nothing wrong with his living father entering into an unofficial partnership with a ghost.  Oh, the straightforwardness of the young…

“Well, we have to see what Jack says,” Ianto warned.  “He might not want to.”

“But he already stays here and he’s part of our family,” Gareth pointed out, “and we love him.”

“Yes, we do.”  Ianto knew he did, in a way that wasn’t like how he’d felt about Lisa at all.  “But what about your Mam?”

“Mam would want us to be happy,” Gareth answered, sounding and looking very certain.   “And if we’re happy with Uncle Jack, then she’d be happy for us, too.”

Ianto hugged his son, tears prickling at his eyes.  He was so proud of him, accepting a new parent-figure in the house.  “We’ll talk to him as soon as he can manifest, okay?”

The smile he got reminded him of Lisa, but that knowledge didn’t hurt as much anymore.  “Okay, Dad.”

“Now, let me get myself cleaned up, and then I’ll start dinner.” 

“Can I have a biscuit while I have to wait?” Gareth begged, putting on the puppy eyes. 

Ianto laughed.   “You can even have two.”

Chapter Six


Oh you made me smile and be sad at the same time. At least he and Jack can have some contact. I must admit when I was writing Random Harvest I wondered about the sex and put some in but not is just as lovely. And Suzie is a good call rather than Gwen.
Yep, I was going to go the entire ghost-sex route, but this works so much better. And it was always going to be Suzie, just because I consider her to be creepier than Gwen. :)
Suzie? she is a little disturbing: she met him (10 minutes) and helped a little, now she searches his address and made ​​the road ... Fortunately, Ianto was clear!
Yes, she is, isn't she?